Reprise and Pause for Bearings - Part One

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Now that we seem to have been delivered a bit of a breather from the rapid pace of developments, let's take a moment to step back - and review the territory, starting from the moment when...
somewhat ironically, the Syrian war was announced to have been pretty much at an end!

 The moment in question, when Russian President Vladimir Putin toured the facilities of the Russian air base at  Khmeimim, back in December last, was pretty much accepted uncritically by the WORLD MEDIA as the end of a long drawn out war. For me  however, it had a quality of feeling redolent with another moment when ... Russia had announced the imminent draw down of its forces in Syria.

This story of mine - little read, and even less comprehended - from back when the very same individual - similarly announced the 'end' of Russian involvement in Syria!

My reaction at the time -
""the seamless teamwork of government, finance, and a fully complicit media creates whatever impressions of reality are deemed desirable, for a given episode of "reality." Now we are watching that template expand into the full measure of the COMPLETE PACKAGING OF REALITY on a grand scale, in the entire middle eastern 'theater.' Nowhere is this more evident than in the sudden "surprise" pull-out of Russia from Syria. Which was neither a surprise - nor a pullout. The idea that such a move would have been taken without COMPLETE CONSULTATION AND PLANNING with all of the pertinent parties involved is absurd. It violates every tenet of what we know Russia's diplomatic program to be. Yet it has been pushed from all sides as the truth of the affair. Because there really is no opposition anymore to the staging of the news. IN FACT - THERE. IS. NO. NEWS. "

was based upon a considered understanding of how badly distorted our 'reality' had become, in an epoch of 'fake news' spread my medias complicit with the agendas of 'state actors.' The insights gained at the time have served me very well - in being able to bring you now a perspective on these recent events in Syria which is not in keeping with the naive, flyweight analysis of 'experts' of all kinds!

Which is probably why - when one looks at this picture - and asks - "why is this man dead?" ... you will receive the correct answer here - and here alone - rather than a raft of wrong, misleading, or outright lying through the teeth answers instead!

Part Two - Coming right up!

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Re: Reprise and Pause for Bearings - Part One

Perhaps the Russian `pullout' was used to create a similar effect as the one used when Shrub flew the Mission Accomplished banner aboard a US Navy war vessel. A signal that the worst slaughter was set to begin.

An idea on MSM. May we simply refer to them going forward as ACME Media? Summarizes well, for me,  the comic and fail-by-design nature of them.