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This message in a bottle was sent to the western world from the scene of a major psy op which took place in the middle east in 2016....from the last man standing.

We are probably on the cusp of something ever grander - and even more... unreal!
News from Nowhere – jre33 – Medium
. A phony “coup,” a complicit media — the conspiracy against “the real.” Everyone’s Gone to the Moon.
Photo supposedly showing crowds In Turkey protesting the “coup” — actually taken in Morocco in 2015 All the media is lying All the time now!

What you read below was written over a month ago — long before, in other words, my home of Turkiye changed over from simply a typical form of middle eastern plutocracy and mild dictatorship, to the burgeoning Islamist terror state it metastasizes into of the moment. It’s been less than a week since the events of July 15 — it feels already like a lifetime. Like a waking nightmare. So take the words which were written here back in that other — can I say — “happier” time, and imagine the force multiplier effect of what’s happened since - when a list of over fifty Turkish journalists now appears on twitter via a regime flunky — as “soon to be detained.” Detained is going to mean something very different from what you might take it to — very soon — as the regime works to expedite the enactment of death penalty legislation. Read what was written below with an eye to what many more parts of our world will soon look like, NOT just Turkey. Because what has happened here was in no way just an internally directed and executed affair! That’s what I’m here to detail — what I have been detailing, on my platform — while watching and waiting for the world to pick up on my story. The story of the last man standing — on the ground of the really real.
Faked photo used by the media to show “coup” in Ankara — actually a picture from Egypt 2011 revolution/

Reporting the reality of a phony coup and the country which will be ground to pieces in it’s successful aftermath.

The draft from June starts Here

When you write from a place where the very act of writing — as in communicating the facts of your experience to others — is deemed punishable by a state for which the word “journalist” has been made synonymous with “terrorist,” there are several hurdles between yourself and your audience.

One of those most obvious stems from the absolute necessity for anonymity. For hundreds of professional journalists in this country, the result of publishing news stories under their real name has been fines, imprisonment or even the forced removal of their children from their custody.

The dragnet used to reduce the flow of real information to the citizens of the state which calls itself Turkey has resulted in closed newspapers, cancelled television licenses, the banning of social media, and other state terror tactics designed to silence a once vibrant press. In this climate of fear, a mere twitter or facebook entry can result in being charged with “insulting the dignity of the President/the Republic,” the loss of one’s job. Signing a petition in favor of peace, attending a rally in support of same, or speaking out publicly against criminal activity by the political apparatus can likewise result in being charged with either “terrorism,” or “treason.”

If one decides, therefore, to refuse being reduced to silence, and instead, continue to write — there’s no alternative to becoming faceless, a nobody, an online phantom. Which in itself, is no great burden. Shutting one’s self off from using social media is likewise, not a hugely troubling event. But the question then remains — if you continue to write, how will you continue to reach an audience? Torn between the need to attract readers, and the fear of attracting the wrong sort of attention, the writer is thus in a quandary every day. Is a way out of that dilemma? I guess I’ll find out!

I got here from reading Joe Robinson’s story. Going from England to Kurdistan, then on to Rojava, to take up arms against the greatest evil this young millennia has yet seen. A singular act, by a singularly brave fellow. The refusal to countenance abandoning other folks to their awful fate — the instinctive choice to intervene in what one knows is the fateful line between allowing all of what is civilized and decent about humans to be gradually choked off — and instead, saying ENOUGH! We, who with good reason feel abandoned and betrayed by a western world which has done little or nothing to protest the complete closure of civil liberty by a terror regime — we need only one Joe Robinson to regain the necessary strength of will to carry the fight back to the enemy. Even if you realize the extent of influence your service has had on Rojava, Joe, you probably don’t realize that it’s gone further than just that! All of Anatolia has been energized by the presence of foreign volunteers who signed on with the aim of sending the jihadi johns straight to hell.

    Did you know,

    When Baudrillard was asked to take the assignment of covering the 1st, so-called Gulf War by a French newspaper, he agreed, but on the condition that he would not go to the Gulf, but cover it from CNN.

