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Gold for Oil, Oil for Blood - Pt.4 - the Return of Dupin!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave

Gold for Oil - Oil For Blood Pt.4 - the Return of Dupin!

Further adventures of an "amateur sleuth" in tracking down and recording the story which ALL the world's media's have colluded in hiding. On behalf of ????
by Bel Suave

In the title of Part Three: Gold for Oil, Oil for Blood
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GOLD FOR OIL - OIL FOR BLOOD: Pt. 3 - Mischief in the Rue Morgue!
"de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas"
Bel Suave
I placed a small homage to the great precursor of the detective story, Poe's M. Auguste Dupin, the droll Parisian 'amateur' investigator who upstages the 'professionals' in their work of crime solving - via a creative blending of intellect and instinct. However out of order it might seem to take inspiration from a fictional character in approaching the investigation of "real life" crimes, I would submit that the reference holds water.
The case is well summarized here: "Dupin’s effectiveness lies in his eccentric willingness to move beyond certain standards of rationality and believability. While his explanations piece together the disparate clues from the crime scene in an eminently rational way, he begins with premises that seem irrational—for example, that an animal could have committed the crime. Dupin utilizes such controversial premises because they privilege new modes of analysis—that is, consideration of what “has never occurred before.”
Thinking through my affinity for Poe's sleuth, rather than his later imitators such as the better known Holmes, I can see that the parallels lie in the way Poe - a secret agent of the American state himself - emphasised the willingness to 'move beyond' set boundaries where circumstance dictates. The arrival of the "post-reality" state of affairs in which all born to this era now "live" or exist has compellingly changed the playing field for those who seek to make sense of "events." A seminal change which I went into some detail describing in the story Syrian Endgame as having producing the necessity for a new/old... most definitely "different" kind of journalist style in describing current events.
"What has never happened before," in the present case, is the programmatic intrusion of false storylines, deceptive narratives, fictitious events and hidden motives - all packaged by a phalanx of 'performance actors' and their media handlers to replace what we were born to believe was our 'reality.' [see:]
Now that almost everyone has been 'trained' to accept the imposition of this phony world of staged communications, it remains to only the most unconventional - eccentric - minded among us to pry out of the midst of mendacious muck the real story! And I have made raking through the muck of the duplicitous modern medias my business here, in the spirit of another "fictional" character of equally looming legacy to Dupins' - MIKE NOMAD. As I have pointed out from the beginning of our sojourn here... it is only due the absence of greater minds than myself being willing to undertake the vitally subversive duty of restoring the 'real' to journalism that I have offered my humble and inadequate efforts to fill in.
Tracing back to the roots of Turkey's transition to full TERROR STATE and Tel Aviv satellite satrapy, in Pt 3 we briefly examined the background of it's troubled relations with neighbor Syria.
"How about the dangled prospect of picking up a sizable chunk of a soon to be "Libyanized" Syria... next on the list of PNAC targets - as consolation for having to drop Gaddafi from the list of desirable business partners? Looking through the timelime of events subsequent to the Libyan adventure of 2011, it now becomes clear that this indeed must have been the inducement offered to the Turkish potentate to get him willing to abandon the Libyan strong man to the wolves!" I wrote there.
Picking up from which point now, the main question is: who would be authorized to offer such an inducement? Certainly, only a "broker" with access to the highest levels of political statecraft, serving as a mouthpiece for the ambitions of those countries with the will... and the means... to see Syria turned to the same rubble as Libya had been! As well, such a party would need be someone trusted by the Turks, burned too many times by their "partners" in foreign adventures, as well as someone who could "guarantee" that any such offering would be bona fide, actionable, and not subject to hidden conditions revealed after the fact.
Someone, in other words, with "feet in both camps." Fetuallah Gulen was one of the [very]few persons who could qualify for that role. In exile since the late 90's after running afoul of Turkish prosecutors who accused he and his movement working covertly to Islamize the Turkish state - and even seize control of it - the man who is now the whipping boy for the phony, government-directed coup against itself of July 2016 was not so long ago someone who could bring together states which had need of "DISCREET" discussion of their mutual interests.
As it would turn out, he was in fact the perfect person for such a task. Owing loyalties to the American Deep State for securing his refuge there - in spite of much internal opposition - and equally cognizant of the role of Israel in the same, Gulen was a veteran of past diplomatic convergences between the three states - in other, even more illicit matters! A 'new' style of Muslim adventurer, equipped to cross cultural boundaries which had previously kept various types of mafiyas - religious or secular, as the case may be - from cooperating in project of mutual advantage! Our character study enters the international picture in the 1990s, exactly as just some of those unlikely alliances were beginning to form up.
