SYRIAN ENDGAME: Shifting Sands and Political Stands - Texas Holdem Near East Style

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 by Bel Suave

Part two: SMOKE ON THE WATER series - a reappraisal of the situation in the Middle East in the light of recent developments UPDATED: July 16TH - FALSE FLAG COUP TO TOP IT ALLOFF?

    My last overview of middle eastern geo-political events was published way back in February of this year. Since then, there have been some surprising developments, along with others which have played out exactly as predicted, in that report and those previous to it. The surprising elements - most particularly the one alluded to in the first story of this series - being
    SMOKE ON THE WATER - Constantinople falls & Dunkirk redux?

    the fall of would be Caliph Tayyip Recip Erdogan and the complete demolition of his regime's pretension to influence in the region, as of one week ago, sit utterly outside the countenance and understanding of both the domestic polity, and the international media. I expect this story to stay hidden in plain sight - from both media scribes and the domestic audience - for some time, and for the usual reasons. In this very recent piece by a quite distinguished Turkish journalist, we get what I'm forced to call the 'whitebread' version of how things stand now that the post-Ataturk airport bombing-Ankara regime is taking it's first baby steps. Author: Mustafa Akyol Turkey's recent diplomatic , as signaled this week by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. reconciliations with both Israel and Russia came as a pleasant surprise to a country that has lately grown numb to bad news.

    Which, in all ways, summarizes what things would be like IF, everything and everyone were the same - before and after that false flag event. Yet they are not - and so writers need to somersault over the real story and backflip to a now extinguished period of political dynamics in order to pretend that Erodogan is back to bluffing and bullying Europe whilst seeking to remove tensions closer to home. What this recent story pointed out -
 who is really behind the new barbarism in the middle east and it's coming export to Europe? (with image) · SuaveBel
    even before the shock Russian reconciliation, is that nothing will be the same in the aftermath of the Turkish-Israeli Pact which dropped the final hurdles to the zionist entities' entry to NATO! This was an earthquake event which produced not a tremor of response in the media anywhere! And it set the stage for the next huge development as described above - and equally ignored by all . When you set these two stories against each other -
    DIPLOMACY - Turkey needs to normalize relations with Syria, says PM Yıldırım
    Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım vowed on July 13 that Turkey will eventually normalize relations with Syria, saying such a move was necessary amid ongoing efforts to restore diplomatic ties with Israel and Russia. "We will expand the circle of friendship as far as possible. This is our aim.
    DIPLOMACY - Turkish PM says Assad must go before any change in Turkey's stance
    One day after saying that Turkey needs to return to normal relations with Syria, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said that for anything else to change on Turkey's side regarding Syria, first Syrian President Bashar al-Assad needed to go.
    the net result is the total incoherence, indecision and shakiness that can only belong to one character type in the vast panapoly of characters we have assembled in the course of writing these stories - the PUPPET. And as a newly 'birthed' puppet sprung from the womb of an Aksaray equally diminished to the role of sidekick and stage assistant, the putative 'head of government' making these absurd pirouettes and stickman movements is clearly finding some difficulty in "learning the ropes" which bind he and his leader to the will of a Tel Aviv with no more need to to pretend who's in charge! Where a person of but ordinary perceptual abilities can see the discordance clear as day, the apparently equally "puppetized" media must dance on it's own strings of slavishly awkward dissonance. Where does that leave us?

    UPDATE BEGINS HERE: The dramatic events of yesterday are appearing more and more to be in line with the conclusion reached in Pt One of Smoke on the Water -"nothing but theater is being produced, world wide. All events, scripted, calculated, calibrated to achieve maximum deception. MSM media narratives, "alternative media" narratives - take your pick - it's all show - all the time now" - as we appear to be witnessing a highly choreographed "show" coup in which the main players are none other than the very same performers of our shadow puppet theater! Is Erdogan gone? Is he back? Who's "got his back?" Why... the people of course!

    A coup so awkward and ill-executed that only a government desperately in need of bolstering it's rapidly fading credibility could love? We must wait and see of course - but for now, it's looking very much like another day - and another false flag event - and all the major players in on it! What's next?

    I've sent out this story and the previous one on the twitter feed - in a 'what the hell moment' - the supreme irony of this latest "event"is that the regime has fully employed that same social media which it deems dangerous to play it's hand. If further crackdowns are coming - and the little room left to navigate in the already narrow channels of communication are 'disappeared' - it may be a while before I can continue. I've already got the next piece well underway. But perhaps it's already been rendered redundant - if this regime has just gone full retard, as it appears!

    This story, and the one prior to it - accurately reported that a real coup has taken place in Turkey - removing the top players from real power without removing them from public profile. It also reported that this real story would be ignored by the world media. Again - accurately. And uniquely. There is no more real reportage - all media are now complicit in this cover up.

