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Forced off of the internet for three days, locked out of my own email addresses, almost ready - from habit - to panic at the thought of having no access to the means by which I'm now accustomed to receive "news" from the outside world, I received an epiphany, in the form of that state of grace which isincreasingly only available to those who are "ignorant" of the modern communication device and the  channels which use it.

A holiday, in fact, is how it seems now, away from the stream of 'uninformative information' which assaults the senses with data points, yet leaves the mind hungering for... facts. What is the source of 'facts.' We are led to believe that such a thing is generated via medias whose purpose is to find out such things and deliver them to 'end users' - yet - in fact, such parties, using said channels, are anything but disinterested 'providers' of facticity. 

The mere 'fact' that most of our news and information come to us via 'cost-free' channels which seem to provide the impossible - all the information we need to understand the world at no charge at all - coulda, shoulda, woulda warned the wary and recalcitrant many moons ago...

that something was wrong with that picture. Nobody gives away stuff 'for free' - for real - particularly not people who assemble high tech systems by which to disseminate data to a mass audience! To which statement allow me to add - if the notion that there might be "hidden charges" to receiving one's news & information via the internet - charges which are invariably not disclosed by "content providers" - offends your sensibilities in any way...

I must insist that you stop reading now...

as it's only gonna get worse... much worse, from here on in! Although this site's subtitle ("Understanding kabbalism's influence on modern medias -and the geopolitical consequences")would indicate an interest in the way that medias effect the societies in which they operate, I stay purposely away from such modern terminology as "media studies" and so on. Studying medias is not my interest here - in the same way that 'studying kabbala' has no place in my work of exposing kabbalistic magic and malice. Just as I study tracks so as to learn where the animal I am seeking has gone, so I study the imprint of the medias upon their respective 'hosts' solely in order to learn what might be done to reach and bind kabbalistic talmudic medias with my rope of the real. Fake news provided by parties with secret agendas interests me only in as much as I can rope down the perps and dispel their hegemonic hold upon our collective reality.

The achievement of which will prove less a 'cowboy trick' and more a work of goetic majic in action ... of the kind the forbears employed to dissuade evil from entering their abodes! Altho cowboy tricks will sure nuff come in handy along the way - the way of the horse being our ancestors' secret weapon always feared by the camel jockeys who become the 'kabbalistic kooks' we know today!

"There seems to be hardly any bridge here leading from imagination to activity. The historian Gerson D. Cohen has recently stressed the great and totally consistent rabbinic opposition to Messianic movements during the 1600 years between the destruction of the Temple and the Sabbatian movement.

 We know of many Messianic movements in Judaism during this long span of time. But ever since the collapse of the Messianic resistance to Rome led by Bar Kokhba (Kosba) in the first half of the second century, which led to the ruin of the Jewish community in many parts of Palestine, they have always been geographically limited and remained without historical effect. Generally they were lay movements which emerged in every conceivable part of the Diaspora and only in the rarest instances received the support of the local rabbinical authorities.

 In most cases such movements provoked resistance and were eliminated-which can to a large extent be explained by the circumstances I have outlined here. The preservers of the traditional element—and in the Jewish Middle Ages that meant the bearers of rabbinical authority-perceived in these acute Messianic outbreaks an element of nonconformity which endangered the continuity of the authoritative tradition. Such apprehensions that acute Messianism would lead to a crisis, as also their fear of the anarchic element in Messianic utopianism which they did not acknowledge, without question play a large role in this nearly unanimous opposition to the rabbis.

There were many good reasons for this: concern for the stability of the community, concern for the fate of the Jews after a disappointment as suggested by historical experience, combined with a deep- rooted aversion to the "Forcers of the End," as those people are called in Hebrew who could not wait for the arrival of the Messiah but thought to do something for it themselves."

How’s that for a “dichotomy:” lodged within the judaic polity a large group of rebellious taboo-breakers who nullify the most basic precepts of rabbinical judaism so as to better bring about the sacred future messianic event longed for by all who are “jews.” In the “dialectical” manner so beloved to the judaics themselves, this glaring “contradiction” will get resolved – after centuries of bitter dispute – via the Marxian revision of Hegels’ principle of dialectical resolution of opposites. Agnostic(in reality, quite “gnostic” secular jews will find common ground with those fastidious ritualists of the Talmudic type, only in our era. The grounds of that reconciliation will be the ‘spoils’ of victory in a culture war waged so silently and covertly as to be outside the understanding of the losers – even after the end of battle!

