"SNEAKY LEFT HOOKS!- SNEAKY RIGHT HANDS!" OR - How I learned to Relax & Let the Man Punch Himself Out!

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Our previous encounter with the world of the “Dybbuk” signaled the end of the ‘rope-a-dope’ phase of this RUMBLEINTHEJUNGLE which will end all MUMBO-JUMBO for all time.

Having watched the 49 second segment of Ali/Cassius’ movements by which he transformed the ‘HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD’(with the sneaky left hook!)into the greatest portable grill salesman of all time...
so many times that I can play back each drop of sweat, each glide of muscle tissue and glimmer of emotion on the body/minds of those two warriors – as if it were just yesterday(more than today!), I knew by way of instinct that it was the destined(at last!)time to come offa those ropes...
and “begin the beguine” by which to unwind ... the great deception of our times!

Just like no sane person ever credited the Boombahiya guy with a chance to make it to the end of the match with CRUSHER FORMAN... nobody of sane mind would ever guess that this here flyweight fighter would punch so hard above his weight class – as to burn the whole mo/fo KABBALIST TALMUDIST enterprise of millennia-long standing..... down. You don’t know it... but you’re watchin history unfold here folks. Howard? Anybody?

Dybbuks for sale! Git your Dybbuks here! I’m selling the “program” for the match of the millennium here – cheap! If I win... you get your eber-lubbin soul back in one piece(offer void where prohibited by “noahide law!”) If they win... you screwed fo’ver. How’s that for ‘stakes.’ And you didn’t even know you had skin in this game o death... did yas!?

Yes, as you can tell – I’m in good spirits this morn... one what has at last dawned with a real sun in a real sky of the kind which this month has been grievously devoid of! And if those nazgul tankers birds come out  today to spray that sky with their poison, everybody will see with their own lying eyes – at last! – just what the game is! Yes it was grim... by close to sundown yesterday with the wind still howlin out of the north and the sky as grim as it’d ever bin... all systems ground to a halt by battery depletion...

seemed like the terror state was in full spate. And then... out of the grimmest part of that grim north sky- a beautiful awesome rainbow to hand! Yowser!

I’ve read over the previous segment, prior to plunging ahead with this one. And I am pleased. It carries the needed gravitas... without being either ‘weighty’ or overly wordy. As the Iron Duke said... as he flung away the half-eaten chicken breast which had been his late breakfast whilst watching Marmonts’ division form its’ fatal flanking move... at Salamanca...

“that will do! That will do indeed!” Nappie and his marshalls ALWAYS underestimated Wellesley. They called him “the Leopard” in spite. You can call me “Deacon Green” – if you know what I mean. You don’t like military history you say? Ok.

Let’s jus get on with it, shall we?

“He crossed the Dniester into Poland in 1755 with the intention of gathering followers. When his following became the object of pursuit by the Polish government at the instigation of some parts of the south Polish Jewish community, he crossed back into Turkish territory, claiming to be a citizen of that Empire. Throughout his life Frank demonstrated an ambiguous identity, ready to be, speak, relate, perform, wear whatever was expedient. In this first instance of shape-changing he betrayed his own followers; but his behavior was supported by a theology that stressed the importance and rectitude of such an act

He returned eventually, after another arrest and flight and a conversion to Islam...Though he and many of his following converted to Catholicism (in Lwow in 1759 and again, under royal and noble auspices, in Warsaw that same year), the Church's suspicions had been aroused. After the Church extracted confessions from six followers, principal among them that Frank himself, and not Jesus, was the aforementioned incarnation of the messiah, Frank was arrested and jailed in Czestochowa.”
 two extracted quotes from Harris Lenowitz, The Words of the Lord [Jacob Frank]

Among many other things… you see… Josef Frank was a chameleon. Shifting allegiances as best expedited his own criminal masterplan, he played off Jews…Muslims…Christians against each other, extracting benefit from phony ‘conversions’ time and again, all the while telling his growing group of followers that he – “the Lord” – would deliver the realms of each of those polities up to them! Why did they believe such an outrageously audacious scallywag you ask? But hark!  The entire world is but a stone’s through right now from being in the maw of Frankist-Sabbateans and their Chassidic partners in crime… as we speak! You did not know that huh? Well, that’s what we are here to point out.

This game has been played for so long… so well… with no one the wiser, that they ONLY thing that We have going for us now is that incredible arrogance and hubris of the Talmudic kind – by which they always suppose themselves VICTORIOUS (at last!)… before the final bell. That’s sumthin mighty slim to pin the hopes of an entire people upon… but it’s what we got… so let’s go with it!

