Now then: Escalation In Syria – How Far Can The Russians Be Pushed?

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
After the string of correct predictions and accurate assessments which have left all competing 'north,' 'eastern' 'western' and 'Storm' fronts eating dust and pounding syrian sand... it's time to summarize the work we have performed during this now two month old experiment in 'REPORTING' the muddled east - from the muddled east. I say we - because if you signed on here to receive these posts in timely fashion - you've already shown great predictive faculty and insightful assessment of the terrain! In a desert of 'faked' news and jaundiced views, you managed to find the one tiny caravansaray where truth in media holds out in 'foreign legion' fashion, against the massed hordes of medias arrayed against it!

Imagine - no impressive resumes, collegial circle-jerks, or appeals to your pocketbook - by pickpockets of the phony oppositionalist kind whose latest 'offerings' we will study below... and whose 'message' always seems to involve something along the lines of:

"If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldn’t be possible without your help:" 

Just good ol fashioned reporting of the 'neo-journalistic' kind! On with the show....

Escalation In Syria – How Far Can The Russians Be Pushed? /our faver "faker" has recently asked - again! I beg to ask ... who's pushin... and who's peddlin - fake storylines... and why!?

"Events in Syria have recently clearly taken a turn for the worse and there is an increasing amount of evidence that the Russian task force in Syria is being targeted by a systematic campaign of “harassing attacks”.

The recent incident, like drone and mortar attack on the Russian Aerospace Forces base in Khmeimin, the shooting down of a Russian SU-25, so-called Russian casualties in US airstrikes in Deir Ezzor, likely indicate on starting of implementation of a new US strategy in Syria: to punish the Russians as much as possible short of an overt US attack on Russian forces. This hypothesis is based on the following reasons:

First, the USA and Israel are still reeling in humiliation and impotent rage over their defeat in Syria: Assad is still in power, ISIS is more or less defeated, the Russians were successful not only their military operations against ISIS but also in their campaign to bring as many “good terrorists” to the negotiating table as possible. With the completion of a successful conference on Syria in Russia and the general agreement of all parties to begin working on a new constitution, there was a real danger of peace breaking out, something the US and Israeli-led block is absolutely determined to oppose.

Second, both Trump and Netanyahu have promised to bring in lots of “victories” to prove how manly and strong they are. Starting an overt war against Russian would definitely be a “proof of manhood”, but a much too dangerous one. Killing Russians “on the margins”, so to speak, either with plausible deniability or, alternatively, killing Russians private contractors is much safer and thus far more tempting option.
" - extract from the latest.... he he heh [sit rep] of our fave "russo-talmudic' phony oppositionalist psyop site, in turn circle-jerkin the usual fashion their associated "" platform.

Escalation In Syria – How Far Can The Russians Be Pushed? is the title of that testament to tripe. Perhaps we'll conduct our review of the past two months by answering our friends question!

Back in January, when introducing a key component of the new site - STUDIES IN DISSIMULATION - as an ongoing series which pulls back the veil on "journalists" who pimp for 'special interests'... I introduced the formerly fabulous  "Thierry Meyssan" as a sad example of the fallen journo. His instructive reading of the Turco-kabbalist Afrin Adventure - "Turkish army enters Syria"

"The battles had actually begun the night before but only with shells from Turkey against Kurdish forces under US command" ...
 was quickly countered here with the notation -

"Of course the 'Kurdish forces' in Rojava are not under US command... since the US has no presence there, unlike further east in the other cantons. This area - what the US itself describes as being in the Russian sphere of influence - has SDF forces which are self-directed in the defense of the people living there. Why is this once independent journalist now completely dedicated to supporting the disinfo of an obvious psyop? We'll come back to that question! "

Now, close to two months later, the careful reader will note no backing down of the complicit media scribblers from this patently false claim of "Americans" in Afrin. Instead... they've simply 'doubled-down' and in doing so, eroded their credibility to the point of it's extinction. Any and all events involving damage to Russian material or morale in Syria continues to be interpreted as the result of 'bad guy' Kurds and their American 'controllers.'

Planes shot down from the sky by Ukie manpads traveling thru Turkish hands into those of Turco-sraeli supplied and directed jihadists in Aleppo and Idlib? No problem. Blame it on the Kurds!

Russian private contractors cut to pieces when infiltrating towards coveted oil patches in east Syria? Another nasty plot concocted by .... the Kurds and their nefarious "American" paymasters.

Turkish genocidal bombing and terror againt civilian populations of northern Syria? Again - no problem - the Kurds doubtless - 'did it to themselves!'  

