"Creative Destruction" - the Millenarianist Agenda - Exposed

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
"Creative Destruction" - the Millenarianist Agenda - Exposed
Christianity, Islam, Judaism - are these former religions now any more than fronts for the destructive fantasies of power hungry madmen?
by Bel Suave

    In the fast paced world of psychopolitics - and the psy-ops so integral to it - it's hard to keep up with the hard workin folks who peddle their menu of distorted mirrors and limited hangouts on an almost daily basis now. Big money and huge talents are harnessed in tandem to make the most of the way in which the 'new media' of the internet has changed the face of "the news" - by reducing the now defunct craft of journalism to a mockery of itself, and inserting in it's place an ethos of "who dares most to the spoils goeth!"

    When seen in such light, the latest "breaking story" in the never ceasing tsunami of agit-prop which ALL circulates from the same source - talmudic terrorism and it's fifth column within the western satrapies - has a lot of laugh appeal! You simply have to hand it to these guys... they never ever stop! We can only imagine the back-slapping and victory laps which will proceed from the latest volley which seeks to recover some of the lost momentum which our little expose series has resulted in. But - as always - congratulations may be premature. Let's have a look at how the latest adventure in dissimulation plays out shall we?

    Iraqi refugee 'raped 10-year-old boy at Austrian swimming pool ...
    2 days ago ... A 10-year-old boy has been raped at a public swimming pool in Vienna, according to local media reports. Local newspaper Kronen Zeitung ...

    First of all, with this story - finally - seeming to be based on some kind of fact, as opposed to the outright fictions which Team Sio had been caught out with before, at least they can be applauded for getting something on the scoreboard. With so many exploding cigars going off in their neighborhood lately, it was getting downright scary to even walk around there! The story itself - published in a mass circulation paper In Austria, is based upon an incident which occurred on Dec 2nd of last year, resulting in an arrest of an Iraqi migrant in late December.

    As usual, it gets pulled off of a European site by the Breitbart crew, who via their new "London" and "Jerusalem" offices scour the net 24/7 for stories which have the potential to 'go viral.' This one, picked up immediately by their downline outfits, also got the necessary massaging to make it into the big league western channels - Independent, Daily Mail, and Telegraph, so as to provide max credibility. Luckily we have an inside track to how this works - via the following story
    Steve Bannon: This Man Is the Most Dangerous Political Operat
ive ...
    Oct 8, 2015 ... Steve Bannon runs the new vast right-wing conspiracy—and he wants to take down ... Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Oct. 12, 2015.

    which goes into the careful networking by which stories of interest to the financial sponsors behind the Breitbart machine get passed on to the mainstream media. "What conservatives learned in the ’90s, Brock says, is that “your operation isn’t going to succeed if you don’t cross the barrier into the mainstream.” Back then, he says, conservative reporting had to undergo an elaborate laundering to influence U.S. politics. Reporters such as Brock would publish in small magazines and websites, then try to get their story planted in the British tabloids and hope a right-leaning U.S. outlet such as the New York Post or the Drudge Report picked it up. If it generated enough heat, it might break through to a mainstream paper."

    The money and influence which allow for the hiring of a team of bright young things to bring this all about is not just about "conservative" politics however - it's specific to "Israel Lobby" politics - guys like Robert Mercer and Sheldon Adelson who throw their weight around to such a degree as to now virtually control the electoral process of American politics. Our lead off story about this - in the recent "Darkmoon Deception" piece here, appears to have been picked up and run with by the distinguished independent journalist Thierry Meyssan, whose just published story here

    Ted Cruz PsyOp, by Thierry Meyssan
    1 day ago ... Psychological Operations are far more complex than propaganda, .... At the start of his Presidential campaign, Ted Cruz generated very few ...

    goes into further detail about the people funding this nexus of politics, media, and financial sionist manipulation. Which brings us back around full circle to the original theme of this post. The "Millenarian" impulse nestled within so much of contemporary events is one sadly under-reported. It exists as a current which crosses all religious and geo-political boundaries - finding adherents in the Christian, Islamic and Judaic camps who all conform to the unified desire for an "end of times" kind of orgy of destructive madness that is fueled by prophetic visions of messianic fervor. In the quest to 'fulfill' these prophecies the jijhadis of each of these competing religious factions have built up networks of terror - "Extreme Wahhabism" has nothing to do with 'religion' - in the sense that "Wahhabists" now exist among us of all 'religious' persuasions.

