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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
'Shen, which literally means "spirit", refers to the recognition of our truest state of being, what in the Orient is called "one's essential nature". This represents our ability to understand ourselves and to connect to life as a whole. Regarded as the most revered of the Three Treasures in Taoist alchemy (along with ching and chi),  Shen is that state in which newly conceived babies abide during the gestation period, as well as the highest level of accomplishment possible by a master of Taoist practice.

 When one has regained the awareness of Shen , one has cultivated the calm alertness that permits the Mind to express its two primary qualities; insight and overview.These two qualities allow an individual to operate from a perspective larger than the one usually permitted by one's personality. In the Orient this perspective is sometimes referred to as having a "Big Mind".

                                       Herein begins our study of the mysterious "CASE OF THE HAUNTED WESTER WORLD" - another "Judge Dee Mystery!

"The doctrine expounded by me is the true one, but I am not its author. I am only, so to speak, the soil in which it has germinated, and has developed itself with an extreme slowness, in the course of long years. Also, there has never been such an extreme disproportion between the man and his work, than in my case, and what is the saddest - in this case - is that one has to suffer because of the incapacity and weakness of the other. A man more capable than me, possessing this doctrine, would have already stirred the world."  - African Spir.*

With a BIG OL moon high in a pre-dawn Anatolian sky, I'm taken back to the time of my very first try at communicating with the stay-behinds of the west - some 8 years past, on a day in May when, similar to this one, both sun and moon hung  for a moment in the same spring sky. A day which witnessed my very first time on a 'message board.' What followed was a disastrous foray into the world of westerlings for whom all that is outside their fishbowl is a threat and affront!  Since that time I've grown a hide of such thickness as to rival that of a dinosaur...indeed  allowing for the rise of a monstrous 'truth in media' reporter who - unique among a sea of imposters - delivered the real goods about gold/China/and the talmudic gangsters who owned em both!

Needless to say, none of which was either appreciated nor rebutted in any way. So I just carried on scything my way through fields of dreamers, schemers, and back side reamers, building up confidence in my own reborn powers of "insight and overview"whilst maintaining that slender bridge back into the fallen lands of the west.

 Through the various phases of that attempted dialogue, unceasingly scorned, heaped with contempt, assailed by all manner of outrageous devices by which to stymie or stifle my prescient warnings and travelogue traipsing through the hinterlands of Asia ... by remembering the travails of giants of the past like Spir, I was  able to keep things in perspective, instead of falling prey to gloomy thoughts.

If anything, the absurdly shrill and unceasingly negative reactions to my messages in a bottle were instrumental in making me rise to the challenge  - of working through my own weakness of character and limits of ability, to reach this point where I see much to be happy with about that pontoon bridge still floating over the River Styx.

So much so that, as we enter a new phase in the evolution of that dialogue today, I've simply stopped caring about anything other that nourishing the 'flow' of shen-filled thought which - dammed up inside for so long, has begun to demand egress in the form of a creative expression of the lingering "really real" still existent outside of the kabbalistic hell realms. As a result, the 'indiscipline' to which I alluded in the previous post - from early age manifesting in failure at staying within timelines, staying 'contemporary,' staying within tempora e more will be now compounded via a studied refusal to stay within any tattered remnants of  boundaries  at all! The 'white magic' of kounter-kabbalistic pyrotechnics which will now accompany this herd of ideas being rounded up and sent to far off market simply demands the overthrow all such convention. What follows will be something of a template for the unchained musings of one fugitive 'free man,' at large n at the service of the remaining few... \who would be so too!/

Like my childhood hero Rowdy Yates, I've got a drive to make, and dogies to be turned into T-BONED steaks of a superior intellectual savor  - how I get em there is my business. How the reader chooses to respond to em is their business! To the chase then, gentleman and hermaphrodites!