    Ironically, having virtually no audience, & no access to the usual social media to gain one,[this story explains to readers interested why I cannot use the twitter and like media] as well as no possible interest in being bought off/out, blackmailed or bullied in the now usual manner, has left me free to adhere to the now forgotten ethos of a almost extinguished craft of journalism. And therefore, free to present "the news" which is now an unwanted component of a media machine dedicated to producing it's hollow imitation.

    Burdened, in other words by neither thoughts of reward or punishment, I write what I choose, in manner suitable to evoke the memory of those giants of the craft whose legacy I admire most. This form of 'neo-journalism,' while having roots in the very western world tradition of the muckraker, takes liberty with that format by adding to it the essentially eastern world device of the raconteur/the diarist/storyteller, as evinced in works as diverse in outline as Herodotus' "Histories," Celebi's "Narrative of Travel," or the famous Baburnama -
   Memoirs of Babur : Zahir al-Din Muhammad Babur (1483-1530) (Author) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
 Recognized as one of the world's great autobiographical memoirs, the Baburnamah is the story of Zahir al-Din Muhammad Babur (866 AH/AD 1483-937 AH/AD 1530), who conquered northern India and established the Mughal Empire (or Timurid-Mughal empire).
    Internet Archive

  diary  f the founder of the Mughal Empire. All of which were written with the widest scope of interest in the Middle Eastern world as a whole, whilst attending to detail at the minutest local level, and apprising via innumerable vignettes and remembrances, insight of astonishing importance to our understanding of those past times. Such personalized recounting takes us directly back to a more true - and comprehensive meaning of the term 'journalism' in contrast to what the term is commonly understood today to involve. The facile definitions of which you find if you search the internet, have no bearing upon the craft, describing instead a commercial activity as dissimilar from the real thing as beading bracelets is from workings of golden jewelry!

 Perhaps the greatest exponent of that art which I think of as journalism was the Englishman Samuel Johnson - whose pen produced in word pictures and bon mots as incisive a picture of real life in his times as Hogarth's sketches did of his. Though most famous via the work Life of Johnson which his biographer Boswell produced from their travels through Scotland, both he and Boswell himself were accomplished journalists of their times - a time which relied less upon what we have come to call the 'press' and more upon the proven merits of those who wrote down their thoughts without regard for employer or court favor. The common theme to all of which is the love of travel, of seeing what is on the other side of the hill, and detailing a picture of one's life and times which escapes the attention of others dedicated to more mundane pursuits!

    Narrative of Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa in the Seventeenth Century : Evliya Çelebi : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Having mentioned those previous giants of the craft as they in whose shadow I must forever remain, it is likewise necessary to incorporate into the wider definition of the "journalism" I espouse here an appreciation of the way "history" is either assembled from exactly such nuanced, first hand reportage - or, alternately, as is too often the case, "packaged" as the product of a scribal intent to inflict upon us a jaundiced narrative of the past which accentuates the interests of whatever elite group pays them for the effort! That is the kind of writing which produced such pastiches of anti-historical pure propaganda as what we call "the Bible," and it is the kind of advocacy writing which now produces the bulk of what appears on the internet today, masquerading as journalism.

    The only way to rescue the later from the incessant attacks from all sides to which it is subjected, is to insist upon writing with a perspective that makes no compromise with ideologies or their sponsors. While academic writers on historical subjects maintain the pretension to balanced, unbiased reportage of facts, this conceit is instantly demolished when it is recognized who pays for them to write and teach, and to what purpose, exactly as one needs deconstruct the motive and methods of commercial writers of the fourth estate - alternative or otherwise! Cutting through all of those pretended efforts to recount history and current events without prejudice requires me to return again to the remarkable insights of Heidegger, written when he was attempting to source our western tradition -

    What can all merely historiological philosophies of history tell us about our history if they only dazzle us with surveys of its sedimented stuff; if they explain history without ever thinking out, from the essence of history,the fundamentals of their way of explaining events, and the essence of history, in turn, from Being itself? Are we the latecomers we are? But are we also at the same time precursors of the dawn of an altogether different age, which has already left our contemporary historiological representations of history behind?

    Lest anyone suppose such musings to be peripheral to a recounting of modern middle eastern developments, they would be well advised to study with care this recent piece by Gilad Atzmon -
    Chilcot, Israel and the Lobby
    It took seven years for Sir Chilcot and his team to reach a set of conclusions that every Brit capable of thought understood back in November, 2003. The inquiry produced a damning assessment of Blair's conduct as well as the British military.
    Gilad Atzmon

    from which can be extracted, as most pertinent to our purpose here the following quote:

    “Rather less attention has been paid to the curious appointment of two historians (which seems a lot, out of a total of five), both strong supporters of Tony Blair and/or the Iraq war. In December 2004 Sir Martin Gilbert, while pointing out that the "war on terror" was not a third world war, wrote that Bush and Blair "may well, with the passage of time and the opening of the archives, join the ranks of Roosevelt and Churchill" – an eccentric opinion that would seem to rule him out as a member of the committee. Sir Lawrence Freedman is the reputed architect of the "Blair doctrine" of humanitarian intervention, which was invoked in Kosovo and Afghanistan as well as Iraq.

