"Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

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[Li] Shaojun told the emperor: “By
making offerings to the stove, one
can summon the supernatural beings
(wu). If one summons them, cinnabar
can be transmuted into gold. When
gold has been produced and made
into vessels for eating and drinking,
one can prolong one’s life. If one’s life
is prolonged, one will be able to meet
the immortals of the Penglai island in
the midst of the sea. When one has
seen them and has performed the
Feng and Shan ceremonies, one will
never die. The Yellow Emperor did
just so . . . Shiji (Records of the Historian),

Or as Newton put it:

"Dissolve volatile green lion in the central salt of Venus and distill. This spirit is he green lion the blood of the green lion Venus, the Babylonian Dragon that kills everything with its poison, but conquered by being assuaged by the Doves of Diana, it is the Bond of Mercury. Neptune with his trident leads the philosopher into the sophic garden. Therefore Neptune is the mineral watry menstruum and the trident is the ferment of water similar to the caduceus of mercury with which mercury is fermented, that is, the two dry Doves with the dry martial Venus."

Which quote is a more accurate presentation of the worldview which the world renowned 'scientist' Isaac Newton brought to his 'studies' of the natural world than anything which you will read in a thousand textbooks and hagiographies of the man! Who knew? Inquiring minds.

Attempting to bring this next posting to the point of completion, I was beginning to feel a bit like a chickadee trying to hatch an ostrich egg. No matter how much I would 'roll dem hips' as per the Indies dancers of our beguiling 'beguine' they just weren't ever gonna cover the seething mass of ideas gestating in the febrile chaudron magique of my imagination! One idea bumping  into the next and then the next, on and on, in this unordered sea nothing was working to tame those kinetic waves into word forms suitable to the page.

 Although I knew there to be something organically sound about the way these latest stories were pinging back and forth tween ancient accounts and modern methodologies, dreamtime realities and wide-awake nightmares, I could not find the connecting thread by which to weave those disparate elements in one compelling narrative capable of solving our latest crime scene. A 'common thread,' or 'guiding principle' was needed in order to bring some order out of the chaos of kabbalistic necromancy, hallucinogenic politics, jaundiced journalism, fictive financial 'markets,' phony 'east vs west' storylines and chemically adulterated skies.

I also knew that one newly acquired and rather astonishing thought was going to be central to this next series of postings -

The world of \physical science\ has morphed into something far more 'out there,' weird, and esoteric than any of the drug cults and visionary 'spiritual' paths - which had arisen contemporaneous with the ascendance of 'theoretical physics' - could hope to compete with.

Sometime when nobody – or so it seems – was looking, the science of physics got hijacked by the very same kabbalist kooks who set Einstein up as the go to guru for anything to do with “the real,”  and … after he stripped it of anything but a series of equations not particularly verifiable in any field conditions, they really went to town… with a doctrine designed to decisively hollow out any residual ‘reality quotient’ from applied science  save for that section of it which could be used to make weaponry of such awesome power as to be able to wipe out all of life itself! That seems…. kinda weird somehow. Is it just me?

But anyhow, stripped down to its’ core ‘proposition - Once you realize that the major tenet of contemporary science of ‘physics’ is to convince you that ‘nature is absurd,’ and ‘there is no real physical universe’ outside of our ‘thoughts,’ then everything becomes easier to understand – about the concept of ‘culture war’ that is!

Remember that phrase from the very beginning of the intro to BARBAROUS RELIQUARY? A multi-generational, silent, “holy war” upon the “west?” Amplifying which forms the primary precis of these pages? Well I sure do! But, it’s only just now – right here – that a path has opened up by which object under the glass becomes ‘identifiable.’  

“a spirit of anti-cosmic revolt stemming from radical dualism and fatalism with respect to the tyrannical world-rule of Archons or Demiurges.”  


One thing that happened as a result of the ‘culture war’ which culminated in the ‘60s’ was a huge division between the world of culture and the arts, and the world of politics and the pursuit of temporal power. Those who were encouraged to ‘look inwards,’ ‘follow a path with heart,’ or ‘make the world a better place’ for their having been there, fell away from contact with or interest in the world of politics.
Having a vision which extended into and between both those worlds became more and more rare, as did critical thinking, independent judgment, all of which would soon enough become necessary tools for negotiating and –mediating – the communications revolution which ‘the internet’ represents.

Likewise, those who maintained any interest in the political sphere having fallen away from contact with those ‘inner realms’ where personal judgment and acumen are honed, became the perfect fodder for the deception which that ‘revolution’ has proven itself to be.  Looking inward, or looking outwards, into a world deprived of almost everything save for its “virtuality” has produced an extraordinary vacuity of knowledge…. of anything actually … ‘real!’

During the middle portion of this decade, as I was building up a dossier of evidence as to the 'erosion of the real' - from journalism - from financial markets - from political narratives - from our lived experience itself, I remained only vaguely aware that this same erosion had been occurring in the physical sciences. Even when I began to focus upon the phony 'creation myth' which held up a Hellenic origin for the 'western ethos,' took note of the rise of a "Turco-talmudic" imposition over the true historical narrative, and began to realize the huge, if hidden role of Anatolia and Anatolians in that creation of "the west," I still did not key in on the distortions which would be necessarily employed to steer science itself away from its' primary task - one of investigating the "nature" of things, such as the Milesians of the ‘pre-socratic world’ practiced -  towards its' imposed role as handmaiden of deception and false witness.

It's now rather late in the day, to make amends for that glaring oversight - with the physical sciences virtually expunged of all 'physical' elements and remade into a cult of metaphysical and mathematical abstraction. Nevertheless, in the absence of any of the many better qualified for chronicling the systematic removal of 'the real' from science weighing in, I'm willing to provide an overview of a ‘crime scene.’ Let me paint that scene via one final warm up paragraph -

After using ‘theoretical physics’ to empower their golem enforcer states USA & USSR as unbridled ‘nuclear powers’ and divide the world into client states attached to one or the other of them, the behind the scenes controllers then decided to use the power of educational indoctrination to teach the students under their control to believe that ‘reality’ was contingent upon ‘perception,’ and that the ‘world’ therefore simply does not exist in any ‘objective’ sense.