In searching out an entry point from which to begin this next phase of our investigation: "kabbalism in action, and its' effects upon the modern medias," I arrived at, and discarded in short order several approaches. Knowing that the rough terms of reference for the transition had already been set out in the post previous -

"the minefield of 1880-1920.... forty some years which saw the rise of FREUD/ENSTEIN/FASCISM ... and thereby the decline of medicine/science/mass psychology into a miasma of talmudically-driven facsimile of same"

nevertheless, to set just the right tone was something that eluded my conscious mind. If the artificial constrictions to 'free-flowing' discourse - the question of 'now' versus 'then,' the roles of 'historian' versus 'journalist' etc., - had been successfully removed, there still seemed to remain ... impediments.

If these were 'structural' in nature - a slipperiness inherent to the subject matter whose chief role players are chameleon-like by nature, as well as inheritors of multi-generational strategies of covert pyscho-social warfare, for instance... then the problem would be solved by means of my time-tested method of 'wu wei' - or - 'do nothing,' and off we go! If they were, on the other hand, merely 'perceptual' - in the sense of being hidden from view - well, chumming around with Augustin Dupin, Poe's fictional 'detective,' for a couple of years now relieved me from worry on those grounds! Finally, were it to turn out that the matter of 'impedimentia' was simply the need for more - 'firepower,' 'willpower,' or the application of stubborn 'neo-journalistic' loyalty to "the story" above all else...

that also had been conveniently enough covered, via absorption of and morphological resonance with the MikeNomad/SteveRoper persona which has come to define my 'way of being in the world,' as per Heidegger. Blurring lines tween times... the "fictional"/"factual," even "cartoon" versus "lived" realities, how could a bag of tricks such as that fail to 'get er done?' What else could need be added to that mix?

And, then... just when all seemed doomed to merely repeat beloved Spirs' tragic vision of the moral failings of a man whose mission exceeds his merit...

I 'remembered' JUDGE DEE!

Van Guliks Confucian-era judge and de facto 'detective' of the proto-Dupinesque sort was the sword with which to cut this GORDIAN KNOT of gnarly 'neo-gnostic' deception. How could I have 'forgotten' the shards of wisdom which swirled within that world of religious piety, human passions and roguish avarice? Such jewels as "The Case of the Morose Monk," "The Case of the Embalmed Abbot," or, most auspiciously of all - "The Haunted Monastery?" Shards now needing be reforged, into a(n even mightier)sword of truth in media?

In Judge Dees' world - "Cases are almost always solved via the intervention of a Deus ex Machina in the form of a deity, spirit, or ghost that either reveals a key clue or compels a suspect to confess." Yes indeed. Cases must be 'solved' by whatever means are at hand! And forgetting for so long that indeed, this case = of a cabbalist cabal run rampant over pretty much the whole world by now... started out in 'Asia' not so very far at all from where I sit this minute... and spread like a kind of medieval plague over that continent and its' "European" appendage, Africa from tip to toe, and then, like some kind of invasive species of tape worm, crossed the farthest reaches of the great oceans to reach right round the globe!

Yes indeed! Suddenly remembering the story  I had posted - A Visit to the King of Hell

[The Primitive Magic of Capitalist Accumulation. Exposing the dark undercurrents of 'modern' financial wizardry and the "Evil Eye" of Occidental "Enlightenment" - Economics and the Poetical Vision]/ from a 'kinda kinder, gentler era,' before the full imposition of the TERROR STATE over Anatolian scapes... Irakeres' MISA NEGRA(BLACK MASS) came to mind, as the perfect aural accompaniment to this excursion into the surreal landscapes of this next phase of our journey.

So... I sez to meself - We aren't in "Kansas" any longer, Dorothy; nor will the rues of Paris quite do the trick which needs doing. The "Haunted Monastery" which the wester world has become will not be exorcised and redeemed via fictions of facile description. Only "metafictions" will 'save the day.' John Barth defined metafiction as being a "novel that imitates a novel rather than the real world" - a more suitably inclusive re-definition of the term, in my opinion, would be "reportage that imitates fiction, in an era when all realities are inverted, so as to distill from the muddied dreck of an o'erturned cup the essential truths within every 'event' or storyline."

