The Fake News Media Pulls Out All the Stops. We Pull No Punches in Response!

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave

In February of 2016 I released what would prove to be the 'best in class,' war college style analytic report on the politico-military situation in the middle east yet written. Because it was released as open source by the owner of the only well read site I could find to publish it in the west, it was immediately stolen, and plagiarized verbatim by a media group which had already proven itself to be an enemy of 'truth in media' in general, and an enemy of mine in particular.


As that report discussed in detail, at the time of its' publication, the tentacles of the russo-talmudic media octopus were stretching in all directions - of misdirection - attempting to convince westerlings of the imminent invasion of northeastern Syria by Turkish ground forces. To the eternal shame of its MEDIA fronts ... such as "SOUTHFRONT"... I would debunk their claim, and show the world what real military analysis looked like. Now, almost three years later - we are indeed looking at a imminent invasion of north eastern Syria by Turkish ground forces...


In a world where 'short term memory loss' now seems to be the norm...

it would pay to remind the reader that at the time of my study, the Russians were only beginning to end a deep freeze of their relations with the Ankara regime... Russians had cultivated the perceived enemies of Ankara - as I wrote -

'Meanwhile Russia had evolved a close tactical alliance with YPG Kurdish militias in operations against Syrian rebel groups. If long range bombers capable of precision strikes over the zone of intended advance were not bad enough news, the new attitude of their erstwhile western allies them to understand just how totally isolated they had become. There could thus be no guarantee of Russia not using their aerial superiority to protect those same Kurds against any Turkish offensive.

Ironically, in the YPG-PKK Kurds the Russians now have a proxy force which can be more capably aimed at their enemy with destructive potential than Ankara’s dissolving jihadist proxy force can be used to similar effect! Any advance across the border into Syria would be casus belli for just that scenario to unfold – to Ankara’s acute discomfort.'

and the Amerikanskis were just beginning to put 'boots on the ground' in n e Syria! Now - with tactical alliances totally reversed.... and Urusalems having told Washington that its' duties in Syria are finished... what do you suppose might happen to our ever shifting kaleidoscope of frenemies and strange bedfellows?

A question which no one will even ask - let alone answer correctly... saving your intrepid reporter of the really real!

Let's come back to that small matter - after I've had a chance to check in with what ordure the faken newz medias are spreading on this fine pre dawn muddled eastern morning. That will give the reader the chance to read - and digest - the above linked documents... and prepare the well informed for the rest of the show!