Situation Report: Syrian Endgame - February 1 2018

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave

It's close to two years ago - February 17th 2016 - that I released what would prove to be by far the most accurate - and incisive - assessment of the situation on the ground in northern Syria that winter. The theft and republishing of that report without attribution was what led me to finally start up my own platform for publishing my reports from the muddled east. That dispatch would be followed up by five months of reporting upon a developing diplomatic drive which saw tel aviv engineer not just a silent coup in Turkey, but a de facto partnership with Moscow, the implications of which are ONLY NOW beginning to become apparent. And it was during that same interval that I became conclusively aware that the rest of the world's medias had abandoned honest reportage of the 'news,' for a new, unified campaign of disinformation designed to further the agenda of the shadowy players behind the real events.

(Read my same report as linked above - stolen by disreputable medias unable to compete on a level playing field!)

It seems a good time to return to that part of my work now. The intervening time frame - involving my forcible transition to the role of on the ground reporter of the convulsive events which have changed the face of Turkey in particular, and the geopolitical situation in general - has evoked some personal changes no doubt, and this will be a good exercise in discovering them. With the field of journalism now completely vacated, it is this rogue journos' accepted fate to carry on with the craft which others have either voluntarily, or involuntarily abandoned. Let's get down to it shall we?

A major part of the jihadist mercenary forces which have attacked Afrin Canton in conjunction with the Turkish invasion of northern Syria has now broken off from that mission, in order to return to Idlib, so as to stave off the advance of the Syrian army on their southern flank. Combined with the speedy retreat of a probing mission the Turks sent into southern Aleppo province yesterday, after being attacked by an unknown group, the news signals further erosion of any momentum which that 10 day old invasion might have hoped to gain.

With an end to the month-long siege of Daesh-held Gharanij on the Euphrates, SDF forces held up by that fight will now be turning north to relieve Afrin and bolster defenses against further Turkish aggression along the whole border region of northern Syria. As the SAA advances into the line of any possible further Turkish movement south, the latter will shift their attention to the north east corner of Syria, in hope of retrieving themselves from another public relations disaster.

Since the "Olive Branch" operation was pre-scripted to allow for the Turks to achieve every success in driving the YPG Kurds of the Rojava Cantons out of their refuges, the astonishing failure in executing that task indicates that we can expect a change in plan to come from the HQ behind all of this activity. The sudden abandonment by the Russians of their role of 'guarantor' in the northern cantons was a good 'tell' of how the dynamics of the new EURASIAN ENERGY CARTEL are at play in this latest phase. We can look to what happened in northern Iraq to get a sense of where things are headed.

As I reported in the story PEAK PROPAGANDA in 2016

"Israel has been well positioned inside of the breakaway part of northern Iraq which styles itself a "Kurdistan Republic" - that is common knowledge and fairly well reported. It is also known that the Barzani clique which controls that statelet is a dependent of Ankara, which acts as a conduit for the transfer of the stolen Iraqi gas/oil which Erbil is selling to Tel Aviv via the Turkish port of Ceyhan. The two countries then, can be legitimately considered the parents of this bastard offspring of America's Gulf War dismemberment of Saddam's Iraq. And it would be well to keep in mind the Israeli influence in that historical process."

In setting up the conditions which would allow for a 'breaking away' of the Kirkuk and other oil & gas fields from direct central control by the federal government, the Russo-talmudic plan was to make the presence of other petroleum production players unviable. Through the Daesh proxies which gained control of those fields several years ago, the cartel was able to not just divert a substantial amount of their flow into their own pockets via the Turkish port of Ceyhan, but to set up their Genel and Rosneft plays in the vaccuum left. Now they essentially can control Iraq's northern production, which will be shipped via their puppet state Turkey.

In order to replicate that success in north eastern Syria, they will need to once again arrange for the demise of their proxy jihadist forces, but at  the same time have a replacement ready to go. Unlike the corrupt and compliant KRG puppet government of Iraqi Kurdistan, the YPG Kurds of the cantons are not likely to hand over to the outsiders control over the fields they have forced Daesh out of. This is a problem for tel aviv/Moscow and it cannot be solved without the rollback of SDF forces which the USA had previously supplied. If a 'diplomatic' solution cannot be found, then their puppet state Turkey has to be mobilized to take measures which would achieve the needed goal - free access to all of the petro resources of northern Syria for GENEL(Srael)&Rosneft/Gazprom(Russia).

And what if that islamified and enfeebled TSK is not up to the task of removing the Kurds and their allies from the north? That's  what is being discussed now, behind scenes, as the SAA completes the round up and neutralization of the forces which Turkey and the Arab states had previously operated on behalf of their kabbalist masters.

That is what is being discussed "backstage" right now.

In the meantime, it couldn't have become more obvious who is pulling the strings - and who is being pulled by them! As the Rojava Kurds and their SDF allies concentrate all of their efforts on finally dislodging(Turco-Sraeli o/o)Daesh/Isil from their last Euphrates nests, Turks and their jihadist mercs are assailing the Afrin Canton in desperate attempt to get a foothold before it's too late. Short story - while the only fighting force capable of rousting the jihadis from northern syria are busy doing that - those same jihadis secret paymasters are busy stabbing those same SDF forces in the back! While a ONEMEDIA complacently reports the fake news storyline.