I speak, of course, of the modern day alliance tween the inheritors of the Frankist-Sabbatean antinominian judaic heresy, and those Lubavitcher kooks born out of Chassidic orthodox revisionism which occurred in Russia and its western marches  more than two centuries ago. The center of their new empire of organized mafiya power is the tiny TERROR STATE in the s e Med... which like a spider in the center of its web wields dominion over a wide web of former nation states which have been subsumed under talmudic control one after the other. Contradiction resolved! As long as an abundant supply of tax slaves and shiska harem girls keeps the rebbes and their foot soldiers in clover that is.

That this gigantic ‘social project’ by which the world, both east and west, north and south have been brought gradually under the sway of a tiny but uber-powerful criminal cabal hiding in plain sight under has stayed unmentioned – purposely ignored in fact by all wings of the ONEMEDIA – seems incredible. Yet in the forty years since Robert Friedman presented the indisputable, first hand evidence of the spread of a Russo-talmudic mafiya throughout USA and the rest of the west, the power and influence of that cabal has not only remained unchallenged, but has grown incrementally.

The stated purpose of this platform being the exposure of that same cabals’ machinations in the present moment, we started out in January by joining the dots between an ancient ‘social revolution’ in Persia, and the one taking place in the western world now. Then, when the muddled east hotted up again in February, that same agenda dictated the coverage of a lot of ‘breaking  events’ which, as it turned out, weren’t so much ‘events’ as staged episodes in a programmatic theatre which was called THE SYRIAN ENDGAME. But it soon became apparent that the only way to bring clarity to the staged nature of those events was to continue delving into the past for evidence of the cyclical nature of kabbalist-talmudic psyops.

The dichotomy between ‘events of the moment’ and ‘events of the past’ which drove me to open two parallel platforms in the wake of the old sites’ closure has, thankfully, turned out to be yet another “false dichotomy” more conceptual than actual. My understanding of this development – and subsequent execution of a new strategy which allowed for the blending of historicism and (neo)journalism, was greatly aided by my paying attention to the fruits of my own previous findings.

In an era when THERE IS NO MORE NEWS – to recycle the daily gleanings of what the ‘show producers’ have decided needs be ‘pushed upon’ the ‘news reader’ is not the work of journalists or reporters; it is the signal effect of our age of ‘communications medias’ that the avocation of journalist has been replaced by the ‘advertorial hack,’ and the craft of reporting by the scribbler bound to their ‘internet connection’ and ‘social media device.’

Freed from the need to even pretend that some kind of spontaneously generated “events” were ‘happening’ in the muddled east –Syria in particular – I managed to notch up a bunch of stories which will stand in good stead for our next phase of ‘reporting the really real’ here!

In an era when THERE ARE NO MORE JOURNALISTS - the reporter as witness to and objective recorder of 'real' events... unsubsidized, not beholden to secret agenda nor paymaster, those "Forcers of the End" who as much exist at the very center of our societies as they did in those medieval ones which Scholem writes of above...

forcing the existence and purpose of those 'millennialist en-forcers' into the light of day can only be the work of a special kind of "throw back" - the person so 'out of date' - so non courant with the 'way things work' these days, as to be possessed of the vestigial skill of seeing simple facts through the screen which conceals and distorts them... to the modern eye!

Before moving ahead however, there is a pressing need to incorporate the fruits of our 'studies in dissimulation' as garnered to date... so as to make them fully available in empowering that next phase of exploration. We've organized the disparate elements of the present day 'medias' - self-described "alt" and "mainstream" - into a monolithic ONEMEDIA which disseminates "opposing" views within an agenda of creating a false storyline which conceals and distracts from what is 'really going on'

Where we started was with a look in at scribblers who are paid to perform 'advertorial' style agit-prop, presenting events according to a 'good east' and 'bad west' paradigm which interprets the ongoing situation in the 'muddled east' as a struggle between emergent "Eurasian" and declining 'Atlanticist' forces.

