The Return of the "Essayist" 0r - Going Deeper, down unholy holes. Part One

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
As indicated in the post previous, it's two months now that  the new platform has been operational. And during that brief period of existence, I'm pleased to say that the site has already provided anyone interested in knowing what's really going on in the 'muddled east' with the most accurate interpretation of events in that region available anywhere.

With that introduction to what this site is capable of achieving, I believe it time to widen the frame of reference slightly, so as to give the reader a chance to put the stories reported on here so far, in a macro context helpful in explaining the forces behind those recent events.  It will also afford them the opportunity to realize that this has been no 'lucky' or 'chance' string of successful predictions and coverage - rather - it's the continuation and result of an almost decade long interim of thinking through the implications of one original precis arrived at in the course of my musing upon the mysterious dissonance of media reportage upon geopolitical themes.

Bushy Bandits - still "WANTED" after all these years!

What do I mean by 'dissonance?' Well, if you can remember some of the most prevalent and recurring themes of the decade previous - a putative "War on Terror" running parallel to an ongoing 'financial crisis' occurring in the western world, you'll see on reflection, just what I mean. The war on terror was one which seemed to grow exponentially both in geographical scope and mandate! It also along the way became a project without limits in time as well as space, such that, in its scope of 'facing off against 'financial funding of terrorism'...  it would drastically impede the flow of money at the scale and manner of ordinary folks, whilst drastically increasing the scale and manner in which huge flow of 'dark' capital could slosh around the world wreaking havoc upon so-called "markets."

Watching all of this unfold gave me the uneasy sense that none of this was 'accidental,' or haphazard circumstance - instead, it appeared to me to be the result of careful planning and an ambitious agenda to change the face of our very reality! To make that point clear - and relevant to the perspective which most who read this will bring to their doing so...

the operations which took place in the immediate aftermath of the so-called 'financial meltdown' in America circa fall 2008 I described at that time as a "coup d'etat." I've never had reason since that moment to doubt the accuracy nor prescience of that description. The work which has proceeded from that point on has been primarily to determine the true identities and motives of those who pulled off that coup, as well as fleshing out the concurrent theme of how and why the communication medias abandoned any real reportage upon it!

If you can parse the phraseology of that same -0NEMEDIA- as I've come to call it - in its reportage upon that theme ever since ....

"oligarchs," 'the elites," the "1%," or, my favorite - "the deep state" - you'll likely come to agree with me that something pretty obvious is being determinedly hidden from view. And while I'm certainly not alone in inferring the identity of those parties behind the machinations to involve ethnic affinities of the 'judaic' kind, it's been my unique undertaking to lift the veil on the deeper purpose and identities of that cabal of what I've come to call "milleniallists." Well, actually - I've come to call them 'millennialist madmen!' It's an accurate encapsulation of a covert plan to dump all of us back into a neo-feudal nightmare land of totalitarian top-down control over every aspect of 'our' lives - 'our' being but the tiny remnant left alive after a considerable 'scything' of the western peoples down to 'manageable' size. Manageable by whom?

After a couple of months of disciplined postings which have stick to my new regime of 'short n snappy' ... it's time to return to the essay format for a moment ... so as to extend these insights into greater detail. I'm going to get to grips with the subject in what will be part one here - and then continue with whatever further parts are required.

Tracking the scent of these criminals had led me to explore the greater part of the vast space we call "Asia." From the Bosphorus to Beijing, I've made it my business to be 'on the lookout' for signs of their spoor - and those signs have not been hard to find - for those willing to use the native faculties so out of favor in our current age of 'faux - rationalism' and phony scientific methodologies!' And with that introduction....

we get to open the pages of our wonderful dossier of investigative reporting once again - to review what those wonderings and wanderings have dredged up! Starting from this story written back in 2014 - Richard Sandor and the Right to Breathe - and amplified in my essay of the following year - "From Warring States to Warring Factions"- I've detailed some remarkable, and remarkably unknown, facts about the conjunction of western financial banking cabals with eastern "communist" state capitalism in producing a toxic blend of the worst of both points of the compass.

Ranging from historical studies of the meeting of those two poles - the China Meme - to financially oriented exposes of the campaign to convince hapless westerners that somehow - China's state capitalist oligarchy is dedicated to their financial liberation rather than it's own interests...
these stories from the middle portion of the present decade represent unique journalistic endeavors to uncover the real nature of what is transforming our world - and our reality - in front of a sightless and complicit ONEMEDIA working hard to keep those same covers on tight!

Now then... back to the future. We've just received notice of the removal of the mask over that cuddly and cute visage called "CHINA LLC"... via the announcement of a new "DEAR LEADER" FOR LIFE whose powers will extend to every facet of society because...

because that's how "democratic socialist societies" work! Top down, centrally planned... with a dollop of 'market economy' to flavor the bitter fruits of too much corruption and malfeasance. It's been a while since such open display of the real meaning of 'communism' could come out of hiding, and the real meaning of the "Chinese Miracle" could be revealed.

While other - more febrile - minds were writing paeans of praise about China's 'opening to the West,' and the transition to market economy and pluralization of its' society, this writer trucently stuck with the simple truth ... the subheading for my essay of 2015 "From "Warring States" to Warring Factions"
was "China's transition from "communist" to "capitalist" ... semantic ploy to mask a project of continuity in government... or real change of socio-economic models?"

In the course of that essay I rather definitively answered my question, in a manner which marched to a very 'different drummer' than other analysts...

"This is key to understanding the nature of the debate over Xi and the future. Xi has described Mao as “a great figure who changed the face of the nation and led the Chinese people to a new destiny;” in identifying with the Maoist legacy he clearly seeks champion the role of the party as state power, and be seen as the Emperor who rules over it all. In resuscitating the Maoist legacy, Xi is expecting to be able to reap the rewards of nationalist and putatively 'socialist' sentiment in the Party and wider realms... but I would argue that he is also making clear an agenda which has sources identical to they who controlled Mao... as they control Xi! Herein lies a contradiction and conundrum which will need be resolved."

who now, years later, are coming around to seeing China for what it really is, but still choose to be blind to it's real controllers and the real agenda! For a good example of the kind of stunningly 'stunned' retro-analysis and realization type - you can check out the recent A Chinese Puzzle: Why Economic “Reform” in Xi’s China Has More Meanings than Market Liberalization Evan A. Feigenbaum

full of treasures like "Clearly, the Xi-era brand of “reform” does not mean unleashing Adam Smith’s invisible hand of the market across the many nooks and crannies of the Chinese economy. And so while the first of these three types of “reform” should involve permitting the market to assume roles hitherto played by the state, it’s hard to deny that, in the aggregate, efforts to expand the role of market forces have floundered in recent years."

Sheesh. If only the author had read - and absorbed essays like my "Myths of Capitalism" series - the hidden truth about 'hidden hands' would have been revealed to him aeons ago!

But of course no one reads the musings of an 'uncredentialed' no body who hasn't any strings... visible or otherwise... attaching them to nodes of power and influence! What could he know that other do not? And perhaps... its better to 'pretend' to be 'puzzled' about the nature of Chinas' leadership and those who pull the strings behind them! In part two... we continue with the process of delicately removing the blinkers... on a whole lot o stuff!