And that’s where this posting had stayed stuck for days. Having decided this post was to be about “dissident science” - in the sense of modern throwbacks to ancient strains of ‘scientific thinking’ which I had inadvertently ‘discovered’ in the course of chronicling kabbalism in action, I was overwhelmed by the scope of the material and the breadth of the timeline involved. Thanks to the kindly forbearance of Horn, in allowing me to 'unpack' the gift he had thrown into the last stories' commentary, relief came from removing the wrapping of iconic status which might have accrued to a concept such as 'alchemy,' and – voila -
dams of stasis and opacity broke with a rush yesterday, leaving nuggets of new insight splattered and glistening all over the newly exposed seabed of that former slough of despond!


The mystical science of transformation and immortality; how could I have missed it?

Alchemy. The topsoil in which the weed which is kabbalist talmudism would find firm ground to root - and then rot the brains of the very intelligentsia who were supposed to be guarding the sacred flame of western wisdom!  As part of the book project, I’d intended to examine the practice – and its practitioners –in some detail, as it was redolent with clues as to where and how the wheels had fallen off of any authentic traditions of wisdom, either east or west. But suddenly it opened up to my gaze as a puzzle piece which fit so handsomely into an adjoining category of suspect origin – Gnosticism – the pseudo-science of ‘hidden knowledge’ -  which had graced many a page of my scribblings!

All due to a chance recollection of letters from a man whose establishment status as iconic figure in ‘the arts’ would seem to make him the very last candidate to be included in my proposed story about “dissident science & scientists,” Marshall McLuhan. Hidden away in the book project, waiting for a far away moment to be pulled out as evidence of a centuries old kind of "guerrilla warfare of the word,” my secret “Mr. Media” weapon suddenly stood unsheathed and begging for action in front of my eyes. Going back into that stillborn “BARBAROUS RELIQUARY” project for a moment again, I remembered how excited I had been to learn that the mild-mannered professor had traced the outlines of this warfare through millennia – right back to the times of those same Milesians and the very first glimmerings of rhetoric and sophistry, and their replacement by dialectics and cold logicism.

During the preliminary stage of getting the book thing going, I had also discovered that curiously, McLuhan himself had run afoul of the power behind the publishing business – which is to say, by the 1970s - the very same Sabbatean-frankist power behind the financial world and the media sphere which had so gladly propagated his  media  message in the decades before!  I knew I had a secret ally to be put into play when the time was right. A man who had produced literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for his publishing house, and in as much as any public intellectual could ever be – a household name in his era – suddenly told his books were no longer worthy objects of interest to that same public! I’m of the opinion – still – that he never really came to realize what he had stumbled up against, but it is an opinion I could easily revise – especially after reading letters of his such as -

this one!
He knew something. But what, and how much?

Only the small secrets need to be protected, the large ones are kept secret by public incredulity – Marshall McLuhan Reading that particular quote - I'm inclined to think it may have been quite a bit... which he took with him 'to the grave!' We'll be coming back to the importance of McLuhan in a later post.

It was the reference to Voegelein which granted me the keys to a previously locked door. Finding and reading his book from the 1950s was like getting hold of a treasure map. All footsteps leading to gnostic mischief. And all kabbalism is a part of that gnostic disease!  

Now first of all -  by way of clarification - obviously there have been many ‘gnostic’ movements outside the scope of what we think of as 'judaic' in any form or fashion. So just as Voegelein was taken to task by his many critics for encompassing 'anything and everything' under the title of 'gnosticism,'  I could expect to be likewise accused of putting 'anything and everything' "antinominian" under the heading of 'judaic gnosticism.' But that's not what I just said - is it? Let's get more precise.

Voegelein himself was an anomaly - a German intellectual who arrived in the post war period - like Leo Strauss - to take up a teaching position in which he would use a form of textual interpretative skill and continental methodology  unfamiliar to most American scholars. As a result, his kind of wide-angled vision was rebuked by those who knew much less about both the subject, and ways of treating it, than he did. His goal was a political placement of the phenomena, not a historical exegesis, as a hidden strand of thought and action which worked through actors who could well be identified as totally different from the scholastic view of what 'gnosticism' was supposed to mean.

Ironically, Strauss could serve as an excellent example of just that! An ideologue who preached rule by entitled elite, buried under his theories of politics was the genesis of the neo-liberalism which would morph into 'neo-conservative' strains and basically any disguise at all which served to better lead to power. The man and his followers were merely 'rebranded' Trotskyites who themselves are textbook examples of the gnostical judaic tradition of revolution as a permanent fixture of talmudic right to govern!

The political naive of Americans being what it was/is however, such chameleon clothing was sufficient to give generations of Straussian 'gnostics' a veneer of acculturated "Americanism," the results of which are STILL coming home to roost as we speak!

"But the term was first used (as
Matter on good grounds conjectures) in its ultimate sense
of supernal and celestial knowledge, by the Jewish philosophers of the celebrated Alexandrian school. A very characteristic production of this Jewish Gnosis has come down to our times in the Book of Enoch,* of which the main object is to make known the description of the heavenly bodies, and their correct names, as revealed to the Patriarch by the angel Uriel. This profession betrays, of itself, the Magian source from which the inspiration was derived.
" King The Gnostics and their Remains. London, 1864.

As it comes down to us as a form of speculation about the cosmos, and mankinds place in it, the stream of 'gnostic' writings are decidedly judaic in orgin, however influenced their creators may have been by Hellenistic tides.

"Moritz Friedlander, whose theses did not meet with the approval of his contemporaries, but which may very well be taken more seriously now. In a book entitled Der vorchristliche jiidische Gnosticismus, Friedldnder put forth the thesis that Gnosticism is a pre-Christian phenomenon which originated in antinomian circles in the Jewish community of Alexandria. This Gnosticism, against which Philo polemicizes, came early to Palestine; and the rabbinic polemics against the Minim are directed specifically at such Gnostics. Christian Gnosticism is simply a secondary version of the older Gnosticism' which attached itself to the emergent Christian sect and appropriated for itself the figure of Jesus Christ.

Friedlander begins his discussion by referring to the cultural and religious situation in the Jewish Diaspora prior to the time of Jesus. It was a situation in which the 'new wine' of Hellenistic culture and philosophy was being put into the 'old wineskins' of Jewish religion. The allegorical method of scripture interpretation was one of the manifestations of this trend. The Mosaic law was being interpreted allegorically by Jews who had imbibed of Greek philosophy, and the Law was taken to be a 'revelation' of 'divine philosophy.' Indeed, since Moses was more ancient than the Greek philosophers, it was natural to suggest that the latter had learned from the former. Philo is a good example of this trend, but he had forerunners, such as Aristobulus, Pseudo-Aristeas, and Pseudo-Solomon.

