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"[W]ith a blessed company—we following in the train of Zeus, and others in that of some other god—… saw the blessed sight and vision and were initiated into that which is rightly called the most blessed of mysteries, which we celebrated in a state of perfection … being permitted as initiates to the sight of perfect and simple and calm and happy apparitions, which we saw in the pure light, being ourselves pure and not entombed in this which we carry about with us and call the body, in which we are imprisoned like an oyster in its shell." - Plato, from the Phaedrus

I'm now following up the previous posting - "NEW MOREL WORLD ORDER" - with this new piece, the body of which was created BEFORE that NMWO post was started. I suppose it's only fitting that this trashing of chronological order should accompany the introduction of an element of our storyline here which will take grave liberties with 'reason,' 'rationality,' and structured mental processes of all kinds! And now that I've finally given up on any attempt at keeping the two platforms - BARBAROUS RELIQUARY - and BEHIND THE MASK, in their separate and thereby 'controlled' spheres...

why not celebrate with a totally anarchic display of distorted 'time-space' continuity?

Actually.... it's only going to seem like that; and only for a brief time. A new, compelling order will be making its presence visible through out this outing... by the end of which, most of what you thought you "knew" - about pretty much anything to do with 'reality' ... will, with any luck, be trashed as well! For far too long, geopolitical analysis has been the preserve of a rigid and truncated mindset which performs a secret service to those who practice the parallel field of 'psycho-politics;'

it serves to conceal far more than reveal... and to congeal much more than set free our understanding of what really goes on in our world. Since the original purpose of the BARBAROUS platform was to be the revelation of what HAD gone on in our world... to bring it to such sorry state as of the moment, I will now be intermixing historical with contemporary anecdote and observation, in order to ATTEMPT the high wire act of short circuiting this grafted 'faux reality tradition' which the intellectual gangster of the past centuries have forced up us... without falling from the high heights of my eyrie outside the wester world.

To satisfy all complaint or curiousity... NO illicit/psychotrophic/mind altering substance or otherwise artificial inducements to normal brain entrainment modification HAVE BEEN USED in the creation of what follows - NONE. Nor are needed - as -

at our disposal since before time even intruded pon our consciousnesses have been the tools of CLEAR BEING (slightly but critically distinct from - 'CLEAR THINKING'... in that it implies PRESENCE(aka 'space' well as "AWARENESS," which is time based)that the forbears employed from .. time outta mind.

PRESENCE. "We need to find that place again, lay claim to our heritage. I owe diffidence to none in seeking out and exposing all they who have led us away from it."

 And while its 'here' - in an "Anatolia time outta mind" that such space opened up for me - it only makes sense that it can be wherever the will exists to throw way the shackles that burden our senses. Personally, I would argue that the fog of dissimulation which wreathes all of the fallen lands of the west prevents such seekers from finding that safe passage to the 'center of the mind' now... that was my experience anyhoo. But everybody is different right? With that firmly 'in mind'...

let's jus git on with it, shall we!!>??

Yesterdays’ dispatch from the shores of an Anatolia now quite literally – ‘time out of mind’ was designed to prepare... not blow...minds, and in that regard I thank reader New Game for his precise declaration of where both limits... and the willing accession to going beyond them lie.

That said, it may be necessary to consider just what lies beyond our ‘willing accession’ altogether! After giving it a few days time to settle in, I’ve returned to the issue of my having encountered whilst driving  this week an interlude of physical and psychic disequilibrium both unprecedented in effect, and indeterminable as to cause.

As the waves of said ‘internal earthquake’ receded rather quickly, I wasn’t too concerned about it personally, but felt it had some significance on other levels. Upon due reflection, I’m now rather sure of what. As I looked up at the somewhat lightening sky this morning, I realized that the gloom of the past three days had been like a stage curtain pulled down over this Aegean region - behind which a busy stage crew could work unseen and undisturbed - to set up the props of a forthcoming ‘production.’

When that curtain rises - sure to be soon - over Syrian skies, I believe that we will be seeing what is at the end of the SYRIAN ENDGAME. I also now believe that in a brief, intuitive flash such as is sometimes allowed to those of ‘the fay,’ such as I was fated to be born into and of, I encountered the end of the West.

 Yes, just like that.

