The Three Stages of Denial: Outright - Maybe - Ok, they were ours but!

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave

The slow glide of dawning realization ... that just denying what happened ever happened... is never gonna work, has crept towards the intermediate stage. And as the spokesperson up on this stage explains it...

"up to five" Russian mercenaries died in a US air strike last week." This is the first time Russia's confirmed losing citizens - but it insists they had nothing to do with the government

Like a joint not smoked, or a bridge too far, the various members of the part of the Russian Government responsible for liaison with the outside world are in search of something, anything, to make this story go away. Mission impossible.

Like the gap between this journos' track record - and the sorry effort of the  'alt' and 'msm' brands of the ONEMEDIA ... It's only getting bigger! And with a looming election for Putins' attention to focus upon, the timing could not be better - for a tiny terror state puppetmaster in the s e Med, which pulls all the strings in this shadow pupper theatre! How to  gain 'client states' and influence people' must be the self-help book Bibis' been reading!

He can arrange for the most terrible things to happen - via influence within Americas' political and security sector highest rungs - so that even the respective "heads of state" are kept in a state of 'doubt,' suspense, fear, and unknowing! The various moving parts of a deux ex machina which pulled off the last weeks' confrontation between two sides who really DO NOT WISH TO FIGHT EACH OTHER - but will soon enough be doing so anyways... are truly a testament to the degree of fined tuned control which the talmudic kabbalists have achieved over the "Most Important Men" in the world!

Don't know what's gonna happen next? You haven't been keeping up with my posts!