    Both Gilbert and Freedman are Jewish, and Gilbert at least has a record of active support for Zionism. Such facts are not usually mentioned in the mainstream British and American media, but The Jewish Chronicle and the Israeli media have no such inhibitions, and the Arabic media both in London and in the region are usually not far behind.”

    All of which points not just to the sadly diminished state of modern "scholarship" - clearly now nothing more than a useful component in a gigantic media machine built to forge an irreality out of the previous bedrock of reality on which history needs sit, but also to the complete lack of oversight on the part of a 'journalistic' community which - heretofore - would have jumped all over such obvious mistruth, distortion and mendacity. Alternative or mainstream, in other words, there is no real critical eye anymore which casts it's gaze over events and their players with the aim of returning us all to 'the real story.'

    But getting back to Heidegger, and the real purpose of all historical enquiry - to know ourselves- 'Thinking out;' 'from being itself', 'the essence of history.' You don't see a putting together of words with a heft such as that very often in these days of lightweight, "disposable" thinking and writing! But what does that have to do with 'journalism?' one can well ask. Quite a bit, as it turns out! There is, you see, an increasing divide between those tangible elements of life and living, and the plethora of virtual intimations of a pseudo life and living which reach, and tempt us, via the communication devices, the media organs and the incessant disorientation of our senses which living anywhere in the modern world involves. All of which is prelude to reminding the reader of what was brought forwards in the story here ALL FALL DOWN - Mapping the "hyperreality" of false flag dissimulation -

    "as the shreds of the Ottoman Empire still rot and decay across the map of the middle east, their embodied 'vestiges' - countries such as Libya, Syria, Iraq and now Turkey have all entered that state of 'hyperreality' he so presciently announced. "Models" of a real without origin or reality - these bombings, invasions, rebellions and programmatic state terror - are all staged, unreal manifestations of a post-reality age which we live in are imprisoned in."

    To write, therefore, accurately and meaningfully about the situation which we find the middle east to be in of the moment, requires us to take note of the "hyperreality" in which events - which are not events anymore - are staged! If a journalist - content to merely 'report,' - in other words, without understanding the shifting sands under their feet of "reality" - of being itself, takes upon themselves the task of informing their readers about the nature of events which have no intrinsic "reality" outside of their function in a planned theatrical campaign to whatever mysterious end, they will fail in their job.

    An authentic reportage of what's going on in our world, then, requires of the journalist an ability to deconstruct any alleged "event" staged in hyperreality, and then refashion it in the reader's gaze as a phenomena which may or may not be related to spontaneous activities that take place in real time. Activities which can be chronicled and reported upon by real persons. And then these must be properly contextualized in relation to other real events from past times - with analysis that can interpret past and present both - minus the intrinsic defect of being naively hoodwinked by those who stage events, "news" and youtube style tricks of perception designed to achieve whatever is their desired objective.

    That's the goal, and operating motif of what's going on with the stories on these pages. To make of events - and their simulations - occurring in the middle east a picture in which the reader sees a past to which - as Heidegger brilliantly points out - we are latecomers, and then extract from those same events the precursors to what he with equal brilliance calls the dawning of an "altogether different age." Not - "new age" you will notice!!! The man was truly perspicacious!

    With all that said and out of the way, I'd love to return to this story now; but, at the risk of roiling the reader to the boiling point, I think it necessary to add one more point of order to this digression about this "neo" form of journalism which I do think will reward those who give it attention. In several stories of last year, I mentioned my intent to begin switching over from a purely westernized way of communicating here to one which I believe will prove more authentic to our subject area - which of course is "Asia" - and certainly more authentic to my own unique voice. Coddled by a media which pretends to western readers that the internet venue will give then all the information that they desire, without need of having to think through, process, or filter what they receive, many if not most of those readers now expect and demand to read writing which caters to that specious but alluring proposition. That will not go far here. It is incumbent upon the reader to participate in what is being written here to some extent, or else the comprehension of same will prove impossible.

    I have actually addressed that potential problem in detail - in the story VARMINTS IN THE TATER PATCH - wherein is quoted a wonderful insight from the great Victor Mair:

    English is a writer-responsible language. That means it is the responsibility of the writer to make sure the message is understood. Writing is clear, direct and unambiguous. A good writer assumes no or little background knowledge on the part of the reader.Korean, Chinese, and Japanese are reader-responsible languages. That means the reader is responsible for deciphering the message, which is often not stated explicitly.

    which I leveraged there into an explanation as to why the rewards for wading through the web of words woven here may be greater than expected - "The choice is simple enough – at any time to simply stop reading – and return to normal – or pursue new ways of seeing the world in order to increase one’s chances of making correct decisions. I can think of no more important choice than this one for those in the west who wish to be survivors of the coming storm. A cultural ‘re-programming’ is going to prove critical to their chances – whether they know it or not!"