    In his usual maddening, but prescient manner, he totally underlined the state of Euro-Merikan affairs. Having fatally agreed to surrender themselves to the status of spectators of an increasingly virtual world, they would be misled by any representation of what was happening in the ME that came via the traditional media in the frontlines approach. Instead participating in the “theater” of war — he watched the “real” war develop in the make-believe studio compilations of the CIA/CNN “war machine.”

    I mention this as apropos to your intent to passionately defend “secularism” as it is purportedly practiced in the place we call Europe. The Mediterranean is really just an over-sized lake. In the days long before steam ships and internets, your ancestors were paddling back and forth over it constantly. To know what was on the other side.

    Nowadays people pretend that they can know the rest of the world from their various screens — a word of multiple meanings non? But they cannot, in truth. The taking in of an unchecked flow of people fleeing the terror of dissolving states is a compensation for the dereliction of a more serious duty. The duty to know thy neighbor.

    We are — by dint of not just DNA, cultural heritage or even religious tradition — almost all Mediterro-Mesopotamians. More specifically, Anatolians. The project by which a “secular” Republic of Turkey was invented took the European notion of ‘secularism’ in a direction which undermined the values inherent in the term, and developed a hollow simulacra of it instead. Syria, Iraq, Lebanon,Turkey, are all a result of Sevres, and the abandonment of the original homelands of most of us to Semitic tribalists unable or unwilling to live in peaceable coexistence with their neighbors.

    Your defence of secularism starts far further afield than you yet realize. And without engagement — personal and political — with the places from where these “foreign” refugees keep arriving, the walls will simply keep closing in on all of you, like a Poe horror tale.

    When he wrote “The Gulf War Did Not Take Place” Baudrillard mirrored the illusion of an insular reality which now almost a 1/4 century later, Europeans still take refuge in. NOTHING seems to have been learned in the mean time. Unless they realize that the real war for Europe IS TAKING PLACE — in the heartland which they confuse with another people and part of the world — EUROPE WILL CEASE TO EXIST.

That’s the end of the draft which has sat here since I wrote it sometime in June. Those above lines in italics, with which it closes, are taken from a message I wrote to someone in June. “The Gulf War Did Not Take Place” has now been updated with “The Military Coup Did Not Take Place.” It’s become apparent to me that no one wants to hear that truth. But I’ll keep writing it anyways. Because it’s also clear to me the the entire media world — as well and the governments and institutions of the global power structure are a part of this conspiracy — a conspiracy against the real. We are on the cusp of losing “the real” forever you see, because those willing and able to report real news are being eliminated. ELIMINATED. That’s why I will continue to send these messages in a bottle for as long as I able. For there is no ‘real’ life, without the real story.

All media sources reporting from within Turkey are now on board with the false coup storyline. It’s been frightening to see the transformation of once solidly objective professionals into media hacks plugging for the regime.

And in the outside world — “journalists” and their outlets have made it clear that they do not welcome a narrative counter to the one that they are now pushing, also in support of the phony ‘events’ of last weekend. Not one single “journalist” picked up any of the stories I placed on twitter feed or even re-tweeted one. The most incisive reports on the weekend developments in the English language. That told me everything I needed to know about them — and the potent accuracy of the angle on this story I am determined to detail. There was a time in my life when the absolute sense of isolation which stems from seeing what increasingly appears to be everyone drifting off into some kind of zombified state of being would have disrupted my dedication to the task. The perfect anti-dote, however, long ago crossed my path, in the form of the Vincent Price gem “Last Man on Earth” — which you can still watch — here. Now, as the world of journalism drifts off into a demi-monde of deceitful compliance with a sinister agenda : being the last journo standing neither pleases nor saddens me — it just is what it is.

So for those needing to know the truth about Turkey, the middle east, and the geo-political dimensions of this collective effort to remove from us the last vestiges of real news and real life events —

I am reporting from the ground here and will continue to do so as long as able.

This is the last and only caravansaray left on the long road through the desert of the really real.

An ancient but real ANATOLIA rising from the ashes of terror states and state terror!