We've looked in at the phenomena of the 'message board' - those psyops set up to allow the gomer exceptionalist the supercilious thrill of playing 'foreign correspondent' thru offering their learned by rote 'opinion' in the form of hived mind views on every single subject in every single part of the world they've never been! Hallucinating in the power of their group participatation in yet another leninist 'lead from behind' effort to sway public opinion, exactly like a previous generation of naifs was swayed by their leftwing talmudic guides, the morons of the alt-right TARDNATION celebrate the victories of their own countries' implacable enemies, all the while invoking their own downfall. Bizarre.

Where we ended was with a look in at the 'turning' of once vociferous and apparently authentic voices of opposition to that same talmudic kabbalist takeover; websites and personalties once treasures of informed opinion and insight into the manner of judaic intrique - stealthfully and covertly 'rebranded' into flagship enterprises of dissimulation. You can't read any of the fiery essays of "Lasha Darkmoon" from the period around 2011, for instance, without wondering what happened to the individual who has remained cloistered - hidden away - for years since those times. Kidnapped, killed off, replaced by evil simulacra of themselves like the -so called "Sardonicus" who now controls her site?

Likewise the "Veterans' Todays" website - a mishmash of anti-srael/anti-sionist polemics which fits like a screen over an underlying "progressives for more wars" agenda which I fully exposed the covert existence of when the Libyan debacle occurred. Covering all the bases of potential 'left/right' opposition to the gradual dismemberment of all nation states and their replacement with talmudist-controlled satrapies, this lead from behind' media strategy appears to have been eminently successful in fooling all the peeple - all the time! When even authentic whistleblowers and one time champions of real reporting such as Sibel Edmonds fall into the same maw of the ONEMEDIA deception, its' more than a little disheartening as I've already noted.

But the biggest, baddest example of them all - the decline of the writer who's work on the Mossad-engineered disaster at Fukushima defined anti-kabbalist talmudic media - into a sock puppet apologist for the POTUS with the outright, in your face mandate to MAKE AMERICA GRATE - under the whip of full GOLDMANITE KABBALIC CONTROL... has made it clear that the end is near for the entire pretend opposition who have now been totally subsumed and taken over. Keep in mind that I corresponded directly with most of these folks, thereby gaining insight into the sort of 'before and after' transformations which I'm hinting at here. Something goes 'missing' in their persona - to be replaced by 'something' subtly different... to those of keen enough perception.

Starting with that study in perception – Jackie Did It! – we have traveled together deeper in to the interstices of a world of two other uber-important “P”s...

. Lining up those two meanings in their full and proper ‘mind/body’ context was the actual straight line work of exploring ‘kabbalism in action’ this past month! Who is not ‘self-possessed’ inevitably becomes ‘possessed’ by another/others; the typical relationship between one who is ‘possessed’ and those who ‘possess’ them is that of prey to parasite. Energetic transfer – via psychic or physical modes of transmission – is the leif motif of the phenomena on the biological and/or psycho-logical levels. A stolen horde of vitality is the profit sought – and offered. No doubt our social fixation pon vampires and vampirism is a reflection of the submerged awareness of how prevalent the parasitic/prey relationship is in our consciousness. But the ‘socio-political’ aspect of the phenomena remains completely outside the gamut of research and discussion.

Which is where – of course – this site comes into its’ own! As it turns out, the application of the methodology pursued by a C19th short story writersl' fictional detective, has proven non-pareil in making sense of the wilderness of mirrors which confronts anyone viewing the contemporary landscape! Yesterdays 'news'... in the form of hidden historical narratives dredged up out of the sewers of 'fakelore' ... turns out to be the most relevant of all forms of 'information' delivered via myriad communication channels of breathtaking sophistication and speed. Turns out the best way to 'get the news' - of the really real kind - is to simply wait for the paper boy and his blue squirrel sidekick to throw the next rolled up edition at your doorway.

