Richard Sandor, CCX, and privatizing the right to breathe: Part One of a Series

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Richard Sandor, CCX, and privatizing the right to breathe:

Part One of a Series
Details of way our world is intended to be transformed - into a vast "progressive" slave plantation owned by a 'self-chosen' few!
by Bel Suave

    When I wrote, in an idle moment during the fall of 2014,the piece which appears below I had little idea of it being the foundation stone of something long in gestation - by which could finally be drawn together the separate strands of topics I had mused upon for years, into one coherent whole.

When I say foundation, what I mean to say is that this piece by itself looks at one example of a person of influence mobilizing their 'power base' to extrude onto society their vision of what our future needs look like. When I recently came back to it, however, and re-read the piece in light of researches accomplished since it's writing, I realized that it contains the formula which everything else that has been engaging my attention for so long duplicates, in one way or another. The names, the geography, or the time frame may change, but the theme remains the same - the annulment of our access to resources that have been under the common ownership of human beings through all the ages... till now.

This forcible expropriation of common resources by a clique of men who consider themselves capable of persuading the rest of us of just about anything damn thing they wish - via a talent for glib and duplicitous speech- is not in any way new in essence; history is rife with examples of the same forces in action. However, at this juncture in time, the new program represents not only a great turning away from the personal liberties won by many generations of our forebears, but an advancement of the fraud into areas once considered off limits even by the worst of that class of predator which seeks to privatize - and profit off - things that are public by custom and common sense. What previous incarnations of this clique could have well imagined extending their lust for monopoly to include such basic necessities as water or air? It's perhaps possible, I suppose, that some could have indeed imagined such a goal, but the technological devices by which to achieve it were lacking - until now - when science has fully and firmly been subsumed to an agenda of sly politics.

The story of Richard Sandor presented here then, is a microcosm of the overall trajectory through the centuries of an age-old project by which a group of men seeks to disenfranchise the rest of humanity - for their own gain and comfort. I fear that I write this with a certainty that they will in fact succeed - for a time - at accomplishing a degree of enslavement of humanity which will be greater than even the worst excesses of the past. Paradoxically however, I am almost possessed of an equal certainty that some of us will escape their clutches... and ultimately return to deliver our fellow human beings from that fate. That is certainly my hope, and the reason for writing - to encourage others to begin to see through the smoke and mirrors... become aware of the dangers ... and ultimately take heart in the knowledge that there are others amongst them implacably opposed to the agenda of this criminal cartel. Though few... we will be mighty... because we fight for others, not just for ourselves!

An opening salvo against the missionaries of AGENDA 21 and the BRICS vs BANKERS deception!

Ever heard of the Kyoto Chip? It seems that part of the “progressive” agenda being developed by those who lay awake at night dreaming of how to make the world a better place[for them-not us!] is to have everyone issued a card which rations their use of carbon – in other words, every time you fill up, pay a utility bill or book an airline ticket, well you get the idea – more control of your life by an omnipresent state.

But that’s just a politicians dream; where things really take off is when academics get together with the wizards of finance to exploit the profit potential of selling you the right to drink, breathe, or simply take up space on the planet -their planet it seems! Let the hired politicos create the laws by which we are to be charged for the right to exist, then open up the ‘free market’ to profit from the licensed sale of such right, and use a small part of the profits to pay for the enforcers who will see to it that no one evades the required ‘existence taxes’ that will be levied through chip technology. That was the brave new vision of the future which lay behind the Global Warming Scam it seems.

Meet Richard Sandor. He’s the man responsible for developing the first interest rate futures contracts, and much of the derivatives trading which lies at the heart of the ponzi scheme which western economies have become. An insiders insider, low profile, but hyper-connected in the political and financial worlds. Without him, Barack Hussein Obama would still be back in Chicago hustling at the Low Down Club(or dead of AIDS!)

And while he could have rested pon his laurels after such a career, his real genius has only come to the fore in this new millenium, when he anticipated the convergence of environmental issues and financial trading. In fact, he even wrote a book “Good Derivatives: A Story of Financial and Environmental Innovation” about it! But being much more than an academic Mr Sandor created a trading platform, the Chicago Climate Exchange – which was to be the means by which business would capitalize on governments’ rationing of your access to carbon.

Privatizing the most basic necessities of our lives- the neoliberal wet dream which clever thinkers have packaged as a ‘social re-distribution’ of wealth and opportunity on a global scale, has very few steps to go before we have to literally pay for the right to breath. You might think that is a bit of a stretch – but then, you might not understand much about how the rich and powerful think about ‘us.’

