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Yet another in the long line of false flag "events" marking the death of the "real" - and it's replacement with the "hyper-real" of the staged event

    Waking up to word of a military coup having deposed "the Chief" this morning, I needed to find a solution to the complete sense of disorientation which enveloped me. No matter all the events which I happen to have detailed here, the numerous reference to 'surprising developments' and false flag terror, I wasn't ready for this one! A half hour of quick research, and one additional cup of the usual Kervansaray later, I was part way back from that altered state.

    I'd started in the wrong place! Although the alternative media organs which had gleefully announced "the coup"were still crowing about how "Erdogan has fled," a cursory glance at more staid reports was already showing signs of the wheels coming off of that latest "breaking news story" type debacle which so often ends up bringing further disrepute to those who scoff and look down their noses at "mainstream media." Somehow I'd managed to enter the house of mirrors just as the narrative was switching gears from "it's a coup" to "it's done and through!"
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    Deciding that carrying on with chores would be the best way to get my head organized, I made the most of the next two hours by letting my mind float with whatever decided to come to surface. I'd packed off notice of the previous two stories pre-monitioning this event to twitter, and add a quick update to both - so that, in the event that the internet was taken down entirely, there would be some kind of record of what I'd figured out so far.

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    While fumes of incendiary origin waft through an airport beside the Sea of Marmara - tides and tidings of a grand deception soak in across another Channel! UPDATED - JULY 16TH
    SYRIAN ENDGAME: Shifting Sands and Political Stands
- Texas Holdem Near East Style
    Both of these stories published in the last week had made central to their theme the proposition that Turkey's Ankara regime had been effectively deposed from power. Given this rather bold assertion, it might have been supposed that the news of an actual "coup d'etat" could bring me nothing but the pleasure of seeing an assessment confirmed - yet the opposite sensation had met this "news." In fact, nothing could have been further from my mind at this time than the idea of a "military" coup! I needed to sort through why. As I reached back in my mind to the detailed assessment of the domestic political-military situation I'd delivered back in February,
    Google Docs

    all the confusion of the early morning began to dissipate. Back then, when I wrote about the possibility of an intervention that might turn back the tide of the terror state's full arrival, a very different set of circumstances had presented themselves than what confronts us of the moment.

    "And now, finally, we come to the last and most important piece of the puzzle. Last week there was a series of public statements from the mouths of several of the members of the governing AK Party in Turkey who were central in it's start up and subsequent success. These old guard insiders purged by the Erdogan faction have for the first time come out publicly with expressions of dissent to the demagogic rule of the President and his extremist followers. As respected and well placed party heavyweights these persons represent an internal opposition to Erdogan's reign of error which cannot be dismissed or suppressed as being 'coupist' or 'parallel' - a huge shift in political dynamics.

    What this means in real terms is that there is a way opening up for the Armed Forces to focus on ending the slide towards suicidal foreign adventures and policy decisions that have effectively turned Turkey into a potential powder keg for a world war. Up until now, any move made by the military towards confronting or rebuking the Ankara regime would have resulted in speedy accusations of the kind of coup mongering for which there is zero support from any element of Turkish society. It would be a perfect storm by which the regime could decimate all remaining opposition in the military and civil society in short order. But the existence of a legitimate and well-placed internal opposition within the governing party itself changes everything. Erdogan's new public opponents represent the sidelined - but not inconsiderable - moderate element of the AK Party, as well as a potentially huge groundswell of public supporters from outside it's ranks, hopeful of reconciliation within and without the country before sectarian bloodshed starts to flow.

    As such, they offer the Armed Forces a means of confronting the Ankara regime in such a way as to be the voice of 'the popular will' - a status which the neo-Ottoman's have jealously guarded for themselves to date! In light of the many previous coups by the military against the civil government in Turkey - the most recent of which was against the predecessor 'moderate Islamist' party to the AKP in the late 90's, there is no popular support for an army led government at all. Even a gambit like a 'temporary' military government committed to elections would fail to gain public support. But turning down further adventurism in Syria, and turning out the religious extremists of the Erdogan faction of the AKP becomes an extremely plausible route - IF it can involve turning over power immediately to a legitimate continuance of executive authority in the form of moderate political figures whose popular support cuts across party lines in potentially creating an emergency government of national consensus."

