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Two States - One Agenda: Ethno-religious 'Cleansing'
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave

Two States - One Agenda: Ethno-religious 'Cleansing'
Turkey and Israel team up to bring an ancient cult back into to the modern world - a followup to "Blood Sacrifice"
byBel Suave 2 years ago
    Blood Sacrifice - only the beginning
    State terror versus Kurdish terror - the civil war has started in earnest
    Bel Suave

Recent news of attempted rapprochement between Israel and the Turkish state have received less attention than the subject merits - in part because reportage on the theme carries all the usual hallmarks of the kind of studied dissimulation and concealment which both regimes are well known for generating.

Viewed from outside the packaged description of two 'enemies' in negotiation to "normalize" relations, the real story of what is going on puts several poorly understood aspects of middle eastern affairs into new and clearer perspective.

First and above all, must be understood the propaganda value which accrues from the public portrayal of the two sides as antagonists on the issue of Arab politics and the Palestinian question. The Arab/Muslim word versus Sionist Israel meme has framed the conventional explanations of middle eastern tensions for decades now. It acts as a convenient method of giving cover to several actors whose real goals - and the methods used to achieve them, are with held from public view.

As relations warm Turkey eyes Israeli weapons - Rudaw
Dec 26, 2015 ... ERBIL, Kurdistan Region--In light of a potential Israel-Turkey rapprochement after five years of estrangement Ankara is said to be welcoming ...

As part of this strategy of covert activity between superficially hostile states, the Turks used the Mavi Marmara affair to give support to their presentation of themselves as leaders of the Muslim world's solidarity with and support for Islamic populations threatened any where on earth. Achieving such an image makes it possible for the Ankara regime to conceal the many levels on which it takes direction from, or at very least, is influence by the Tel Aviv government.

In order to better understand the apparent paradoxes which come about through these machinations, it is necessary to view sectarian dimension of middle eastern tensions as they involve the Sunni/Shiite divide. It is well known that the regime currently in power in Ankara is a hard-line Sunni factionalist group allied to the "Muslim Brotherhood" and informally with the Wahabist sectarians of KSA. The intent of of these factionalists is to see imposed on their respective jurisdictions the so-called Sharia Law -as exclusively interpreted by Sunni ulemâ. Unsurprisingly, this form of "law" bears much more in common with the jihadis of the ISIS/ISIL's propensity for 'head chopping' and other barbaric forms of social control than it does with the Prophet's "Religion of Peace."

That is very much because these ulemâ are trained religious scholars whose judgements have little to do with the actual Koran - relying instead upon the interpretations of various "Hadiths" similar to the way talmudist rabbis render judgements based upon sayings of the talmud rather than Torah. Seen from the Christian point of view, it would be as if religious interpretations in that religion were made exclusively on the writings of say - Augustine - and eschewed any reference to the New Testament. Not only, in other words, are such renderings extremely subjective, but they are influenced by the fact that said scholars owed their position to court favor. Their interpretations were favorable therefore to the wishes of their sponsors.

But a further twist to all this comes up with the situation of Turkey, a country which in the eyes of the current Ankara regime is the inheritor of the Ottoman Empire, and indeed, of the role of protector of the faith!
This latter status is assumed from the fact that, after conquering the Arab lands - including Mecca and Medina, in 1517, sultan Selim I assumed the title of caliph, taking religious authority for himself and his
successors Ottoman sultans regarded themselves as the supreme leaders of Islam and protectors of orthodox Sunni tradition against heresy and infidelity. In the heavily sectarian milieu of the Islamist governing party of Turkey right now, it is totally believed that the duty of that party is to restore that same status to it's 'natural owner' - Recip Tayyip Erdogan! A person who indeed views those of his "citizen/subjects" who do not fully subscribe to the orthodoxy of his interpretation of Islam as heretics!
But there is a further status of bad character which these neo-Ottomans as their would-be Sultan/Caliph wish to punish for their transgressions. That is those who refuse to fully subsume themselves to an identity as "Turks." Ethnic subgroupings such as Kurdish, Armenian, Circassian etc., are not held allowable for the Ankara regime. In fact those who self-identify under any of those groupings are 'infidel' to the State. And as 'infidels' in this double sense, the rebellious character of the Kurdish or Alevi person demands maximum punishment.

As can be gleaned from this extract, all of this goes directly back to the C16th, and the campaigns which followed from Selim One's dedicating himself to eradicating the 'heretics' of the Qizilbashi and supporters of Shah Ismail's Iranian Shia Empire. The eradication of dissent which the current government is attempting in multiple levels of civil society right now is an expression of the desire to both emulate, and indeed RETURN TO the conditions of five centuries past! Few, it seems, really understand the degree to which the current political crisis in Turkey reflects this aim. So I think we need to spend some time emphasizing this point before we even get started with the main event - tying this phenomena together with the conjunction of sionist and pan-turkic supremacism.