So! The more feeble minded mong us will exclaim, poised as always ready to shout down every effort to stir oneself from fatal lethargy: You outdo your already over the top, madcap attempts to attack the media monolith via arguments ever more absurdum! 

Which bothers me not, in light of the small yet vibrant 'metafact' that - whether studiously ignored or not - I've made a more true and accurate reportage of not only financial facticities over the past 5 years, but embellished that sterling record with a now three year timelime of reports from the muddled east unparalleled in both accuracy and predictive capacity. Leaving me capable of claiming right to grasp the scepter of the master - Van Gulik!

"a series of detective novels and stories, written by a twentieth-century Dutch diplomat named
Robert van Gulik but set in seventh-century China. I thought these
novels and stories would constitute an appropriately legal topic, as
they chronicle the career of a fictional Tang Dynasty magistrate judge
named Judge Dee. Moreover, while fictional, Judge Dee is patterned
after a real Tang Dynasty jurist-statesman named Di Renjie (Ti Jenchieh)

 In his 'real life,' as a Dutch Diplomat in the wartorn far east, a prodigious scholar and linguist fluent in fourteen languages, van Gulik was someone aware of the terrain we now enter. Just as the imperial, racialist fantasies of a Japan spread a wave of terror throughout the Asia of that era, so another form of rabid madness stoked by fantasies of epic pathological proportion have run amok through the muddled east, upsetting longstanding if delicate ententes tween ethnicities, religions, and cultures, in pursuit of a pointless hegemony doomed to fail. By dipping his quill into the inkwell of times well past, he was building a truer picture of the civilization breaking apart in front of his eyes than the faux reality which has been imposed by talmudic bolshevik "Chi-coms" who now control that part of the worlds' fate! A sinitic cultural continuum which rooted in a 'meta-reality' only still with us by way of allusion - after it's fatal meeting with the Frankist-Sabbatean banker sponsored "marxists" hired to dynamite all connections to that storied past.

It's not hard at all to transpose my own experience of living and writing from the opposite pole of the Asian landmass onto that brief breakdown of the Dutchmans' career and appetites. In the very eye of a hurricane of mad destruction - of civil society, constitution, plurality and - not the least - of a free press... I've stayed the course in keeping the world abreast of what their own part of it will soon nuff be looking like, as this talmudic enterprise of enveloping nation states in a miasma of corrupted and willing stooges dedicated to looting and pillaging their own people spreads ever further afield from its original TERROR STATE IN THE S E MED genesis. Instead of planes bombarding us with payloads of pyrotechnics, we are daily bombarded with chemtrails laden with body/mind poisoning payloads, energetic disturbances of the mind control kind, and ever shrinking 'free frequencies' of open communication.

So, in all, I take much comfort in finding Judge Dees' apparitional appearance in front of me - as a next guide and mentor in the business of 'detecting' crimes of the subtlest kind. Not only do I appreciate the suave coolness under fire of his creator and alter-ego -
"van Gulik, having lost all his clothes in a fire, calmly wandered
about in Chinese garb, holding on to a satchel of books that he
happened to be reading. Some weeks later, when all diplomats
were spending most of their time in underground shelters, he
was complaining about dust that interfered with his calligraphy.
Still later he started work on a dissertation describing various
ways in which the Chinese and Japanese mount scrolls, and he
would rush about in between bombings to collect paper samples
in the artists’ stores of the town.

I've a soft spot for the scholar whose dogged pursuit of the seemingly 'arcane' leads them to places which the common herd of tenured and talmudically-tethered twits who monopolize all 'knowledge' in all places -these days -  can only huff n puff about! Now, with all the intractable problems and seemingly insurmountable obstacles out of the way... at last...