"Christian Zionist" Wahhabis, 'normal Sionist' Wahhabis, "Islamist" Wahhabis - all of a piece and cut from the same cloth, compete in their various "market niches" to polarize all opinion into the simplest of black and white extremes. Complicit media stooges embellish and encourage the work of all these jihadi brothers in spirit - and their message board helpers sputter with rage whenever anyone should dare put in question this monotonous deluge of disinformation designed to better advance the planned 'war on us.'

    This Millenarian theme is worthy of much more in depth profile - and in fact, I started working on just that, yesterday, before realizing that most of this post had been vaporized. "More on Millenarianism: The Roots of Madness" will be the title of that followup piece. UPDATED: NOW PUBLISHED!

    More on Millenarianism: The Roots of Madness
    The Hubris and Arrogance behind the Religion of Scientificism
    Bel Suave

    For now however, I would just like to touch upon the connections between that theme and some of the other ones which stories here have pursued. Because as it turns out, there is a direct linkage between those who have dreamed up the messianic impulse and the kind of religious devolution which ends up in mass sexual deviance - of the same kind as the current campaign to vilify all Muslims throws in our faces... but which we curiously hear next to nothing about from closer to home! The original post here from yesterday made reference to this curious tunnel vision approach to talking about 'rape,' sexual abuse, pedophilia...

    The Child-Rape Assembly Line | VICE | United States
    Nov 12, 2013 ... Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg—who is 63 with a long, graying beard—recently sat down with me to explain what he described as a “child-rape ...
    by asking, "when's the last time you read in these upstanding media outlets about the sexual crimes of priests, rabbis, high ranking military types, and a wide cross section of the very upper echelons of the Occidental politico-judicial class?" And answered with simply..... "crickets"....
    Revelations Of British Pedophile Ring Spur Flood Of Abuse Reports ...

    May 21, 2015 ... There were whispers of a pedophile ring at the highest levels of British government. Revelations suggest those rumors had substance and that ...

    As detailed in stories like here as it turns out the biggest proponents of millenarianist prophetics in the western world have been monks and churchmen whose sexual predilections have been not only notoriously 'non-celibate' but have been oriented towards practices outside of what their religious dogmas deem 'seemly' for the layperson. This is an extremely interesting confluence of desires. Creative destruction... and rough sex - with minors and same gender partners! Stay tuned for more on that subject.

    Beyond the Dutroux Affair: The reality of protected child abuse and ...
    Jul 25, 1997 ... Warning: The information in this article is not suited for anyone below the age of 18, as it involves extreme sexual violence against children.
    For now, I want to end this preliminary look into the network of players by which the 'clash of civilizations' build up to yet another phony war gets promoted by drawing some more threads together. Just as a story such as "Big Gold's Big Reach" touches upon the nexus of financialists of Ashkenazi extraction who work to monopolize EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF OUR EXISTENCE... even the air we breathe...
    Richard Sandor, CCX, and privatizing the right to breathe: Part One of a Series
    Details of way our world is intended to be transformed - into a vast "progressive" slave plantation owned by a 'self-chosen' few!
    Bel Suave

    other stories have alluded to the cultural components of the same network's methods and goals. That alchemic goal of reaching the materia prima and the millenarianist goal of achieving monopoly over creation - creativity - reproduction, and so on... has been repeatedly underlined as having a central connecting theme of the homosexualist agenda to wipe out the vital difference between genders and by doing so, deprive us of our birthright as beings who are vitally infused with the spark of real passion and self knowledge via that difference. The war on 'western civilization' thus more and more appears to be carried out on the biologically figured gender level at the same time as in economic and social spheres.
    The Symbolist movement in the C19th - Harbinger of Evil? Third and Final Part of the Trilogy of Departure
    Bel Suave

    It's very much to the interests of the shadowy groups behind this culture war that these spheres of the same battle remain unconnected to the intended victims. While various writers employ acute insights into particular components of this war, their singular focus denies their work the traction needed in order climb high enough to see the big picture. This platform then, is an attempt to overcome the specialized recounting of particular bits and pieces of a puzzle which only make sense when it is all fitted into one large portrait.

    As it turns out, the force of current events in my own backyard has become the prevalent news story of the day. As Europe faces an onrush of migrant refugees fleeing from the wreckage which those same western nations have created in those middle eastern countries, very very few analyses take the necessary care to look at that bigger picture. My intent to do just that has been somewhat derailed by the very pace of events... forcing my focus back on contemporary geopolitical events when I was supposed to be getting down to the business of focusing on the very beginnings of our western traditions.