SMOKE ON THE WATER - Constantinople falls & Dunkirk redux?

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 by Bel Suave

While fumes of incendiary origin waft through an airport beside the Sea of Marmara - tides and tidings of a grand deception soak in across another Channel! UPDATED - JULY 16TH

    UPDATE BEGINS HERE: The dramatic events of yesterday are appearing more and more to be in line with the conclusion reached in the body of the story below -"nothing but theater is being produced, world wide. All events, scripted, calculated, calibrated to achieve maximum deception. MSM media narratives, "alternative media" narratives - take your pick - it's all show - all the time now" - as we appear to be witnessing a highly choreographed "show" coup in which the main players are none other than the very same performers of our shadow puppet theater! Is Erdogan gone? Is he back? Who's "got his back?" Why... the people of course!

    A coup so awkward and ill-executed that only a government desperately in need of bolstering it's rapidly fading credibility could love? We must wait and see of course - but for now, it's looking very much like another day - and another false flag event - and all the major players in on it! What's next?

    I've sent out this story and the previous one on the twitter feed - in a 'what the hell moment' - the supreme irony of this latest "event"is that the regime has fully employed that same social media which it deems dangerous to play it's hand. If further crackdowns are coming - and the little room left to navigate in the already narrow channels of communication gets 'disappeared' - it may be a while before I can continue. I've already got the next piece well underway. But perhaps it's already been rendered redundant - if this regime has just gone full retard, as it appears!
    Smoke on the Water - Motion Graphics | VideoHive
    Smoke on the Water - Motion Graphics | VideoHive
    2 years ago
    Go figure - after carefully arranging our summer quarters to be accessible to the internet for the first time in years - and having managed to stayed on top of all important events during this past season of non-stop developments- a journey took me out of contact with the virtual world for 48 hours - during which time the Ataturk Airport bombing occurred. Not only was I among the last to know about the very latest false-flag production courtesy of the usual suspects, but, when I finally got back and hoped to catch myself up, - to the intricate connections between the formal announcement of Turkish/Israeli rapprochement, and the panicked duplication of same with the Russkies - the BREXIT thing has lit a fire under precious metals markets, and I'm forced to divert my attention to watching my net worth catch a 5 figure tailwind!
    Breathtaking; for once the overused adjectives so beloved by the alternative media - AWESOME, STAGGERING, STUNNING - are not without merit! So many geo-political storylines shifting in such dramatic fashion, in such short order... it's exhausting and exhilarating both, to plunge into making some sense of it all.