- we BEGIN the BEGUINE!**

E=MC^2? Hardly. Put down that crac pipe bro!
AE=time outta mind^2

And so,

thanks to the predicted ability of New Gamers to pull the right stuff outta their respective snuff boxes ... we have have left behind the dross of materialistic rabbinical fantasy worlds,

for a taste of honey. Maestro's score - a symphonic excursis into Aperiron - right on the money -  has moved organ-grindin monkeyshiners of the moneychanging kind, outta the roadway... allowing this shambolic orquesta from Santiago de Cuba to move into the limelight

whilst a HUNDRED FLOWERS BLOOM. As spring hits the highland pastures in an Anatolia specked with the shadows of ghostly camel caravans, past pack horse processions, and muleteer mutterings long a precarious path to bliss, and we pack up for the annual trip to higher altitudes,  AND

the ethereal dead come out to play - in Eleusian Fields. What's all the excitement you ask?


 In the ineffable spirit of which we find the 'clue' by which to rollback the rabid rabbincal discourse and force our stories villains to confess their crimes!

 Aether... as in, the massfree 'stuff' which fills up space with charged polarities in a manner inimical to the ADAM KADMON mind of kling-on kabbalist-talmudics. Positive-Negative, Male-Female electromagnetic energies which supplant and render void the useless pyrotechnics of 'doctored' physics and physicians of the phariseuitical kind. Return to AEden/ dis=spelling ADAM  and his spielings.


"Ether or aether (aiqhr probably from 伪喂胃蠅, I burn), a material substance of a more subtle kind than visible bodies, supposed to exist in those parts of space which are apparently empty" - or Æther (αιθηρ probably from αιθω I burn,) a material substance of a more subtle kind than visible bodies, supposed to exist in those parts of space which are apparently empty."

 So begins the article "Ether," written for the ninth edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, by James Clerk Maxwell. The derivation of the word seems to indicate some connexion in men's minds with the idea of Fire: the other three "elements," Earth, Water, Air, representing the solid, liquid, and gaseous conditions of ordinary matter respectively. The name Æther suggests a far more subtle or penetrating and ultra-material kind of substance. Newton employs the term for the medium which fills space—not only space which appears to be empty, but space also which appears to be full; for the luminiferous ether must undoubtedly penetrate between the atoms—must exist in the pores so to speak—of every transparent substance, else light could not travel through it."

And so began the introduction to Oliver Lodges’ 1909 THE ETHER OF SPACE

"In all cases where physical motion is involved, however, I would have a medium sought for. It may not be matter, but it must be something; there must be a connecting link of some kind, or the transference cannot occur. There can be no attraction across really empty space. And even when a material link exists, so that the connexion is obvious, the explanation is not complete; for when the mechanism of attraction is understood, it will be found that a body really only moves because it is pushed by something from behind." Serving as the 'missing link' between the respected researches of the 'hard sciences' and the world of late C19th 'spiritualism,' and the fascination with 'ethereal' realms both of psyche and space, Lodge today is a forgotten footnote in history. Llike a dozen other researchers of his era whose work was instrumental in the process by which the so-called Theory of Relativity became the personal property of a radically racist sionist patent clerk with a facility for convenient 'memory loss' and blaming all criticism on 'anti-semitism.' Jules Henri Poincaré - who -
stated that the velocity of light is a limit velocity," suggested that "mass depends on speed," formulated the principle of relativity, according to which no mechanical or electromagnetic experiment can discriminate between a state of uniform motion and a state of rest, and to top it off, derived the "Lorentz transformation"

is all but forgotten a century later. But most pertinent to our theme here, all this "GRAND THEFT - ALBERT" was pulled off due not simply to the machinations of powerful sionist lobbies and media controllers behind scenes, but primarily to the 'gentile' Englishman "Sir" Arthur Eddington, who did everything in his power to push the notion that Einsteins' theory had been "proven" by means of a 1919 eclipse of the sun! Using faulty and rigged data, a group of 'playas' organized by the knighted knave "Sir Arthur" spun a story about star movement in relation to the darkened sun - embroidering the doctored and inconclusive data into "front page headlines" proclaiming the fame of the hitherto unknown Einstein!