Once you price CO2 and put a price on it, you find, as you would with any other product, it tends to be rationed. We as a people on this planet have lived under the false concept that air and water were free. And we’ve learned with a planet of 7 billion people, that we have to ration these precious goods. And the good old price system is the best way to do it. ~Richard Sandor

If Mr. Sandor was gifted with much candor, he would let on to you that the whole “Global Warming/climate change thing is a massive hoax designed to set up the conditions under which he and his cronies can secure the right to to ration air for profit – but Mr Sandor comes from a breed of men who are gifted with other talents – basically, they can talk circles around you or I, make up seem down, and night seem day, even put a stateless, foreign-born alien with no solid records of education or employment(outside of government)in the office of POTUS – and then make it seem like they do it all for our benefit!

That’s right! Richard Sandor is one of them – those Central and Eastern European folk whose parents came to North America as immigrants with a predisposition to speak Yiddish, make fun of goyim, and never pay retail. He’s connected, in other words, in the same way that guys like George Soros or N. Sarkozy are connected – Hungarian Ashkenazi by background. And while a lot of this crowd is nominally “Jewish” – whatever that is supposed to mean, in truth, many if not most of them have loyalties to a secretive cult which has medieval origins, if not older, and transcends completely other loyalties of religion, nation state, or ethnicity.
And although you can search up n down fo
r any online acknowledgement of Sandors’ ethnic ties, the biographical data provides no clue – all we are witness to is the fact that the man has made a lot of money from developing financial instruments, and now disposes of it in the grand fashion of the philanthropist millionaires of the past. It is quite likely that he even believes in this mythologized version of his career! Fortunately, the diligent work of some of those who have reason to challenge orthodox versions of current events provide us with another perspective on Sandor and his ilk.

“Richard Sandor (founder of the CCX, in cahoots with Maurice Strong and Al Gore) set up Climate Exchange plc as a Manx offshore holding company, to manage the various futures exchanges he established, while minimizing official scrutiny. His various operations involve money laundering; insider trading (including weather futures fraud); and protection racketeering using gas emissions (including CO2) as a pretext to monopolize control of international resources and industry, largely on behalf of global custodian bankers. KPMG is Climate Exchange plc’s auditor; BNP Paribas is the company’s principal banker.”

Alas, CCX is with us no more, having crashed and burned four years ago in the wake of “Climategate” and the failure of it’s governmental proxies to produce a successful ‘capntrade’ legislation by which to gain legal authority for it’s piracy. But shed no tears for Sandor, who came out smelling like a rose after unloading his shares onto that arch-shabba-goy Al Gore and his Generation Investment Management. He even managed to stiff Goldman ‘Squid’ Sachs in the process. Now that’s chutzpah!

It’s highly unusual for such well laid plans concocted by such well-connected persons to go awry – if the campaign to privatize and profit from selling the rights to air has been put on hold for now, it can only be because the usual suspects had an even bigger agenda to work on! What could that agenda be? Check out the names on this list of connected people with an eye to those who have worked at Chicago’s Sidley Austin law firm – the nexus of the Sandor-Obola circle which uses the United States government as a vehicle to socialize losses and privatize profits - all in the name of good ol ‘free enterprise!’ Then use your imagination to visualize the grand opportunities of the moment.

That's the end of this, Part One of what will be likely an ongoing series, in which I will detail the efforts of Richard Sandor's group of well organized conspirators to advance their common agenda. Yes, that's correct... I said well organized conspirators - at the highest levels of government and finance - both East and West. Join me as I reveal the details of this international cartel's intent to raze the occidental world to it's foundations - and raise up a totalitarian, oriental-based one to replace it. It's a job that I am ill-equipped to undertake, yet, in the absence of others better equipped, taking up the challenge, one I am compelled to attempt!

The expropriation of our common heritage is not just being pursued on the level of natural resources. It needs be emphasized that this fraud extends to an effort to expropriate the very essence of what makes us unique as a species... and unique as individuals! The campaign to poison our food supply - via GMO's; our air via toxic chemtrails; and our water with other chemical toxins is one that seek to dehumanize us on multiple levels- forever! I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to become aware of this campaign - and fight back against it - at this critical juncture. The very people who most diligently drone on about "quality of life" issues, "the environment," "social justice," etc., etc., are the ones behind the current campaign to ruin that same environment - and turn us all to disenfranchised paupers!

In pursuing this work, I have been greatly aided so far by the work of Jennifer Lake - whose blog has been in hiatus - but now hopefully coming back to life! On a more specific level of investigation, this blog - in detailing the gambit by which the same clique is attempting to impose a genocidal program of world wide GMO's - is a crucial read. In addition, the same author's thoughts on the neo-liberal agenda in general are well-worth giving heed to!

