RUsso-talmudic? A lexicon for Inquiring Minds

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Readers of previous postings here are likely to have already come across the term "Russo-talmudic" mafiyas in the course of perusing these pages. It occurs to me that the terms meaning requires some amplification, so as to avoid its' misconstruction in the minds of those new to the precis advanced by this site.

The possibility of creating some clarity about that meaning came to me when reading this elegant declaration

"Finckenauer and Waring's key argument about Russian organized crime in
America is perhaps not as provocative as it initially sounds. They write that
the "Russian Mafia" is "first, not Russian; second, not a mafia; and third, not
even organized crime." When they state that the Russian mafia is not
"Russian," they simply mean that many émigré criminals hail from many of
the other former Soviet republics, such as Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan,
Armenia, and Georgia. Nevertheless, they are still Russian speakers, many of
whom grew up in the Soviet system.

taken from a review of Johanna Granvilles' "Dermokratizatsiya and Prikhvatizatsiya: The
Russian Kleptocracy and Rise of Organized Crime," in Demokratizatsiya
(summer 2003), pp. 448-457. and the accopanying discussion of the book by James O. Finckenauer and Elin J. Waring Russian Mafia in America: Immigration, Culture, and Crime.

Now, I say elegant, because sometimes a restatement of the obvious is an impediment to penetrating a conundrum ... but... as in this case, sometimes it can produce a breakthrough in insight!

How much the last flurry of postings here have been an attempt to cut through the misinformation about "Russia," "Russians," and the geopolitical gambits by which those who seek to destroy both - have disguised their mischief under a pseudo-partisan cloak of "Russia Fever" as appears now daily on the pages of websites sponsored and controlled by international finance capital in its Frankist-Sabbatean form!  "Rootin for Putin" is the common symptom of this disease - by which the interests of the Russian peoples are conflated with the gangs who bilk and mislead them. An expansionist Russian foreign policy in service to and at the command of kabbalist-talmudism is the mirror representation of the aggressive adventurism of an America in subservience to the same brand of kabbalistic "Lubavitch" terror. The resultant clash between the two "Caucasian"[sic] powers is a primary goal of that same finance capital and it's TERROR STATE HQ in the s e Med.

For the purpose of clarification, therefore, I've decided its time to separate the 'Russians' from those who hide under the rubric of "Russ" while priming the pump for the destruction of that ethnic group. Barring the outbreak of further immediate mischief on the Syrian Endgame side of thing, I propose therefore to spend a bit of time with some postings which pursue the matter of "Russo-talmudic" mafiyas as direct expression of this sites' guiding theme - kabbalism in action!

here's an important backgrounder I've placed on the site archives for the reader to begin with:
The Judeo-Russian Mafia