    There is then, a bit of a caveat to impart to the reader. Though these posts are and will continue to be written in "english" - their component thinking will increasingly come from another linguistic direction. Not, in any way like "Korean" or any of the other examples quoted above - rather, the language of continuity with a past so distant and yet as the great German explicator has made clear, a past which is still becoming!

    I've taken up his challenge you see - as the challenge most fitting to that which I shall seek to achieve as a life's work.

    "We search for what is Greek neither for the sake of the Greeks themselves nor for the advancement of scholarship. Nor do we desire a more meaningful conversation simply for its own sake. Rather, our sole aim is to reach what wants to come to language in such-a conversation, provided it come of its own accord. And this is that Same which fatefully concerns the Greeks and ourselves, albeit in different ways.It is that which brings the dawn of thinking into the fate of things Western,into the land of evening.Only as a result of this fatefulness [Geschick] do the Greeks become Greeks in the historic[geschichtlich]sense."

    The "west" ..."the land of evening." Meeting here what I will continue to call the "post-western" world. If you desire to see what lies beyond that evening horizon dear reader - read on!

    There are many layers of duplicity which cloak our understanding of what this part of the world really looks like and represents. The currently en vogue perception of a boiling caulrdon of radical jihadism, sectarian strife and ethnic division masks a whole other reality waiting for our exploration/explanation once we are able to turn the page from this particular part of our story. The most important thing to remember - for now - is that these type of manufactured perceptions of the middle east are designed to counter the reality of the dynamics which truly make of the place a battleground and nest for all manner of evils!
    The invention of 'reasons' for outright invasions of the territory belonging to other people in the middle east has occupied the minds of generations of apologists, bagmen and politicians - and entire world wars have been the result! This picture of foreign soldiery adapting themselves to native warfare neatly encapsulates the juxtaposition - whereby the native camel carries the burden of a foreign mission of pillage, control and usurpation. Though by no means a new theme in this part of the world, the overlay of an entirely fictitious narrative about the need for these imperial adventures surely is... in that it's net effect is to postulate the burgeoning attack of people from the middle eastern lands on the people of western ones! The very victims of aggressive western expansionism fingered as the perpetrators of the crime! This in turn flows very smoothly into the equally fictitious storyline that the very same western aggressors are now returning to the middle east to 'restore order' and remove the threat of violent jihad from our midst.

    It's essential to our task in rounding out any picture of the current situation that we find the owners of these false storylines and identify their motives. For that, we need turn to the just finished Warsaw meeting of NATO. Where, for the first time, Isreal has been legally allowed to participate, since Turkey dropped it's veto. Since May, the zionist entity as well as Bahreïn, Jordan, Qatar and Kuwait all have representation at NATO headquarters. This de facto alliance of Arab and Israeli state terror is a development which furthers the developing pincer movements against Syria, Iraq and Iran. Turkish participation in the advancement of a new war of aggression against those countries is a given. But what form of participation depends upon a few variables which can only be understood and accounted for from a study of that history which is hidden beneath the waves of deceit.

    One of the most ambitious of the tasks I set for myself in beginning with this platform was to play faster and looser with the timelines involved in the history of this vast Mediterrano-Mesopotamian region. Virtually everything which we understand to represent 'civilization' seems to have started or passed through here. Evoking elements of the most ancient cultures of Babylon, Sumeria, or the city states of the littoral is no academic exercise in this case - because the continuity of religious and cultural expression in the region is so strong that, unless you take into account just how deeply the practices of those ancient peoples still influences and accentuates the most modern of events here, you will fail to accurately report those events!

    This is a most crucial point to be made - particularly in light of what I have referred to in other stories here as "the extremely provisional nature of what we think of as factual narratives" and "agendas which are inimical to real historicity." As counterweight then, to those readers who might ask why the apparent deviation here from a straight forward style of "reportage" such as my last outing involved - my answer is simple: no reporter starting from a false set of historical premises - the standard and orthodox interpretations of our history - can be counted upon to interpret current events in an accurate and truthful manner! For, as I mentioned in Back to Beginnings- Anaximander and the roots of The Western Tradition -

    "Our history has been recused, rewritten, distorted, and changed in meaning for centuries, and yet the impulse to go back to the starting point are find a 'cleaner copy' of it is very weak in our times. We are lazy enough to simply accept most of what lies conveniently written down for us, and that which we do not accept, we make no great effort to effectively refute via a 'counter-narration which would tie our present to our beginnings." And in HAS EUROPE BEGUN IT'S FINAL DESCENT? - "The real history[of the region]is a hidden history, which conflicts with most of what we have been taught to believe about the region, and it's peoples."

    If a direct example of this phenomena of "recused, rewritten, distorted, and changed in meaning" history needs be provided - we need look no further than the example posed above in the story Atzmon wrote - Chilcot, Isreal and the Lobby. As it provides a demonstration of the folly of faulty intelligence drawn from falsified historical narrative, buttressed by the fake news reporting by a complicit news media - and that example should also make clear how our present middle eastern situation is very much guided by the "hyperreal" events of the 1990-2003 western campaign against Iraq- an Israeli campaign against Iraq, deviously cloaked by multiple levels of lies, distortions, and phony evidence.