What has never really been discussed before is what were the motives of high born Eddington to skew science towards control by a cabal of ethnic supremacists and corrupt underachievers? That, however, is for another time. What concerns us here - within this introduction to the corruption of real science on a timeline running from the purposeful displacement of the insights of the Anatolian 'pre-socratics' to the C20ths abandonment of the field to a cabal of phony physics gurus - is the amazing fact that it was an eclipse event which was used to pull the patent clerk out of obscurity into a media-manufactured stardom as the 'genius' who 'invented' relativity.

Is it not amazing to think that this archetypal astronomic event - moon over sun - was the device used to create the chief myth of modern science? That the archetypal character who broods and brews over this type of event - the necromancer, the sorcerer, the black magician, is exactly what reveals in our crime novel the real identity of the phony 'physics' guru? Another in a long line of talmudic-kabbalistic magicians, who - with the aid of a modern media marketing machine, put on a stage performance which tricked the whole world into believing his trick!

In older stories, such as  More on Millenarianism: The Roots of Madness

 I drew an explicit connection between the contrivances of modern scientific cultism and the destruction of the real. It might be hoped that the convergence of that theme with the 'kabbalist-talmudic' project of destroying the west will be ever more clear to the reader, as we step back from the stagnant pond of 'geo-political' theatrical events to set our gaze upon the corruption of science into a golem in the hands of hegemonist pretenders seeking to usurp every element of our reality.

Taking back the realm of science - restoring it to its natural harmonic partnership of physis and techne,
 whereby it serves as the mortar pon which the foundations of the western ethos can be rebuilt - requires us to return the dimension of 'the aether,' as the wisdom of the west originally described it long before.

"Anaxagoras of Clazomenae- his doctrine of "nous" which is translated as "mind" or "reason". Initially "all things were together" and matter was some homogeneous mixture. The nous set up a vortex in this mixture. The rotation

... began in the centre and then gradually spread, taking in wider and wider circles. The first effect was to separate two great masses, one consisting of the rare, hot, dry, called the "aether", the other of the opposite categories and called "air". The aether took the outer, the air the inner place. From the air were next separated clouds, water, earth and stones. The dense, the moist, the dark and cold, and all the heaviest things, collected in the centre as a result of the circular motion, and it was from these elements when consolidated that the earth was formed; but after this, in consequence of the violence of the whirling motion, the surrounding fiery aether tore stones away from the earth and kindled them into stars."

The null result of the 1887 Michelson-Morley experiment forced classical models of the Aether to retreat before the rise of the field concept - from Faraday, through Maxwell, “Space now becomes treated as a given, and as being permeated by fields present and propagating even in the vacuum devoid of ordinary matter. The fields may be electromagnetic, gravitational or supermassive, and more recently have been belabored as a "quantum foam", a "space-foam", a Zero-Point Field (ZPF) or the Dark Energy of the missing Higgs particles.”

 "Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?" Einstein in 1905, in a paper submitted to the Annalen der Physik

Initially Einstein left some room for the aether in his theory of relativity -

 "Most careful reflection teaches us, however, that the special theory of relativity does not compel us to deny the aether. We may assume the existence of an aether; only (...) we must by abstraction take from it the last mechanical characteristic which Lorenz had still left it (...), namely, its immobility. (...) To deny the aether is ultimately to assume that empty space has no physical qualities whatever. (...) Recapitulating, we may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an aether" (A. Einstein, "Aether & Relativity", 1920), before abandoning the approach, as physics became more and more mathematically abstract.


