WHEN THE VEIL DROPS - who is really behind the new barbarism in the middle east and it's coming export to Europe?

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 by Bel Suave
2 years ago

Crowning achievement of Tel Aviv's strategic diplomacy - ZATO IS BORN -first fruit of the Turko-Zionist Axis of Terror!

    Thumbnail for Israel to open permanent mission at NATO HQ after Turkey lifts veto
    Israel to open permanent mission at NATO HQ after Turkey lifts veto
    Israel will accept the invitation to open a permanent mission at the block's headquarters in Brussels, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli PM has said. The move became possible after Turkey reportedly lifted its veto on Jerusalem's cooperation with the bloc. "I declare that Israel will accept the invitation and open an office in the near future," Netanyahu said during a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.
    RT International
    As always, it seems now a days, an event of major importance occurs, only to be tucked away immediately in the interstices of a news cycle which never stops long enough - to report the news. Unless you knew just where to look, and were diligent in doing it, you'd never realize that the green light for advancing a tiny terror statelet located in Asia's middle east towards membership in a group known as the NORTH ATLANTIC Treaty Organization had just blinked on.

    Turkey - the supposed guarantor of Muslim interests and collective security within the ranks of NATO - has rescinded opposition to the inclusion of the leader of a de facto anti-Islam international coalition in a de jure neo-imperialist military strike force. This of course is no surprise - we predicted months ago that the covert "negotiations" between Israel and Turkey would prove to be a mere capitulation of the latter to the agenda of the former. But even with full allowance for the cognitive dissonance of most of the events which happen now, it's somewhat hard to see the selling points of how Israel is going to contribute to the security of the North Atlantic. Unless you happen to have bought into the Israeli-owned narrative that Muslims are the biggest threat to that area of the world!

    So what, you might ask, has occurred in the world which allow things to pivot from this:
    Thumbnail for Turkey rejects Israeli participation in NATO summit
    Turkey rejects Israeli participation in NATO summit
    Turkey has refused to allow Israel to participate in a NATO conference set to take place in Chicago on May 20, because the Israel has not apologized for the 2010 killing of Turkish activists in a raid on a ship taking aid to Palestinians, a Turkish official said on Monday.
    Zvi Bar'el
    to the present moment? Wasn't the "Islamist" AKP governing regime always a hard-line opponent of zionist aggression and expansion? On the surface, of course it was! Our business is to dive below that waterline - in search of the truth.

    In some ways, this is simply an admission of an already crushingly obvious reality - the foreign policies, in addition to the domestic agendas, of nearly all of the countries holding membership in that alliance - are determined by adjudicators whose central power node is Tel Aviv. So, ZIONIST AMALGAMATED Treaty Organzation - ZATO - has a ring of truth to it superior to the existing term in use. We live in an age of dissimulation however = the pretense will continue to be maintain, at the expense of the real. Our purpose here will be to examine the latter, even if it be but an academic exercise. At least one witnessing to truth is a requirement of any age - even our own!
    Thumbnail for POLITICS - Turkey and Israel need each other, says President Erdoğan
    POLITICS - Turkey and Israel need each other, says President Erdoğan
    Turkey and Israel are two countries in the Middle East that need each other, according to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. "Israel is in need of a country like Turkey in the region. We have to admit that we also need Israel," Erdoğan said on his return from an official trip to Saudi Arabia.
    In stories like GORDIAN KNOTS, or FEZ & KIPPAH, we've previously analysed the various moves in the choreographed dance between the two supposed "enemies." From false flag bomb attacks on the streets of Istanbul, to bizarre internal struggles to get everybody realigned to the new, counter-intuitive AKP party line, the "road map" to Turkey and Israel becoming an new nexus of terror against their common neighbors has been visible to anyone paying close attention. Now, in the wake of Russia's continued domination of the Syrian skies, and the YPG Kurds slow but steady elimination of their joint terrorist proxy force on the ground, it appears that Ankara is desperate enough at last to fully sign on -like Saudi Arabia and Jordan - as another junior member of an emerging middle eastern alliance firmly ruled from Tel Aviv.
    Thumbnail for Hürriyet Daily News | Haber Detay
    Hürriyet Daily News | Haber Detay
    Now, as Mossad agents swarm into Turkey, controlling the airports and "training" that countries security services in "counter-terrorism," it's clear what the actual shape of this "alliance" will look like. Another country - this time Muslim - under the whip of an international SCEPTRE-type criminal syndicate whose dimensions of control are so huge as to beggar belief!
    Thumbnail for DIPLOMACY - ISIL, PKK make Israel-Turkey ties 'urgent'
    DIPLOMACY - ISIL, PKK make Israel-Turkey ties 'urgent'
    Malcolm Hoenlein, the vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and considered to be a close associate of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has told daily Hürriyet that the problems caused by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have created an "urgency and responsibility" to mend ties between Turkey and Israel.
    Externally, the face of the terror-pact will be a measure of the parties joint interest in - and control of - the Kurds. In the breakaway "Kurdistan" of northern Iraq - which both parties now officially support the "independence" of, there are mutual opportunities for energy deals, satellite markets, and mischief against the neighboring Iranians. In Syria - whose Kurdish opposition is not as much in the pocket of the two, the protection and nurturing of their ISIS-Al Aqaeda franchises remains the top priority, as well as sustaining profits from the looting of that country.