Elements of this theme were included in the dispatch I sent westwards back in December 2015 - which never reached it's intended recipient. As I wrote at that time:

The theme borders on the unbelievable - a government, an elected one at that - which has made plans for the destruction of it's own civil society in order to execute it's political objectives. Turkey is poised to enter a catastrophic meltdown into civil war: a situation entirely brought about by the careful planning of the governing AKP party. With the announced visit of the HDP leader Demirtaş to Moscow the last piece in this bizarre soap opera has fallen into place. The outlawing of the representatives of the one third of the population belonging to the Kurdish persuasion is the opening act in this tragedy.
It can safely be taken as a given that the role of the Kurds in this developing tragedy is identical to that of the Qizilbashi - unorthodox and unruly groups of nomadic Anatolians troublesome to the central authorities and their wish for tight control over the functions of civil society. Ironically, the Qizilbashi were almost all Turcomens - the ethnic group so much in favor with today's Sultan's Court - and the Kurds of that distant time were considerable allies of the central authority! But that is the kind of detail which escapes the grasp of the modern day gazîs in Ankara. There alliances are based upon other considerations indeed! As an example of which, I went on to write in that same dispatch:

The recent meeting held in Switzerland,between Turkish Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Sinirlioğlu and Mossad headman Yossi Cohen, underscore one of the themes of our chronicle: “The adherents of this cult are the true "jihadis" of the world of mass terrorism, existing as an echelon or network within apparently competing 'religious' affiliations like Islam or Judaism.” In conjunction with this playacting about Turkey and the terror statelet 'resolving their differences,' Erdogan has also recently met with the heads of Hamas - a perfect synchronicity of agents all working for the same master, whatever be their branding - alQaeda, ISIL, Muslim Brotherhood, or Hamas. Whether outside government, or in control of it, these are all terrorists by any other name. All share the same goal of destruction and same desire for 'end times.'
Which brings to light the merging programs of the barbaric jihadis in the sinister black getups with the be-suited, but equally fanatical jihadis currently holding the reins of power in Ankara, with the equally barbaric and threatening fanatics of the Tel Aviv regime!

Because what "the neo-Ottoman regards as a unique and 'god-given' expression of a particular tribal grouping" brings to mind another ethnic persuasion with a peculiar and insular understanding of their place in the world! In fact, these two racial-hegemonists programs bear a similarity in construct that - upon closer inspection - reveals IDENTICAL goals and intent. The 'pan-Turkic' vision of a group destined "by God" to greatness - and the sionist/talmudist conceit of a "chosen people" - mandated -again - "by God" to achieve ascendance over all other nations and religions... these two forms of ethno-religious extremism cannot have evolved in isolation to each other! Their hatred and bigotry towards "the other" in all forms - gender, race, or form of worship - bespeaks a unity of more than just style.

Leaving the bodies of Kurdish civilians killed by the mass terror campaigns of one's army to rot in the rubble of the destroyed cities of southeastern Turkey - unburied and eaten by stray dogs - is identical in expression of hate and contempt to the mass terrorization and destruction of the towns and populace of Gaza. There can be no mistaking that convergence, any more than one can miss the convergence of jihadi Islamist principles and actions. It is overdue to go deeper into that shared source and identity of hegemonist projects. But it is the most forbidden of journalistic ventures, I have discovered. The clues have popped up, one after the other, in the course of writing dispatches which never make it to print.

THE ONE THING WHICH MUST NEVER BE TALKED ABOUT - the control of Tel Aviv over both the ISIL-ISIL Islamist grouping, and the be-suited jihadis in control of the rogue state Turkey has become.
There is a lot more to say about the background to this conjunction - and the roots of blood sacrificial cults and racialist hegemonist projects in both the Central Asian Turkic culture - and the semitic Canaanite culture lurking in the genetic substratum of the talmudic sionist mind. Would it surprise you to know that as lately as some seven centuries ago, the Turkish Sultans of Anatolia were still in the business of sacrificing slaves to their dead?
Vyronis- sacrifice.jpg

Christian slaves, taken from the areas of Greece recently conquered of course. Kurds are not, for the most part, Christians, indeed the better part of them are Sunni Muslims now. Yet in the minds of those whose intent is to recreate the "glories" of the Osmanli past- in all of it's gory details - they fit the bill for what is to come, in much the same way that the Christian Armenians of 100 years back did for the Dönme who directed the Turks in their revolution which ended that same Osmanli Empire. Dönme who are still very active in the background to judaic politics and the state of Israel itself!
Behind all the smoke and mirrors of conventional storylines about 'what is happening in the middle east' right now, lies a truer narrative which has been suppressed from view for too long. Reading typical pieces of dissimulation like this one:

Why It's No Longer the Chummy 1990s for Turkey, Israel | RAND
Apr 8, 2013 ... Turkey's relations with the Arab world were frayed, and Turkey ... Moreover, those warm 1990s defense ties between Israel and Turkey stemmed ... The main proponent of the close defense and intelligence ties with Israel was the Turkish military. ... In Israeli eyes, this undermines Ankara's ability to act as an ...

gives one a comforting sense of familiarity with the territory of deception. Taking it apart, piece by piece, is the work at hand. Clearly there are some who do not wish to see it proceed.

Lockdown: State of Siege
Two story platforms get "the treatment"- as soon as we start talking about...
Bel Suave
But proceed it must. Here's an example of some progress towards that end. Some mistaken interpretations, but a start nevertheless. - SAUDI ARABIA TURKEY and ISRAEL ...
Mar 2, 2015 ... This is the weapon of choice in world politics used already several times by the Saudis. .... between Jerusalem and Riyadh has been mostly kept out of the public eye. .... Israel–Turkey relations were formalized in March 1949. ..... and I've seen how a warm relationship has been erased in one fell swoop.