Sometimes, as in the moment I mention at the outset of the story <a href="http://">Physis and Techne, an epochal moment is dramatic to the nth degree. As when the island Santorini exploded in a volcanic thunder of ash and cloud to signal the end of the Bronze Age civilizations of the peri-Aegean, and the arrival of the bloody conquering patriarchal warlord period which followed. Just like that - Crete, and the Anatolia coastal cultures were rolled up by a terrible carpet of tidal waves, disappearing like fabled “Atlantis” Perhaps indeed they were the ‘real’ Atlantis! At any rate - they were gone and buried, no less than Pompeii would be, centuries later.

Some other times, however, the signal point of epochal change is neither dramatic nor directly visible. Nevertheless… it arrives. And that - ladies and fellow psycho-naughts.. I believe is what has occurred this very week… with the re-arrival of the BOLTON Golem as the only telling tremor to break surface. Like a carrion bird, or one of Durer’s dark horsemen, his arrival can only signal approaching death and destruction on massive scale.

I mention this only to clarify what will appear as a shift of strategy on these pages. In setting up two separate platforms back in January on which to pursue my related themes via split frame technique, I had sought to prevent a ‘bleeding over’ of timelines, such that ‘historical’ elements could be neatly kept separate from contemporary ones. Although I knew this was but a devise to simply aid me in keeping my own head straight, I thought it would also serve the reader, in making the work more ‘approachable.’

What has happened however, is that a sense of quickening doom has ‘approached’ instead… and is indeed ‘encroaching’ upon the space I have to write in! I now believe that Drumpf has succeeded in the mission which I prophecized 1.5 years ago would be uniquely his - to bring about the reduction of the once mighty Republic across the sea. Like the storied 666 - BOLTON is the sign of the Beast. And everything speeds up to the end frame.

In a few days... we reach the anniversary of the moment when the Drumpf mask came off at last...
and a collection of phallic symbolically-charged 'missiles' hurled themselves o'er the muddled east to seek targets of lil merit or practical purpose.

Twas more 'theater' ...of the kabbalistic kind.... which presaged the shift of embassy from el aviv to Jerusalem, which pre-saged... what we soon gonna find out! And these kooks seem to really love numbered sequences in their staged "events!"

That is why from here on in I will be mixing timeframes, and racing the clock. It’s not panic… but rather, an appreciation of the fact that- while nothing can change the way things play out now, the accurate recording of the play itself will be requiring a sharpening of wits and insight. Was "the west" was lost for all time, this week? Has that event already happened, or was it but a 'premonition?' If you are still out there - in the flotsam and jetsam which remains… read on!

Two points which might have easily strayed into the storyline yesterday were thankfully left out. Had I followed my strictly conscious level of thought, I would have doubtless brought forward to the attention of the congregation the facts that...

Mary Pinochet Meyers was murdered, somewhere along a canal towpath in DC town – and that just before that event happened, she allegedly made a hurried phone call to Leary, saying “something has gone terribly wrong” ...and that

after that event, Washington newspaper editor Ben Bradlee and his wife, having rushed to MPM’s home for mysterious reasons of their own, are recorded to have found INSIDE the premises none other than JAMES JESUS ANGLETON, in the midst of a frantic search for something.

It is commonly believed that the contents of Mary’s personal diary were the object of all parties’ intrusions into her home – with or without keys. And since it was another level of awareness which guided my efforts yesterday, the fact that the head of the CIAs counter-intelligence department was personally found seeking out the diary of JFKs mistress hours after her mysterious death will only be brought into the storyline now; where it will sit, for the moment, as the very fattest and largest of the elephants already squeezed into this small funhouse.

Angleton – funny name that. For, from every angle, and through every prism of this story, James Jesus Angleton will appear as the spider at the center of the web of deceit and intrigue. And by revealing the real nature of his duplicity we will be able at last to understand the real nature of our current unreality. Will it set anyone ‘free?’ Unlikely. Can the Western world, now completely gone askew like a “Philadelphia Experiment” redux, be brought back safe n whole to port? Maybe even more ‘unlikely.’

My function is to guide – possibly ease – the passage of souls from one dimension to the next. I’m not concerned with ‘recoverings’ ... only recordings, of the chronicler kind! If, for unknown reasons, you are not already enmeshed in kabbalistic hell states... and somehow still at large, feel free to follow along – or even contribute to the mix!

 Now let’s jus ‘get on with it,’ shall we?

Ok. Treat THAT as the preamble to where we REALLY BEGIN this post! Finally. I gaurantee!