 For any western reader who might have trouble with my repeated proposition on these pages that most of the 'events' of which they will read in the media are neither real nor spontaneous, perhaps a brief reminder of circumstances closer to home would serve to convey the essential truth of that precis. For right in the heart of the period I've just referred to above, the seminal destruction of the world trade towers provided an instructive example of the very same theatrical staging at work!

    "One anonymous phone call to the authorities actually led them to close down all of New York's bridges and tunnels. The mystery caller told the 9-1-1 dispatcher that a group of Palestinians were mixing a bomb inside of a white van headed for the Holland Tunnel. Here's the transcript from NBC News:
    Dispatcher: Jersey City police.
    Caller: Yes, we have a white van, 2 or 3 guys in there, they look like Palestinians and going around a building.
    Caller: There's a minivan heading toward the Holland tunnel, I see the guy by Newark Airport mixing some junk and he has those sheikh uniform.
    Dispatcher: He has what?
    Caller: He's dressed like an Arab.
    When a van fitting that exact description was stopped just before crossing into New York, the suspicious "middle-easterners" were apprehended. Imagine the surprise of the police officers when these terror suspects turned out to be Israelis!"

    Now, when it seems far more likely in retrospect that the "Blair doctrine" of humanitarian intervention, will be going down in future history as analogous to the "Tamerlane Doctrine of sack and burn" or the "Attila the Hun Doctrine of leave nothing living" the jaundiced state of academia, the media, and state-sponsored dissimulation campaigns forces us to call for a complete overthrow and renewal of how 'news' gets reported - and interpreted. In fact, it remains true to this day that the only person who really understood what was going on at the time of the original post-modern western invasion of the middle east which sparked all of the developments occurring in the present - and who wrote about it in the light of that prescient and precise understanding - was a "philosopher" and renegade academic with no credentials of journalistic merit at all - just the credentials of witnessing to truth in media! Baudrillard's masterful exposition -The Gulf War Did Not Take Place -

    put a broadside in the pretensions of the journalistic world to be the repository of critical reportage and the delivery of the "news." When the "news" is neither real nor new - but simply the playing back of a viral infection of disinformation in the body politic, perhaps it is really ONLY THE PHILOSOPHER - or at least the philosophically inclined, who is up the task of delivering 'THE NEWS!'

    At any rate, it was inevitable in the course of the next twenty odd years of a developing tsunami of false flag and staged "non-event" events that someone would replicated the French philosophers insight with application to the present;

    The Paris attacks did not take place
    Hamid Dabashi is the Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. Between early January and late March 1991, the distinguished French philosopher Jean Baudrillard published three essays in the French daily Liberation, which he sequentially titled, "The Gulf War will not take place", "The Gulf War: Is it really taking place?"

    And that is where we can come back - full loop - to the business of reporting on geopolitical events . It's not that I mind, making a straight forwards presentation on any given theme of current events or geopolitical development. In fact, making careful study of the past a keystone of my approach has rendered such of those style of reports as I make from time to time all the more accurate and insightful! Were the reader, for instance to compare the degree of accuracy and prediction in a story such as my

    Greek Exit from the Euro? Updated! (
    Author Chrysafis is clearly engaged in the debate over Greece's fate with a suitably pan-European perspective. His article here provides us many useful nuggets of information ... including the parallels between the 'bail-out of post-war Germany, and the 'bail-out's being discussed for Greece of the moment.

    Greece will Go -or just stay where it is! 
    Greece & the - POLITICS OF "PIPELINESTAN" - Wide angled lens required for viewing! There's not a day goes by now it seems, without some scribe of the gold n silver blogosphere - from their location somewhere in the western world - giving their readers a dose of description about places and events far from their coordinates - and their experience.
    with the innumerable workings up from a year or so ago of histrionic and hysterical announcements from seemingly everybody and their uncle about the imminent departure/meltdown/realignment etc., of Greece, then the weight of evidence regarding the probability of reports from this source - such as those of last winter - being accurate to an exponential degree greater than what you will find in the reports of famous "experts" starts to shift considerably in my favor! Having no pretension whatsoever to any kind of 'expertise,' 'insider status,' or ability to channel voices from extraterrestrial sources, I will continue to rely solely upon a stubborn loyalty to what I grew up understanding the role of 'the journalist/reporter' to be - the no holds barred pursuit of the story with neither fear no favor given to any power outside the power of truth in media!