Franks’ ‘revolutionary’ evolution of Tsevis’ original blueprint – apostate one’self from judaism… make googly eyes with islam… apostate from that by secretly going back to your gnostical and heretical ‘frankist’ theology whilst pretending in daily life to still be a ‘follower of the messenger of Allah..
was to instruct his flock to mass convert this time to  Catholicism … and later, Protestant sects as well… and then, thus embedded, begin the work of accessing all the social benefits which at that time accrued to the goyim but not to the jew. It wasn’t just a case, you see, of the jews of the Ottoman empire of the time – where the nominal allegiance to the temporal power of the Sultan allowed jews to carry on pretty much as they pleased, with their own courts of law, languages, commercial networks and temples… thus becoming wealthy and independent.

What Frank sought was to escape the jurisdiction of the rebbes’ … as well as that of the new adopted religions’ authorities… and by steadily adapting the appearance of upwardly mobile converts to goydom, gain the ears of Emperors, and adherence of nobles keen for esoteric Turkish delights, and the keys to a genetic melding which would bring the following generations of the secret ‘worshippers of the “Lord” into invisible melding with their surroundings, genetically indistinguishable from their surrounding society. It was indeed – a long term process of penetration of the enemies positions, the better to bring about its’ eventual downfall.. and the raising up of the followers of Frank as the new aristocracy to whom jew, muslim and christian alike would bow!

Ambitious?  Extremely.  Impractical?  Not based upon performance to date, no. A secret group of practitioners bound by ties of blood and culture whose ability to move unnoticed and unsuspected between the otherwise bounded and forbidden societies they sought dominion over by stealth. You don’t understand yet who Pritzkers and Dimons, Kochs and Bauers are, do you? You will, eventually… if you keep reading. "Jews," "Cryptos," "Frankists">all the above... and moar? Impossibly complex web of corrupt mafiyas all mingling together now... the better to wage culture war upon the westerling.

“Crypto-jews” you see, are not the same species of animal as what we discuss here. The ‘crypto’ hides their ‘jewish’ ethnic & religious affinity under a gloss of faked names and assimilation, in order to remain ‘a jew’ in those places where such a status inhibits upward mobility. Up until the 1960s such places included USA and most other places in the western world. The marrano, or crypto jew concealed their ‘faith’ in order to secure secular advantage.

The Frankist-Sabbatean in contrast, is not a ‘jew’ concealing their ‘jewishness,’ but rather, an apostate sectarian belong to a group whose mission as proclaimed by the most important inheritor of sabbatai tsevis’ mantle, was to DESTROY the worlds’ of  jews, christians and muslims alike! If that distinction becomes clear and settled to you – we’re all off to the races!

But…. not so fast. Without some further forensics – of the seemingly ‘hair-splitting’ kind… we can’t really get to grips with the way in which the Frankist-Sabbatean ‘conquest of Edom’… eg., of the world of Christendom… differs in intent from the judaic  version of same. We need to look into some “Zohars,” and “Lurias,” “"Meshach Nows," and “sacred cows” for further evidence of the tortured path by which some kooks of the kabbalist kind have distorted out reality to the point where literally nobody even knows which end is up! An inverted reality – exactly as described in Scholems’ tome – “the Holiness of Sin,” where the programmatic inversion of good and evil escapes like a genie from its bottle – and via the madness of Josef Frank and his tsevi antecedent... gets cut n paste all over an increasingly brain dead wester world with an impulse to suicide and addiction to snuff porn!

Whoa! That got your interest huh!>? Well, when we come back – after all this ‘heavy lifting’ of the present segment...
That’s right! Porn! Chics! Trannies! BDSM! With all the trimmings... as we pursue the “Holiness of Sin” right down into the sewer of the world of ‘modern, so-called “art”...

But... no strap ons! Well... maybe some. Anything for moar clics n eyeballs right! What a world.... what a strange and benighted ‘trip’ our reality has become. All brought to you by...
International finance capital... aka... them ‘jews who are not jews!’

Comin right up! Part Three... “Exorcism, Gender and the Israeli Nation”
Don’t even ask man... don’t even ask! It's only gonna get weirder, as we go deeper!

postscipt: yes indeed... I noticed the lil insertion by one of our 'watcher' freends at the tail end of the "Mel an Choly Babes" thread... heralding the follow up to our buddy MM's psychotic 'breakdown' whereby all hell is supposed to break loose... the mark get mad... the site goes bad... and everything gits back to normal in kabbala town.

These klowns never ever... really... change up their script. Seen it...bin der... rolled em back a dozen times or more... they're always back with the same tired tricks trying to find a way to fight the tide. No where to hide suckas! I'm well aware of the damage done you already... and that your machinations will continue. When I took apart the "Darkmoon Deception" few years back... their answer was to make up a 'whistleblower organization' which discovered that I was supposedely "a jew living in America!' When I exposed the fact that the most virulent 'jewbashers' on the zero-cred site are indeed 'jews' doing their usual 'lead from behind' trip... their reponse was so frenzied and desperate as to begin calling me a 'zionist.'

Tis all good fun. And they'll all go down... one after one!