    Taking the measure of this week's events in total, one sees an amazing convergence of all of the separate themes I've written about on these pages. Events now are sure to quicken, as the outlines of a true master plan start to appear dimly on the horizon. Like old toys worn out, heads of state have been thrown to the dogs, nations thrown into chaos, and new light thrown upon those shadowy players who have been in the background of so many of our stories here. As these last pieces of the jigsaw fall into place, we are surely witness to a very new phase in the grand deception which the stories on these pages have detailed over the past year.
    Speaking personally, and as someone directly impacted by the events of this last week - the good news is very good - and the bad news is very bad. As readers of stories like the three-part THE DEVIOUS DERVISHES OF TURKISH BANKING will already know, I have little faith in a financial system based upon conceptual wealth - and prefer instead the old fashioned brand of asset which as Cantillon famously put it -is- "of small volume, equal goodness, easily transported, divisible without loss, convenient to keep, beautiful and brilliant in the articles made of them and durable almost to eternity." Watching the value of those real assets finally start to rise - after years of grievous stagnation or decay, has produced so far less outright joy than befuddlement - like a diver coming up after too long down below, the mind is subject to dizziness, confusion, hallucination. A whole new way of looking at the world may be in order, as portfolios long & painfully held on to, at last begin to show their 'mettle!' Holding those metals outside of the western banking system has at times seemed the most pointless and fallacious of investment strategies. Until the end game shows up. That may be soon indeed.
    Yet at the same time, the news out of that same milieu of finance, politics and diplomatic skulduggery which was brought to light in my detailing the "Turkish Model" of deception is extremely unfavorable. The country has just suffered a very real coup d'etat, by which it's putative strongman, Recip Tayyip Erdogan, has been tumbled from real power - to be replaced by whatever puppet regime best suits those who have deposed him. THAT is the true import of the Ataturk Airport Bomb Attack - no matter the reams of disinformation which readers are being deluged with! Constantinople sacked - the King is crushed! Yes - I will explain!
    Just as predicted in the many stories of this past winter which detailed the real meaning and purpose of the developing Israeli entrapment of the Ankara regime, we are now witness to their completion of a plan to add Turkey to the long list of states the sovereinty of which has been subsumed by Tel Aviv. Erdogan is now ready to be thrown under the bus -the usual fate of the collaborator. Mossad owns this place - and in a country where the objective reportage of events and journalistic analysis of it's situation IS A POLITICAL CRIME - now we must add the extra burden of being eye to eye with a foreign regime which uses it's extrajudicial gangster component to crush dissent against it's hegemonist policies world wide!
    And so I'm going to have to overhaul and upgrade my security arrangements - again. This Ataturk airport event signals the complete capitulation of Turkey's sovereignty to the Israeli intelligence Leviathan. As I've mentioned in previous stories here, they have been crawling all over the place since the Istikal false-flag bombing incident last winter, gradually taking over all ports of entry security, high level military liaison, and god only knows what level of political interference. We'll get into all that later - for now, what matters is that the total information control that they have been handed over the country is bad news for anyone trying to operate outside of their nets. Very bad news indeed. The Israeli-owned ICTS "security consultancy" is central to any story about the events at the Ataturk airport - but the reach of this intelligence organ masquerading as a "security consultancy" has grown to extend into the banking, communications, and media sectors to such a degree that it's no exaggeration to say that it infests every aspect of modern life in the country.
    The bottom line with all of these recent developments - is this: false flag terror, mass media deceptions, duplicitous behind-scenes diplomacy - all advanced by the same tiny terror statelet whose tactics and strategies this space has been uniquely dedicated to detailing, have become the predominant trajectory of all "news." Now, exactly as predicted in our
    Bel Suave
    nothing but theater is being produced, world wide. All events, scripted, calculated, calibrated to achieve maximum deception. MSM media narratives, "alternative media" narratives - take your pick - it's all show - all the time now~ except for that tiny, marginalized space from which renegade journos write their messages in bottles to throw in the flotsam and jetsam of a now poisoned sea of internet information.
    Clearly an overview of the whole, shifting, geo-political scene is in order - something I've not done since the last dispatch which got out to Jim Stone in February - that report which Veteran's Today subsequently stole a week later and put out as "Top Secret/SC: Raw Intel Report on Turkey, Syria and Iraq" where it stayed for the next three weeks on it's 50 most read list without any attribution to it's author. Working in the shadows, on the fringes of the journalistic world - without protection of copyright or identity - is a necessary "opportunity cost" of staying alive here. Those who take advantage of my journalistic predicament can laugh now - but - you can take it as a given: those who operate in broad daylight of the journalistic world now are determinably bought off, blackmailed, or bullied into compliance with the prevailing agenda. There are no more "free agents" of the press left standing - only outlaws who knew far back in time the primacy of covering tracks and traveling light. As I have covered in this story - Veteran's Today is the first and best example of just that process of erosion and deterioration - from premier truth-tellin site to bought off mouthpiece of international sionist gangster media!
    What my guts are telling me - this is the beginning of a brand new phase of geopolitical intrigue - catching up on it will require juxtaposing the several separate storylines - BREXIT, BOMBING, BULLION, and the ever-present ghost of the Syrian imbroglio - and then fitting them together in order to understand the bigger picture. Three or four separate stories - in other words - are on my in story board as of today. Whether I wait and publish them altogether, or release them piecemeal remains to be seen. But at any rate - let's get down to business, starting with summing up what we know about the Ataturk bombing, and why it signals the new, overt approach of Tel Aviv to making it's presence felt in every aspect of world affairs.
    When that's done, a reevaluation of what is shaping up on the battleground that is Syria&Iraq. The situation of the Kurds, the shifting alliances between them, the Americans, Russians, and Iran, plus the realpolitik rapprochement of Ankara and Damascus in the face of a common threat. Draft now in progress - SYRIAN ENDGAME: The Shifting of Desert Sands and Political Stands - Texas Holdem Near East Style
    After that's completed - on to Europe, the real meaning of BREXIT, the deposition of Cameron, a tool redundant now in the manner of Erdogan, having performed his useful service. Another retreat back across one other strip of water which has separated kingdoms over millennia! Dunkirk 2.0 - Tides of Deception - Part Three: of this Smoke on the Water series - where a phony war between phony enemies sees John Bull abandon the continent again - without realizing that the enemy is fully in control of the Home Territories, via their CITY OF LONDON EMPIRE! Looking back now on our long delayed exploration of the roots of Europe's current decline -
    Thumbnail for Has Europe Begun It's "Final Descent?" (with image) · SuaveBel
    Has Europe Begun It's "Final Descent?" (with image) · SuaveBel