In an age when the great majority of living persons have voluntarily tethered themselves to machinery the purpose of which is to filter own awareness of ‘events’ so as to distort our sense of reality, I hear whispers of nostalgic longing on the part of some for a state of raw – unfiltered reportage and unpackaged, unprocessed tidbits of fact. I have responded in the only manner I know how... themes of history and current events meet at the juncture of biology and politics. "Altered states." Of Mind. The mass shift in social consciousness brought on with the aid of ... fungi! Altered states - of polities placed under the yoke of talmudic terror, morphing from pluralistic, secular democracies into full blown sectarian corrupt totalitarian TERROR STATES.

It's almost impossible for anyone born as of the final quarter of the last century to grasp the nature and extent of the change which has over taken the society they live in during that interregnum. Personal identities have shifted so radically as to make for a social revolution which - while marketed as a 'quest for individual expression and diversity,' proves on closer inspection to be a top-down, hierachy driven "command" performance designed to overthrow one elite and replace it with another.

Exactly the theme of our lead off story back in January - the Persian Nightmare of Mazdak and the hidden hand of Babylonian Jewry. Nothing new under this ol sun at all it seems. What is to be done? Nothing but dig ever further down into the sewers of hidden history, searching out the clues which can show us the crime scene in plain light of day! A method of 'detection' guided by the idiosyncratic faculties of a fictional detective as described in the stories of a C19th short story teller and secret foreign agent. What could be more bathed in nostalgia and arcane recollection than that! More totally at odds with the 'postmodermist' paradigm and up to the minute, 'cutting edge' methods of investigating and interpreting our world? Nothin. Antiquarian? Exactly the meaning and purpose of this place.

Ironically, as it turns out, in an era when all "news" is old news, and events simply appear and reappear in an endless episodic recycling which betrays the hand of Hollowwood soap opera veterans, only via a thorough reading, analysis, and interpretation of events from the most distant past - like Mazdaks' "social revolution" and free love festival - can the most 'up to the minute' events be properly understood and reported! Drumpf bombs Syria... and one year later - does it all over agin! So... what else is new? Well - jus my lil ol style of 'neo-journalism as it turns out! Cutting edge - outta date-ness... outta the box. The perfect anti-dote to non stop "breaking news" faken news cycles.

Which is to celebrate both the nostalgic state and the landscape which that gaze lays open to view. Although ‘nostalgia’ is a state of mind which we commonly ascribe to the aged with lessening ties to the ‘current’ of events and therefore said to be – living in the past – I find it an awkward truth that from the very earliest age I can recollect, I was an aficionado of ‘nostalgia.’ At the age of four I was deeply affected by dreams which I had had, and spent inordinate amounts of time recalling them. It may also be significant to this early and burgeoning ‘inattention’ to the dictates of ‘being contemporary’ that I remember even now an episode at the lakeside retreat where we spent our summers. I had noticed that the neighbors were in the habit of receiving ‘news’ from the wider world outside of our idyllic hideaway, via some sheets of paper which the adults indeed referred to as ‘the newspaper.’

Via some surreptitious ‘research’ I had determined that this matter of ‘news’ reception was one entirely similar to the other mysterious transaction which fascinated my childish mind. The milk arrived each morning in bottles which were placed in a ‘milkbox’ at the junction of the beach road and our driveway. Inside the milkbox, people like my parents apparently placed something called ‘money’ in advance of the milk appearing next day, and in the morning – the money vanished to be replaced by milk bottles! During that same summer I had already learned to play ‘store’ in the sleeping cabin of some neighboring chums – open up the windows, place some miscellaneous items on display, wait for the arrival of paying customers. You gave them the item which they asked for – and they gave you ‘money,’ which had a value that seemed vary with the size and description of the piece which was offered.

Now I was ready for the big score! I had noticed where my parents bundled up the old papers, and scooped up a selection of them to be placed in my ‘bag.’ Thus outfitted, I trotted off down the beach to the nearest neighbours place, certain that I had exactly what they needed most! It was not long before I had returned home crestfallen, and my mother asked why the long face? I explained to her that the witless neighbours had merely laughed at my suggestion that they pay me some coins for a copy of yesterdays news, and therefore I had every right to be outraged! Everything I had done was in accord with the principle of ‘exchange’ which I was witness to every time we went into town to shop at the RED&WHITE... why the hell was somebody giving me grief when I went to the trouble of bringing it right to their door?

