Thierry Meyssan: The French Plan to Recognize Rojava – Part Two/Counter Analysis

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
If  you have read part one  - the reprint of the recent ‘voltaire network’ piece posted above – you’ll be ready to join me for some parsing of the entrails! Swamped in a sea of endless “administrative” tasks, I want to break cover for a moment to do some of what this new site is here to do: ‘counter-analysis’ of the serial distortions of the ‘fakenews’ ONEMEDIA now fully in charge of all channels of communication – all the time.

Foremost among all the terminology the reader needs to equip themselves with for successful navigation of the seas of deception, the “limited hangout” sits; the provision of choice nuggets of true data by a dissimulative agent, in the course of setting up their audience for acceptance of a false storyline. Dragged out of the world of ‘spooks,’ spies, and ‘intelligence’ kooks, I employ the term here as a reference marker for the purpose of showing the modus operandi of the kabbalist and their agents.

Establishing some form of ‘credibility’ is of the utmost importance in this game of deceit.  A ‘truthteller’ whose track record of true stories leads the reader to drop their guard and become an unwitting recipient of ‘fake news’ – this is the essential mark of the new ‘internet media’ at work!  I’ve watched, over the past decade how the transition occurs – a voice of seeming integrity and ‘truth in media’ .... VETERANS TODAY... for example, slowly starts to show evidence of ‘tampering’ internally. I call it the ‘buyout model.’ It can never really be known, was the ownership bribed, bullied or blackmailed into giving up editorial control into the hands of ‘new ownership?’ At the end of the day however, all that matters is that the blueprint by which subtle changes to site content take the unsuspecting reader along, on a ride to a far different ‘destination’ than where they thought they were going!

Having seen it happen over and over again, it’s a relatively simple task for me now to identify and breakdown the successfully ‘turned’ media platform which becomes another mouthpiece for the same financial power which the original mandate of that same site was all about challenging. Let’s dig into the sad case of ‘Thierry Meyssan.”

A veteran writer with unique insight into the affairs of the post-colonial parts of the middle east where the writ of “La Glorie de Gaul” used to be in effect, our author for years was the source of many vital pieces of the puzzle which I worked on in accord with my mission of ‘truth in media.” Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, all once provinces of the ‘other empire,’ fallen, like that of the Brits, into disrepair in the postwar period, to become the sources of endless streams of migrants whose passports made them defacto French citizens in a kind of karmic blowback for centuries of imperial pillage.

In particular, that area which would come to be divided into three artificial polities known respectively as “Syria,” Turkey, and “Iraq” in the English language – post Treaty of Sevres the boundaries of which were either under French control, where they met, or actual French ‘protectorates’ as in the case of “Hatay.” The sad legacy of French abandonment of the Greek, Armenian, Assyrian refugees from Ataturks’ terror pogroms to their fate need not be gone over here – let’s just summarize by saying that – in the same way that British imperial policy in the hands of its talmudic owners post ww2 would set the seeds for endless friction between Muslim and Hindu components of their former empire in play... the French record of duplicity in their sector of Asian empire would set in motion an ongoing friction between ethnicities and religious groupings which is now saddling ‘the homeland’ with a catastrophic demographic culture war without end!

Being intimately acquainted with the history of all this, and possessed of a wealth of insider contacts from within the current regimes of talmudic- owned puppet French regimes, Meyssan seemed the perfect choice for keeping abreast of developments from the French/European angle. Until some time in 2016 that  is – when a considerably well honed faculty of sensing dissimulation at work started to flash signals at me that not all was what it seemed – in the work of Thierry Meyssan!

This returns us to the matter of the 'nation state' - locus of loyalties for persons who need to be able to 'root' for a team, in the same sense as one cheers on a sports club, and identifies with its' "brand." This is not, as it first might seem, a matter of pure 'patriotism,' or 'nationalism.' What marks the geopolitical landscape of the moment is the now ingrained tendency of westerners to pick up loyalties to a team foreign to their own 'nation state' - a schizophenic effort to 'de-identity' themselves with a colonial or imperialist power by projecting a counter-identity onto a supposed 'better' nation state. Rather than dropping allegiance to all nation states, and seeing them for what they are - false fronts of the international finance capital behemoth - the westerner seeking to avoid complicity in the crimes which their nation state has committed on behalf of or at the direction of that same money power  finds a false exit in 'changing' flags from one to another 'team' of that same criminal cabal.

This new direction in dissimulative strategy take the bewildered reader on a wild ride to a situation in which - by finding new 'heros' with whom to identity, they suppose themselves purged of guilt in the crimes referenced. Practically, this works out to a now common sight on the internet message board - a passionate vocalization of support for a 'nation state' such as Syria, Iran, Russia or China, and an equally passionate condemnation of their 'home nation state' - France, England, USA, etc.

The sad descent of Thierry Meyssan into a lap dog apologists for state actors of a certain "team" is an instructive case study in the perils and limitations of 'new media' in this era of 'post-reality.' The developing situation in Afrin gives us a chance to look more closely at just how - and how badly! - it all plays out! Meyssans latest missive: Turkish army enters Syria
 is instructive in this regard:

"The battles had actually begun the night before but only with shells from Turkey against Kurdish forces under US command" Of course the 'Kurdish forces' in Rojava are not under US command... since the US has no presence there, unlike further east in the other cantons. This area - what the US itself describes as being in the Russian sphere of influence - has SDF forces which are self-directed in the defense of the people living there. Why is this once independent journalist now completely dedicated to supporting the disinfo of an obvious psyop? We'll come back to that question!

In Part Three we look further into the psyop called "the new internet media"... and the world of phony and corrupt pseudo-journalism it has engendered!

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