Total Information Awareness - Kabbalism in more Action!

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Here we go... with another chilling
 reminder... for those who thought the internet a 'safe space' for them to wander!

Global spy malware traced back to Lebanese security

Anyone who thinks this story is actually about "Lebanese Intelligence" capabilities is clearly already a victim  of some, associated kabbalist mind-control program. The simple truth is that that mossad/operation talpiot[see here]

found a 'back door' into that countries' security set ups... and 'exploited' it to the max, in order to cover their own tracks!

"At least since 2012, Dark Caracal has been actively transmitting private information, from call records and audio recordings to documents and photos, of military personnel, activists, journalists and lawyers living in the United States, Canada, Germany, France and Lebanon. This was made possible through trojanized apps, fake versions of applications, including Signal and Whatsapp. Trackers are able to take photos, retrieve location and information and capture audio. So far, no legal action or sanctions have been taken, and it remains unknown if the GDGS activities are still ongoing."

One might legitimately wonder what is this malware doing in service to an obscure central asian state:
The joint investigation between EFF and Lookout started after EFF released a report called Operation Manul in August 2016. The report detailed a series of cyberattacks that targeted journalists and political activists critical of Kazakhstan’s authoritarian government, along with their family members, lawyers and associates living in the country and Europe.

But one would not wonder for long... had they read my reports upon Kazakhstani talmudic mafiya types like "Arif Tevik" and other Donald J Drumpf 'good buddies!'

No, there is no 'safe space' left on an almost totally compromised 'internet' and... when you read my equally 'chilling story' - about the way tel aviv is not actively 'tracking' critics of its debt/usury/interest criminal empire in live time...

you will realize that soon enough... there will be no refuge from the omnipotent hand of 'kabbalism in action'... anywhere... anytime - on or off line.