Seriously Syrian Endgame = HELTER SKELTER NATION

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With the unerring accuracy of the blind... witless... and/or pyschologically disturbed...
the Zhombie hordes of the "DEATH TO AMERICA" kind - have recoiled in horror and spite - to the revelation of the real deal behind the Tillerson purge.

"Potentates" of all kinds share common values(summarizable as "NIRP")common conceits... and common conunundrums which keep them separated from the communities they rule over - by virtue of their common pathological concern for keeping themselves connected to the corrupt corridors of raw POWER.

Thus it is that the arrival of news which announced the real face of the Drumpf administration in its last 'days in the bunkers' incarnation... a Bush-regime Lite
kinda roster... marks the fork in the road for all pretence to rule of law... due process... "America first, second or even third"... and the exit point for all who still make the effort to THINK about things.

Rex Tillerson was party to the inside thinking of the folks who hold Turkey in their grip ... and who are in turn placeholders for the talmudic kabbalists who hold that regime in its! He is aware that the currents of duplicity which have been building strength since the arrival of the full on GOLDMAN SACKS DC regime ushered in by Drumpfs [s]election will break surface in the form of a totally illegal and pro forma rogue regime agreement between two potentates to 'exchange hostages' and thereby attempt to delay their own sacking!

Fetuallah Gulen... a best-before-date-expired agent of the original TERROR STATE in the s e Med... will be 'extradited to the "second most' TERROR STATE subsidiary * via a bypass of all legal and diplomatic precedent.... in exchange for an American citizen held for exactly that purpose. You need to understand one thing here. The reverberations from this madness will set the stage for the complete demolition of the American body politic... and the full scale civil war which will result.

Sadly, though this end was never really in doubt since I published first notice of the playbook bringing us to this stage of madness, on July 29 2016 - in the story TWILIGHT OF THE WEST - some of us have spent the entire interval making every effort to alert the forthcoming victims of kabbalist intrigue to their fate. Fruitless? Perhaps. Necessary effort? Indeed.

For those with eyes still able to see... we are at the end of the Syrian Endgame. You might wish to now take a deep(er) breath... and reread these two previous posts


SYRIAN ENDGAME: Initial Assessment of the opening events - Part Three

before plowing into this reposting of yesterdays' revelation.

It's now completely clear why so many talmudist trolls have worked so hard to dog my every step since I announced the beginning of the SYRIAN ENDGAME in July of 2016. This reporter called it right. Would have been far better for all of us if he had called it wrong I fear.

Welcome to Amerika... 2018  

ANKARA (Reuters) – A Turkish prosecutor on Tuesday sought a life sentence for a U.S. pastor over alleged links to a failed coup attempt in 2016, Dogan news agency reported, a move that threatens to undermine efforts to mend bilateral ties.

Washington believes Andrew Brunson, who has been in jail since December 2016, is one of several Americans unjustly detained in Turkey. During a visit to Ankara last month, former U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for him to be freed.

The Christian pastor from North Carolina has been living in Turkey for 23 years and running a church, according to an online petition seeking his release.

The prosecutor charged him with being an “executive” of the group that Ankara holds responsible for the failed coup, the news agency said. Turkey blames the network of Fethullah Gulen, a U.S.-based Muslim cleric who denies all involvement.

In September, President Tayyip Erdogan suggested Turkey could free Brunson if the United States handed over Gulen.

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Re: Seriously Syrian Endgame = HELTER SKELTER NATION

President Erdogan had a few thousand dollars and a modest apartment to his name when he became mayor of Istanbul in 1994.  Erdogan said at the time that all his wealth consisted of his wedding ring.  In 1999, he added that if one day Erdogan became a rich man, than we can all be sure that he stole that wealth, that he's a thief.  Erdogan is Turkey's richest politician today.

The CIA reported that Erdogan has several Swiss bank accounts.  His family members were recently discovered to have a secret company registered in the Isle of Man that did millions-of-dollars'-worth of profits with a capital of 1 (one) British Pound.

Researchers have documented that Erdogan's wife is a US citizen of Jewish origin.  (Miss Erdogan is rumored to be a major shareholder of Turkey's largest private hospital chain.)  Erdogan himself stated that he's one of Moses' children.  This information has been compiled into a book that you can buy in mainstream bookstores in Turkey, including the biggest one of them all, D&R:

One of Erdogan's sons, Bilal Erdogan, has several large businesses active in industries ranging from cosmetics, jewelry, tourism to international shipping and domestic naval passenger transport.  Government passenger shipping lines were reduced and/or eliminated during Erdogan's rule, greatly diminishing competition for his son's ships.  Silvio Berlusconi was one of the two witnesses at President Erdogan's son's wedding.  

The Erdogan's have been accused of marketing and selling and transporting ISIS oil.  Their accusers include Russian President Putin who just sold sophisticated S-400 Surface-To-Air missiles to Erdogan's Turkey.

The palace that President Erdogan constructed for himself cost 615 million dollars.