I do not know just how long it took me to grasp the concept of ‘up to the minute’ versus ‘old news’ – it must have set in at some point – but I’ve never wavered in seeing the past as a more topical and important selection of events than those which are deemed ‘topical.’ In the long run, that may be what saved me from being caught up in the moronity of never-ending ‘new cycles,’ where everything is ‘manufactured’ as a knock off of the real, produced in accord with agendas which place ‘the news’ in service to ‘the views’ of those who own and operate the ‘channels’ of communication. But, I remain in no doubt at all, to this day, that a dollop of ‘old’ but true ‘news’ is an item infinitely more valuable than a surfeit of ‘new’ but fake news such as is the case with almost everything written now. It may be sad that the fake item is infinitely more ‘marketable’ than the real thing, it is what it is, however. I may be simply ‘playing store’ at this point in neither selling myself or a product for ‘money,’ but, on the other hand, I’m holding forth from an idyllic patch of the ‘really real’ ANATOLIA, reporting the news’ time outta mind. And that’s a ‘nostalgia trip’ which I’m thankful to be living!

What the letting down of the boundaries tween 'the now' and the past grants us is the power of place - for it was exactly here - in the really real Anatolia - that the mixing and mingling of Hebraic and Greek cultures - pagan and theurgic religions - "occidental" and "oriental" streams of myth and magic, that the idea and the legend of 'THE WEST' was fomented. In that fomentation, and the imposition of the patriachic, diseased homoerotic and hierarchic rule by misanthrophic moneychangers which proceeds out of it, we may just find  the missing parts of our true history and a possible way out of the nightmare approaching from all sides.

Many centuries later than that first, fatal effort to graft Babylons' illness onto the still healthy body of the occidental world, another - at least equally sinister advancement was begun in similar cause; this time the direct praxis of Josef Franks' nihilistic doctrine of sin! Frankist-Sabbatean led Freemasonry was the intellectual vector by which it would be spread... but the undercurrent of contamination by intermarriage worked side by side.

"fighting to maintain their inherited communal power, while emerging scientists and modern philosophers were fighting to tear down the pillars of traditional society, the Asiatic Brethren stood right at the crossroads. They aimed at nothing less than to engineer ‘the human state of being both in body and soul’ - yet two-thousand years of Christian tradition were at risk of becoming obsolete, its language had lost its numen and power, while at the same time the new human and natural sciences hadn’t emerged sufficiently to fill this void.

This was the reason why the terms ‘kabbalah’, ‘alchemy’ and ‘magic’ carried such weight for our theosophic forefathers. At a time when everything was at stake they were willing to immerse themselves into the occult, driven by the hope they would find the key to unlock their own past."
Chapter Four - the Asiatic Brethren

Keys to the unlocking of another Pandoras' Box more likely! Once again, to Poe must go the ownership of 'master discourse' on the subject; using the genre of the 'horror story,' and settings more new world than continental, he nevertheless caught the spirit of decline and madness which would begin to infect the upper classes at this time. Heretical Frankist-Sabbatean judaics would begin in this post-Napoleonic time, their spread westwards from the eastern marches of the Austro-Hungarian and Polish Empires, marrying into the families of impoverished nobility, moving up the social ladder at the same time when their commercial activities gave them boundless influence at court and exchange.

For the true story of what indeed happened to those same landed classes has not been captured by those who call themselves “historians” – nor has it been covered by anyone else in any detail. Falling once again – just as with contemporary events deliberately obfuscated and/or ignored – to this wretch of uncredentialed pedigree to be the witness to. It is beyond my purview to produce tomes about that process of dis-establishment of the European elites; my interest in the theme is solely to incorporate that phenomena into the story of a cultures decline by design! Much more skilled minds can be drawn upon to supply pieces of the puzzle – yet no one has dared to put them together.