    October saw our return from the seasonal migration to high pastures where the internet and other accretions of the modern are spotty or absent. After that annual interlude away from the virtual, it takes sharpening rusty typing - and thinking - skills for a month or so on message boards to be ready to deal with the putatively real world western folk imagine themselves still to inhabit!
    and it's promising but now hopelessly relegated Anaximander series, it's astonishing to think that only short months ago, I still believed that I had the luxury of time to embark upon that exacting historical reprise - instead of returning to duty as an ink-stained wretch in the neo-journalistic guerrilla war when so many of my confreres were fallen by the engines of state terror!
    Finally, if time permits - and in the absence of even more staggering events in this fast-pace theatrical production - I'll attempt to finally bring to print the long delayed financially-oriented MAGIC COINS OR MAGICIAN'S CON - an in depth expose of the duplicity and deceit on that side of our storyline ledger! Whether or not that particular story sees the light of day any time soon though - golden things will remain at the center of our BIG PICTURE narrative here - as the recent story
    Thumbnail for Pharaoh's Gold: Flight 804 where are you?
    Pharaoh's Gold: Flight 804 where are you?
    An Alternative Explanation for the disappearance of yet another plane [Part 1]
    Bel Suave
    demonstrates, there is every reason to believe that gold - and gold mining - are at the heart of the international intrigues we are witness to. Those who deal in blood & oil revere gold as their ultimate religious idolatry - and tracking that particular nexus of evil seems a particularly dangerous occupation! The man who did the best job of piecing together the sundry details of that latest "disappearing airplane trick" conundrum -Ken Upal - simply vanished from the internet over a month ago - leaving his space up but unchanged. How people expect to be left alone to pursue an announced challenge to TBTB while putting their own identity out in broad daylight is a total mystery to me - as Ken's case illustrates, the timeline for one's continued health and wellbeing becomes very short indeed!
    So, with all that as necessary prelude, what say we take a peek under the hood of this latest lemon to drive off of a used storyline lot which seems to park an endless supply of dupes, dummies, and deployable media assets with which to defend it's turf! A bombing which occurs within hours of the rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow, and in the afterglow of a similar suspect announcement of harmonious relations between Ankara and Tel Aviv! Right off the bat - that mouthful tells you a lot about how to view the "event" as theatrical production!
    A country which - in the midst of a month of fasting and religious celebrations suddenly experiences a violent terror attack against random Muslims, by other Muslims? How stupid do they take us for? Saudis targeting Iranian top level specialists on Haj for elimination is plausible - given the state of acrimony between Shia and Sunni right now. This latest "bombing" storyline is not! In this example of the sort of dopey consensus view of the Ataturk event,
    Thumbnail for What airport attack means for Turkey's Syria policy
    What airport attack means for Turkey's Syria policy
    Author: Fehim Taştekin Turkey has been the target of Islamic State (IS) bombing attacks seven times since the general election a year ago. But the IS attack at Istanbul Ataturk Airport on June 28 that killed 42 people and wounded 239 others needs closer attention for its target selection, timing and possible links to regional developments.
    our fairly distinguished journo gives us lots of local color - at the expense of context and insight! Nobody seems to want to think about the unlikelihood of an ISIS attack on an ISIS main sponsor. In real life. In the virtual world of dissimulation that we live in however, it's a brilliant move to reinforce the notion that Ankara is getting serious at last about the ISIS Frankenstein it has jointly created in cooperation with the zionist master planners. NOT!
    In stories like GORDIAN KNOTS, or TWO STATES - ONE AGENDA I emphasized the significance of converging Israeli & "Islamist" interests, such that the regime in Ankara was transitioning to giving up national sovereignty to a foreign entity. The Ankara bombing signals the total realization of that transition - the Turks have been back-stabbed once again by "partners" who know exactly which buttons to push in getting Ankara to fatally mis-step into their trap! Which is exactly what happened when Ankara was misled into pulling the trigger on a Russian plane in November - setting them up for a disaster which only now has become fully clear even to "the Chief." The full and total capitulation of that party to the Russian side has been an amazing sight to behold. Erdogan looks - and indeed is - a beaten man. Beaten by an Israel which now holds all the cards -including the Russian one - by which to make of Turkey yet another satrapy of what is now the world's most dangerous rogue empire.
    Now for a little local color of my own. Without sacrifice of context one hopes!
    Beyond the vast stretches of newly built residential neighborhoods, high rises, shopping malls and commercial centers, the sight of Turkey's largest, and Europe's third busiest airport finally looms into view from the superhighway. This is the European side of Istanbul, where everything that is bright, modern, and ambitious about Turkey is on display. Named for it's Republican founder, the facility connects the two continents of Asia and Europe in the same way that the heavily trafficked waterway by which it sits connects the Aegean/Mediterranean with the Black Sea ports that lie beyond the cities' eastward horizon.
    And just like those narrow straits of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles have often proved the critical choke point by which control over huge swaths of territory are measured, this hub of a newer era's preferred transportation mode is proving a critical part of current geo-political gambits. Those who rule over that transport mode are a self-described "group of businessmen and security experts" - running under the logo of ICTS - in reality, a group of former Mossad agents and their front men running a vast integrated network of surveillance and control which spans airports and communications systems across the globe! They have control of Ataturk airport - just as they do over the Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and other airports where false flag events have happened and/or mysteriously disappeared planes have departed from in the recent past.
    Thumbnail for Israel Linked To Istanbul Airport Terror Attack
    Israel Linked To Istanbul Airport Terror Attack
    A security firm from Israel linked to numerous false flag terror attacks handled the security at the Istanbul airport where 42 people were killed on Tuesday. ICTS was founded by "former" Israeli intelligence agents, and has a major presence all over the world in airport security.
    Sean Adl-Tabatabai
    And as it turn out, ICTS subsidiary Huntleigh provided passenger and baggage inspection services at Boston Logan Airport, where two of the our jetliners used in the 9/11 attack originated. At Schiphol Airport on Christmas Day, 2009, ICTS allowed the “Underwear Bomber”Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, armed with explosives, to slip past“sniffer” detectors to board a Detroit-bound Northwest flight -an incident that was a boon to Homeland Security and the global waron terrorism.
    ICTS Antalya and Istanbul airports were among the first to adopt the ICTS screening system -which now extends to more than 80 airports and over 400 airlines, and integrates programs like APIS Advance Passenger Information System Solutions Including US Secure Flights, TravelDoc International Document Validation and Verification System for VISA violation, Visa Checks & Watchlist - via it's vast and comprehensive information gathering and profiling network. Americans and others may recognize those acronyms as part and parcel of the"Homeland Security" apparatus which has been integral to turning their own countries into surveillance state gulags when traveling - however,

