Showdown in Aleppo: Megiddo All Over Agin?

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Two overnight developments clear the way for a completion of the line of thought enunciated in the previous post -Dog Wags Tail?- wherein I described the threatening words which the really "Most Powerful Man in the World" uttered towards his 'junior partner.' We didn't have long to wait before the meaning of those menacing words "unless this process comes to a halt, we will stop it. In fact, we are already working to curb it," would become clear. To this analyst at least, even if the worlds medias stay asleep at the switch as usual!

Syrian Army allows massive YPG convoy to travel to Afrin from their lines

Syrian Army looses artillery fire on Turkish forces in south Aleppo
"Opposition sources says that Syrian Army and allied Iranian-linked paramilitary groups have unleashed artillery fire onto recently established positions of the Turkish Army in the strategic Al-Eis area of southern Aleppo province."
Message to Moscow
A dramatic 'shootdown' of a Russian plane - eerily reminiscent of another tragedy a couple of years back  in the same area of Northern Syria - has been passed off as the affair of a few ragtag 'rebels' with a manpad, rather than the moment when tel aviv played its master stroke in a devilish game of fortune. When I noted the approaching line up to this 'theatre of death' unfolding now... a Turkish military column, an SAA advance on rebel held lines, the Iranian Shia militias along with them, I wasn't thinking about a confrontation in the skies above it all. But it all makes sense - when the mask is stripped off a classic Sraeli operation of intricate intrigue and deceit.

The pattern behind which I have previously covered in stories on the old platform - whereby the two erstwhile 'partners' who share control over Ankaras' "islamist" regime since mid 2016, face off in a constant and ongoing battle for influence and balance of power behind scenes, never a trace of the struggle breaking surface to the dull-eyed media. The first major example of this epic 'spy vs spy' secret warfare between the two 'frenemies' broke cover back in the fall of 2016 - when a Russian diplomat took a bullet in broad daylight in Ankara, an 'unsolved' crime which was never in need of a 'solution'... as it was a message as well as mere murder!

As such, it was clearly understood by both parties - Russia was warned that the covert assassinations of its targets - jihadists who its trained 'killer' crews were tracking down and eliminating in Turkey, would have to be shut down. Srael, you see, owns and operates those "Islamic" terrorists, and as such, keeps them at hand to control both the Ankara regime (cf my story - "Smoke on the Water") and abroad as matches with which to ignite the ever smouldering flames of sectarian war in Russias' own backyard! And while ALL of it's proxies and minions ARE ultimately expendable to tel aviv, it is rigorous in letting it be known that the timetable for such expiry is set by itself alone.

Protecting assets, disposing of assets - much of the Syrian Imbrogolio will in hindsight prove to have been about Srael doing exactly that; The current decline of Daesh/Isis is quite in keeping with that TERROR STATES' program, whereby the conclusion of the phony wars in Iraq and Syria can be brought about once the petroleum assets it seeks are safely sequestered, and the affected states sufficiently neutered! Using both the Turks and the proxy mercenaries to achieve all this has been the keystone of its strategy - one we are now witnessing the final flourish of!

The Russians, as previously mentioned, have been dragged into a de facto alliance with with Srael for the purpose of building and operating an "EURASIAN ENERGY CARTEL" soon to be operational. It will include such (seemingly) unlikely members as Saudi Arabia, Iran, several Gulf States and Central Asia ones, and be aimed as a weapon of mass destruction at the west, in holding Europe to ransom, while forcing a breach in its economic and military alliances. The obvious joint goal of both 'senior' members - Srael and Russia is the destruction of NATO and peeling off of Germany from the rest of a defenseless Europe. The less obvious tensions between the two are over the division of the spoils of course, but much more as well. The fate of Russia itself is in play, because the diaspora of Russian talmudists who have control over most of the worlds' finances now are eager to leverage that power into control over ALL of the major nation states.

It is, in other words, a pending showdown between the two competing sides of strongman Putin - himself a tribalist by genetic origin, but also a believer in his own rhetoric about 'returning Russia to greatness;' these two competing sides have made it possible and necessary that the talmudists who surroheund him - just like those who surround the American strongman - nudge the man their way will little 'prompts' every now and again. This latest shootdown was  one of them.

I'll look more closely at that 'behind closed doors' secret war... in the following post... if thing don't spark up shortly into a major battle on the field! The Syrian Endgame is coming to a boil. The players have been assembled, the confrontation which will break the middle east into open warfare has been carefully primed for live time!

Watch, as the only source of journalistic integrity witness to it all continues to provide the much needed background and analysis by which to stay atop a rapidly developing 'psyop to end all psyops!'