    Meanwhile, dear reader, the choice will always remain yours, to stay the course or retire, the upshot of all of this is to say that if your desire is for truth in media, and the antidote to lazy, careless, or partisan renditions of the stories of the day, you are in the right place, believe it or not! The story from last year called Hejira marked what I called at the time a phase shift - a necessary departure from old ways of working and reporting, in order to embrace modalities of expression more appropriate to my Asian home. And in retrospect, while I think that I've failed to meet the challenge I gave myself in the time since, what I have accomplished in the way of a body of work which is frankly, second to no one in this depleted field of journalism now, perhaps excuses that shortfall. And it seems that, with another phase change of a geopolitical kind in the air right now - it may be time at last to move into that new way of writing Let's see how it goes!

    If we now return to the intention of this post - to report upon the geopolitical situation of the middle east of the moment, with eyes widened by this excursus into the state of journalism, we are much better equipped to understand how to combine the wide angled lens with the microscopic view. Using both together shows us confirmatory evidence of the presence of radical talmudist sionism as both the instigator and beneficiary of the installation of 'hyperreality' over top of the really? real. Now we can proceed!

    SO, we started off this piece about the Syrian "Endgame" with a declaration about the status and fate of Turkey's strongman of the day! Why is that? Well...after a gaze at any map which shows the position of Syria sandwiched between what I have come to call the "Two Terror States joined at the hip - the second part of the answer is, because it is axiomatic that whatever happens now in Ankara is going to profoundly effect the outcome of events in the neighborhood - most directly - Syria. It was just short months ago we were talking about coups and invasions and the network of black market loot and jihadis which operated out of the AKP's offices. A major demolition of northern Syria had effectively transpired at the behest of a government which disguised both it's motives and methods behind a shield of pious rhetoric about "fighting terrorism" whilst delivering the very same to both Syria and the Kurdish parts of it's own domain!

    And now - in the aftermath of last weeks events, a brand new picture has emerged - of a regime powerless in both domestic and foreign policy spheres, thwarted not just in it's adventurism in Syria and Iraq, but rudderless with the demise of the chief protagonist in the promulgation of No War No Peace: The Triumph of Terror as State Policy !
    This new picture of the President - the most recent I could find - shows a man profoundly changed from even a few months ago. For those who can read body language and the etchings of skin over bone, the change is shocking. But it's no surprise for those few aware of the backstory. Which starts around 2011, when Erdogan was reported to have entered hospital for "surgery." Media reports were uniformly vague about just what kind of surgery, except to report it's connection to colon. Later, social media reports filtered through about a second and third operation - to stem a growing colon cancer. I had taken note, in early 2012, of a change in the man's appearance. The skin had tightened, the mouth was set a little differently, there was a certain hyper-ness to the overall look of the face which had not been present before. The gleam of the fanatic? Strangely, it was in Israeli media that most of the discussion about this subject occurred!

    In the light of history - and the many examples of judaist medical interventions which have changed it's course - it's easy to see parallels between this situation and the "Doctor's Plot" which brought about the end of Stalin's iron grip over the USSR. Except that, with the state of technology having advanced so much in the interim, there are endless possibilities to consider as to what might have occurred on the operating table. A foreign medical specialist brought in after others had failed perhaps. A neurological implant using micro-chip technology. Sound fantastic? It needs be remembered that this was all at a time when Erdogan himself believed that their was a conspiracy to kill him - and his chief advisor, hired the following year, Yiğit Bulut, asserted that people were trying to kill Erdoğan using telekinesis. Why kill - when controlling the victim's thoughts and actions allows for the achievement of stealthy diplomatic and political goals not possible to bring about via ordinary means?

    At any rate, having thwarted then President Gul's efforts to redirect the government away from Islamist fanaticism and towards a centrist political stance, then Prime Minister Erdogan announced his intention to achieve a presidential system and regime change in Syria both! Which might have seemed rather strange to outsiders looking in at the time, since Gul had been a partner in creating the AKP, while Erdogan and Syria's Assad had been bosom buddies - even holidaying together! So a bit of background to the geo-political machinations of that time seems appropriate.

    But oil, it seems, is thicker than blood in the middle east. Tis oft said of the turmoil in the middle east that - 'it's all about oil.' If you remove "all" from that maxim, and add the words \and blood\- you have encapsulated the situation. But even better than "oil,"the word energy might be used - as it is energy which no matter which of it's multifarious forms it appears in, is the theme behind most of what goes on in this world. Oil/blood/sweat\and tears - all forms of energy in their physical or emotional form. And all subject to theft by actors who prefer to predate on the belonging of others rather than work for their own! This study of the energy politics leading up to the current situation in the middle east The Crisis in the American-Turkish Relations and the Creation of an Independent Kurdistan by a Greek author, gives a very good insight into the background we need established before catching up to the present moment. An extract from it follows:

    "Erdogan became one of the major enemies of the Assad regime, after the Syrian dictator agreed in 2011 for the construction of the Iran-Iraq- Syria pipeline, which would transfer Iranian natural gas and oil to the Mediterranean Sea, and which would by- pass Turkey. The end of this pipeline would also be near the Turkish port of Ceyhan in the Mediterranean Sea, which is the end of the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline that brings Azeri oil to the Mediterranean Sea through Turkey. Worse,

    “In 2009 Assad refused to sign a proposed agreement with Qatar that would run a pipeline from the latter's North field, contiguous with Iran's South Pars field, through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and on to Turkey,with a view to supply European markets Assad's rationale was "to protect the interests of his Russian ally - Europe's top supplier of natural gas”.

