Requiem for the Media: the day "internet journalism" died

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave

Day Two: THE PHONY COUP - Reverse Gezi Park Exposed - while internet media sleeps through the story.

byBel Suave

    You might excuse my momentary confusion: in the midst of yesterday's tumultuous ride from "Erdo-gone" to "He's Baaaack"(and he's NOT happy!)a message arrived on the cell phone. It called upon every one to hit the streets - in defense of democracy! You could - like myself -have been taken back for an instant ,to a time now distant when radical groups announced mass marches and fringe zines and pamphleteers called for demonstrations against the state! Against "the power!"

Looking closer at that message on the phone - which I now saw bore the heading "TC DEVLET" [Government of the Republic of Turkey]overtop of it - the sinking feeling fully set in. The juxtaposition of two seemingly antithetical forces - the call to take to the streets, and the imprint of "The State" together on the same small screen. The Precession - as Baudrillard had famously put it - complete! Yesterday's psy-op marked the co-optation by the state of all that was once supposed to belong - in the standard narrative - to those who opposed it's depredations. Another myth of modernity to be thrown onto the bonfire... of inanities.

The image of "the media" as that loose, grassroots, democratic exchange of voices which 'subverts the system' - making it possible to challenge and even defeat the dominating narratives of state and financial power - has been with us since the days of '68, of "Kent State," Ken Kesey, Paris, "The Who." We were all to be liberated, and made equal, by the democratization of the channels of communication, through application of new technologies supportive of 'freedom.' From the 'guerrilla printers,' the poster, mass photocopy distribution it grew into the first stirrings of the 'world wide web.' Mass communications and decentralized distribution - popular democracy by definition - it was claimed.

The internet being the true blossoming of this revolution of course. Via a proliferation of devices - tools of communication - which would eliminate the hurdles to instant communication world wide, lower the cost of calling, reduce the burden of time needed to express a thought - we would be become, if not as Donald Fagen sang "eternally young & eternally free," at least "clean." What a Beautiful World! We were so naive. Eternally.

Yesterday we were witness to the first [ever?]recorded instance of a military coup against a government - organized by that same government. The first "faux"military coup in history? A BIG story... for which I assembled a big, badass response including a report posed as a review of a B-MOVIE classic. A good time was had by all - and the real story totally ignored by all concerned.

But here's an even BIGGER story which came out of yesterday's "non-event" event! Sitting on my plate, because there is no one else ever going to pick up and run with the fact that yesterday was also witness to the final DEATH OF MEDIA JOURNALISM! And you can bet your bottom dollar "the media" is not going to 'go there.' Because "the media" is implicated in the false flag - and that's ALL media. Story and media - co-dependents in deception

Yes, we could talk about the absurd rush of the "alternative media" into announcing the deposition and flight of the head of regime. The lack of basic fact-checking, reliance upon traded speculations on twitter feeds and the parlaying of staged imagery into supposed supporting evidence. Or, in contrast, the speedy acceptance by the rest of the media of a ready and waiting storyline which takes care to set up the supposition that "spontaneous" reaction to unfolding 'events' by real people has won a huge victory for citizen democracy. Relying again, upon the same shaky "evidence" which is on offer like tidbits at a company trade show booth.

But these would be superficial critiques, when the more important element - which signals the demise of all pretense by "the media" to performing the witnessing of and reporting upon events - lies in the small detail I described in the starting sentence of this posting. The State has subsumed the role and space of "the media" in organizing and communicating with "the people." It has re-defined the terms "democracy" and "participation" on it's own terms, and in picking up the social media tools which had formerly belonged to "the people" as a network of communicants, relegated "the media" to the role of gelded hierophant!

Were there a still living, breathing media, you see, someone, other than myself, would have pointed out by now that what the regime has done is pull off a 'reverse Gezi Park!' For those who don't know, the 2013 confrontation between the regime and the popular groundswell of resistance to it's neo-liberal/neo-Ottoman agenda was a milestone in what the potential and dynamics of the new "social media-led" organizing was supposedly about. Hundreds of thousands from all walks of life and political allegiances were drawn in by the social media circus to protest the arrogance and corruption of the ruling regime. And it fed on itself, becoming larger than life.

