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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Remember the ol classic blues tune "T'ain't nobodies business?" I used to enjoy listening to Jimmy Witherspoon dish that one out in a smokey blues club.

"But I'd rather my man would hit me
Than follow him to jump up and quit me
Ain't nobody's business if I do
I swear I won't call no copper
If I'm beat up by my papa
Ain't nobody's business if I do
Nobody's business
Ain't nobody's business
Nobody's business if I do"

It's an appropriate sound track for the latest phase of our Syrian Endgame saga.
Beat up... would be a good way to describe the present state of Russian foreign entanglement in the benighted muddled east! Since the disaster of Deir ez Zor, two weeks past, things have gone from just 'bad' to 'mucho peor'... but...
in the game of shadowy private armies designed to hide the obvious nature of one's ground game, you can't call no copper... you jus have to take your licks and pretend everythings 'jus dandy!' And having had a kind of free pass to do just about any ol thing they wished to in Syria, the newly dawning nightmare of a foreign policy fiasco has set the Russkies into panic mode. Although they would like us to believe that "Tain't nobodies business what they do there....

the world seems to be gradually waking up to a different reality.

Day after day of continued exposure of the obvious real identities of the dudes what took a black eye upon crossing the Euphrates in search of 'black gold' installations to recover for papa bear. Along with an increasingly problematic 'problem child' puppet in Ankara, now being steered by 'momma bear' in tel aviv to make daddy's life all the more difficult. And now... with the exposure of the full extent of the civilian toll of the crushing bombing of eastern Damascus - the end of the 'Russian peacekeeper' meme for good! What a month it's been - from downed aircraft and dead pilots - all at the hands of supposed 'ally' Turkey - to stacked coffins full of the remains of once poorly paid mercenaries working for Wagner to save the oil and gas riches of eastern Syria for the motherland.

Bad to worse. It's like a curse - has come over the once Teflon Troika of Russia/Turkey and Iran! The trio of 'peacekeepers' who have turned out to be full participants in a renewed war upon Syria and its people. Just when peace looked to be 'breakin out' at last. I've mentioned the hand of Srael behind the woes of it's "partner" in the emerging Eurasian Energy Cartel several times. It may be hard for readers to understand how 'partnerships' with kabbalist talmudists work. So let me spell it out again.

Russia - controlled by talmudist kabbalist agents immediately surrounding the puppet prince Vlad - is being set up to take a major role in the coming war between an America equally manipulated by kabbalistic 'advisors' to that countries' puppet POTUS. It's a simple fact.. and all the events of the past weeks since I made the point public here for the first time... have borne out the precis with precision.

sums it  up just fine!