Half a century ago, there were no limits placed upon the speed and intensity of the kind of exploratative work which is required of any exegesis of a civilization in the throes of its’ own death watch. Guides who shoulda/coulda/woulda known better just ‘let it all hang out’ such that young uns were encouraged –nay, better said, directed by both peer pressure and the prevalent cultural zeitgeist as spun by a complicit media to become ‘psycho-nauts’ through ingestion of just about anything close to hand! As a result, unfortunately, most everyone from that era with some kind of innate potential to be ‘the best they could be’ ended up permanently prevented from achieving anything close to that optimal state due to damage caused by drug use. Psycho-active drug use.

Who be these ‘guides’ I speak of? In the public sphere – the lower levels of the hierarchy in other words, they were the visible figures of the ‘counterculture’ of course. Authors, musicians, visual artists were given the covert authority to present the ‘altered state of consciousness’ as just yet another ‘consumable’ of the consumer culture, available as easily as ‘dropping a tab,’ or having a hit of a bong. Given authority by whom?

Behind the first echelon of ‘presenters’ were the top drawer ‘researchers’ and scholars whose work would establish the necessary rationale for having ‘trips’ become ‘hip.’ They were the part of the academy and its expanding fringes who were able to translate texts of eastern mysticism, take part in anthropological ventures in shamanic circles, and/or show cause that a new “Aquarian Age” was just around the corner – and should be embraced as the ‘alternative reality’ needed to “eliminate war” and produce global harmony!

Thanks to the work of investigators like Dave McGowan, who exposed the ‘establishment’ underpinnings of Kalifornications ‘anti-establishment’ music and art scene, we know now that the level of hierarchy pulling the strings of those first two echelons was the “Military-Industrial” behemoth itself – in the form of the ‘security organs’ of the American state itself! Unfortunately, at that point, the trail pretty much went cold. Till now.

Why now?

Close to two decades after the mass public terror psyop by which towers were toppled by box-cutting wielding weirdos with indestructible passports, we have reached the point predicted by the very last Magus of the century past – Jean Baudrillards “precession” ... is now complete. Allowing moi to complete the mission which had to wait until Heideggers’ “land of setting sun” had indeed dwindled in a twilight zone.
And to inform you that there is indeed – no western world left – at this time. For those of you who are reading this and suppose yourselves to indeed be denizens of said placepoint, I’m in no way seeking to rain on  anyones’ parade or add to their burdens. It’s just that – the transition from “life” as “we” were accustomed to understand that term, to “pseudo-existence” in a kabbalistic virtual reality hell state... is seamless. How do I 'know' that? Well... the kabbalist black magician ALWAYS  GIVE CLUES. The trick is learning to read them!

So you wouldn’t necessarily know either tipping point, or where you have ended up right now! The Hellenic “Hades” or Hebraic “Shoah” are locales of the ‘afterlife’ – which is clearly distinguishable from ‘life’ as ‘lived’ by living entities. Kabbalistic hell states, on the other hand involve suspension of the barriers which supposedly separate the living from the dead. As that implies, in those states, one can be neither ‘living’ nor dead. Which is how/why it qualifies as a ‘hell’ in the purest sense of the word!

Was the ‘drug culture’ phase of occidental entanglement with its executioners essential to reaching that point? Of course it was. The psychological damage done to a generation or two of western minds perhaps could be undone with enough time and know-how. However, there is good reason to believe that the damage accrued from the phony ‘enlightenment’ merchandaise was also on the biological level. As in – genetic. Which it is improbable might be ‘undone.’

Yes, tis my contention that the last couple of generations of westerlings were already living in a crippled capacity due to the aftereffects of their parents indulgences. If phenomena such as autism represent the overt biological results of such weakening of the natural auric defences which souls need have when returned to this dimension, then the subtle crippling of the psyche which manifests increasingly in the now obvious inability to ‘think’ and ‘see’ independently is the covert one. The ‘internet revolution’ probably sealed the deal, in a kabbalistic ‘magic seals’ kind of way.

You are familiar with the concept of ‘sealing’ in the magical arts right?

No, I'm not saying that it is not 'scientifically sound' to propose that the damage caused to small, developing human brains by mercury-laced vaccines is behind phenomena like 'autism,'

but I AM saying that the parameters of science are SELF LIMITING BY DESIGN, and thereby have created a paradigm in which no culture war of kind we have been subject to for a century or more now can be 'quantifiably' accommodated within those boundaries. Boundaries within with... all cats are grey... all evidence smoothed away in a 'mathematically-based' methodology of false witness via 'facts' which jus ain't 'factual'... upon closer inspection of the clear minded kind!