See the pattern here? Never a mention of the guiding kabbalist hand. Whilst competing 'faux' medias were stewing in the juice of their own fake news... we got busy parsing the entrails so as to present the events of the Syrian Endgame in just the right context - MAJOR REVELATIONS continue to come in! ... announcing a solution to the ongoing 'mystery' of Merikan mischief in the sands of Syria -

"Factions of the US government - literally at war with each other... the military sincerely seeking a termination of the terrorists... the CIA and State secretly re-inserting them into the conflict."

after accurately predicting
"Russian ‘contractors’ clashing with American special forces and air power embedded with the Kurds and Arabs of the SDF near Deir ez Zor. The battle which no one [of sane mind] wants may be upon us already! And, if so, the  chances of pulling back from the brink, already gone. This is NOT a spontaneous ‘mishap’ by any means, however. Even if the commanding generals, and political heads of state of the two countries involved are dead set against escalation, the Lubavitch lunatics controlling them HAVE THE POWER to make it happen! As Harrel Rhome has put it - “"Never forget that the important thing is not whether you personally “believe” in the occult or not. Nor does it matter whether or not “magic” really “works”"

the campaign of disinformation and provocation which leads the American and Russian forces in the muddled east ever closer to a 'white on white' bloodbath' which benefits only one party.

Finally, when a week or so of weakening 'denials' about my story breaking word of the Wagnerian debacle near Der ez Zor... the faux news medias finally capitulated... with faux 'breaking news' "exclusives" of the closing the barn door type of hype...  

leaving us not only frontrunners in delivery of the real news from the muddle east... but literally.. the only serious contestants on the field!

So... here we are with the usual "Saker"-style talking points in front of us:

starting of implementation of a new US strategy in Syria:
the USA and Israel are still reeling in humiliation and impotent rage over their defeat in Syria:
Trump and Netanyahu have promised to bring in lots of “victories” to prove how manly and strong they are.

How to break this down?

Instead of pointing a finger at the most appropriate party to attribute obvious mischief against both the (ROJAVAN)Kurds AND the Russians to - namely, a tiny TERROR STATE in the s e Med, and it's
Turco-islamist puppet TERROR STATE... as per the precis on these pages....
we'll just blame it on the other players. "Starting of implementation of a new "Kabbalist talmudist" strategy in Syria" would have summed it up accurately - but our gofers ain't gonna go there. Wonder why?

If the Sraelis' and their puppetized POTUS in DC are 'reeling in rage' at the 'failure' of their schemes in Syria... why are the Americans holding most of the valuable resource properties of Syria, while Sraelis seem able to attack and destroy Iranian/Hezbollah factories and hangouts pretty much at will, as well as activate their jihadist proxies the the north/south/and east to attack on demand? Some defeat.

If you've read thru the series of stories which gave the reader access to an 'alternative' -and as it turns out, more accurate interpretation of the string of events which have increasingly worked to drag Russia back into the mess which our 'alternative media' analysts had informed us it was "leaving"... you'll now know what they did not; a)Russians never really "left" b)the series of staged provocations dragging them back in ever deeper are all engineered by the Sraeli team.

When the 'fake news' medias were busily droning on - about the perps behind the Russian problems sequentially building in Syria... less jaundiced, more journalistic reporters were stating for the record:

"...we see the outlines of the collaboration between the Turco-Talmudic axis of evil  - which has apparently decided its time to finally rip off the mask...

and go full bore into war - against Syria, Iran, the Kurds, aaaaaannnnd...

drag the USA into a quagmire which will initiate the fateful takedown of the already staggering 'superpower' which is now - like it's artificial 'enemy' Russia - almost completely under the control of Lubavichers working for tel aviv."
More Method to the Madness - or Madness to the Method?  February 10th, 2018

Now... some two months into this adventure in rolling back kabbalist-talmudic media distortions.. what is the takeaway on our work here?


Not bad for a starting performance lads! Not bad... at all! Instead of putting your hands high in the air - at the behest of the brigands of the information highway demanding your contribution to their campaign of fake news... just give yourselves a gentle pat on the back... of that there tortoise shell, for having chosen the winning side... and then, let's get right back to work - defusing "kabbalism in action!"


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Re: Now then: Escalation In Syria – How Far Can The Russians Be Pushed?

"Why is this once independent journalist now completely dedicated to supporting the disinfo of an obvious psyop?"
Realy a good question.What happend with Meyssan?
Do you have an answer?
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Re: Now then: Escalation In Syria – How Far Can The Russians Be Pushed?

Yes... maybe... I think so?

Though NOTHING is definitive in this murky world of spy vs spy 'journalism'... I've expressed my impression as to what happens to ANY one who chooses to write under their own name. In a post which I can't locate immediately off the top of my head - but is somewhere already transferred to this new platform...

I recalled the numerous occasions on which I had witnessed an amazing transformation of once stellar reporters into obvious disinfo agents...
in part that list read... Veterans Today... and other financially-oriented sites which I had once been close to the creators of. Some get killed off, others are more useful turned. Bullied, blackmailed, bribed? Your guess is as good as mine as to method.

I took heed very early on... before witnessing this sad trend... to leave as few tracks as possible. I also got into the habit of immediately cutting comms with anyone who seemed too curious about personal circumstances. I believe that's why I am still here reporting... the news, anonymously...instead of it's imitation.