Then, a still vibrant opposition media followed up with damning evidence of that corruption - at the highest levels - setting the stage for a confrontation of regime with the judiciary which boded ill for the chances of the top figures getting out with their heads and their ill gotten gains intact. Faced with a life or death situation, Erdogan led the charge against all his political enemies - and anybody who got in the way. By the time the carnage was over - vast segments of the civil service/police, media ownership, financial sector and judiciary were fundamentally purged and made over, in the image of obedient state accomplices.

In the mythology of Gezi Park which built up after the event, the mass protests marked the stirrings of a social revolution driven by social media - a boundless source of energy and grassroots organization which would remain available as a check and balance against any and all further state repression. It didn't work out that way. Yesterday saw the full employment of those same social media and mass networking tools in the service of an oppressive state apparatus controlled by plotters who are attempting to sequester all levers of power in this country to themselves. No, not the "military plotters!" That's simply cover. The real plotters, who engineered this faux coup, are using these popular tools of communication and organization to remake the country into an Islamist gulag and religious Jonestown.

They are not being identified by the media - because the media - international and domestic, "alternative" or "mainstream," are now all complicit in the affair, the dimensions of which reach high and wide in international levels of political power brokering. This is, in other words, no simple internal affair!
This story required me to dispense with the philosophical, the ponderings, the slow and steady analysis of events which it is my wont to engage with here. In the absence of real reports - about real events - from real reporters, there was no choice yesterday but to comply with being thrown into the breach.

Yet another in the long line of false flag "events" marking the death of the "real" - and it's replacement with the "hyper-real" of the staged event - Bel Suave

And while I enjoy that kind of excursion back into the world of Mike Nomad/Steve Roper ol skool beat journalism -immensely - it's of necessity that we get back into the slow and ponderous work of analysis today.


And not just any kind of "analysis" - the big frame, wide angled analysis of events which I have spoken of at length in the recent as the mark of what 'neo-journalism' needs to become - especially when reporting upon the middle east.
In removing the final barrier to full implementation of an Orwellian "total" - as in "totalitarian" - control over every social estate, the regime has signaled it's arrival to full "terror state" status - unchallenged by a media which has meekly accepted the reduction of it's role to lapdog, and the arrival of it's replacement in the form of a direct - social media driven - communication between tyrant and subjects every bit as sinister as the fictional talking - and watching- head of the Orwellian surveillance state!
The myth which somehow bonded the advancing technologies of communication - the devices, the software, the "programming" of the internet age - with a "progressive," open, and democratic social force at the vanguard of protecting society from oppressors of all kinds - has been irrevocably shattered. And "the media" exposed along with it, as the empty shell - simulacra - of a proactive counterweight to vested interests and state power which the craft of journalism once embodied! All in one day - and what a day it was.

At this point I have to remind myself - there's every possibility that none will have an idea of what I'm talking about here! That's how far and how fast we've slipped down into this abyss - the state directly mediating it's relationship with it's citizen/victims without need or regard for the element of society which formerly acted as a counterweight to it's depredations. So let me reprise the situation as of the moment - yesterday a regime mobilized the citizens of Turkey to come to it's defense - against an invented enemy which it itself had produced in order to appear as the victim of nefarious forces. That same regime is the nefarious force working against the peace and security of those same citizens. And it will use to it's advantage - and their loss - the leverage it has gained by pulling off a gigantic hoax disguised as a spontaneous social protest against 'enemies of the Republic/enemies of the State.'

The State and the Republic are now One - the State and the People are now One. Journalists? We don't need no stinkin journalists! And truthfully so - because "the media" which journalism was at the heart of has died. Which is why the carcass is 'stinkin.' It - the once so promising internet media - lies unburied in the gutters of this botched 'coup' story. But I come neither to bury, nor to praise the deceased. Only to replace it - with something more appropriate to our collective situation.
There's a number of stories here now which have discussed the replacement of real events and players with fake, staged productions and the actors which perform in them. In the recent

 ALL FALL DOWN - Mapping the "hyperreality" of false flag dissimulation -

I addressed the specific nature of most of what was being passed off as "News" coming from this area of the world as increasingly phony - "as the shreds of the Ottoman Empire still rot and decay across the map of the middle east, their embodied 'vestiges' - countries such as Libya, Syria, Iraq and now Turkey have all entered that state of 'hyperreality .... "Models" of a real without origin or reality - these bombings, invasions, rebellions and programmatic state terror - are all staged, unreal manifestations of a post-reality age which we live in are imprisoned in." This doubtless would have seemed a theoretical, or dramatized description to most. As of yesterday - it cannot. Somehow, in the 72 hours or so immediately prior to the "non" events of Friday, I managed to assemble on the pages of another recently published story here an exact description of what it would take to navigate this current false coup story successfully. In doing so, I was expanding upon the idea which lay behind my categorization of the work done here as "neo-journalism." Little did I know it would brought into full application - by necessity - just days later!

