Valley of the - Hyenas - Kobane all over again!

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
It's official... the Turkish jihadis have been forced to press into service some of their dirtiest laundry! Al-Qaeda affiliate Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra)has joined the jihadist assault on Afrin... and with that goes the last pretense of those claiming the invasion to be anything other than an all out attack on the people of northern Syria by the combined forces of the TERROR STATE.

Turned back in every effort to claw territory from the SDF defenders, the regime in Ankara has apparently become desperate enough to 'drop the mask' at last - exposing the lie as to 'no civilian targets' at the same time as the pretense to be anything more than a creature of Israels' grand strategy to make the middle east dissolve into sectarian bloodbaths. As the confrontation scheduled to appear between the Turkis and the Americans grows perilously closer, it seems that there is no more need to pretend that Ankara is fighting 'terror' ... inside of supporting it.

Just as it was no 'accident' that the strike at Afrin take place at the exact moment an Isis(Daesh)attack on SDF forces near the Deir ez Zor front was mandated! All these CENTRALLY COORDINATED attacks show the hand of the master manipulator we know as "mossad." It is going to be very difficult indeed for the shills of the outfit to claim that the Rojava Kurds are hired mercenaries of America.... when as it turns out... just like three years ago - at Kobane - the people of Rojava are on there own against the forces of international finance/terror.

The 2006 movie "Valley of the Wolves" was a made in Turkey film which pandered the the latent resentments and ethno-supremacist fantasies of a large segment of that countries population. In essence an on screen enactment of the infamous 'hood' event of 2003, it gave vent to the 'nationalist' xenophobia which would need another 12 years to reach boiling point - which is now. The artificial creation of a confrontation between two NATO 'allies' is a key part of the plan by which not just NATO ... but the entire western world itself... is to be blown up - in a massive 911 type staged production. We know who the screenwriters are... we know the players... and their roles... but the whole world, instead of 'watching'... is snoozing as the entire media is playing dumb about what is surely to come!

The scenario I warned a disbelieving western world about on July 30 2016 - iS about to go live.