SYRIAN ENDGAME: Initial Assessment of the opening events - Summation

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
253 Russians were sent into a fight near Deir Ezzor, and 196 of them died in the attack. The force consisted of Russian Special Operations Forces alongside Russians employed by private military contractor PMC Wagner, equipped with artillery and tanks.

The Coalition and SDF attack lasted for four hours. The engagement began with artillery strikes, followed by Lockheed AC-130 Spectre and helicopter attacks.

“The wounded are already in Russia, most of them in serious condition. The injuries are terrible. Many have horribly mutilated faces and head injuries. Almost all have either lost their limbs or have them terribly wounded. We are not going to guess how many of them will stay alive, hoping for the best,” the post reads, noting that it is impossible to identify those who have been killed.

While it would be nice to ‘rest upon ones’ laurels, and leave off after three posts today, the rather astounding implications of what was discussed in the course of looking in on the eastern section of Syria dictate a ‘final surge’ to the day. Particularly as what may transpire during my pending sleep cycle could change the course of many lives. That’s how ‘volatile’ things are as of now.

The details which are quoted again above resolve the mysterious 48 hours of disinfo and dissimulation which came at the tail end of the week - and of course, will stay completing missing from the narratives of the fake news medias; until its time to once again try to rip off a real journalists work! Won't work - this time. We've come to the end of that long cycle. Thanks to one diligent local beat reporter - Anna Varfolomeeva, another grassroots reporter of the real can reveal what the ONEMEDIA dares not show.

Russian ‘contractors’ clashing with American special forces and air power embedded with the Kurds and Arabs of the SDF near Deir ez Zor. The battle which no one [of sane mind] wants may be upon us already! And, if so, the  chances of pulling back from the brink, already gone. This is NOT a spontaneous ‘mishap’ by any means, however. Even if the commanding generals, and political heads of state of the two countries involved are dead set against escalation, the Lubavitch lunatics controlling them HAVE THE POWER to make it happen! As Harrel Rhome has put it - “"Never forget that the important thing is not whether you personally “believe” in the occult or not. Nor does it matter whether or not “magic” really “works”.

They believe. And that is apparently enough to make impossible things... possible!
Two ‘gentile’ nations, whose people, by and large, share the same genetic background and  ‘Caucasian’ identity, locked in a race to mutual destruction. Cui bono? Their implacable enemies from ancient times.

How will it go down? It will need the wild, unstable provocation of the pretender to a non-existent 'caliphate' to bring the roof fully down. The Turks are as much under the control of the millennialist madmen in tel aviv as the Russians and Americans. They have their order already, and will execute when cued - an attack upon the Kurds in Manbij - and the Americans embedded with them. An attack by one "NATO" country on the soldiers of another. The troops of America sitting beside the border with Turkey have been chosen - as a 'blood sacrifice' - and their high-ranking commanders already know it.

The pressure upon the American puppet POTUS to respond with 'overwhelming force will be irresistible. The resultant carnage will bring about the dissolution of a NATO suddenly unwilling to back either side. How will the Russians respond to this scenario/opportunity? The big wild card.

For years now, I’ve written about the unspoken alliance between international finance capital, and the Chinese ‘capitalist roaders/communist retreads’ of the far east. Between the gnostical judaic heretics called Sabbateans, who now own the great majority of world finances… and the Sinitic factions who have imagined a need for ‘lebenstraum’ for their race.

Impossible? That’s what they always tell me. Until yet another informed prediction is... proved true.
Watch. As impossible things are made… as always...possible!