Were one to do so ... the quote from E Michael Jones’ THE JEWISH REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT below –

“In 1633, the Sejm passed a law forbidding Poland's nobility from
selling liquor or engaging in commercial activities. The Polish noble
citizens — both the wealthy and the impoverished — , in other words,
retained political control of the country, but lost economic control
because they were forbidden to engage in commercial activity. Because
the Polish magnates owned the land but were unable to engage in
commerce, they were forced to hand over the job of income extraction
to the nation's Jews, who would pay a set fee for a lease to raise the
money the nobles needed. The system of pre-paid, short-term leases was
known in Poland as "arenda." The connection between the arenda system
of tax-farming and the Jews was so intimate that it eventually found
expression in the Polish language. In legal contracts in the 17th and
18th century, the Polish word "arendarz" or tax-farmer and "Jew" are
synonymous. According to Pogonowski, "15 percent of urban and 80
percent of rural Jewish heads of households were occupied within the
arenda system."

The Jewish legal system, or kahal, brokered these licenses to
well-to-do Jews, who in turn often subleased them to less well-to-do

In Polish private law, arenda was defined as "the leasing
of immovable property or rights. The subject of the lease might be a
whole territory, held either in ownership or in pledge [or] the
subject might be a tavern, mill or the right to collect various
payments such as a bridge toll or a payment connected with a
jurisdiction." A Jew, for example, might take out a short-term lease
on a church, in defiance of church law. This meant that he was in sole
possession of the key to the church door, which could only be opened
for the performance of weddings or baptisms after payment of a fee, a
practice which naturally led to resentment among Christians. Since the
lease was of necessity a short-term lease, it was in the Jew's
interest to charge as much money as he could to make back his
investment and some profit, since the lease might not be renewed. Or,
if it were, someone else might outbid him for it. There was, in other
words, no financial incentive to create good will among the local
population from which the arendator earned his living.

The Jewish tax-farmers had the support of the state — Pogonowski estimates that 20
to 70 percent of the income of the large estates was generated by
tax-farming leases held by Jews — but lacked the good will of the
community which was the source of that livelihood. Since the Jew was
not a part of that community, and in fact had
developed, as Graetz
indicates, a whole culture of treating the goyim with contempt, he
could exploit the situation well beyond what would have been
considered tolerable had Catholic Poles been running the system"

would be quickly understood by the reader as emblematic of the very same process by which the western European elites would sell out their own kind and adopt the de facto role of adjuvents in a viral attack on the body politic of the west! This quoted storyline is as true of the American socio-political elite class of the C20th century as it was of the Polish in the C17th, and the English in the C19th... resulting of course in their own descendants disenfranchisement.

In the preceding phases that disenfranchisment was aided by the moral decline of the ruling class via their pandering after esoteric knowledge. In the later phase the same result has been achieved via the psycho-political program of drug propagation and mystique. All roads have led to ruin.

“We can capture for now that the grandiose nomenclature of the order’s grades stemmed from Hirschfeld’s knowledge of rabbinic Hebrew. Other Freemasons lodges where Jews didn’t play a role might have shown a similar tendency to assume ceremonial Hebrew nomenclature, which however remained within the confines of biblical Hebrew according to the educational standards of its authors who often stemmed from Protestant clergy. Only the ‘Asiatic Brethren’ used this purely rabbinic terminology which must have stemmed from a Jew accustomed to rabbinic titles. The three functional titles Chacham Hackolel,Rosch Hamdabrim and Ocker Harim represent such typical honorary titles.”
— Scholem 1962,

When we return, a look at some of the direct examples of this descent into madness on the part of the European landed gentry will be in order/ in preparation for our return to Oaxaca, land of shroomsand spooks it seems. At last we will be able to draw the direct connections between the experiment in social engineering which was "the anti-establishment 60s," and the "establishment bigwigs" who funded and organized it all! A culture war... a hallucinogenic drug trip... the decline of one elite and its replacement by another.

At the heart of it all - fungi, whether 'friendly' or fraught with peril. A weaponized fungal disease took down and turned to mush the brain of the best 'anti-kabbalist' campaigner - Jim Stone - in Mexico. Other forms of 'weaponised mycelium' will be exposed in the forthcoming posts!

