Turkish-backed rebels mutilate body of dead female Kurdish fighter

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
That didn't take long!
Turkish-backed rebels mutilate body of dead female Kurdish fighter

In what will prove the pivotal moment, in the most important battle which is going on in the world right now - the jihadist psychopathy has revealed itself in its full gory glory - leaving NO DOUBT about what we are facing. The diseased dream of the neo-ottoman adventurists at large in neighboring Syria is to return all of ANATOLIA to a brutal medieval nightmare land of savagery, misogyny and genocide... for the glory of an 'angry god' religion and the ethnic supremacists who worship that beastly creed.
Unable to prevent themselves from showing the true face of Turco-talmudic terror in action, the jihadis Ankara has employed to strip the people of Rojava of their homes, lands, and even dignity in death, have given away to the world a total confirmation of what i have pointed out for the past two years repeatedly:

the genocidal atrocities of Daesh(ISIS)and the assorted terrorist proxies of Srael and its Islamist allies ARE THE WORK OF TALMUDIC KABBALISM IN ACTION! Ethno-supremacism in its Turco-Islamist form IS TALMUD(C TERROR IN ACTION! Pay no attention to the phony masks of "Islam" "Judaism" "Sionism" or "Turanism" - all of a piece - and all deadly to peace on this earth!

Hatred of gender/hatred of creed/hatred of ethnicity/- this is the sole political ideology of the 'NEW TURKIYE - and it is identical to the political ideology of Settler Israel and its campaign of terror againt the Palestine. There is no difference in either aim nor ideology.

With that out of the way - now for the good news.
Of course what Ankaras' jihadist sidekicks have done, in addition to turning the worlds attention - and Europes' forthcoming collective wrath - onto the sick mindset of the "Nato ally" they are all sick and tired of... is to galvanize the on the ground resistance to the terror campaign in northern Syria, and to turn their Kurdish enemies into a single-purposed, fight to the death NATION that will overcome all its internal divisions to defeat a common enemy which can no longer be ignored or mistaken.

It's worth a half dozen 'divisions' of the military kind. It's the kind of 'gift' which will keep on blowing back on the giver for as long as it takes for that giver to be totally rousted. It is, in other words, the kind of colossal tactical mistake which campaigns are decided by. And that only hubris laden fools can commit.

<a href="http://Kurdish forces launch big counter-offensive in northwest Afrin">Kurdish forces launch big counter-offensive in northwest Afrin

Jin Jiyan Azadi! Hidden force which will break the pretend Caliphate
"Women, Life. Freedom" - three Kurdish words - and the new heart of resistance to tyranny arises - from the least expected of places!"

"In time's long past - but ever so relevant to contemporary events - when there was no imposed dialectically-induced trace thinking bounded by concepts like 'this' or 'that' - women embodies in themselves the full range of human potentiality - from nurturer to executioner - and everything in between. As emblemized by the Semitic Goddess Anat - often called "virgin, and invoked to bring peace and tranquility she was a fierce warrior, with a strong sexuality much like the war and sex of the Irish Morrigan. No mistake, the etymology of our word for this area of the world - Anat -olia - and the earthquake in social relations now beginning to appear via the warrior women of Rojava! Once again - we see past as prologue to events unfolding here. "Mothers" are much more than the vision of them which the men who never really outgrew their infantile need of protection from reality cling to! And Islam will not much longer remain a place of refuge for them and their fantasies of power and appropriation"

A world kept purposely blind to the greatest evil in its midst - by a fully complicit ONEMEDIA - will now begin to wake up to the truth which this rogue journo has refused to leave buried!
No War No Peace: The Triumph of Terror as State Policy
Israel and Turkey now joined at the hip!