    It's only with the nuanced understanding of those three paragraphs firmly absorbed by the reader that the events of yesterday are going to "make sense." Ever. I would urge therefore that one read them over once or twice more. Because the tsunami of disinformation which is going to be rapidly assembled from this point on to disguise the facts of this matter will eliminate the ability of even the sharpest of minds to penetrate the smoke of dissimulation - if you don't get what I'm going to write in this piece. There may not be another opportunity. We appeared to have advanced exponentially closer to the 'end' of the endgame I've been in the midst of writing about as this development has occurred.

    Let's break this down then. First - a short precis of where things stand as of mid Saturday morning Istanbul time. There's been some sort of confrontation between some units of the military and various units of the police, other military units, and the public at large. The state broadcasting building was taken over for the obligatory "coup announcement" and various other public facilities may have been secured. Or may not. Clearly, if the "Chief" was able to fly back into an Istanbul Airport without a problem, they were not among them. That's one strong tell right there!

    The "Chief" called into CNNTurk to state that he was in loyal hands and would be returning to take the situation under control. His PM issued statements suggesting that the coup supporters were being dismissed, arrested and hunted down. Large assemblies of people were seen in the streets of all major towns. The "Chief" also made the claim that his hotel in Marmaris was bombed and strafed by F-16s shortly after his departure from there. So far, that's what we know.

    Now back to the assessment of February last. In it, the presence of a faction within the governing AKP was noted to have come out publicly in opposition to the domestic and foreign policies of the regime. I gave some further background to the name most prominently mentioned in the Pt One of Smoke on the Water - Abdullah Gul, the former President and co-orginator of the AKParty. Almost as soon as that dispatch was published, the regime begin operations behind scenes to eliminate Gul's maneuvering room. His political backers in his home town of Kayseri and elsewhere starting being rounded up, harassed with tax suits, and/or stripped of their businesses by the regime's puppet judiciary. Parallel to that, a covert campaign was organized within the party to blackball the man and his supporters and make sure no one would dare associate with them. In short order, Gul was removed from the scene - for good.

    In other words - "the existence of a legitimate and well-placed internal opposition within the governing party itself" - HAS DISAPPEARED. This factors greatly in our storyline, opposing what is going to come from the media. There was - and is - no appetite for a military coup on the part of Turkey's civil society. The exceptional circumstance by which a disaffected military might have opened a door for the " legitimate continuance of executive authority in the form of moderate political figures whose popular support cuts across party lines in potentially creating an emergency government of national consensus" NO LONGER EXISTS.

    Please take that to mean one thing, above all others - THERE WAS NO MILITARY COUP YESTERDAY. And then combine that fact with the other one announced in the two stories published here in the last week - THERE WAS A COUP WHICH HAS EFFECTIVELY REMOVED POWER FROM THE HANDS OF THOSE IN ANKARA WHO PREVIOUSLY HELD IT. They may be difficult to hold together at first as being a coherent representation of the truth about this story. They will not continue to be difficult to hold together for the reader who works through the body of both of those stories, and perhaps some of the background which previous stories linked within them provide.

    I've decided that the best thing to do is to write what needs to be said here quickly, and post as much information as can be gathered while there is still time and an internet outlet to the world. Neither of those can be guaranteed to remain present under the circumstances of what comes next. After publishing this post - I will begin on the followup, and as many addition ones as needed.
    STAGED PHOTO OPS for the naive and sloppy western media
    The "alternative media" in it's usual sloppy style, has badly botched the coverage of this story from the beginning. The mainstream media will be fed, and repeat the most outrageous lies about it. If you need to know the truth - this an essential source for getting it now. I'll try to put this out on twitter as with the previous two stories - and hope that it gets the attention needed for a corrective narrative to what is clearly a major effort to advance the terror state's destruction of ALL who oppose it to be formed!
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