    “Erdogan will never openly admit that this problem with the Assad regime is the Iran-Iraq-Syria and the Qatar-Turkey pipelines. He pretended that their differences were based on human right violations in Syria.

    Erdogan was not trying to lift the sanctions against Iran due to his love for Iran.Instead, Erdogan wanted the sanctions lifted, so that the Iranians could send their natural gas to Europe through Turkey, something that cannot
 be done as long as there are economic sanctions agains tIran. What Erdogan wants in return for his intermediation between Iran and the West, is that the Iranian energy passes through Turkey and not through Syria.

    in case Iran reaches an agreement with the West, blocking the Qatar-Turkey pipeline will be more important than constructing the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline for the Iranians, since Iran will be able to send its energy to Europe through Turkey. The problem is that Turkey does not want Iran to have any other alternatives, and it also wants the Qatar-Turkey pipeline, and the Iranians do not like Erdogan bullying them.

    If the Sunni Muslims ofthe ISIS army win enough regions in Syria and Iraq, so that the manage to create a connection between Qatar and Turkey, Qatar and Turkey should be able to construct the Qatar-Turkey natural gas pipeline, which would transfer Qatari natural gas to Europe through Turkey, if of course Saudi Arabia or Kuwait agree to that too."

    We can see the broad outlines of how a Turkey committed by it's then foreign minister - Ahmet Davutoglu - later Prime Minister till deposed by the President earlier this year, to "zero problems with neighbors" became embroiled in conflict with all of them. Energy. And Turkey's lack of it. But that interpretation of events is simply too monochromatic to stand on it's own. With a little bit of extra context however, we can bring about an accentuation which will give us the fuller picture of that transition - to terror state.

    As the rump of the old Ottoman Empire - and the only part not effectively taken over and dictated to by it's European conquerors post-WW1, the country we now call Turkey has a lot of cultural ties with the newly formed nations created as shards of that dead empire. Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan - all artificial creations of a European colonial project to divide middle eastern oil and gas resources between themselves. As Islamic nations, in terms of majority population demographics, they share also a great deal in common with the Arabic world, even when secular by constitution and/or ethnically diverse. The "project" of neo-Islamic fundamentalism springs chiefly out of Egypt - where the Muslim Brotherhood ideology grew in a milieu permeated with the intrigue of western intelligence agencies and zionist aspirations.

    Much of that movement's inspiration and ideology was transmitted to Turkey in the middle of the last century; Islamist political parties grew out of the transfer and made steady inroads in popularizing their aspirations to return the country to a Muslim rather than western and secular identity. But without doubt, the most powerful impulse leading this development was the potent combination of money and religious extremism which the Arab oil states could supply! Outwardly hostile to the zionist state of Israel, the Arab oilgarchs were secretly open to the overtures which Tel Aviv sent them. As detailed in this piece by Egyptian Ashraf Ezzat The Jewish Roots of "Takfiri" Culture the cultural affinity between the two is closer than commonly understood. Robert Parry, one of the few journalists to cover the convergence of Arab-Isreali interests such as is the key part of our theme here, wrote a piece The Saudi-Israeli Superpower some time back that exposes what is left out of all conventional reportage. It is that deliberate deletion of the facts which leads to the cognitive dissonance by which we are presented with stories about Islamic Caliphates and Muslims blowing up other Muslims at Turkish airports. None of it makes sense when the vital detail Parry discusses is reinserted back in place. Instead, what comes into focus for the reader ready to recalibrate their attention to the difference between authentic and inauthentic 'news' stories is that the burden of proof must now be placed upon a suspect media to provide real evidence that ANY of their stories about the middle east are true!

    You can choose to believe what you read in the press - that the "Islamist" state of Turkey is an inextricable enemy of the "Jewish" state of Israel - or, you can settle down into the necessarily hard plowing through of a story like
    Two States - One Agenda: Ethno-religious 'Cleansing' (with images) · SuaveBel
    Recent news of attempted rapprochement between Israel and the Turkish state have received less attention than the subject merits - in part because reportage on the theme carries all the usual hallmarks of the kind of studied dissimulation and concealment which both regimes are well known for generating.
    and finally realize that no such divisions or enmities exist between what are in fact - natural allies! And where does that further problem of cognitive dissonance leave us? With the need for a whole second chapter to what I had originally hoped to fit into one story here! Just getting caught up with the Turkish/Israeli part of the equation is enough for this outing. We're going to need AT LEAST one more segment to this reconnoitering of the geo-political scene before I can move my attention to the European front. So, in anticipation of that next part: where will we be going? First - to a place that does not exist - on the maps which people use to describe countries and political entities - but which grows more material and real every week it seems!

