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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Now that things are up and (almost)running  - with one new piece on Iran, and a gradual build up of the relevant previous work in the archives section here, I'd like to get back into the production groove. The history of the Jews and Persia/Iran is both critical to the background precis of this site, and to understanding the events unfolding of the moment. So poorly known(or alternately - so well concealed!)is that story, however, it feels like a monumental task just to provide readers with the barest outline!

While I'm feeling my way into telling that story, I'd like to also move into a more relaxed kind of blog-style communication than was possible on the old platforms. To post pieces, in other words, that are not essays or the relaying of important third-party sourced news, background, or information, but rather, just a relaxed palaver designed to help readers understand the reason for the space, and the job the writer hopes to perform in it. Releasing of a small bit of personal detail will also help orient the reader - alongside an explanation as to why that release must always remain - small! 

Only anonymity, religiously cultivated and rigorously enforced, has allowed me to continue being able to both report from on scene, the stories of the moment - and to research the hidden contexts in which those contemporary events are taking place. I live - and am fairly certain of being able to (all too soon) safely say, 'we live' - in an expanding dimension of what I have termed the TERROR STATE; an amorphous, omnivorous, creature of international criminal cabals masquerading under the guise of nation states and autonomous leaders.  

When criminal elements quite literally control ALL access to communications channels, the financial and technological  infrastructures around the globe, as well as most if not all 'governments' and their military/security enforcement arms...

well, I think you see where I'm going with that. And - yes - it is pretty depressing. However....

given that 'it is what it is' - and we are what we are.... embodied souls with a greatness of spirit and nobleness of blood which allows us a way through any and ever travail...

let's stay calm, and get down to brass tacks! Job one - we learn the enemy. Today, yesterday, tomorrows. As we will see, that enemy remains the same, in essence, no matter the temporal-spatial context! And an essential part of 'calmness' means - realizing just how bad... as in hopeless seeming... things are. No hopeless, paralyzing pessimism - no hopium-filled denatured optimism. Just real gritty appraisals - of the 'really real.' How does that sound?

Yes, my lead off post sounds rather formal and weighty and all that. No, that's not the format I want to work with every day. Whilst not an 'advocacy' site, in the sense of supplying prescriptions for 'how to fight the devil and win' - or - "neutralizing evil for dummies" guide - the purpose of this space IS ultimately to bring as many as possible into an awareness of not just how bad things have gotten.... but also what kind of resources 'we' have on our side. Who be we you may ask? Who be you, I ask back. Are you someone who believes we humans are more resilient against psyops designed to destroy our health, our societies, our very ability to think and perceive, than the medias would have us believe?  

Are you someone for whom no sacrifice or hardship is too great if it means a step towards protecting the peoples of the west from literal extinction or enslavement? Someone with a burning passion to see thru and beyond the serial distortions of a media now dedicated to destroying 'reality' and replacing it with dissimulative story lines designed to make everything bad going on - even worse?

Hey! I'm gettin worked up. And I like it! Time to stop - and get back to the dull plodding work of diggin up the truth... and layin it out, for all to see. Anonymously.

Till next time!


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How requires using a

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Appreciate the tip, D.