    even more ominous - from a personal perspective - the investigator quickly learns that "ICTS has undertaken auditing of bank branches all around Turkey with its broad experience. ICTS Turkey is providing consultancy service to more than 70 companies and organizations." I started having problems with my previously supportive banks circa 2012 - when they began to demand "explanations" for my merely transferring funds from offshore accounts to domestic ones.Even doing business with a bullion storage outfit became problematic- as it appeared to activate some kind of 'money laundering' suspicion in the system. But whose "system?" Although I didn't look into more at the time, now, with hindsight I can see the plain hand of this international Israeli privacy invader in the matter. Banks handing over customer details to them is bad enough -but handing over policy decisions to an outside "contractor"is what has actually taken place!
    I can say that with confidence. In 2014 a bizarre bit of business occurred by which a bank I had been affiliated with for years suddenly blocked a simple funds transfer from abroad - and wouldn't explain why, until I escalated things to the highest level. Their entirely bogus explanation suddenly shed light on what had happened to me during the "Cyprus Banking Crisis" a few years earlier. I found my accounts with another bank unavailable to me online - for exactly the same 8 day period when the account holders in Cyprus were locked out of theirs! Enquiring into that "coincidence"- the bank in question is part owned by Italy's Unibank - I was told that indeed some "foreign" accounts had been temporarily "without service" for that time. The final shoe dropped just this past month, when I learned that Paypal had been denied a license to continue operations in Turkey. The last means of moving one's own money around in private now closed! A pattern of outside intervention emerges, in which those deemed "oppositional" to the interests of international zionism can be harassed anywhere and anytime, financially and otherwise.
    Next, add to the travel and banking sectors the country's military and policy components. As this story demonstrates,
    The Potomac Institute CEO and ICTS Director Traveled to Turkey to NATO's Turkish Partnership
    The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies is an independent, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit public policy research institute. The Institute identifies and aggressively shepherds discussion on key science, technology, and national security issues facing our society, providing in particular, an academic forum for the study of related policy issues.
    the tightly interwoven network of lobby groups, think tanks, foundations and institutions which advocate for zionist policy world wide, find a common ally/cause in the ICTS, by presenting that political perspective to the "national security" element in countries like Turkey. By tieing together the elements of "terrorism," internal political dissent, and ethno-religious frictions such as has been successfully transferred to the Turkish situation, these non-state agents have become influential in how countries handle their domestic affairs. So influential, that in the case of Turkey, we can say with confidence that they now literally dictate policy in that state. If this -