More 'hidden history' as scratched in mural form pon the caves back of Chilpancingo - epigraphically deciphered and presented you by the jaguar warrior-poet and delivery boy Güero from Guerrero. Definitely...delivering the goods - "more yesterday than today!"

ANTINOMIANISM (from Greek anti, "against," and nomos, "law"), opposition to the law and, more especially, a religiously inspired rejection and abolition of moral, ritual, and other traditionally accepted rules and standards.

If that all comes at the cost of abandoning a 'book project' for a more 'direct action' kind of interplay with contemporary geopolitics, I've made my peace with it. Now on with the show!  


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Re: Nostalgia Trips - Communication Blips - Day Ol News All o'er Agin!

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Hi Bel,

"I could be mistaken, but this seems to me to be correct - in order for the boundless to exist[eg., 'be the boundless'] it cannot 'be known,' as without boundaries and unknowable-ness appear to be synonymous."

No, Bel.  In my "department," we just don't get to have our cake and eat it, too.  😕 'Metaphysical' means beyond physics, which by convention connotes Beyond the known (and knowable) world.  The Boundless (Apeiron) is a metaphysical proposition; therefore, it literally does not exist, for existence is an event which takes place in the known physical world, dependent on empirical energy and matter to instantiate itself.

The ineffable state in which the Apeiron evolves is inaccessible to us denizens of the nonmetaphysical world.  Properly speaking, the "abode" of the Boundless can neither be described as 'existence' nor a state thereof.  The metaphysical is not simply alien to us; it is beyond experience hence ever unknowable nor fathomable in any shape and form.

The Apeiron and other metaphysical speculations are arrived at through (suspect) inductive reasoning only, and proposed as "placeholders" or necessary miracles if you will, to undergird and consolidate our world view(s) to a semblance of relative reasonableness.

You see, we humans instinctively endeavor to cover up and hide from our consciousness the actual incredibility of the so-called ordinary world by projecting, thereby ejecting/rejecting the fundamentally nonrational, nonempirical and nonlogical nature of our rational, empirical and logical reality itself.

How could you so much as think about the concept of a boundary if you did not presume an impossible Boundless state from which you could distinguish hence mentally and physically grasp something called a boundary?

What is a boundary but to say of some thing or some thought that it is not this thing or that thought but this one instead?  And what is that authoritative faculty that determines and legitimizes this process of boundary creation?  

Search and you shall find no such thing anywhere.  But boundaries, which is really just another descriptive for knowledge itself, remain and do not disappear in the absence of the assumed-heretofore authoritative faculty.  

Knowledge subsists even after the Knower disappears having been irredeemably exposed as the phantom that never was.  Like seeing without an eye.

That's why we need metaphysics: to hide the truth from ourselves.  To suppress the fear of walking on air by relegating such impossible feats to another universe which does not exist.

Did you decide to decide what you were going to think upon reading these words?  If not, what or who else did?  

How does it feel to be a wave when there is no-one to dip his toe in the water?
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Re: Nostalgia Trips - Communication Blips - Day Ol News All o'er Agin!

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Re: Nostalgia Trips - Communication Blips - Day Ol News All o'er Agin!


If you read this sentence -

"in order for the boundless to exist[eg., 'be the boundless'] it cannot 'be known,' as without boundaries and unknowable-ness appear to be synonymous."

as it was written ... a direct response to your:

"This requires that the Boundless be the OPPOSITE of what the Boundless is, that the Boundless have boundaries.  In order for the Boundless (Apeiron) to exist, in order for the Boundless to be known, it must transmogrify itself into its opposite Peras!"
it becomes possible to understand that rather than imputing "existence" (as opposed to "non-existence)of the boundless, I am taking your own imputation of that possibility("In order for the Boundless (Apeiron) to exist")as a hypothesized given, simply in order to show the divergence between "to exist" and "to be known"... in other words, emphasizing the potential of the Apeiron to "be" without a coexistent condition of "being known."  

As 'the boundless' dwells comfortably in my imagination neither dualistically 'existent,' or 'non-existent,' it cannot have been I who proposed a methodology for bringing it into 'existence' - in your proposition by relativizing it to Peras. It is essential  to avoid supposing that ones' interlocutor has presumed ones' own methodology as starting point.

