Showdown in Aleppo - Part Two

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
The new platforms' format has given itself over to a new, short n snappy kind of posting. I'm loving it, and hope readers are too! Something that hasn't changed is that I continue to do a lot of visiting to occidental message boards, where I can not just pick up the pulse of opinion, but put down my thoughts as they come, extemporaneously brainstorming in a manner I can bring back and put to good use here.

Yesterday, an exchange on one of them gave me some insight into both the current state of the occidental mind, and the perils of ever thinking one has done enough in the way of explaining, breaking down, simplifying. With that in mind, I've extracted a bit of that dialogue, to employ here as a way of getting this current scenario straight, for people who want it laid out that way. As I have found out - there are many who do not... wishing simply to push their own confirmation bias onto the world at large. A good example of which you can see below. It's a challenge I feel up to - give a guy a chance to see through their own smoke n mirrors, leave it up to them whether they wish to. Here is part of that exchange.

Me - "The weapon, according to a well informed Russian Senator, is of Ukraine origin. It's only practical means of arriving at its point of use was via Turkey. The Turks entered Idlib the night of Jan. 29, with a 100-vehicle convoy that included 15 transporters loaded with tanks moving toward Tel al-Ais. They are moving through the territory of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham- an al Qaeda franchise. Although claiming to be there in order to achieve a 'de-escalation' of the conflict, the Turks are clearly pursuing an agenda unrelated to a ramping down of violence ... given that they have just invaded northern Syrian without so much as a bye your leave to the Syrians.

In fact, their positioning in the midst of a zone where the SAA is cleaning out the same jidhadist groups with whom the Turks are making googly eyes would seem to indicate that they are actively seeking to hinder the intended relief of two shia villages which the Iranians tagging along with the SAA are desperate to achieve. They've attacked the Afrin Kurds, are arming mercenary proxies whose targets are Syrians and who have a big grudge against the Russian allies of same who have been bombing the hell outta them. Everyone involved in this thing is playing a dangerous hand - and getting burned fingers.
It's got all the classic signs of another made in tel aviv double deep double cross with an order of treachery on the side. They run alQaeda from the get go, they've controlled the Ankara regime in an unsteady 'partnership' with moscow since 2016, and there's nothing better they'd like to see than a major conflagration between all of the above which will help them cement their control over each of those players via their usual back stage moves.

Respondent -
"By "well informed Russian Senator" you must mean a russian politician who wants to paint a particular picture. And his statements are BS. Photo's have been show of a US made manpad. And that weapon(s) could have most easily been delivered by the US special forces running around the area - after it was helicoptered into one of the 11 known US bases INSIDE Syria.

The Turks are there to deal with the Kurds, who are being supplied by the US and who are being developed into a new powerful proxy, before they become too entrenched. As we can see the Kurds are being supplied with weapons ISIS was not provided and will be a more deadly force against aircraft and tanks. Turkey should have moved on them a year ago. The relationship is so tight that US special forces have been photographed (and not denied but confirmed by the US) wearing Kurdish insignia on their uniforms (uniforms that appear to match Kurdish regulars). On the video of the shoot down the voice that speaks in english, and speaks it clearly as a first language, was most likely a US special forces "advisor" who along with several others is intermingled with a group of Kurds.

Here is what Russia's military rep said - “It’s impossible to determine which MANPAD it was until the crash site is secured – an old ‘Strela’, a newer ‘Igla’, or an American ‘Stinger’," So the attempt to link Uke is BS as they cannot even determine what was used. It is telling that it is not the Russian special forces or russian forces at all who are attempting to reach and secure the site, but it is Syrian ground troops and they have not been able to get there yet. Russia cannot give overpowering support for their movement towards the site.

Analysis: Leaving aside the quite usual effort to immediately discredit a source with info counter to ones chosen narrative, our man wants to have us believe that Americas is somehow responsible for the shooting down of a Russian plane. The reason for this somewhat awkward plot twist is that there are many who frequent such boards now who WISH to believe that somehow, Americans are responsible for EVERY piece of nasty business which happens in the world! Yes, you're going to ask why... I could answer that right here and now, but prefer to stay focused on our immediate theme! Maybe... later.

Often in response to this type of confusion, I try to break things down, into manageable amounts. There's the Kurds over here, in Afrin, and the Kurds over there, with their 'Special Forces' embedded Americans... do you see the difference? That sort of thing. It often doesn't work Nothing will, if somebody is set on working on a counter-factual basis!

Watch as the confusion grows greater!

"It is the Russian military who says they have no way of knowing even the device used until they secure the site, yet this russian politician and yourself determined it's the Uke's. And from your post "and now commentator for Russias Sputnik news " - oh great, he's a politician and talking head on a russian cnn show.

And no, all the US special forces are not in Manjib. The Truks are not the ones running supply conveys that is the US. The Turks are moving into Syria to stop the US proxy forces, the ones Putin thought he had an agreement with (how stupid is that). It is only the US and their proxy who has ANY motive to take down Putin's jets now. Putin gave the Truks a pipeline and other considerations to align them with Russia. That was put to rest.

This is the US putting even more pressure on Putin. Not only to confine his troops on the ground but to further restrict Putin in the air. They let up a bit when Putin flew a large number of his jets back to Russia, now the stakes are raised with manpads from the US.

So somehow... the Turks in those convoys running south from the Turkish border - where no Americans at all exist - have changed into Americans along the way! Say! The Turks are friendly with the Russians cause the latter gave them a pipeline and 'considerations!'

OK. That's good enough.  Let's work this through... seeing things through the eyes of the blind for a second.

I had imagined that - by providing the previously posted "BACKGROUND PRIMER ON AFRIN"  I could consider myself absolved of further work in explaining the context in which the events in northern Syria are taking place. However, I can now that I was wrong in so supposing - and that many holes still need to be filled in. Cerebral and otherwise.

The intent which I had to bring some clarity into the matter of Syria in particular - and the "muddled east" in general - was first manifested in the essay SYRIAN ENDGAME, which, while serving to both enunciate and make manifest the new style of 'neo-journalism' with which I would take over the role of reporting 'the real deal' from a discredited and compromised 'media' of all kinds, failed to achieve the intended goal in full. This was very much due to the fact that within a week of it's being published - and before it's intended "follow up" could even begin... the entire region... and most certainly my own life... was shaken by the eruption of  a staged attack upon reality of reaching new degrees of intensity and dissimulation together!

The months - now years - which have followed the production by which a government fomented a phony 'coup' against itself left me on the run, untethered from a secure place to muse and write unsure of where to retreat to, and how to fight back. Hardly an atmosphere conducive to the craft of communicating. Yet the work has proceeded, aided by the knowledge that so many better equipped for the task have been variously jailed, exiled, or outright murdered. So I would ask that you bear with this humble scribe, as he attempts to shoulder a task which he never expected to carry, single-handed or otherwise.

We continue onwards, in the next post.