"Syrian Endgame" - Live at Last! Update 2

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
In the world of international politics, some things change, without seeming to have, while other things seem to have changed without really doing so. One thing for sure though - if you find yourself reporting on a 'big' story, and never change your focus, nor doubt your intuitions... sooner or later, the story which everyone else chose to ignore or deny will come out in the open - for the whole world to see. You just have to be patient... and relentless.

Being the one reporter who correctly identified not just the moment when  power passed into the de facto control of tel aviv - and out of that of the putative AKP government in Ankara, but ALSO the phony 'coup d'etat' which followed that real but covert one just three weeks later,

this writer is well positioned to parse the details of the present 'reset' of relations between all the parties competing for a slice of Syria at this moment. Readers of my dispatches from that spring and summer of 2016, will remember the sequence of events as I had enumerated them; as well as how diligently and savagely the rest of my media 'colleagues' sought to variously attack or bury  both the work and the person who performed it.

In November 2015 I predicted that the AKP Regime would conduct an "operation" which would allow it to rest military leaders standing in the way of its jihadist agenda "for treason" =

"What Erdogan must do first though, is finally gain total power over the Army... which is traditionally a force which removes civilian governments when they stray too far in one direction or other. He cannot move to complete his plans to bring all non-Sunni non-Turk citizens under direct attack until he humbles the armed forces for good. And he can't wait around to do it, because the bombing of ISIS is drying up his supply of cash super fast. The economy is in crash n burn mode, and if he cannot pay his thugs and the loyalist supporters he and his government will join it fast.

So a crisis between the military and the government must be provoked... which has to cause the military leaders to be arrested for 'treason'... just like everybody else is being picked up for now. He needs - and now almost has - total control over the media to pull that stunt off successfully. How
they will manufacture it is beyond my reasoning ability... but it will be the next move in this game of russian roulette being played out live time."

as accurate description of what 'happened" on July 15-16th 2016 as any can be written...

except, it was written 8 MONTHS BEFORE THE EVENT HAD HAPPENED.

Later the following winter, I produced an assessment of field operations likely to happen - or not happen, as the case might be - which also more accurately that any other source anywhere, described the outlines of what was going to happen in the course of the next few months. Unfortunately that report was stolen in its entirety and republished on an 'alt-media' site which published it WITHOUT ATTRIBUTON as "TOP SECRET RAW INTEL REPORT," with nothing I could do to prevent it, due to my necessary anonymity.
That is how and when the 'storify' platform got started as a geopolitical analysis outlet in addition to my previous work of financial analysis. As it happened, some of those financially-oriented pieces had already been plagiarized by "reporters" too lazy and careless to do their own work, so I was more or less forced to move into a situation I could at least attempt to control.  Gradually as all those older stories get transferred to a new home here, they will be available to read on this site. In the meanwhile I will have to keep cross-linking them to the old site. At any rate, through that spring and into summer, one after another report hammered home the theme which all other medias refused to report - the emerging alliance of supposed 'enemies' Turkey and Israel, and the behind scenes power diplomacy which made it all possible.

Two uniquely reported development stemmed from that interval. I reported the defacto joining of NATO by the zionist entity, another story completing ignored by all other medias, and the key evidence of the TURKISH regimes' full capitulation to that entities pressure - the abrogation of Turkeys power of veto over Israels' entry to the NATO organization.

By the time of June's followup stories which correctly reported the silent coup arrangedbetween Moscow and tel aviv, I was fully apprised that all of my work would be purposely hidden by a complicit media. As it has continued to be to date, when not subjected to vicious and spurious attack, upon both the author and the reports. The ONLY reports which have accurately detailed the collapse of 'journalism' into a house of cards,' and the collapse of our collective 'reality' into a  theatrical progression of planned 'events' staged in order to fulfill an agenda of deceit on a global scale.

That record speaks for itself. As I speak for myself, and no one else's agenda, money, or interests. Suit yourself who to follow. I follow the stories, and report them the way journalism used to do - a truculent pursuit of the true story which gives no quarter nor favors any special interest.

Not on your newsstand - ever!
Stay tuned for more on Afrin... the the "Syrian Endgame!"