A number of Jewish sects are known to us from antiquity whose views were suspect in the eyes of law-abiding Jews, Friedlander continues. Among these are the 'Sibyllists' known to Origen, probably identical to the 'pious ones' referred to in the Sibylline Oracles, book 4. Justin Martyr refers to some pre-Christian sects among the Jews , at least one of which, the 'Hellenians,' is surely a reference to a Diaspora group. Hegesippus derives all Christian heresies from pre-Christian Jewish heresies. According to him the Gnostic heresy reared its ugly head in the church soon after the death of the apostles. The implication of Hegesippus's statement is that 'false' gnosis was already extant in apostolic times, but the powerful influence of the apostles kept it from blosson-dng in the church. The origin of this 'false gnosis,' if we consider the testimony of Hegesippus, is found in pre-Christian Judaism.

Ophites, Cainites, and Sethians all derive from the Jewish Diaspora. Their members were recruited from the Jewish radicals known to us from Philo, and from philosophically oriented proselytes who had attached themselves to the synagogues. Indeed, Filastrius numbers the Ophites, Cainites, and Sethians among the sects that flourished in Judaism 'before the advent of Jesus." It is obvious that these sects could not have originated from within Christianity, from the very fact that their chief doctrines are derived from the Old Testament rather than from the New. The divine power was seen by them to reside in the Old Testament figures of the serpent, Cain, and other such biblical personages as were not fied to the Law. These Old Testament figures were adhered to even after the Gnosfics came into contact with Christianity. Their origin, in short, is traceable to the situafion in Alexandrian Judaism wherein allegorical exposifion of the Law flourished, and wherein antinomianism also developed. Friedldnder tums next to the Melchizedekians. This group held Melchizedek to be a 'great Power', a being higher than the Messiah, a 'Son of God' who occupied a place among the heavenly angels. Such a belief cannot have originated in Chrisfianity. The figure of Melchizedek, of course, is derived from the Old Testament, and becomes for antinomian Alexandrian Jews a powerful symbol of Law-free religion. When the Melchizedekians came into contact with Christianity, Jesus was incorporated into their system, but his position was below that of Melchizedek. As Jesus is an advocate for humans, so also is Melchizedek an advocate for the angels.

With those examples of the antecedents of some classic gnostic sects - some of which are often written of as if coming from within a "Christian" milieu - being sufficient for our purposes here, we can move towards connecting many dots. Time and again, the flaring up of radical antinomian rebellions in Europe through the centuries will be portrayed as being the work of heretical "christians" - which, when you have digested fully my already enunciated precis as to the tactics and motives of the later Frankist Sabbatean sects, will strike you as deception -either deliberate or due to ignorance!

Just one example: the well known Cathar sect of "perfecti," in France of the C10-C12th is universally understood as a 'christian heresy' and was dealt with in such a vein by the "inquisition" which rooted it out. Yet the area in which it flourished was a veritable jewish satrapy, the migrant judaics of Provence and the southern coastal cities being virtually independent talmudically-run fiefdoms at that time. The influence of 'proto-kabbalic' rebbes on the general tone of religious fervor in those regions should be understood as a guiding force for Cathar and other ascetic movements supposed Christian but essentially anti-worldly gnostical sects which hold life - as lived by gentiles - in complete contempt.

In this light, you could very well see the Jonestown phenomena of our days as an identical expression of the judaically-inspired gnostical movement that was Catharist dualism... which ... when you reflect upon sufficiently, proves to share the same identity of end times suicide cult as Jim Jones or David Koreshs did! So it may be helpful to identify two characters of 'gnostic' cult  - the one which tends to cause its adherents to literally 'die off,' - for goys - and the ones which - like Josef Franks' judaics - tend towards dramatically increasing, even if in covert fashion, the numbers of its members. "Silent" Holy War.

So Eric Voegelein – writing just on the cusp of the ‘beat revolution,’ and the associated ‘new left’ strain of Frankfurt School’ neo-marxism about to be injected into the body politic – was way ahead of his time! And of course – therefore ignored and/or ridiculed.

-from The New Science of Politics – Eric Voeglein - Kaboom!

"Methodos" revealed as revelatory route toward routing out our eternal foe!
With all this in mind (and I'm still just digging into Voegeleins portrait of modern day movements and politics as 'gnostical' in inspiration, the results of which will only appear in later posts) it is time to return to our theme of science and society as a project of 'kabbalism in action.'

After I had published this piece, as I was busy squirreling away the old stories from the Storify days, I happened upon a story so pertinent to our theme here, I just had to include a few parts of it!

"When seen as the sum of their parts, religion, science and the arts all are a seamless project to recreate man as the master of the universe. The agents of this desire, in their modern form, have done an effective job of disguising their objectives, and their implicit distaste for the feminine. Once we turn things right side up however, it will be seen that both women, and the great majority of men, are to be robbed of a natural fount of life's value and pleasures, as well as the dignity that comes with being in possession of their vital functions. Thus it must be specified that deified man is never ‘mankind’ as such, but rather an artificial clique of ’super’ man who has power of life and death over the rest of us." Religion, science, and the arts! It would be several years later that the dots would further connect for me in the conjunction of economics with those other strands... and how the 'creation' of money was another facet of the hijackings of other kinds of creation in order for the furtherance of monopoly and malfeasance!"

In fact - as that storify was graced by a Brueghel picture called "The Alchemist," I'm even going to throw that in here too!

and the text which accompanied it -

"All of the elements are represented here: the quest for immortality, the lust for lucre, the frenetic search for magical invocations... and the hideous commerce in small souls trafficked for use as sacrificial victims in the furnaces of evil! An eery graphical display of the current malaise of a dying civilization of the Occident which complacently looks out upon it's own ritual dismemberment by the sinister forces of science in the employ of psychotics. How could the artist have been granted such foresight ... along with the talent to portray it? And if all this was going on equally in C16th Europe, as with the present moment... and all the time intervening... what does that say about the myth of "progress"... the "Enlightenment" of the "Age of Reason" or the various and sundry other mythologies which stock the cupboard of the Western world? I'll get into the specifics of that connection between alchemy, terror, and and the dictatorship of 'science' in another piece soon..."

tho 'soon' turned out to be a few years longer than I had in mind at the time! Here's a pdf file of that piece in all its glory - still worth a read after all this time.

That, by the way, was a time when I was still naively burdened with the notion that those who built and/or frequented websites which excoriated 'judaic' hegemonism were actually interested in the overthrow of that millstone... rather than mere false front spider parlors for that same monster itself...

