"Syrian Endgame" - Live at Last!

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Posted by Bel Suave Bel Suave
I’ve been remiss in getting some process of timely updates going on this new platform, for the simple reason that I’ve needed to make some momentum with the book project on the parallel platform. This quick n dirty update, as we see the long awaited “Syrian Endgame” go live time, will hopefully be followed up with more regular ones. Let’s proceed then;

As a now veteran observer of this and several previous “written and produced in tel aviv – filmed and directed in Turkey” theatrical productions(see: “Shadow puppet Coup d’ Etat”)I can approach this latest episode in Afrin with the comfort of knowing that the preliminary moves which a well-trained media will obediently place before us are but opening feints in the wider “war on the real” which the ‘muddled east’ continues to be the stage set for!

Getting all of the actors involved to read from the same script, know their lines… and most importantly, follow their cues… has been a work of considerable magnitude and complexity, which only a masterfully tight and well-contructed organization could hope to pull off. And such an organization is – uniquely – the ‘talmudist enterprise. With footholds in every capital, nay, in the inner sanctums of power in every capital, the Sraeli war machine has mobilized its most effective ‘front-line troops’… the operatives, influencers, bagmen, and blackmailers… in an ‘endgame’ move which will shake up every element of the geopolitical spectrum!

A year and a half ago, when we first visited this notion of a permanent ‘war upon the real’ as a campaign by which all events are staged – all the time – it would still not have been possible to pull off something of this magnitude and intricacy. Of course, there had been trial runs – the previous episode of “Russia withdraws from Syria” in 2016 being the best example to hand – but only with the executive authority of the USA fully “in the bag”   could the master schemers ever have hoped to pull this grand finale off. Let’s review the setting.

Turkey – run by a clique of jihadist sympathizers and inveterate adventurists whose fantasies of neo-ottoman restoration have led their country to debacle after disaster – has indeed reached the critical point of implosion, economically, state pockets emptied by insane pretension upon the international stage, a string of expropriations which have removed the better part of it’s real entrepreneurial class from operation, a debased form of state capitalism which redirects government revenues into the pockets of regime accomplices, and, finally, an over-reach in military and infrastructural expenditures which beggars description… as well as the country.

Syria – similarly bankrupted, but for other reasons, including the covert and overt attacks upon it by neighboring  Turkey, it’s Daesh and FSA mercenaries, and the coalition of Sraeli-directed Arab states bankrolling that jihadist adventure, has crawled back into the semblance of a unified state with the unstinting support of both Russia and Iran. Its lead actor – Assad – remains in position, but only as the figurehead puppet potentate as with the pretend Caliph in Ankara, dangling upon Russian strings.

Russia, in turn, has descended mightily in the same short interval, in terms of sovereign control over its foreign and domestic affairs, forced into a defacto alliance with the talmudists via the scheming of their Lubavitch ‘overseers’ who act in a role identical to the ‘overseers’ who direct the actions of an equally impotent American ‘head of state.’  Via their now complete stranglehold globally over all flows of capital, financial markets, and banking, the talmudic ‘moneypower’ has become able to bypass any and all ‘nationalist’ opposition to its agenda anywhere.

 A combination of ‘carrot and stick’ has been employed to gather up and organize every state which matters into a basket of satrapies which will compete with each other to gain the most spoils in the Sraeli organized and directed “Eurasian Energy Cartel” which the latest drama in the muddled east is but precursor to.
There is little which needs be said about Iran in all of this; their status as a very ‘junior’ partner in this coming arrangement has been brokered by the Russians, and the sanctions stick has sufficiently pacified the Iranians so as to make them glad to get whatever share of the pie tel aviv is willing to cede them.

Where does that leave the Kurds in all of this?

First and foremost, we need to break things down in that regard. The current action being threatened by the Turkish puppet regime is against the “Rojava” cantons of “northern Syria” and has nothing whatsoever to do with the putative “Kurdistan” in northern Iraq. As such, it is an extension of a domestic campaign to eliminate dissension among the 25%  of that countrys population with kurdish roots.

That territory I refer to as a 'putative Kurdistan' was a project of tel avivs' foreign office, created as a Turco-Sraeli puppet state by which the spoils of Iraqi oil and gas fields would fall into the hands of their Daesh jihadist proxies, and then move cheaply and easily through their hands into Turkey, right through to the port of Ceyhan, from where their ultimate destination would be - of course - a port in Srael. Spoils from this racket ended up in the pockets of regime politicians in Ankara, their corrupt Kurd stooges in Iraq, and, to the greatest measure, any number of 'brokers' and high fliers with Hebrew names and international connections.

The territory in northern Syria which remains in the hands of Kurdish-aligned forces, contrastingly, enjoyed none of this illicit wealth. Although the SDF now controls something close to 1/3 of Syrias petroluem resources, they have not had a commericial outlet for it. And 'that' is something very much at the center of where this new episode is leading!

Syrian territory bordering Turkey has been in the hands of these “Rojava” Kurds and their Arab and other ethnic allies since the collapse of the jihadists whom Turkey had employed to create chaos in Syria. That blowback is part and parcel of what has compelled the Ankara regime to undertake a mission which will now lead to their own undoing!

Let's pause right there... and let a little more of the opening 'smoke n mirrors' of this act pass by!