Sryian Endgame Sit-rep

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Those Shiite Syrian militiamen who arrived in Afrin yesterday have reached the front at Jinderes. Although the pretend Caliph claims that "Russia, Iran, and ourselves have reached an agreement about Afrin, this may be just more bombast for internal consumption. The gains which the Turks have made since throwing in their regular Army have been significant but so far not enough to conclude 'victory' with. Word has just now come in of a second group of Syrian NDF soldiers entering Afrin/while more Russian Su25s and 35s are arriving in Syria. So much for 'victory parades and 'wind downs of war!' Smells to me like the 'wind up' for more!

My previous assertion - that Russia is losing control of the situation in Syria - has been borne out by the ongoing events. The optics of yesterdays' massive bombing of east Ghouta - and resultant civilian casualties, are not good for the image of a 'peacekeeper.' Of the fallout from the Wagner disaster on the eastern front, things just keep getting messier. Denials are not making the story go away.

The simple truth is that the Sraelis have worked hard to box their Russian 'friends' in, and the election gives them the perfect scenario for mischief while Moscows' eyes are off the ball. Mass drone attacks on the air base at Russia's Khmeimim, followed by the downed plane over Aleppo, and then Deir ez  Zor. The is the master hand of kabbalist intrigue at work, shoring up the Turks and undermining the Russians, in preparation of a new permutation of the master plan - mayhem and chaos, throughout the muddled east!