    With the news of the NATO restructuring which will allow the two terror states to operate together under the umbrella of that alliance, the third penny drops. The WAR ON EUROPE has begun in earnest. Not that one pushed by the dissimulationists of the msm and "alternative" medias. Another war -with other weapons and strategic objectives lies outside of their phony reportage. As usual, it will be only your ink-stained wretches of the fringe of the journalistic world who will care to cover the real story.

    Why? Apparently, it is only we who see the stories of ultimate EVIL which continue to emanate out of this part of the world every day
    Thumbnail for Refused to be Terrorsists' Slave: 19 Yazidi Girls Burned to Death by ISIS Terrorists in Iraq's Mosul
    Refused to be Terrorsists' Slave: 19 Yazidi Girls Burned to Death by ISIS Terrorists in Iraq's Mosul
    19 Yazidi girls were burned to death by ISIS militants in Mosul, activists and eyewitnesses said. The victims, who had been taken by ISIS as sex slaves, were

    as being worthy of - DEMANDING OF - our outrage and resistance. And as the work of mind-controlled proxies of a satanic power which seeks to impose the same fate upon all of us -step by step. Your silence in the face of these serial crimes against ALL OF HUMANITY is acknowledged complicity in those same crimes. The coming ZIONIST AMALGAMATED TREATY ORGANIZATION is the common enemy of all who would escape the fate of those innocents. Refusing to fight back is your own ticket to suicide.
    2 years ago
    is the true face of Turco-zionist supremacism. The enslavement and sexual abuse and genocide of Christian, Yezidi, and Muslim women in the name of the Greater Israel Project- and it's "Islamist" subsidiaries. The true face of terror - when the veil has finally dropped - is that of madmen who know no religion other than power and depravity. Their superficial mask of identity - Muslim/Judaic/Christian - is but a subterfuge designed to fool the masses. Ankara/Tel Aviv/Brussels are all conspiring against their own citizens and those of neighboring lands to invoke a massive eruption of bloody violence and terror. Coming soon, to a place near you, unless you realize that resistance to evil is not a choice - it's a necessity in order to survive!
    Lurking behind all the madness and terror in the middle east - and it's growing export to western lands, lies the true face behind the mask -
    Thumbnail for "Creative Destruction" - the Millenarianist Agenda - Exposed (with images) · SuaveBel
    "Creative Destruction" - the Millenarianist Agenda - Exposed (with images) · SuaveBel
    In the fast paced world of psychopolitics - and the psy-ops so integral to it - it's hard to keep up with the hard workin folks who peddle their menu of distorted mirrors and limited hangouts on an almost daily basis now.
    a collective evil which systemically injects it's poisons into a body politic already greatly weakened in resistance by a complicit media feeding false storlines and sugary concoctions of deceit.
    Thumbnail for More on Millenarianism: The Roots of Madness (with images) · SuaveBel
    More on Millenarianism: The Roots of Madness (with images) · SuaveBel
    A. Durer - The Four Horsemen "Suddenly the end of the world became palpable again. We see the endurance of the ideology when a Jew like Oppenheimer, the head of the Manhattan Project,when he had to name the first atomic explosion at Alamogordo, he calls it Trinity, which has no meaning outside of Christian mythology.
    Release date: June 4 2016: You can find more stories by this author on similar topics at storify.com/SuaveBel