"To write, therefore, accurately and meaningfully about the situation which we find the middle east to be in of the moment, requires us to take note of the "hyperreality" in which events - which are not events anymore - are staged! If a journalist - content to merely 'report,' - in other words, without understanding the shifting sands under their feet of "reality" - of being itself, takes upon themselves the task of informing their readers about the nature of events which have no intrinsic "reality" outside of their function in a planned theatrical campaign to whatever mysterious end, they will fail in their job.

An authentic reportage of what's going on in our world, then, requires of the journalist an ability to deconstruct any alleged "event" staged in hyperreality, and then refashion it in the reader's gaze as a phenomena which may or may not be related to spontaneous activities that take place in real time. Activities which can be chronicled and reported upon by real persons. And then these must be properly contextualized in relation to other real events from past times - with analysis that can interpret past and present both - minus the intrinsic defect of being naively hoodwinked by those who stage events, "news" and youtube style tricks of perception designed to achieve whatever is their desired objective." from "Syrian End Game"

And presto - here we are watching the mother of all staged "events." It is solely due to having auspiciously equipped myself with the tools of 'neo-journalistic' reportage that I am able to penetrate the smoke and mirrors and deliver the autopsy on both this wretched production and the croaking 'media' along with it! Will anyone pay attention? Doubtful. Does that fundamentally matter? No. My job is to report the story. The whole story. Not worry about who reads it. Or who 'gets it.'
What's important is that readers who are sincerely looking to be guided towards some semblance of truth in what they read on the internet need to understand that from here on in - there are no "reliable sources." There are vested interests, nestled into the pockets of parties running large scale dissimulation operations, bought, bullied or blackmailed scribes and media outlets, and false front media operations, foundations, institutes and psyops which all deliberately engage in distorting "the news" on behalf of a collective effort of deception. End of "story."
Without exception? Of course there are exceptions! Watching over the years all the once reliable sites with recognizably authentic sources of information and analysis gradually, imperceptably, get changed into a hollow imitation of themselves, I've learned to no longer trust - in the sense of giving blanket endorsement to - any outlet. Our collective situation seems to have deteriorated to the point that those few sites where independent thinking and authentic resistance to an imposed monoculture of ideas still reign are subject to mysterious disappearance or 'makeovers.' Instead of a repository of freely shared information, the web increasingly is becoming a disinfo hall of mirrors. Perhaps that was always the plan?
When judged by the standard of yesterday's performance, the internet news media no longer can be considered to be a functional source of 'real' news. Where does that leave us? In a perilous place, no doubt. But not without recourse
I've long advocated for a network of on the ground correspondents who can fill in local stories with detailed knowledge and context. If that's gone nowhere as of yet, that's nothing surprising. With what I've attempted to do here, on this false flag story, there may be many who can see the value - and the application of the template to their own circumstances. We don't really need compromised media outlets to get our stories out. This platform proves it. I've had to forgo using twitter as a tool to publicize the stories here for more than a year, since they started rounding up people who dared to voice their opinion on it. There's been little alternative to it, till now - we probably need to find one, appropriate for application to this new/old "neo-journalistic" channel of communication.
There's much more to be said about the sad death of the once so-promising internet media - the fate of which was predicted with precision a long time back when the web was still in it's infancy - by the man from who's work "REQUIEM FOR THE MEDIA" this stories title is taken. Jean Baudrillard wrote:
Today what we are experiencing is the absorption of all virtual modes of expression into that of advertising. All original cultural forms, all determined languages are absorbed in advertising because it has no depth, it is instantaneous and instantaneously forgotten. Triumph of superficial form, of the smallest common denominator of all signification, degree zero of meaning, triumph of entropy over all possible tropes. Simulacra and Simulation pp.87

The entropy which has settled over the field of journalism has resulted in first it's decline and now - it's death. We are in the throes of witnessing the birth of it's replacement however, with these postcards from a post-western world I am sending from an imaginary place more 'real' than the virtual reality of the dying west. Neo-journalistic postcards in a bottle - from an ANATOLIA/time out of mind!

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