I would write paeans such as this:

Ormanci says:
January 31, 2016 at 3:32 am

Oh goody!(Even)MORE …. this or that KABBALIST DIALECTIC to dispose of!*

A few short quotes from the following will serve to dispel the ‘smoke and mirrors’ which tend to drop over this place when any truth inconvenient to the conceits of it’s denizens should dare be presented: read n weep…. or don’t read… and pretend! Tis all good!


“Of special importance is Newton’s claim that the seven commandments given by God to Noah and his family after the Deluge were foundational for all existing social life. These Noachian or Noachide Precepts, as they are better named, still remain within Judaism as the first requirements of righteous behaviour from any Gentile or goy wishing to become a Jew: this is a distinctly Jewish conceit, and if Newton’s most obvious source might seem to lie in the Babylonian Talmud (Sandhedrin56)one might enquire whether Jewish mystical insights are also involved.”

“His researches into Opticks certainly moved Newton to a sense of invisible providence behind visibility, and he apparently intended a later edition of this book to finish with a reference to the Noachian precepts as the source behind Greek and therefore European philosophy”[!!??]

The same author leaves us with one question to ponder…
before we begin our next sequential attack on the facts ladies and hermaphrodites!

“Were these relationships of thought being forged simply because Newton dabbled with ‘the Talmudists’ of his time, who were also picking up suggestions of Noah as a wise and inventive soul or are we approaching near the very stuff of Kabbalah?”

in answer to moronic propositions put before me like -this:

“Newton, Bacon et al were neither talmudists or kabbalists, they were white Gentiles attempting to draw man away from the barbarism of Judaism in all of its’ forms and lead us into enlightenment, the light.”

All made with the intent of alerting readers to the gnositical, judaic underside of their favorite ol time 'wisdome schools' and sundry heroes - pointing out how guys like Newton were died in the wool cabbalist occultists for whom 'science' was subservient to their real agenda of manifesting the 'New Jerusalem" which lurked behind all Baconian type "New Atlantises" and similar utopian visions. The usual snark and back-biting being ever so quickly dispelled by my provision of proofs to that precis, all that was left - as always - was to blithley ignore all said  evidence, and continue to worship false idols of a phony western tradition - the Newtons, Blakes, later Smith and Hegel, on to the truly corrupt and witless mentations of Marx and Nietzsche, Darwin and Pasteur!

Credo quia absurdum = I must now turn the reader over to E Michael Jones, to bring us into an understanding of just how toxic this handover of western wisdom became - and the perps by way of whom it happened....

"What we see in the Newtonian system is not a return to scholasticism but rather a return to paganism. The Newtonian system gave new life to the English ideology, but the English ideology had always been involved in magic. In fact there is a direct line of intellectual influence connecting Newton to Robert Boyle to Samuel Hartlib to Robert Fludd to Francis Bacon to John Dee which makes the genealogy of Jesus at the beginning of St. Matthew’s Gospel look vague by comparison.

Newton refined Dee’s magic down to its two basic principles, love and strife, and of the two, strife or inertia was the more basic. The notion that strife is the fundamental principle of the universe would become the fundamental belief of the English Ideology. If we substitute the more modern economic term “competition” for strife we can see that Newton established the fundamental principles for modern English Capitalism as well.

 According to Adam Smith’s reading of Newton, greed, which is analogous to each body in space seeking its own good without regard to any other body, is held in check by competition, and the result is Smith’s version of perfect motion, otherwise known as the “invisible hand” which assures that private vice is transformed magically (or alchemically, we might say) into public good.

 Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is another example of the English Ideology, derived from Newton, which also claims that strife—or as Darwin would say, natural selection—is the fundamental principle of the universe. Darwin, like Newton, “frames no hypotheses.” He looks at nature and discovers that “strife” is its fundamental law.That things may not be that simple is demonstrated more ably by Harvard professor Eric D. Beinhocker than I could do myself. In his book The Origin of Wealth (a play on the titles of both Smith’s and Darwin’s magna opera), he tells us:
Evolutionary theory and economics have a long and intertwined history. In fact it was an economist who helped spark one of Charles Darwin’s most important insights. In 1798, the English economist Thomas Robert Malthus published a book titled An Essay on the Principle of Population as it Affects Future Improvements of Society, in which he portrayed the economy as a competitive struggle for survival and a constant race between population’s growth and humankind’s ability to improve its productivity. It was a race that, Malthus predicted, humankind would lose." - E Michael Jones

And that - is a fine example of what can be accomplished when the mind is willing and able to accede to the full scope of 'human action' as a field of study - politics, economics, religion and pyschology all bound together in one 'package' of insights - without which all 'learning' is doomed to be partial - derivative - and unworthy. Exactly as are all of the 'arts and sciences' as purveyed by educational institutions today.
With that under our belts, we can go even deeper - into the mythologies by which agents of talmudic kabbalism have been 'rebranded' as "rebels," 'anti-establishment' heroes, brave martrys in the cause of free thought over superstitition, life over anti-life, science over dogma. The classic inversions of the real by which kabbalism has conquered the halls of learning and caused the collapse of integrity in scholarship.

Outside of my own "MYTHS OF CAPITAL" series, there have been astonishingly few works which combine the disparate elements of the scam as Jones managed to do. Amazingly, criminal conspirators such as Marx AND Smith still to this day are posed as heroic figures.  

And who better to start with in our investigation of that part of our 'crime scene,' than Giordano Bruno, beloved hero for generations of those seeking truth midst the funhouse mirrors of falsified and distorted history ?

"In a revolutionary way Bruno explains the system of references and,
in a special manner, inertia in La Cena delle Ceneri. It is the start of a
winding path that will lead to the notion of inertia, one of the most
fundamental concepts of Physics.

The principle of inertia marks an inversion of the Aristotelian
explanation of motion (UC Davis, 1998). When a projectile loses
physical contact with what moved it initially, its continued motion
does not need to be explained by supposing that something else is
pushing it. Rather, it is the loss of motion that requires explanation.
Further, Descartes held that the motion continues in a straight line.
Applied to heavenly bodies, this implies that their (roughly) circular
motion is not basic, as with the Greeks, but in need of explanation. It
should be noted that Descartes’s principle of inertia is preserved in
Newton’s physical explanation of the world." Apeiron, Vol. 8, No. 1, January 2001

Oh! The pathos of it all! The man who has been (correctly)described as "The Manipulator of Erotic Love."
According to Bruno, “the ability to enchain” is also the main chacteristic of magic, then a magician behaves like an escapologist when he binds his “victim” (whether human or spirit) to him with

 “There where we have spoken of natural magic, we have described to what extent all chains can be related to the chain of love, are dependent upon the chain of love or arise in the chain of love”
The manipulator, also referred to as a “soul hunter” by Bruno, can reach the heart of the lover through her sense of sight, through her hearing, through her spirit, and through her imagination, and thus chain her to him. He can look at her, smile at her, hold her hand, shower her with flattering compliments, sleep with her, or influence her through his power of imagination.