(I've just cottoned on to the 'fact' that the tankers have been stealthily about their 'bizness' in the sky today, and have now succeeded in coating it will a very fine film of filth. How do I know this? I went out to check the voltage on the battery charging this computer... expecting... after two days of fine full sunshine and full charging.. to see a high reading.

Nope. All gone. And there them Nazgul be! Up higher and farther west over the MED they are flying. They've changed tactics, but the results have ended up the same. And the energy charge I had built up inside in two day past has likewise started to dissipate. Thought I would get this mega-mother of a post done today. Not likely now.

"The first three chapters of this book were read by
the  respective  authors  as  papers  before  the  Second
International  Conference  on  Hallucinogenic  Mush-
rooms held on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington,
on Friday, :ï October  Dr.  Albert  Hofmann  is  the  Swiss  chemist
renowned  for  his  discovery  in .....  but  his
familiarity  with  the  plant  alkaloids  is  encyclopedic
and  he  will  draw  our  attention  to  attributes  of  some
of them relevant to the Eleusinian Mysteries.
As  we  are  dealing  with  a  central  theme  of  Greek
civilization  in  antiquity,  it  was  obvious  that  we
needed  the  cooperation  of  a  Greek  scholar.  At  the
appropriate  moment  I  learned  of  Professor  Carl  A.
P.  Ruck,  of  Boston  University,  who  for  some  years
has  been  making  notable  discoveries  in  the  recalcitrant
 area  of  Greek  ethnobotany.  It  will  be  my  function, in
 this  first  of  three  papers,  to  stress  certain  attributes
 of  the  cu lt  of  inebriating mushrooms in Mexico."

That was Gordon Wasson, speaking at the outset of the conference which got many great 'scientific minds' of the day together to look at a subject we are going to be spending a lot of time with.
 Eleusinian Mysteries... aka...

"TRIPS" of several different kinds... and the strings which strangely bind those very disparate experiences of "travel" together! Just as I am now blending the political and historical dimensions of our story together here now... we must blend the psycho-naut and politic-nut aspects of it too. Whilst Leary and Lenin... Leon and Sid(Gottlieb!) were ultimately empty 'naughts' whose negative thought and action poisoned this orb like no wickedness before... their impact must be explored, for the hidden synergies with which bankers of the frankist-sabbatean kind brought wars, mass terror, and mass psychoses upon our societies...

all apurpose! Drugs.... guns... pharisees... pharmaceuticals ...

Wasson... the psycho-tropic scientific investigator, was a big wig VP at JP MORGAN BANK before his career change. You did not know that huh? Stay tuned... likes I said.... while we ROCK your head!

Jacob Schiff... migrant son of Moses Schiff, the Rottieshields associate was the man who built a Wall St Empire from which many a scion of the next generations would branch out into 'discovery of the world of mind-altering drugs. Jeffrey Bronfmann... scion of Sammy the Hooch became a pioneer of ayahuasca research and advocate of it's 'spiritual' benefits. Likewise ... children of the demonic Pritzker clan have become 'Tibetan Buddhist Lamas'... in addition to devoting much time and money into revitalizing religious sects and art traditions from the high Himalayas. "Spiritual seekers?" Hardly

Hard boiled 'creepers' .. of the culture wars kind. I have to put this chapter to rest... so that I can get me some. For we close...

In his book New Lies for Old, Anatoliy Golitsyn argues that a KGB elite network faked the collapse of the USSR, and, therefore, the official dissolution of the USSR does not mean that the ‘deep’ Soviet system was defeated. In 1961, after defecting to the West, Anatoliy Golitsyn told the CIA about a long-term deception strategy articulated by Soviet elite forces to lull the West and infiltrate the European countries and the USA. In this book, published in 1984, Golitsyn predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall which, indeed, took place five years later, in 1989. CIA counter-intelligence Chief J. J. Angleton took Anatoliy Golitsyn’s intelligence and arguments seriously, but he was dismissed soon after, since many U.S. higher authorities found J. J. Angleton paranoid and a crazy conspiracy theorist.

