Satyr Satire = Skanky Saters Meet Shaky Sakers!

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Who could have seen it comin? The impending end of the orange Neros' reign of error... hosted by a remade, remorse-ful... and let's face it - pretty resourceful AGENT OF TALMUDIC KABBALISM from the depths of CENTRAL ASIA?

I'm watching the Chris Hayess interview with "Felix Sater" this (early predawn)morning... in the aftermath of a Saturday when

after putting together a post giving a head's up about the progress of my slowly coming together final part of the backstory to the GOLD FOR OIL series - featuring that clan of fun guys from Kazahkstan who just happened to end up featured in that photo I showed you a few days back..

of the Don belting out a tune, next to his NEW RATPACK buddies - FELIX SATER AND ARIF TEFIK


poof - it's gone!

And I'm finally Done with this bullshit. A couple of weeks of daily disappearance of all my browser links, history, stored password, my stickies... pretty much everything needed to carry on the daily dissections performed here... and at last I'm ready to ditch it for good. So, the rest of the day spent starting from scratch with a new - hopefully more secure system - I'm back at last to survey our territory.

And our guy FELIX is front left and center! Do you remember that post of mine from last month - ACAUSAL SYNCRONICITY??? Good. Cause this is the MOTHER OF all acausal synchronicities, my friends. My disappeared post from yesterday announced to you that the missing pieces from the puzzle of my dectective story from 2016/17.... eg. the strings which would tie together


in a tight web of intrique... corruption... and jus plain BAD KARMA ,,, had been revealed, in the form of those very guys - ARIF... FELIX... REZA...OLEG and the rest... who

INVARIABLY happen to be big CHABAD LUBAVITCH supporters with a LOT of stolen LOOT from criminal enterprise of the RUSSO TALMUDIC MAFIYA KIND!

Ok. Credit where credit is due. You know that previous post "A HARD POUNDING">??? Yup... its yours truly who is getting the pounding... via mysterious third parties who know how these internet information war things work better than I ever will. BUT... BUTT... I'm takin it all like a man. And this too, will pass!

For years now... I'm the only guy in the room - willing and able to talk about the elephant which is occupying a large part of it.... the COMPLETE AND TOTAL COMPLICITY BETWEEN "LEADERS" OF mafiya states east & west... no matter the phony differences which the ONEMEDIA PRETENDS to come between them. Your Irans, Turkeys, UssAs, Ussrs, Saudistans and Sinolands. All ruled by the ONEPOWER of international finance capital. As to all of which... I've gotten no traction at all... in gained access to an audience of sorts. But at least I get the story out! Oops... sometimes even that is not doable it seems. Nothin... nothin... I hate so much as working on a piece only to have it snuffed. I HATE IT! \end of rant\

THEY'VE GOT ONE ON THE SCOREBOARD. But I ain't yet BEGUN to fight back folks. I'm sitting on the 'mother of all' stories... and will bide my time whilst the forces of evil play their games. Fo'git about MaCabes, McCoys, Clampetts, Drysdales and the rest of the minor players in this 'reality tv show.' THE REAL BLACK GOLD IS GONNA BE FOUND GUSHIN right here - outta the spigots of truth in media guerrillas who just refused to quit. That's all That's it - for now folks!


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Re: Satyr Satire = Skanky Saters Meet Shaky Sakers!

Photo soundtrack: Trump singing the Sinatra classic, but in modified wording.

And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain
I've lived a life that's full
I traveled each and every highway
And more, much more than this, I did it THEIR way

Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Re: Satyr Satire = Skanky Saters Meet Shaky Sakers!

I see no reason to delay this.

You are the COLE PORTER of this young millennium!