"The Middle East Report concluded in 1998 that probably the greatest strategic move in the Clinton post-Cold War years is what could be called"The Ankara Pact" -- an alliance between the U.S., Turkey, and Israel that essentially circumvents and bottles up the Arab countries. Earlier in 1997, Turkish Prime Minister Yilmaz visited with Bill Clinton to ensure him that Turkey would attempt to improve its human rights record by slaughtering less Kurds, but also mentioned that if the US pushed too hard on that subject or if the US Congress adopted an Armenian Genocide Resolution, Turkey might award a billion dollar contract for attack helicopters to a Europe or maybe even Russia."
To put which in proper context, we have to draw upon the same time frame and sources for insight into the situation which brought about a convergence of Turkish, American, and Israeli interests...
“After the Gulf War in 1991, Turkey found itself deprived of the all-important Iraqi market and, since it lacked significant oil reserves of its own, it decided to make up for the loss by turning more massively to drugs. The trafficking increased in intensity with the arrival of the hawks in power, after the death in suspicious circumstances of President Turgut Özal in April 1993. According to the minister of interior, the war in Kurdistan had cost the Turkish exchequer upwards of $12.5 billion. According to the daily Hürriyet, Turkey’s heroin trafficking brought in $25 billion in 1995 and $37.5 billion in 1996...Only criminal networks working in close cooperation with the police and the army could possibly organize trafficking on such a scale. Drug barons have stated publicly, on Turkish television and in the West, that they have been working under the protection of the Turkish government and to its financial benefit. The traffickers themselves travel on diplomatic passports…the drugs are even transported by military helicopter from the Iranian border.” Kendal Nezan, writing for Le Monde Diplomatique
Drugs... in a word. Opium harvested from American military-supervised poppy cultivations in Afghanistan, smuggled through Iran to Turkey, processed into heroin and then slipped into Europe via the "Balkans Route." Turko-Russian-Jewish Mafiya figures with high level ties to politicians in all three countries, making business connections with Albanian Muslim mafia and using their influence to create - among other monsters... Kosovo and the destruction of Serbia, taking the profits to buy politicians and judges, media outlets and transport companies. Military forces as well paid close attention to the profitable business potential. And an interlocking sphere of corporations with influence in governments grew up to service and expand upon the "synergies" available from that trade!
"During this time frame, and with approval from the USA, Turkey began to let contracts to Israel to upgrade its F-4, F-5 and F-16 aircraft. Pemra Hazbay,writing in the May 2004 issue of Peace Watch, reported that total Israeli arms sales to Turkey had exceeded $1 billion since 2000. “In December 1996, Israel won a deal worth $630 million to upgrade Turkey's fleet of fifty-four F-4 Phantom fighter jets. In 1998, Turkey awarded a $75 million contract to upgrade its fleet of 48 F-5 fighter jets to Israel Aircraft Industries' Lahav division, beating out strong French competition. In 2002,Turkey ratified its largest military deal with Israel, a $700 million contract for the renovation of Turkish tanks.” But that pales in comparison to the $20 billion in US arms exports and military aid dealt to Turkey over the last 24 years."
Conjunctions once well covered and described by Sibel Edmonds, the one time FBI-State Dept translator fired for probing into 'affairs of national security.' Her stories about the bribery & blackmail rackets of the Turkish military among America's political-judicial class were an admirable and long overdue 'pushback' against years of unchallenged domination of the arena by shills, lobbyists, and 'agents of a foreign power.' When Gulen came into her sites, it was clear that she was close to uncovering a nexus of multi-state players strung together from the most disparate political and religious backgrounds - by their mutual lust for power and influence.
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The Sanitized Gulen Coverage Continues…
…and the Real Dots Remain Unconnected In my last update I covered the recent multi-agenda driven, censored and sanitized media coverage of the Gulen movement. He seems to be back in the news (mainl...
Sibel Edmonds
My initially strong enthusiasm for her work of exposure starting wearing thin about the time that I noticed her focus seemed to grow stronger on the Gulen element of the narrative, and weaker on the Israeli. In the opening days of 2011, feeling increasingly uncomfortable with such subtle shifts in emphasis I was gently trying to push her to return that narrative to it's full potential - by fleshing out the connections between the Israel lobby in the States and the Turks. Something was starting to smell 'off' in her story... and the stink would continue to grow. I wasn't however, at the time interested in blaming or chastising the lady - I knew quite well the likely consequence of a person working in the open as she did making too strident a challenge to the powers that control D.C. And I understood all too well the frailties implicit in having small dependents in one's charge such as she did, having adopted a child. I just hoped for the best and left it alone.
A month or so later, the storm would break over Libya. I can't help but think, looking back on it now... the vague sense of discordance and loss of bearings that I sensed had overtaken Sibel's work would help to formulate my sense of 'somethings' not right here' ... when confronted by all of the weird dissimulations and false flag efforts that would become such a major part of the story in my own backyard - in Turkiye - all these years later!
Horse sense... combined with Dupin's analytical mode of interpreting the scene of the crime. Having watched as every once-mighty truthteller and renegade reporter goes down for the count - turned into yet another mouthpiece of the moneypower in it's endless campaign to subvert or destroy our access to the real story - I am delighted to have stayed true to my own sense of skeptical awareness - or what others would call 'paranoia' - in order to be able to continue to work against humankind's common enemy. A fine example of whom is featured in

