Reprise and Pause for Bearings - Part Two

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
As the pace of the Syrian Endgames' denouement slows a bit, we can return  to our ongoing series “Studies in Dissimulation.” The purpose of which is to analyse the manner in which ‘reporters’ declinate away from  old-fashioned standards of ‘objective’ reporting, towards an ‘advocacy-style’ of relaying stories – one which holds agendas hidden to the unobservant eye. But, in keeping with that part of the world where 'hybrid wars' have become a dominant trope - we'll employ a 'hybrid style' of going about it time round - drawing a bit from the current moment, some from lessons of the past!
 Writing a story – any story – always reflects to some degree the subjective bias of its’ writer; nevertheless the skewing of reportage towards a consistent intent to paint one ‘geopolitical team’ as noble, and its’ adversaries as ‘nefarious,’  has become something of a 'new normal of the modern ‘internet news medias!’ Watching this phenomena play out in live time has become something of a fascination for me, since I first encountered it, while writing upon financial themes, several years back.

In that permutation, it was a discernible 'meme' inserted into media commentary about the precious metals markets - to do with a supposed "BRICS"-inspired movement challenging western financial hegemony by buying up huge reserves of gold. Piece after piece insinuated - without substance when investigated closely - that the Chinese, Russians, Indians, etc., were increasing their gold reserves dramatically, in preparation for a full-out war on western economic sanctions and dirty tricks. However, the more I dug into the matter, I realized that much if not most of what was being written was outright 'advocacy' material, poorly researched, lacking balance, and unhelpful to its intended audience.

My three part series, "The Devious Dervishes of Turkish Banking" represented my initial foray into the world of deceit which BANKING, JOURNALISM, AND GOVERNMENT HAVE ALL BECOME. Writers who stole my work, governments which stole my country-peoples' savings, via a twisted coalition of media, financial and state interests! My eyes were really opened at that moment.

As someone with a personal belief in the shiny metals' utility as a shield against financial malfeasance, it was disturbing to me to see the subject mishandled in such unprofessional manner. After my research met with not just a wall of indifference in the western world, but a torrent of spiteful attack, I decided to put my head down and just carry through with a job that clearly was without reward - but needed doing regardless. The result - a string of stories like

Cartel vs Cartel

were the fruits of that interlude - signal pieces of objective journalism which still stand up as solid gold examples unique to the field of financial reporting. Though they earned me but more opprobrium rather than approbation, that simply toughened my hide for what was to come! In applying that standard of truculent pursuit of the real story to the world of geopolitics, I was about to earn many enemies - and very few friends!

Just as I had serially demolished the obvious fake storylines about gold and silver 'exploding,' so I found myself developing a penchant to put this parallel, geopolitical agit-prop under the microscope - with the same results! I began to realize that the same writers were getting the same set of instructions - to follow a script suspiciously favorable to the interests of a certain cabal of international finance capitalists - and began tracing the clues back to point of origin. And that origin has proved conclusively to be the center of all such ‘fake news’ generation – the tiny terror state in the s e Med, agents of which now o/o almost ALL channels of communication via occidental audiences receive their “news.”

As I followed this ball of b.s. further and further down the rabbit hole, it became clear that the guiding motifs - to defraud naive westerners out of their hard-earned savings, while pushing for increased international influence on behalf of a Chinese ‘neo-communist’ regime cloaked in ‘capitalist roader’ clothing - had to be connected.! After spending a couple of years slowly putting the puzzle pieces into place, it became clear how it all fit together.  In stories such as DESERTS OF THE REALLY REALr
and Varmints-in-the-Tater-Patch-BRICS-and-the-CHINA-GOLD-memes-as-Crime-Scene, I began to catch the scent of mischief - of the bankers gone bad kind - and mendacity - of the writers gone sour sort!

Turning out as it did - that I had just happened to have ended up living in the very center of that vortex of violent descent into the deep world of dark politics - I decided to just accept what fate had thrown my way - and took up the mantle which no one else wanted - anymore. 2016/17s GOLD FOR OIL/OIL FOR BLOOD series(not yet transferred over here, but still available on the old platform)marked out the battlefield for where we stand as of today- a morass of false storyline and fake news pumped out by a ONEMEDIA conveniently enough owned and operated by the same FINANCIAL MAFIYAS which profit both from making mayhem in the middle east  - and making 'markets' move according to their interests!

All of which indubitably has prepared me for where were we are today - a world of duplicity and deceits, spun by governments and medias both corrupted by criminal mafiyas, and a financial empire which controls them both. If you are ready to go where the false trails are replaced by a rough but rewarding track towards truth in media...
As TAFKAP .... aka "PRINCE" WAS WANT TO SAY AT THE BEGINNING OF his live shows....

you in the right place now!