 “In enchaining”, Bruno says, “there are four movements. The first is the penetration or insertion, the second the attachment or the chain, the third the attraction, the fourth the connection, which is also known as enjoyment. ... Hence [the] lover wants to completely penetrate the beloved with his tongue, his mouth, with his eyes, etc.” (Samsonow, 1995, pp. 171, 200). That is, not only does the lover let herself be enchained, she must also experience the greatest desire for this bond. This lust has to increase to the point that she wants to offer herself with her entire being to the beloved manipulator and would like to “disappear in him”. This gives the latter absolute power over the enchained one.

Bruno also mentions an indirect method of gaining influence, in which the lover does not know at all that she is being manipulated. In this case, the manipulator makes use of “powerful invisible beings, demons and heroes”, whom he conjures up with magic incantations (mantras) so as to achieve the desired result with their help. We learn from the following quotation how these invoked spirits work for the manipulator: They need “neither ears nor a voice nor a whisper, rather they penetrate the inner senses [of the lover] as described. Thus they do not just produce dreams and cause voices to be heard and all kinds of things to be seen, but they also force certain thoughts upon the waking as the truth, which they can hardly recognize as deriving from another”  The lover thus believes she is acting in her own interests and according to her own will, whilst she is in fact being steered and controlled through magic blandishments.

  The manipulator himself may not surrender to any emotional inclinations. Like a tantric yogi he must keep his own feelings completely under control from start to finish. For this reason well developed egocentricity is a necessary characteristic for a good manipulator. He is permitted only one love: narcissism (philautia), and according to Bruno only a tiny elite possesses the ability needed, because the majority of people surrender to uncontrolled emotions. The manipulator has to completely bridle and control his fantasy: “Be careful,” Bruno warns him, “not to change yourself from manipulator into the tool of phantasms”. The real European magician must, like his oriental colleague (the Siddha), be able “to arrange, to correct and to provide phantasy, to create the different kinds at will”
He must not develop any reciprocal feelings for the lover, but he has to pretend to have these, since, as Bruno says, “the chains of love, friendship, goodwill, favor, lust, charity, compassion, desire, passion, avarice, craving, and longing disappear easily if they are not based upon mutuality." - from Shadow of the Dalai Lama.

  If right now you are starting to get a terrible feeling of deja vu, a nauseating memory of nightmarish familiarity - of certain persons who may have once come into your life - with mysterious capacity to make you wish their company, against your better judgment, to create imbalances and disharmonies where none had existed, to pretend to reorder your world and worldview... for your greater good...

welcome to my world - of anti-kabbalist majic - where we dissolve illusions, break chains of both habit and perception, renew the capacity to review life thru lens of the 'real,' ... in sum...

the least popular place of learning and convivial mutual aid ever likely to be found in the modern world; all due to the simple reason that for the great majority of westerlings.., the very last thing they wish for is to be freed of what enchains them!

Kabbalist magic involves the manipulation of the mind so as to cause an enchaining by which the victim [please see: America in the present moment of Drumptardian Dystopia]is induced to love the very person who steals their energy and destroys their will to live. And that - is kabbalism in action!

Now back to our crime scene... err... that other crime scene, I mean!

"Aristotle’s understanding of natural objects was more sophisticated than the views of the atomists. Instead a world made up of little indivisible balls bumping into each other, Aristotle believed that “As forms are to matter, so also is Soul to Body.” Aristotle nonetheless paved the way for alchemy when, in explaining the four “elements” of Empedocles, he wrote

There is nothing strange in supposing that brass may lose some of its elementary earth and partake more of he higher elements such as fire. By changing to higher qualities, brass may be changed into gold for the “quality of gold is independent of the metallic substance which is its support.

 Newton was familiar with Empedocles both through his alchemical research and through his exposure to classical thought at Cambridge University, where he was both an undergraduate and holder of the Lucasian chair of mathematics.  In one of his unpublished papers Newton wrote that Empedocles claimed “that all matter consists of atoms,” an idea which he claims was “a very ancient opinion,” and one usually associated with Democritus.

Atomism held a peculiar attraction for Newton, as we shall see, but it was common enough and he could have gotten that idea from any number of sources. The idea most usually associated with Empedocles—and the one which alchemy adopted at its metaphysical first principle—was the idea that the universe was kept in motion by the contradictory forces of love and strife.

Love and strife! Science and Magic. Bruno and Newton, Rabbi Loew of Prague, and John Dee and his familiars - this is the real story of the history of "Enlightenment Era" Europe - not advances in intellectual accomplishment and rational awareness of the world and our place in it... but rather, the return to the most primitive state of human madness and necromancy - all driven by the compulsion of talmudically inspired men to seek control over forces of nature which they had zero understanding of or empathy with.  
Having traced the outline of an enterprise which involves 'gold,' guys with a lust to 'live forever,' the techniques of psychological and psychic manipulation by which one persons' will may be imposed upon anothers', from the times of the Hellenes through to present moment.... I shall briefly review the circumstances which may have allowed me to stand aside from such follies and observe with detachment the decline of a culture once mine own...


Living outside of the western world has been a lifesaver for me. The decline in cognitive powers which accompanied my last years within the fallen lands was - just like my overall sense of pleasure in living - not ever irrefutably evident to me whilst still inside that mental gulag. Rather, it presented only as a general malaise, a feeling of lethargy and dullness of spirit, impossible to penetrate analytically, but also impossible - for me at least - to ignore.

That's the scary thing about it - it was only with the nascent return of those parts of myself to somewhere near 'full power' that I could realize how badly they had been eroded! That this erosion was something other than simply a personal travail, a consequence of aging, or a psychological kind of response to an abrupt and permanent departure from the minute focus of a work-obsessed life, became gradually clear, as I slowly adapted to my new surroundings and situation.
It's been some time now since I stopped harboring any illusion that this world outside of the west offers some kind of refuge from kabbalist talmudic hegemony - that fiction was dispelled during the interval in which I was writing the stories which appeared on the old Storify platform. But simply as counterpose to the lived experience of being locked in a gulag of focused malice - such as the wester world is of today - the experience of being 'outside' has been a good one. To be 'looking in' from neutral territory, forced into giving up certain culturally determined habits of perspective and bias, achieves by default a ground from which to start building a 'free state' of mind. With all those returning faculties which the term implies!