D.C. thinktank pushing Iran war got $19 million in one year from Israel supporters
Eli Clifton has a great piece of investigative reporting up at Salon revealing the leading donors to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a neoconservative outfit that pushes a militant postu…
Philip Weiss

that touches upon one of the many blades in the threshing machine which has chopped up and made straw of our social reality. A nightmarish 'total information dominance' machine run out of Israel which has reduced not just coverage of events - like, say, the American election... for instance... to a slimy outpouring of half-truths and deceit... BUT THE EVENTS THEMSELVES ... to fake, staged 'impressions' marketed to citizen/victims in order to better secure compliance with their own disenfranchisement! A global campaign - now on the cusp of being completed successfully. The template - well, unless this is the first and only story of this platform you have read - the template is a well known one I have described in detail for months now. It's applicability is universal.

These type of 'think-tank' front groups play the role of legitimizing the efforts of the Russo-Ashkenazi mafiya to penetrate and control states in general, and the American state in particular. Like intellectual moneylaunders, funded by the profits from blackops like the drug trade, sex slaving, and organ harvesting the hired pimps of these front groups daily pump a toxic blend of hysteric Islamaphobia, war-mongering, imperialistic crony-capitalist wet dreams onto whomever can be fooled into taking their droolings as straight "news and commentary." Such as I have previously outlined in exposes here of once legitiimate truth-telling websites converted into sionist shill sites. A convergence of media/intelligence operations, munitions manufacturers, arm dealers, militaries and state procurement personnel assigned to be bagmen for important public figures on the take. That is the ultimate expression of this unlikely - unholy - alliance of parties which I referenced above. And Gulen was a key part of it. Was. We'll get back to that. For now... let's carry on with the background story-
"In 1999 came a news item from a publication known as the ForeignReport based in the United Kingdom. That publication indicated that“Israeli intelligence, the Mossad, had expanded its base in Turkey and opened branches in Turkey for other two departments stationed in Tel Aviv.The Mossad carried out several spy operations and plans through its elements stationed in Istanbul and Ankara, where it received support and full cooperationfrom the Turkish government. According to the military cooperation agreement between the Mossad and its Turkish counterpart, the MIT, signed by former Turkish Foreign Minister Hekmet Citen during his visit to Israel in 1993,the Mossad had provided Turkey with plans aiding it in closing its borderwith Iraq, as well as being involved in the arrest the chairman of the PKK,Abdullah Ocalan.” That agreement also included help with counter-narcotics.
Earlier in 1998, Israeli, Turkish and American military forces engaged in exercises in the Mediterranean, according to Reuters and Agencie France Press.``[These exercises] signal to the radical states in the region that there is a strong alliance between Israel, Turkey and the United States which they must fear, Israeli political scientist Efraim Inbar said
I covered the explicit arrival of the merger of Israeli talmudism and Turkish Islamist neo-liberalism in several stories last winter. A convergence ignored by all other writers. It involved a phase in which characters like Gulen would be lauded and pushed before an international audience given few chances to make sense of the intricate and shifting political scene in middle eastern countries - countries where groups like the Muslim Brotherhood would suddenly sprout into prominence like mushrooms after a rainstorm. The hack writer's of our think tank crew would provide the intellectual 'muscle' by which these thugs and the Gulenist type movements would be decorated and sold as 'moderate' Islamist movements dedicated to defeating corruption and returning the middle east to peaceful coexistence. Here's a good example of the dressup game in action.
