The Gap widens again - between real reporting - and the 'fake news medias'

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Here we are - (not quite) dawn of a new day in the muddled east; time for a bit of assessment, before moving forwards with things.

If you've arrived here via the comments I an accustomed to leaving on a certain American message board, here's something to take note of: a serious amount of damage was done to what I am in the habit of calling the 'fake news storyline' on Syria this weekend past - and I'm happy to take credit for that event.

The archetypical "Russo-talmudic" disinfo peddler  "Saker" was caught out entirely In flagrante delicto  with a howler regarding the identity of the parties who shot down the Russian jet over northern Syria. My bringing this to the attention of the Americans most partial to believing that particular disinfo storyline produces a gale of enraged reaction which is still resonating through the echo chamber. Watch the fun unfold, when the online hooligans who believe that they've got 'everything under control - again' get caught in the web of their own manipulative games,

as we further - rip off the mask - of 'kabbalism in action!' Now then - where were we?

The previous post here - in STARK contrast to the stumbling efforts of the fake news medias - gave an accurate assessment of the confused state of affairs hanging over northern Syria;CONTRARY to claims otherwise - the SAA has not moved into Afrin... the YPG continues to deny a deal has been cut... the Turks continue to bomb civilians targets - whilst bluster bombing the press with bellicose threats against all and sundry!

In retrospect, that post will stand as a highlight - in a continued thread of assessments produced here of UNPARALLELED accuracy in predicting and parsing the flow of events in THE SYRIAN ENDGAME!
Looking for honest, well researched and ACCURATE reporting of the story? You're in the right place now!

Even as the inherent weakness of its islamized military becomes all too clear, with the Afrin adventure the Ankara regime recently embarked upon, it seems that it is planning to build an independent army by to counter what it increasingly imagines to be dark designs against it. What does ‘independent army’ mean in this context? One with no dependence for armaments on the western alliance - and completely free of the command and control structure of that alliance! How would it look? Chinese and Russian weapon systems, augmenting ‘made in Turkey’ ones. Where would it operate? Anywhere the Ankara regimes thirst for adventurism send it… but most particularly… in the eastern Mediterranean; the template, you see, already exists.
Abdullah Bozkurt recently outlined the situation:
The Aegean Army was established in July 1975 with its headquarters in western Izmir province as a separate force of the Turkish army in response to political and military tensions with neighboring Greece. But its roots go back to the 1960s, when Turkey, as a guarantor state, started contemplating a military incursion in Cyprus to defend the rights of ethnic Turks. The Turkish military units stationed in the part of Cyprus, officially called the Turkish Peace Force Command and estimated to be close to 30,000 troops, is part of the Aegean Army. The army’s jurisdiction covers the entire west coast of Turkey.

Erdoğan’s open threats before, during and after a visit to Greece in December 2017 should be understood in light of this new conjecture in the power-brokering deals among Erdoğan and his partners. In 2016, he opened up to debate the long-standing Lausanne Treaty, which decided the border issues of the Turkish Republic in the post-World War I era. He has increased Turkish intelligence operations targeting the Muslim and Turkish minority in Greece’s Western Thrace and in the neighboring Balkan countries.

Acting thusly - as a chaotic destabilizing element with every nation in its neighborhood, the jihadist regime is both seeking to divert domestic attention from the imminent collapse of its economy, and to make it easier for Srael to capitalize on its' puppets sabre rattling by launching aggressions of its own! As pointed out in the previous story - FOR ALL THE JIHADIS OPERATED BY SRAEL - the Mission ISIS Mayhem!

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Re: The Gap widens again - between real reporting - and the 'fake news medias'

I am another poster from that "certain American message board".  I highly recommend this blog.  The only (truthful) one I read to actually learn something new and discover a perspective I wasn't aware of before.
Thanks for sharing Bob!