"The first attempt at a theory of the dynamic Aether was Nikola Tesla's hypothesis that propagation of electric signals was distinct from the generation of electromagnetic signals, and made the latter possible. Tesla envisioned an electrical Aether having incompressible and radiative properties. He presented experimental evidence for this physical reality in his studies on the wireless transmission of power and the resonant states of the longitudinal electric radiation that has become known as Tesla Radiation, but failed to provide a physico-mathematical model of this radiation. Tesla's theory was subsequently and illegitimately co-opted to the dominant version of electromagnetic field theory, as if Tesla's contributions were part and parcel of Maxwell's and Hertz's theory of electromagnetism."

The reader needs keep in mind with regards to the above quoted passage that Lodge actually anticipated and worked out the "Tesla Coils" technology now attributed solely to Tesla!

"The first cogent and comprehensive model of a dynamic Aether was proposed by Harold Aspden as far back as 1958. Aspden's model of a dynamic Aether invokes the existence of a near-balanced continuum of cosmological charge populated by 'Aether particles', the quons, that are capable of condensing ordinary electron-positron pairs and are not subject to the constraints of Relativity (hence, a re massless-like). Aspden's theory has also been called a model of the hadronic Aether because the proposed Aether lattices also contain positively charged mu-mesons and massive gravitons and supergravitons."

 Aspden, though a respected researcher and educator, remained hidden all his career, his work ignored but never discounted or rebutted!

"The modern scientific development of Aether theories points, instead, in a different direction with respect to both dark and subtle properties of the Aether - it points towards the concept of a massfree energy medium that has 'a- photic' or nonelectromagnetic properties. The Aether's 'subtlety' results from its massfree or noninertial property, and the 'invisibility' from its nonphotonic or dark nature. This rejoins Anaxagoras when he wrestled the original concept of the Aether from Greek mythology."

The Mythical Nature The concept of Æther is strictly rooted within the mythology of Ancient Greece. Ancient Greeks professed Protogenoi, which are the immortal «primordial deities» born in the beginning of Universe. These primary gods were Æther (Mists of Light, Upper Air), Ananke (Inevitability, Necessity, Compulsion), Chaos (Void, Lower Air), Chronos (Time), Erebus (Mists of Darkness), Eros (Generation), Gaea (Earth), Hemera (Day), Hydros (Water), Nesoi (Islands), Nyx (Night), Oceanus (Ocean), Ourea (Mountains), Phanes (Procreation), Phusis (Nature), Pontus (The Sea), Tartarus (Hell), Tethys (Fresh Water), Thalassa (Sea Surface), Thesis (Creation), Uranus (Heaven), which generated Giants, Titan, Olympian, Oceanic, and Chthonic gods. In Homeric Greek language Æther αιθ ηρ means ”pure, fresh air” or ”clear sky”, which in Greek mythology is the pure essence where the gods lived and which they breathed. Æther was a personified idea of the cosmogony professed by ancient Greeks, and considered as one of the elementary substances forming the Universe. According to the Orphic hymns Æther is the soul of the world emanating all life."

   “..I didn’t tell you how spiritual Light is, did I?…I had to relearn physics and in relearning physics, I found that everything hangs on the photon. The photon is this unit of action that cannot be subdivided –you don’t have one-and-a-half actions–..it’s one thing or nothing…that’s what Planck discovered about light, that it comes in whole units, or quanta, and these quanta are very universal in their function. Everything that happens between these particles that we talk about (billiard balls..or what have you)..is in the form of photons, or Light. It’s not just communication of one atom to another, or one molecule to another –it’s the creation of particles themselves…

