Opera Lovers Unite~! (Even More)Secret WAGNER tracks Uncovered

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
In our last installment, I mentioned the pending Syrian arrival of a boatload of Spetsnaz troops from Russia with love! But what kind of love? Is it the selfless, romance-tinged lover of the operatic world... or a more wordly, self-interested love, common to nation states, and the private armies they send aboard to protect and cultivate their own interests? Well, like most things in life, I would suggest it a mix of both. Rather heavily skewed towards the latter modality.

Spetsnaz, you see, is similar in aim and execution to the now disgraced Wagner PMC... and a part of the same Russian GRU state apparatus; but instead of occupying the murky and deniable status of "vacationers"(as the government spokepersons used to term Wagnerites), they occupy the more clear - but perhaps still 'deniable' status of 'official' assassins, saboteurs, snatch n grab, and sundry other special 'tasks' which need to be performed quickly and professionally.  And that may indeed be where the rub came in with the 'professional' contractors who are now being replaced!

Youth of our times, you see, no matter where in the world you find them, are victims of a social media disease which seems to eat away at the common sense portıon of theır braıns, reducing them to the status of brain dead zombies unable to entertain the most basic protocols of security.  

As with young Turk soldiers, snapping their selfies to send back home in the recent Afrin adventure, so the young troopers Wagner sent into the battle for the Palmyra oil fields where incapable of preventing the tracks of their presence from showing up online - to the everlasting chagrin of all those who are still pathetically seeking to convince us that they were 'never there!'

The person in charge of planning operations, including the disastrous offensive near Deir Ezzor, is Sergei Borisovich Kim, the man in the cap in our photo above, was in charge of planning operations, including the disastrous offensive near Deir Ezzor, for Wagner, for whom he works as Deputy Chief of Staff, Chief of Operations. Working out of this location - in Russias Krasnodar region,

long before the fake news brouhaha about 'troll farms' and election influencers became the talk of the town, MR PRIGOZHINS' PRIVATE ARMY was a subject of concern for the US administration - which sanctioned him in 2016 for being the owner of same! This story - you see - so far precedes the woes of MR DRUMPF, as to require a complete reworking ... which as we all no... a lazy and complicit media will not ever do!
So what's the meat and potatoes behind all this?

When  guys who really shouda known better - post pictures of their exploits in Syria, all over the social medias...

with geolocational coordinates which make it impossible to deny the obvious...
you have to wonder if the efforts which some among us will go to achieve a 'damage control' over truth in media... indicates just 'obsessive-compulsive' behaviour... or more seriously, signs of cerebral breakdown unlikely to be 'fixable' by any known means!

Comin up! More on Spetsnaz... the new finger in the dike!