Aykan Erdemir, who was until last year an MP for the Republican party, Turkey’s old Kemalist party, and is now a senior fellow at the US-based Foundation for Defence of Democracies.
“Gulen is not a Muslim Brotherhood-supporting Islamic authoritarian. I would call the Gulenists heirs of Turkish Anatolian Sufi Islam, pious and economically liberal. Gulen himself is unequivocally a pro-European Union and Atlantic person, a free marketeer and a pragmatist on Israel,” he told Middle East Eye in 2014. “Erdogan is at his core a populist reactionary, a state capitalist and a crony capitalist. Although he favours the EU and Atlanticism, it’s only pragmatic. He’s really against them."
Playing off the two Turkish Islamist currents - the political Islam of Erdogan's AKP with the "social Islam" of Gulen would become a big part of the method of keeping all of them under firm talmudist control. The important takeaway from this segment is to realize that the gradual subversion of whatever might have been an originally honest or "pure" movement for Islamic reformation on the part of people like Erdogan happened over a period of time when the hand of the puppet masters can be seem moving such persons into positions of political power. Introducing them to the heady concoctions of drug money profits, weapons contracts payoffs, "help" with domestic insurrections and communications systems would be the opening wedge to turning them all into compliant stooges via the tried and test usual methods of bribery & blackmail.
By the time of our stories emergence into the era when Syria would be the next lynchpin to fall, and Turkey the next Islamic state to covertly conquer, it would be 'child's play' to get the self-aggradized Erdogan to take the bait.... sacrificing his own peoples' interests and security to the fictitious dream of neo-Ottoman splendors! Bait which could be no better dangled than by the secret emissaries of the recluse of Pennsylvania - operating on behalf of a cabal of intriguers now poised to succeed in electing 'one of their own' to the office of the USA - no matter who "wins the race."
As we get to the final stretch of that 'race' it is intriguing indeed to see EVERYONE at last come out of their closets, declaring their true colors! The once perspicacious Thierry Meyssan, revealing himself to be nought but another Russo-Iranian-Syrian Axis statist enabler, throwing red herrings in all directions... while once stellar Jim Stone plays "TRUMPet STRUMPet" in complete abeyance of what would ... once upon a time... have been his own better judgment. On a day marked by the rounding up of fifteen journalists - and the current editor of the last remaining even mildly critical major circulation newspaper in the "New Turkey"-TERROR STATE...& imprisoning of the lawfully elected mayor[s] of Diyarbakir, it's lonely up here in the eagle's nest... from where one can watch the steadily lengthening shadow of an evil which drifts resolutely towards those places which imagined themselves immune to it's darkness! Our author Poe himself drifted to madness. I intend to stay firmly ensconced right where I am... in the heart of the 'really real!'
Although I indicated, at the end of Part Three, that Pt 4 would be a reprise of the scene of the crime described in "DEVIOUS DERVISHES OF TURKISH BANKING," we covered the Gulen angle in this segment so as to make an important aspect of that reprise more accessible to the reader. Once we remember just who were the original initiators of that financial revolution by which "ledger entries" could be employed to replace hard currencies - for the greater profit of those in the business of making money from money - the "BANK OF ENGLAND" scam of the C17th whereby certain recent immigrants from Amsterdam, previously Hispania, and antecedent to that well... anyways.... whereby said parties created the fractional banking system and all it's attendant malaises, it gets a lot easier to understand just what happened when the Turkish banking system 'revolutionized' it's profit potential via the "GOLDEN FLEECE" which I detailed in that series. Time to take a look at some old territory, with fresh eyes! Gulens, Golems & Gold: One Ring of Thieves to Bind Them!
Part Five: Gold for Oil, Oil for Blood - The "Golden Fleecing" of a Nation - Witness to A Crime of Monstrous Proportions!

No more 'monkeying around!'