“When Soviet citizens were liberated from up to 74 years of horrific Marxist-atheist oppression on December 26, 1991, the day the USSR officially ended, there were ZERO celebrations throughout the USSR, proving (1) the ‘collapse’ of the USSR is a strategic ruse; and (2) the political parties of the West were already co-opted by Marxists, otherwise the USSR (and East Bloc nations) couldn’t have gotten away with the ruse . . . the Kremlin staged anti-government demonstrations that took place in Russia (and other Soviet republics) in the years immediately preceding the ‘collapse,’ yet ZERO celebrations after the ‘collapse’!” Furthermore, according to Anatoliy Golitsyn, “the so-called ‘War on Terror’ is an operation being carried out by the Marxist co-opted governments of the West in alliance with the USSR and other Communist nations, the purpose being to (1) destroy the prominence of the West in the eyes of the world, where the West is seen (i) invading nations without cause; (ii) causing chaos around the globe; and (iii) killing over one-million civilians and boasting of torture; (2) close off non-Russian supplies of oil for export, thereby increasing the price of oil, the higher price allowing oil exporting Russia to maintain economic stability while she modernizes and increases her military forces; (3) destroy the United States Armed Forces via the never-ending ‘War on Terror’; the ultimate purpose of the aforementioned to (4) bring about the demise of the United States in the world, opening up a political void to be filled by a new pan-national entity composed of Europe and Russia (replacing the European Union), a union ‘From the Atlantic to Vladivostok’; which will (5) see the end of NATO.”

Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that a transnational financial elite financed the masterminds of the Bolshevik Revolution, while simultaneously playing a protagonist role in the West’s financial system, thus establishing covert organic channels of interaction and interdependence between the West and the Soviet system. In particular, the U.S. State Department, in its 3-volue report on the origins of communism in Russia, published in 1931, reveals how Jewish-controlled German banks under the leadership of Max Warburg conspired as early as 1914 to send large payments to Lenin, Trotsky, and other Bolsheviks in their attempt to bring down the Tsar (see: United States Department of State, Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States, 1918: Russia). As part of this conspiracy, Jacob Schiff invested close to 20 million USD toward the establishment of Bolshevism in Russia, and he financed Trotsky’s trip from New York to Russia.

The 'trips' taken by Hoffman, Leary and Kesey&Co were ones taken to inner spaces where the mind would not come back from whole. A portion of our collective psyches, very possibly our very dna... have been wiped out as a result of their dabbling in dark places.

The 'trips' taken in a sealed train from Germany to Russian by Lenin/Trotsky were ones which would leave our world unwhole... unhealed...and bloodied by SYSTEMIC TERROR like never before.

Kabbalism devors... minds/bodies/souls. Oh... about that quote from Plato, which leads off here. Now we have a better clue how he managed to fukk himself up... as well as 'western philosophy' in general.  Eleusinian Mysteries. Ok... so the 'ergot' was 'all natural'... as opposed to Hoffmans' synthetic stuff...
but, butt

them Athenian "Greeks" were all 'butthurt' Nancy Boys who simply took on 'female' wives in order to better disguise their dismal passions and excessive dissipations! Very early 'culture war' victims... it seems. First the moneychangin new arrivals messed with the currencies of the Hellenes... then they messed with their minds!

At the start of this post, I showed you a map -

"this map of the eastern Mediterranean region, a map that is designed to show the shock waves which spread out from the Thera eruption, c1560 b.c., but that has some other potentially interesting applications as well. That explosion, many times more powerful than Krakatoa, signaled the beginning of the end of a world - of the Age of Bronze, of the sea-based civilizations of Crete and elsewhere in the Mediterreno-Anatolian region we are focused upon here."

A tsunami of water which struck away an epoch of advanced Mediterranean civilization, maybe even "Attlantis" itself, and set the stage for an era of Iron-based warlordism and terror. Now a new wave of TERROR with tsunamic like intensity may be barreling down upon these same shores, as an implacable war machine driven by talmudic terror gets unleashed by the ORANGE-HAIRED NERO a fiddlin whilst diddlin with his kiddie hands on fly!

See where I'm going with this? Maybe not huh? Tis OK... I myself only sometimes see the dimmest outlines of this trail, fore I plunge ahead. Feel your way through the darkness friends. Here... hold onto this here horse's harness, whilst we proceed further out onto the next ledge. And don't - whatever you do - look down!

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the mind of the deranged must see a different spectrum of light. drugs, incessant mutation, psychotic disorder, either environmental or shit for luck parents, might explain this trip. the path is trodden, though.
is it 1 in a 10 million or sculpted from biological behaviors? surly some fuks could poison the well. i like to think of my own journey and how it changed by a decision(s) made without full understanding and forbearance. it is this that differentiates the path we lead. so now tell me where you are going? i now move much slower, like the tracker undetected. and yes, keep an eye on the sky. rule 8. #2 says down and dirty. ok- sorry, just some survival stuff.
hey thanks, now i am wondering what drug i'm on after being sober for over 30 years. lol.