Far from using 'induction' to arrive at the awareness of the Apeirons' potential of 'being,' boundlessly beyond categories of existing or not, I for one acquire that awareness as an aesthetic response to what [used to be]called "the sublime" ... eg., those interactions with 'nature' which conduct one into  feelings of 'awe,' 'terror,' 'overwhelmingness,' etc.,  such as I found could happen merely by looking into 'space,' as a youth. It was the sensation of 'boundlessness' which caused those responses. In no way did it require the conception of 'boundaries' to make perceivable, allowable, or understandable.

Nor did it require any form of "physics"  - meta or otherwise. Awareness received as a sensation cannot be a proposition. I am not of the opinion that awareness can be "an event" either; The false juxtaposition of 'rational' versus 'irrational' means of knowing is likewise cancelled out - allowing, in turn, your

"Properly speaking, the "abode" of the Boundless can neither be described as 'existence' nor a state thereof"

to be totally correct. Unbounded in space & time, the sublime is an immensity which can be relaxed into as a state of grace, rather than a force, phenomena, or 'action.' As such, it is neither placeholder or miracle, subjective or objective 'problem' to be solved, described or dissected - it is only enjoyed or feared.  

It is the reflexive fear of the scientificist kind which produces the need to place the ineffable within boundaries of either/or, this or that. Why would what is beyond our knowing choose to rest within our categories of knowledge?

I say all this as  a result of learning of your appreciation for the pre-socratics... who did not engage in those vain polemics such as their successors in the Hellenic world were reduced to. As such, in the face of all your 'schooling' in 'philosophy,' you've clearly managed to carve out an understanding of the difference tween 'dualistic' and non-dual thinking - which is to say, make no artificial distinctions between the objective study of phenomena and the subjective 'feeling' quality of their immanence as marker of our 'being' alive.

The kabbalist-talmudist project involves degradation of that feeling quality 'being' aliveness, so that our intrinsic harmonization of the terror and awesome joy of the boundless is replaced by mere terror, the joy of our own natures' sharing in this unboundedness replaced by the 'bonds' of dybbuk possession, the grace of sharing the feeling tone of 'aliveness' replaced by the spite and malice of 'possessiveness' as a lifestyle and attitude. Slowly and slyly stripped of our innate capacities to see through appearance, the human sinks to the level of the numbed and witless, mistaking every phantom for 'the real,' and every trickster for their best friend! (Welcome to "Zero-cred!")

Seeing that it is indeed possible for the westerling to reach that state of appreciation for the really real, your exposition on the Apeiron has muchly inspired my moving into the phase about to begin - where behind the mask of kabbalism in action... we will see a tiny tribe of misfits ridden with envy for that state of grace which their crude cult denies them access to, and after sufficient time spend laughing at their self-imposed miserable state of (non)being, begin to fashion the perfect antidote to their tricks of perception.
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Re: Nostalgia Trips - Communication Blips - Day Ol News All o'er Agin!

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Excellent, Bel!

You have taken the conversation to an unexpectedly higher level.  To me, what you have done is nothing less than a pure act of love presented on a platter of intellectual brilliance.

For the first time in my life, I find myself compelled to be quiet, and try to absorb and understand what my interlocutor has said, instead of dissecting it as a mere verbal construct per se.

Thank you.

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Re: Nostalgia Trips - Communication Blips - Day Ol News All o'er Agin!

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In a about turn to the other "otherside", i long a psychosis of childish innocence that discounts talmudic kabbalism undercurrents that robs me of incremental moments happiness. a rebirth by the bliss of "just not giving a shit"....
beyond hopelessness and back, ignoring rabbit holes, but standing in "awe" of bristle cone tree, as it has spoke.
just longing to be back to the child that enjoyed life in the moment.
bel-laughter, a symbolic defense of "the TK cast on mankind" may be my saving grace in dealing with this reality...
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Re: Nostalgia Trips - Communication Blips - Day Ol News All o'er Agin!

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Bel, I hope your software alerts you to new comments wherever they occur. I just posted to "Dybbuks" and always appericiate your take on things as well as corrections to misunderstandings.