    KURDISTAN - the putative home of the 25 million some Kurds which could conceivably one day be carved out of Turkey/Iraq/Syria and Iran, plays a central role in our story. A plethora of "subKurdistans" exist at the moment - the break away state in northern Iraq, the Syria Rojava and associated enclaves, the great swath of southern Turkey where a stealth depopulation/repopulation program is being conducted now. Unlikely though it is to imagine these all ever coming together under one rule, the mere imagination and longing for this imaginary state is enough to throw a curve in any great or small powers plans with regards to the middle east. We'll study the divisions as well as the points of solidarity between the different Kurdish populations - the indications of who their sponsor might, be and what are the ultimate points of agreement between the all could lead to a major reconfiguration of the middle eastern map.
    In the recent story WHEN THE VEIL DROPS, I addressed the features of the now fulfi

lled alliance between Turkey and Israel as they are likely to concern that theme - "Externally, the face of the terror-pact will be a measure of the parties joint interest in - and control of - the Kurds. In the breakaway "Kurdistan" of northern Iraq - which both parties now officially support the "independence" of, there are mutual opportunities for energy deals, satellite markets, and mischief against the neighboring Iranians. In Syria - whose Kurdish opposition is not as much in the pocket of the two, the protection and nurturing of their ISIS-Al Aqaeda franchises remains the top priority, as well as sustaining profits from the looting of that country."

    Several stories here have identified the proven and potential effectiveness of women in these countries to defend and advance the causes they and their communities espouse. And mention has been made of the very real likelihood of them overcoming artificial divisions of the kind which paralyse the male gender - ethnicity, language, geography, religion - to unite against pointless war and endless corruption. Signs are sprouting up in confirmation of such a thesis -
    Syriac women will join Kurdish female fighters to combat ISIS terrorists: Leader - ARA News
    ARA News Qamishli, Syria - Shamiran Shimon, head of the Syriac Women's Union (SWU) in Syria and Vice President of the Auto-Administration in Hasakah province, said in an exclusive interview with ARA News: "We are in the process of forming a military battalion for Syriac women to join the Kurdish Women Protection Units (YPJ) in the fight against ...
    ARA News
    and though stories with women centered themes seem to get very little reads here, I enjoy writing them immensely because I am quite certain of seeing my prognostications about their coming role play out! No matter how distant from today's reality they may be. What seems impossible in the ideas fomented here-
    Thumbnail for Jin Jiyan Azadi! Hidden force which will break the pretend Caliphate (with images, tweet) · SuaveBel
    Jin Jiyan Azadi! Hidden force which will break the pretend Caliphate (with images, tweet) · SuaveBel
    Casualties from the attack on Zaman headquarters/Innocent bystanders... and the regime's credibility too! When President and aspiring Caliph Recep Tayyip Erdogan showed up in Ecuador last month, it was a group of women who stood up in the audience to confront him - and his security phalanx was quick to punish them for daring to do so.

    will soon enough be looked back upon with wonder as to which fortune teller I have been frequenting! Now that we are moving closer to the point where the Kurds and aligned forces finally separate the jihadi mercenaries in from their Turkish supplier and sponsor
    there will be many changes to the landscape. The development of an actual system of self government in the north of what was Syria will be actively opposed by the Damascus regime, and possibly lead to a kind of alliance with Ankara against a commonly defined "enemy."
    Thumbnail for Syrian Kurds declare Qamishli as capital for the new federal system - ARA News
    Syrian Kurds declare Qamishli as capital for the new federal system - ARA News
    ARA News QAMISHLI - The Syrian Kurds and their allies declared the northeastern city of Qamishlo [Qamishli] as the new capital of the federal system in Northern Syria and Rojava, a Kurdish leaders and member of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) told ARA News.
    ARA News
    It's going to get even more 'interesting' soon, as this kind of confrontation becomes inevitable.
    Thumbnail for Kurds clash with Syrian regime forces in Hasakah, casualties reported - ARA News
    Kurds clash with Syrian regime forces in Hasakah, casualties reported - ARA News
    ARA News HASAKAH - The Syrian northeastern city of Hasakah witnessed heavy clashes between the Kurdish security forces of Asayish and pro-regime troops on Sunday midnight. At least one pro-regime fighter was killed, while two Kurdish female members of the Asayish security were injured in the Hasakah clashes.
    ARA News
    Both Syria and Turkey will have a very hard time proposing valid reasons why what is by far the most effective force in the field against ISIS should be wasting valuable time and resources defending themselves against those regimes instead of completing the task of eliminating the terrorists from Syria and Iraq! But in the bizarre world of politics and the diminished demi-monde of modern media - any spin is possible it seems.
 Had enough of poseur media and false storylines? Stay tuned for more messages in a bottle from another imaginary place in time and space - the neo-journalistic truth jihad from an ANATOLIA both past and still to come! TOPRAK VE TURNA: Beyond State Terrorism - Self-Governance & the middle eastern map - next up!
Release date July 12, 2016
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