APPENDIX ONE: on R Sandor's presence in both venues where the conspiracy is unfolding. It's essential to understand that the work taking place in China - by which to groom it for it's role in the coming totalitarian nightmare - is parallel to that which is ongoing in America, which is being prepared for destruction by the same parties.
Richard Sandor receives Chicago-China Award of Excellence

Financial Futures and Environmental Markets pioneer Dr. Richard Sandor receives Chicago-China Award of Excellence

(Chicago, April 15, 2014) The China Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International, which supports programs linking Chicago with the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Shenyang, recognized economist and financial innovator Dr. Richard Sandor for his work as a world leader in market-based solutions to climate change and for helping create China’s first emissions exchange, the Tianjin Climate Exchange. The “Chicago-China Award of Excellence” was presented at the Committee’s annual Lantern Festival gala event.

Dr. Richard Sandor is chairman and chief executive officer of Environmental Financial Products LLC, which specializes in inventing, designing, and developing new financial markets. EFP was established in 1998 and was the predecessor company and incubator to the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the European Climate Exchange (ECX) and the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange (CCFE).

While on sabbatical from the University of California, Berkeley in the early 1970s, Richard Sandor served as vice president and chief economist of the Chicago Board of Trade. It was at that time that he earned the reputation as the principal architect of the interest-rate futures market. Dr. Sandor was honored by the City of Chicago and the Chicago Board of Trade for his contribution to the creation of financial futures and his universal recognition as the “father of financial futures.” In the early 1990s, he was Chairman of the CBOT’s Clean Air Committee, which developed the first spot and futures markets for sulfur dioxide emission allowances and supervised the annual allowance auctions conducted on behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

In October 2007, Dr. Sandor was honored as one of TIME Magazine’s “Heroes of the Environment” for his work as the “Father of Carbon Trading.” In October 2012 he was the recipient of the World Federation of Exchanges Award for Excellence. In July 2013 Dr. Sandor was named a Chevalier (Knight) in the French Legion of Honor. He is also the author of “Good Derivatives: A Story of Financial and Environmental Innovation,” The book is in its second printing and was published in Chinese by People’s Oriental Press. He is also the lead author of “Environment Markets: A New Asset Class”, published by the Research Foundation of the CFA Institute.

Dr. Sandor and his wife Ellen are also major supporters of the Coase-Sandor Institute at the University of Chicago Law School. The institute, named after Nobel-laureate in Economics Ronald Coase, every summer hosts over a hundred Chinese legal scholars interested in the interplay of law and economics in areas such as the environment, health and education.

“I am truly honored and humbled to receive this award from the China committee of the Chicago Sister Cities International,” Dr. Sandor said. “My interest in China goes back to my childhood, inspiring what would become a life-long interest in the country and its culture. I had the privilege of later working in China in both finance and the environment. I truly believe innovations in these two areas can bring enormous benefits to the Chinese people and contribute to a stable, prosperous China in the 21st century.”

“The China Committee of CSCI is focused on working with Chicago companies, research universities and architectural and engineering firms to advance solutions to China’s water and air pollution issues,” said William Spence, Co-Chairman of the Chicago Sister Cities China Committee. “Dr. Sandor was instrumental in starting the first climate exchange in China in Tianjin, and his work has helped spur a wider acceptance of market-based mechanisms to address China’s environmental concerns. We are pleased to recognize him as a bridge between Chicago and China in this important global topic.”

Dr. Sandor is a Lecturer in Law and Economics at the University of Chicago Law School, and a visiting fellow at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford. He served as a distinguished professor of environmental finance at Guanghua School of Management at Peking University as well as a member of Guanghua’s International Advisory Council. He is also board member of Chicago-based Clean Energy Trust and serves as an advisory board member for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the Center for Financial Stability.


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Re: Richard Sandor, CCX, and privatizing the right to breathe: Part One of a Series

Thank You for this piece of the puzzle! They come from all angles. include the z axis!
I was just chatting about this scam and now I know it fizzled for now. Obviously, this issue isn't doa. just needs re ignition. oh, and the chorus will sing, even the split in the polar vortex is ignored to find dupes to "rationalize" their forgone conclusion. albeit a rarity, but left out intentionally. how convenient.
I  say,once washed- never clean is a brain without a check and balance, doubt endlessly til clarity removes all doubt, and even then hold a thanks again...
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Re: Richard Sandor, CCX, and privatizing the right to breathe: Part One of a Series

I think you're right, NG - the plan is in "cold storage" for now....
but... we know that these guys NEVER give up.

For me, the real mystery here was what happened with BARRY O ... as he seems almost to have gone 'off reservation' in refusing to provide his financial backers with the usual 'pay off ' for their support!
Wheels within wheels I suppose.