In fact, it was via these 'on line' interactions which kept me 'tuned in' to the western world that I was able to attribute to those declining faculties a generic cause other than one personal - as evidenced in the declining cognitive abilities of those with whom I interacted!

The phenomena of the western 'message board' has been a great lab setting for the testing out of that precis. By happenstance, through having gotten active in that medium at the start of this second decade of C21st, and then having been unceremoniously 'booted' from it a couple of years later...

the return I made to it @2016 provided me a gauge with which to actually 'measure' the progress of that societal-level decline. "In" but no longer "of" that social setting, and thereby granted the perspective of observer as well as participating 'player,' the experience of trying to bring certain 'unique' and different ideas to the attentions of those who could most surely benefit from their arrival was both taxing and rewarding.

 Taxing in the manner that more often than not - or more accurately... almost always - the intent to communicate lived experience was met by surly derision, cheap device, or pathetically weak straw man argument. Where even in 2010-2012 it was possible to stir up one or two duffers into a debate which had all the earmarks of "intellectual pugilism" with its inherent codes of honor and civility intact, but few years later there would be no signs - no residue whatsover - of sentient, intelligent lifeforms left 'on line.'

This was all the more visible to me for being a key part of my personal survival strategy! Being by nature an extremely 'dyadic' personality trapped in the body/mind of a truculent iconoclast in the classic Stirnerian mode, I knew that I needed that contact - the challenge of polishing those ideas which I could effortlessly form on my own but only bring to fruition via the hammer and tongs of repartee. All the more so for the situation which I had placed myself in. There is, you see, no "other than the west" outside of the 'west' anymore - the globalized economy runs hand in paw with the globalized, social-meidiated mind, and there is no 'there' outside of that golem no longer! Whereever you go - there it is....

and here I be - living, it would seem amongst C21st peasantry whose socio-economic world view can be pithily summed up as adhering to the "limited good" model - "the perception of the peasant class that all goods in the world are fixed quantities and in short supply. Any gain or loss of a limited good was accomplished at the expense or benefit of another, which therefore fostered suspicion and struggle in peasant communities." on steroids. Devoid of any thought other than status, ease, and money, locked into the consumer lifestyle after an overly rapid transition in two generations or so from 'village-based sufficiency livestock-centered economy to a knock off of the worst excesses of western materialism and indebtedness, if you were to suggest to any of them that there pursuits will bring them no ultimate pleasure or gain, they would take you for a trickster trying to weasel them out of their rightful heritage as 'modern Islamists!' No lie, larceny or pettiness of spirit is too much for them - its a wild wild east of bogus identities and sham families.... pretty much what I left behind in naive search of an alternative to.

No 'east' - no 'west' - just one giant talmudically-driven state capitalist swindle everywhere on earth. Well, you could, I suppose, drift into the Amazon jungle, or get lost high in the Himalayas in search of shamanic initiations and lost tribes... but... the sons and daughters of the super-rich kabbalist klass have beat you to it!They've studied and written learned treatises on "Ayahuasca religious experiences," "arcane tantric buddhist meditation practices," turned the earth into a gigantic 'spiritual teachings' market where  - just like their pappies owned the distilleries and factories, they own the keys to the kingdom of heaven!

No, better to stay in one - somewhat hidden - place, and blend in as much as possible, whilst embellishing your wu wei - do nothing - practice with the needed knowledge of counter-kabbalistic majical empowerment! Or so it seemed to me. No 'authentic spiritual traditions' to stumble upon, lost cultures or hidden knowledge in scrolls suddenly 'rediscovered,' the vanished past is simply... vanished. Forever.

And that has been the real and true 'elixir' produced by alchemists of many centuries, both east and west. A doctrine of transmutation -from base to pure- has produced a monoculture of societies turned from (sorta?)pure to (definitively)base, by means of the 'forge' of talmudic kabbalist meltdowns of the societies in which it has implanted itself. Which societies? As per above.... 'everywhere you go....'

you will find the signs of that great amalgam of esoteric 'workings' by which silly men have attempted to produce riches and longevity for themselves and their cabals, only to end up producing misery and death for everybody. To close this chapter out, as I must do now - a quote from THE SHADOW OF THE DALAI LAMA, from which we drew the earlier portrait of BRUNO -the Grand Manipulator of Erotic Love.

:It is true that  Vajrayana  basically adheres to the ideas of  Mahayana  Buddhism, in particular the doctrine  of  the  emptiness  of  all  appearances  and  the  precept  of  compassion  for  all  suffering beings, but the tantric temporarily countermands the high moral demands of the “Great Vehicle” with a radical “amoral” behavioral inversion. To achieve enlightenment in this lifetime he seizes upon methods which invert the classic Buddhist values into their direct opposites."

Amoral behavioral inversion? Where have we heard that before? Did somebody just mention "JOSEF FRANK" and his Sabbatean judaic millennialist heresies? The guy who took liberal doses of finely crushed 'gold' as a prophylactic against aging and death every day?

"In the tantric logic of inversion, only transcending the feminine can lead to
enlightenment and liberation from the hell of rebirth. It alone promises eternal life. The yogi may
thus call himself a “hero” (vira), because he had the courage and the high arts needed to absorb
the most destructive and most base being in the universe within himself, in order not just to render it harmless but to also transform it into positive energy for the benefit of all beings.

This “superhuman” victory over the “female disaster” convinced the Tantrics that the seed for a radical  inversion  into the  positive  is  also  hidden  in  all  other  negative  deeds,  substances,  and individuals. The impure, the evil, and the criminal are thus the raw material from which the  Vajramaster tries to distill the pure, the good, and the holy."

Ah yes! I hear the distinct warble of the kabballist lubavitcher turco-talmudic nutter in that description! The holy work of shagging shiskas for Jes- err.... wait... communing with the Shekina for healing the world!

Or sumthin like that. As Bernays himself would put it - it's all marketing!

These self-appointed savants, holy men, and alchemic purifiers of the soul, you see, are exactly the dross who Anaximander was getting at, with his descriptions of the way beings 'render justice' for their crimes  - their crime being the ego-centric urge to hang on to being as the great wheel of life brings round other beings' time to play in this dimension. Their intent to 'stop the carnival' so as to stay in the light longer than is just and natural is the true root of evil in this world...

and rooting them out is the true purpose of this work. I'm grateful to all those who choose to participate.