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Re: "SNEAKY LEFT HOOKS!- SNEAKY RIGHT HANDS!" OR - How I learned to Relax & Let the Man Punch Himself Out!

Curious as to where you'd park Freud and Einstein in this unfolding madness of the `Holiness of Sin'. Useful idiots to the agenda or kabbalists of the highest order?

Bel Suave Bel Suave
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Re: "SNEAKY LEFT HOOKS!- SNEAKY RIGHT HANDS!" OR - How I learned to Relax & Let the Man Punch Himself Out!

Freud & Einstein were both self-described 'aetheistic' jews... perfect fodder for our study. Freud strongly identified with Carthage and Hannibal... against Rome and the Republic, as representing "Semitic" vs western cultural configurations.

" A Christian came up to me and with a single blow knocked off my cap into the mud and shouted: "Jew! get off the pavement!"' 'And what did you do?' I asked. 'I went into the roadway and picked up my cap,' was his quiet reply. This struck me as unheroic conduct on the part of the big, strong man who was holding the little boy by the hand. I contrasted this situation with another which fitted my feelings better: the scene in which Hannibal's father, Hamilcar Barca, made his boy secar before the household altar to take vengeance on the Romans. Ever since that time, Hannibal had had a place in my phantasies."

Einstein was the classic plagiarist - profiting off of the work of Jules Henri Poincaré, in EXACTLY the manner which Pasteur was allowed to steal the work of Beauchamp... which at least the French plagiarist admitted to on death bed - Einstein never gave up his pretense. The result - predictably - a world of sickness induced by 'medicine'... and a world of physics unable to explain or contend with it's own data!

Moar - kabbalism in action!

Since - according to the precis being advanced here - "kabbalists" are 'doctors of perception'...as in its alteration, to the detriment of truth...
both aforementioned 'doctors' of science were instrumental in 'doctoring' their own specific scientific fields to the benefit of the kabbalist program. But this only succeeds when the goyish sidekicks kick in with their mindless approval and cheerleading - Arthur Eddington in the case of Einstein ...

copius fellow travellers too numerous to mention in the case of Freud. Who's really to blame, as I recently asked, for the suicide of the west?
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Re: "SNEAKY LEFT HOOKS!- SNEAKY RIGHT HANDS!" OR - How I learned to Relax & Let the Man Punch Himself Out!

In reply to this post by Bel Suave
"Since - according to the precis being advanced here - "kabbalists" are 'doctors of perception'...as in its alteration, to the detriment of truth...
both aforementioned 'doctors' of science were instrumental in 'doctoring' their own specific scientific fields to the benefit of the kabbalist program"

Brilliance. As per usual!

Doctors of perception indeed. Not sure if you caught this one, but the `poison the goy' issue is seeing daylight.

`Starbucks coffee in California must have cancer warning, judge says.'

Anyone with an inkling of awareness of Chinese medicine will tell you that pancreatic cancer stems from coffee. Wonder how much the head kabbalist at Starbucks has his family consume?

And WHAT's up with your CAPTCHA mechanism? I spend more time navigating THAT than posting. LOL.

reante reante
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Re: "SNEAKY LEFT HOOKS!- SNEAKY RIGHT HANDS!" OR - How I learned to Relax & Let the Man Punch Himself Out!

In reply to this post by Bel Suave
Hi J,

I guess it's a good thing that i don't know anything about chinese medicine. :) i'm confident in asserting that coffee doesn't cause pancreatic cancer.  Generally speaking, pancreatic cancer, as with most disease, is caused by chronically abusing our symbionts, the gut flora.

If we abuse our beneficial gut flora we end up with too many pathogenic flora, which produce alcohols and other chemical metabolites which dissolve the the 'glues,' between our enterocytes, that forms our gut wall, whereby toxins enter our blood stream and get stored in our fatty tissues. The pancreas is largely made of fat, and chronic toxic overload can lead to its malfunctioning and also cancer formation.

As to the starbucks attack, the bluechips that have provided the chronic westerling sugar-high these last 65-odd years, are being turned into public relations dominoes -- line em up -- in the service of the ongoing transition to national socialism, the limits to growth war economies. There's a whole lot of liberal consumers destined to walk the plank to nationalism, and it's gonna take a modicum of totally superficial 'anti-capitalism' to do it in such a way as best pleases you know who.

Thanks for the illuminating post, Bel.

Eric Eric
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Re: "SNEAKY LEFT HOOKS!- SNEAKY RIGHT HANDS!" OR - How I learned to Relax & Let the Man Punch Himself Out!

In reply to this post by Bel Suave
I'm curious if you have run across the various Jewish Encyclopedias during your investigations that claim the Jews themselves are of Edom and Esau?

I myself, checked them out and it does indeed seem that whoever was writing these Encyclopedias quoted the Jews as being Edom/Esau and Idumeans.

What are your thoughts on this? Just more confusion?

I've also seen several times the Jews calling Christianity/West Edom. Interesting stuff.