    state of affairs as reported in the above story was not bad enough,consider the news just reported

    which indicates that even the very loose checks and controls on internet censorship of the previous draconian new law have been voided by a kill switch handed to a totally non-public, unaccountable body. A body that will be found - in due course - to be but an instrument of this ICTS octupus! Surrendering "freedoms" for "security"- something that will sound again familiar to Americans and others. But in enumerating those four separate quandrants in which the hand of ICTS intrudes on daily life should give extra emphasis to the “full spectrum dominance” which it has achieved here, and will achieve elsewhere soon enough! Men such as
    Thumbnail for Yonah Alexander
    Yonah Alexander
    Middle East Terrorism; Terrorism and Israel; Terrorism and The U.S.
    tasked with creating a convergence of media/financial/political interests in collusion with Israel's strategic ends, are expert at placing the issue of civil liberties in the shadow of an entirely fictitious 'risk' element who his sponsors are the actual creators of! And Ataturk's airport bombing is entirely evidence in that vein.

    So, to sum up this segment of our story then - the Ataturk bombing was an Israeli- produced and directed affair -designed to show their Turkish "partners" - in the warm afterglow of that formal signing of diplomatic re-establishing of ties - who is in charge in that country. It was produced in co-ordination with their Russian "partners," who were equally willing to 're-establish' ties with the Turkish state. Binding ties that is! Humiliated, helpless, all control over their foreign and domestic policies gone - this is not what the AKP party supporters imagined would be the result of cheering their "Chief" onto greater and greater pretensions of grandeur on the international stage!

    The man who was emboldened enough to send jihadist fighters into Russian Federation territory and Central Asian countries - in a bid to stir up insurrection and chaos - has just been handed a very stiff slap down by both the party who encouraged his madness, and that which suffered most at his hands! Israel and Russia have teamed up to take down the pretender to the Caliphate throne -
    or perhaps, one might better say - to put up the pretender. For the old Turkish proverb says it best: Her koyun kendi bacagindan asilir = Every sheep is hung by his own leg.
    Thumbnail for What's really driving Turkish-Israeli reconciliation?
    What's really driving Turkish-Israeli reconciliation?
    Author: Metin Gurcan As expected, Ankara has begun to take sharp turns in its foreign policy. Following a statement by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim that Turkey will pursue a more realistic foreign policy to decrease enemies and increase friends, the first major turn has appeared in Israel-Turkey relations.