Yikes! This one just won't "stay in the box!" Here's another classic I just ran across whilst saving treasures from the vault  -


from which I simply must provide one quote to end this perfectly!

"The story of men such as Francis Bacon, John Dee, or Giordano Bruno needs be seen as part of a thread of malevolent influence running uninterrupted from the remotest period of recorded history. The work of alchemy, both eastern and western traditions, needs also be viewed as a metaphorical description of this intent. Since the prima materia, as with nature itself, is seen as in essence the feminine, the absorption, removal, transmutation and destruction of that aspect are all part of the program by which the scientist/alchemist/occultist masters reality. The same thread of influence will be found by the careful investigator to run through the societies of the East, with the same destructive effects. The congruence of techniques and applications that sorcerers east and west have used for thousands of years bespeaks a common origin, which it is a necessary part of the purpose of these pages to explore and elucidate, for at this very moment the effects of the unification of those two streams of dark impulses are impacting upon us with greater and greater force. No less than a return to the feudal conditions of the past is what is sought by the occultists who now control what is left of the political power of the west."

Alchemic it is!

                                                   random stone cast mong waves of thought,
                                                   tempestous ideation now rightly wrought
                                                   and to glistening pool of revelation brought,
                                                   now there becometh what had been nought!

Have to stop. Haven't got to the 'dissident scientist' part, nor even gone far in detailing the madness of guys like Newton and other iconic figures. Not even half way finished what needs be said about our subject at hand. But we need at least one post per week to go up, for the sake of continuity. So - how bout a part two?

Till then!



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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

Maestro, I had written a reply to your last message, but my iPad has been misbehaving. I will have to recover it later and email it to my desktop to send it.
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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

In reply to this post by Maestro Maestro
Last time I decided something: about 5 minutes ago.

Regarding propostions 1 through 4, I detect no logical difference between them and the previous set of propositions. You still have a paradox, the same paradox as before. You say that you must distinguish Catalysm, which name essentially labels a set of elementary particles, from all other sets of particles. These other sets presumably do not intersect Catalysm but are in the complement to Catalysm. Now this latter condition is physically impossible due to quantum indeterminacy. Thus, proposition one is impossible on its face and proposition two is impossible on its face, not even considering proposition one. Therefore propositions three and four do not apply. They are not even reached.

I also have a problem with your use of the word ‘know’ in this setting. Normally the word ‘know’ is understood by context and there are no serious doubts as to its meaning between persons communicating with each other. What you are suggesting is more the kind of knowing that would be attributable to a deity. What could ‘knowing every spacetime event’ possibly mean? I think it is a mistake to push words too far—kind of like the old legal dictum, "Extreme cases make bad law." Although the idea of knowing a person has multiple interpretations, the context is usually sufficient to single out a particular interpretation. Once we leave the domain of common understanding of the meanings of words in particular contexts, we enter into the non-sensical. This is one reason we switch over to mathematical understanding in advanced physics and cosmology. It extends our reach. Admittedly, this leads to a closed system of theory—>experiment—>modification of theory—>experiment, etc. The theory is usually expressed as mathematical equations with parameters. Sometimes the parameters have to be adjusted, but sometimes new equations must be formulated. The LHC has supposedly corroborated the Higg’s boson theory, but at the same time, it has invalidated supersymmetry which plays a leading role in string theory. Maybe Carlo Rovelli’s quantum loop gravity theory will take over from string theory, possibly in conjunction with Penrose’s twistor theory. All this is beyond my understanding.

It is fine to talk about space-time events and quantum fluctuations in the vacuum, but how many of us know which cosmological theories are background independent?
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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

In reply to this post by Bel Suave
No, catalysm.

When did you decide to decide (something).

NOT when you decided something.

Please respond to the first question: when was the last time you decided to decide?

For example, when did you decide that ice cream is sweet instead of salty?  When did you decide that left is left and not right?  When did you decide that you're going to feel cold when you're cold, instead of feeling hot when you're cold?  

Are you deciding what my words mean as you're reading them?  Can you decide that "my words" means 'my carrots?'  Can you decide that my sentence means something different now than it did five seconds ago, all else being equal?

Can you decide to think differently than 'Catalyst' thinks?

How did you move your hand?  Did you fire a salvo of electrochemical impulses from your brain to your hand by the agency of the network of neurons you presume are instrumental in achieving this feat?  Did you decide that your teacher was right when he described the above process and prescribed that this description explains how you move your hand instead of Leibniz's claim that a supreme being articulates everything in the universe including your hand, like the chef of a cosmic orchestra?

Tell us about one instance where YOU decided to decide.  NOT one instance (among countless others) where you acknowledged, acquiesced and accepted that your experience conforms to the explication/determination/decision offered by your peers and inculcated in your mind by your educators.

If you're not an autonomous and sovereign thinking thing, how can you claim that you *know* when/if (1) you didn't determine the meaning of the words you are using to (2) define the concept of 'knowledge' which (3) you didn't think of and create in the first place?

When was the last time you put in your mind the thoughts you had?

Did you ever did?

If yes,

Please tell us you know this because_______?

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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

Again, I go back to the common use of words to answer the question, when did I decide to decide something. Well, that sort of thing occurs when you have a big decision to make, but presently you don’t feel that you are ready to decide. There could be many disparate reasons for not deciding. Suppose you are thinking of getting a divorce (see how cleverly I avoided the ‘gender’ issue there?). You may wish to hold off and decide to make a firm decision at a later date, assuming the decision is not made for you! Eventually, you decide to make that decision, ie, you decide to decide.

The word ‘decide’ seems to crop up in arguments between those who consider themselves determinists and those who are proponents of free will. The determinists I’ve met have always been materialists as well. I forget which late nineteenth century French man of letters said that if he knew the position and velocity of every material object in the universe, he could predict the entire future history of the universe. This is deteministic materialism, or perhaps materialistic determinism, your choice. I got into an argument with a family member who is strictly in that camp. Ironically, though I have forgotten the details of his argument, its essence came down to the idea that if you pour water out of a bucket, the water ‘decides’ to leave the bucket!

FWIW, the great Roger Penrose, a man capable of great abstraction, undaunted by complexity, is a free-willist. His hypothesis of quantum effects in the brain, mediated by electons trapped in nano-tubules potential barriers where tunneling does occur, convinced him that thinking is based on quantum mechanical principles, however the underlying mechanics are eventually explained, which in turn provides for free will.