   So to sum it up, the photon has a very primary role. Now, why is  it spiritual –It’s spiritual because it has none of the properties that matter possesses. It doesn’t have mass; it doesn’t have charge; it doesn’t have position; it doesn’t have time. It’s outside of Time –clocks stop at the speed of light. It has no position because you couldn’t possibly locate it.  I think the most interesting thing of all about the photon is that only one person can see it…photons that one of you sees is not the same as another one sees. Only one person is seeing each photon because when you see a photon you annihilate it…[and] because they [the photons] don’t exist anymore, they’re a complete uncertainty. You couldn’t predict them. So, here’s the unpredictable and the immaterial and it’s in place Number One and is also responsible for the creation of matter and all the interchanges between matter…” Arthur M. Young ( interview with Arthur Bloch):

 " I may quote a statement which Lord Kelvin made in reply to a rather skeptical question as to the existence of a medium about which so very little is supposed to be known. The reply was: "Yes, ether is the only form of matter about which we know anything at all." In fact, the moment we begin to inquire into the nature of the ultimate particles of ordinary matter, we are at once enveloped in a sea of conjecture and hypotheses - all of great difficulty and complexity. One of the most promising of these hypotheses is the "ether vortex theory," which, if true, has the merit of introducing nothing new into the hypotheses already made, but only of specifying the particular form of motion required."

"Suppose that an ether strain corresponds to an electric charge, an ether displacement to the electric current, these ether vortices to the atoms - if we continue these suppositions, we arrive at what may be one of the grandest generalizations of modern science - of which we are tempted to say that it ought to be true even if it is not - namely, that all the phenomena of the physical universe are only different manifestations of the various modes of motions of one all-pervading substance the ether."ŁUKASZ ANDRZEJ GLINKA: ÆTHEREAL MULTIVERSE


And so... we arrive back at vortexes, and the applied sciences as practiced by the scorned and/or forgotten maguses who inherited the secret western wisdom tradition~! Men such as Viktor Schauberger, with his vortex technologies, building implosion-based engines which would power secret Nazi aircraft ...

fellow Austrian Wilhelm Reich, whose scientific discoveries[including aether-based] were so dangerous to the re-emergent fascist deep state which took over the USSA over 65 years ago as to require his imprisonment and death...

and of course Tesla, bankrolled by J P Morgan, who decided his work was simply too much of a threat to be allowed to stand. All cast aside, so as to allow for a pygmy to stand in their place! Debunking Einstein is childs play... but we must stop here so as to finally get this one finished up.

  Image of  Schaubergers Flugscheibe in his patent application, showing vortex action

J - Massfree --
W - Yes - the physics of a massfree energy that would be responsible for creating what topologically appeared as a torsion to spacetime.
J - But Reich never explicitly addressed the descriptive problems of metric and topology, did he?
W - He worked extensively on the problems of the co-ordinatization of the solar and galactic systems. But his thrust was that geometry and condensation of matter were created by the superimposition of massfree energy within the same space occupied by matter, so that, it was space, in fact, that could be engineered - do you see?
 -extracted from: "Failure of the Unified Field"

*(see my posted story THE WILD FIELDS for a brief biographical description of the amazing African Spir)

** The beguine is a dance and music form, similar to a slow rhumba. It was popular in the 1930s, coming from the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, where in local Creole Beke or Begue means a White person, and Beguine is the female form. It is a combination of Latin folk dance and French ballroom dance, and is a spirited but slow, close dance with a roll of the hips
Roll em!


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Re: "BIG MIND:" Return of the Shen / Black Masses/Mass-free Livin!

with the E/W russky TK epic 'process' brewing to a fast boil, is there a chance some collateral damage occurs to their hierarchy? stray missiles into their domain? a parade today, huh, i'm so distracted,i can't see  the new hardware on display. impressionism at it's finest...
Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Re: "BIG MIND:" Return of the Shen / Black Masses/Mass-free Livin!


As I have set out to enunciate in the just published "Bigger Bang" post, the KT/TKs are committed gnostical anti-nominian nihilists -

they can't help but blow EVERYTHING up! Including themselves.

Skies the limit... maybe...
even further!