When did I decide that ice cream is sweet rather than salty? I never did. The ice cream decided for me. That was one less fardel I had to be burdened with.
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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

In reply to this post by Bel Suave

You are refusing to engage me.

I think you know very well that 'to decide to decide' is a radically different proposition than 'to decide' but you are trying to equivocate by (unsuccessfully) conflating these two fundamentally different propositions.

Still, you admit: "When did I decide that ice cream is sweet rather than salty? I never did. The ice cream decided for me. That was one less fardel I had to be burdened with."

Yet you refuse to acknowledge that ALL of your experiences are basically exactly the same as your ice cream tasting: you did not decide a single one of them, even though you want to believe that you do and you can.

How can you even claim to have an opinion or a belief let alone knowledge of facts when you know with greater certainty than your own name and birthday that YOU did not put a single thought in your head and that the source of all your thoughts and experiences are UNKNOWN?

What we have proven for the world to see here is that the truth (as in *reality* itself) can be, and is, rejected by the smartest amongst us without a second thought.

Humanity sooner or later will destroy itself because you are flying at Mach 3 blind.  

Goodbye my friend.

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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

Maestro, I think you could have saved much time and space by just writing, "How can you even claim to have an opinion or a belief let alone knowledge of facts when you know with greater certainty than your own name and birthday that YOU did not put a single thought in your head and that the source of all your thoughts and experiences are UNKNOWN?"

Instead, you set up a paradox and use words like ‘know’ and ‘decide’ that certainly make sense at a pedestrian level, but whose meaning seems to vanish when confronted with ultimate mysteries. I’m not sure our points of view are all that different with regard to the ultimate question you pose. I object to stretching the meaning of words because I think that generates a false epistomology. You rightly understand that ultimately, au fond, all of existence is a mystery, as I understand from the sentence quoted above. From that, all particulars, which reside in that mystery, are themselves ultimately unknowable.

My own experience is that there is a more direct approach through art to "understanding" these mysteries. For me, it happened once when I was staring out my living room window at the beautiful bay and the mountains on the other side of the bay with their summits sheathed in windblown cloud, a typical Irish day. The seagulls pass overhead comically facing south as the wind blows them transversally off course to the south east, mimicing parallel transport in physics. I am lost in the beauty of Evgeny Kissen playing Chopin’s sublime nocturne in D flat, with all its filigree ornementation. Time literally came to a standstill. That is as close as I have come to pure contemplation.

Nevertheless, Contemplation must yield to Love. One day I had to pick up my very young daughter who was visiting a friend whose mother is very poor. She was renting the basement of a neighbor’s house and had to use stand alone electrical plaques to cook with. She had two children by two different fathers. The youngest, her son, had never had a father figure in his life. We had given a big bag of toys to this family, including various dolls and a little train set made of wood with little wooden tracks with groves for the wheels. I sat down on the floor and began showing her son how to put the train set together. At some point there was a change. I felt incredible joy and peace, a state of blessedness I had never before experienced, as if in heaven.

In both the experience of having time stop and having heaven descend, I had forgotten myself, as if I had put myself aside. This is where reality begins. Reality is outside of our subjectivity and our task is to take that step outside.

I wrote a little poem once when I was at a workshop for faculty where we work asked to imitate a poem which I thought was modernist dreck, but it did have an arresting line about wind, so I hasard to print the following, because when I wrote it, I was remembering my experience in Ireland.

In this wind,
The water is wrinkled,
The branch is tossed,
The wren is ruffled.

In that wind,
Black ashes fly,
Smoke blinds the eye,
And creatures die.

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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by Bel Suave
Thank you, Catalysm.  

I consider it a precious gift when someone cares enough to share with me his deepest thoughts and feelings.  I'll just say I agree with you at this point.  To say more would take away from the moment.


[Self-censored.  Too personal, and doesn't feel appropriate as something appears to have gone amiss from Bel's side.]

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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

Thank you for your gracious and sensitive response to my post, Maestro. Your lyrics are great—I’m surprised I haven’t heard them before now!
Maestro Maestro Maestro Maestro
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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by Bel Suave
new game new game
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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

In reply to this post by Bel Suave
Bel, I have some concern that all is OKay. The lull is worrisome...
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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

In reply to this post by Bel Suave
Worried about Bel. His girlfriend(?) Anna Campbell was killed in March by a turkish rocket in Afrin. There are articles about this in Guardian and Telegraph, which reveal that her father Dirk Campbell lives in Lewes, Sussex, in the UK. Got hold of some phone #s there, but so far no luck in reaching her father. The problem is that we don’t know Bel’s name. Was he captured and thrown into a Turkish prison, or worse? Tracking him down could be a real problem.
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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!

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In reply to this post by Bel Suave
I am not sure what to make of the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion but in regard to confusion of the masses as your essay points out regarding the purposeful misdirection away from the really real, these passages are quite interesting:

We have feared the alliance of the experienced Gentile sovereign power with that of the
blind power of the mob, but all measures to prevent the possibility of such an occurrence
have been taken by us. Between these two powers we have erected a wall in the form of
the terror which they entertain for one another. Thus the blind power of the populace
remains a support on our side. We alone will be its leaders, and will guide it towards the
attainment of our object. In order that the hand of the blind should not free itself from our
grip, we must be in constant contact with the masses if not personally, at any rate through
our most faithful brothers. When we become a recognised power we will personally
address populace in the market places, and will instruct it in political matters in whatever
direction may suit our convenience.


How are we to verify what the people are taught in country schools? But it is certain that
what is said by the envoy of the government, or by the sovereign himself, cannot fail to
be known to the whole nation, as it is soon spread by the voice of the people.


In order not to destroy the institutions of the Gentiles prematurely, we reached them with
our experienced hand and secured the ends of the springs in their mechanism. The latter
formerly were in severe but just order; for them we have substituted disorderly liberal
management. We have had a hand in jurisdiction, electioneering, in the management of
the press, in furthering the liberty of the individual, and, what is still more important, in
education, which constitutes the main support of free existence.


We have befooled and corrupted the rising generation, of the Gentiles by educating them
in principles and theories known to us to be thoroughly false, but which we ourselves
have inculcated. Without actually amending the laws already in force, but by simply
distorting them and by placing interpretations upon them which were not intended by
those who framed them, we have obtained an extraordinarily useful result.