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Life is full of surprises - some of them we think of as ‘good’ and others as ‘bad.’ Most of them, however, are what we make of them. Over time, I’ve discovered on many occasions that the nature of what appears at first to be a really bad turn of luck …

takes a wholly different form when the background noise settles, and calm survey of the situation replaces initial reaction! Thus it was this weekend past, when - due to a dollop of dirty tricks doubtless delivered by the usual suspects, I found myself bumped unceremoniously out of my comfort zone, as well as off of my own computer! After increasingly frequent attacks upon files within that device had repeatedly rendered my browsers useless by wiping out stored data almost daily, I was ready at last after a rebuild to return to the weekend battles taking place on my favorite western forum for following the course of Russo-talmudic media psyops.

Boom. Knocked off the internet. Hours later, service restored, but all my passwords missing - again - I was prevented from logging in to various sites which require such protocol. Faced with the choice of either glowering in impotent rage at the unfairness of it all (standard operating practice for the western psyche in the current era it seems) or - adapting to the situation as best as able - I found myself busily employed with the latter alternative AND - BINGO!

Long time readers know that - via the GOLD FOR OIL series started in late 2016 - this writer had extended previous explorations of the world of finance into the matter of conjunctions between criminal cabals at the state level of malfeasance … aka… the emerging evidence of corrupt political leaders being guided by hidden ‘helpmates’ and the connections between them all!

As that narrative gradually took shape over the next year, the focus would shift from the muddled eastern part of the world where the original scam had started, to the fresher tracks of muddy feet which were visible in the wake of the TRUMP DECEPTION across the pond. And the issue of a ‘convergence of criminal minds’ would become even more central to the case.
Q, What possible connection could there be between a newly minted POTUS… a newly cemented into permanent power PRETEND CALIPH… and… POTEMKIN VILLAGE PRESIDENTS of the Kremlin kind?
A. None, obviously.  
Next Q. What about beyond the obvious?
A. You sure you want to go there?
Wait! You just answered a Q with another Q!

"de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas"

And thus… we return to that portentous moment when …. thanks to the genius of Poe’s “fictional” detective Dupin… we stumbled upon the means of pursuing a ‘non-fictional’ crime thriller…
 Note:Ok.... I don't have a pic of Vlad with the same Arif on file - But - you are sure to enjoy this pix of he and his Jewish mother! [see section below re: 'mischlinger leaders!']

and became the C21st inheritors of the Augustin Dupin tradition of ‘eccentric willingness to move beyond certain standards of rationality and believability.’

A “lucky break,” or just reward for having taken appropriate care to respect and nourish the wisdom of past wise men of the west? Who knows? All I can tell you - is that you are witness to what will become the most astonishing story of this young millennium; a story developing in spite of the near total refusal of any part of world media to acknowledge any part of it. A story which will come to light in spite of the corrupt and dangerous criminal religio-ethnic mafiya which wishes it to stay hidden.

A brief summation of the trajectory of stories which took me from observer of financial chicanery to the guy possessed of the biggest story of this century (so far) can be found here

The background to the GOLD FOR OIL series is this – finding myself at odds with the caliber and competence of ‘journalism’ as it stood in the modern age, I had gone back to the roots of my first work out of school – freelance writer for various trade publications, in search what had inspired me bout writing in the first place. Thus I remembered my great affection for the adventures of beat reporter Steve Roper in the Saturday Cartoon supplements which I had delivered as a paperboy. He and his pal Mike Nomad seemed to always end up in the thick of action – action that seemed to more often than not involve nefarious gangsters or exotic locales. Their ensuing involvement in sticky situations featured Mike as the ‘hands on’ –as in fisticuffs – guy, while pipe smokerSteve worked on the story that the bad guys wished to squash.
My kind of guys. Ending up in thick of what may have been this worlds’ very first coup d’etat organized by a regime against itself – and was most certainly the most successful ‘social-media’ driven psyop run by a state against its own citizenry – I was compelled by dint of necessity to return to those early roots, as witness to a crime scene - I had realized with some shock - that the worlds media was collusive in. Luckily, the very stories I had been writing immediately before that event had prepared me precisely for the task at hand – reporting the residues of the real, in the era of faked news and phony ‘events.’

The discomfort of feeling ill-equipped to get back into the saddle of beat reporter was quickly replaced by the awareness that 'fate' had handed me all the tools to get er done!

“A seminal change which I went into some detail describing in the story Syrian Endgame as having producing the necessity for a new/old... most definitely "different" kind of journalist style in describing current events. Taking what was still to come to my conscious mind much later - Dupins' Dictum - as the guiding impulse -  I began to look at the story developing as an example of "de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas" come to life! And as I would write in reference to an already published story from earlier in that year -

"What has never happened before," in the present case, is the programmatic intrusion of false storylines, deceptive narratives, fictitious events and hidden motives - all packaged by a phalanx of 'performance actors' and their media handlers to replace what we were born to believe was our 'reality.' [see:]

And so it was this weekend past, when out of a pigs ear was spun a suit of gold - as the missing pieces of the puzzle which had eluded me for so long became accessible at last. Thanks to the amazing work of Craig Shaw and his writing partner Zeynep Sentek, we are running on full power once again! The last chapters of GOLD FOR OIL can be written at last.

So where do we go from here, in applying that hard won technique of seeing ‘what there really is - instead of what is not?’ I suspect that what we will need to see, are the outlines of Dupins’ “ape” - in the form of a monstrous corruption of government and public trust which has transformed almost every nation state into a beastly criminal-run enterprise! And that we shall learn to see that REALITY by not seeing what is indeed not there - leaders who fulfill their trust, politicians and civil servants who reverence truth, medias which place precedence upon the truth. You could sum it all up as the dropping of perceptual habit. A habit encouraged by that new internet media so contemptuous of the 0ld medias!Free from it, much of what previously ‘made no sense,’ will start to make a great deal of ‘sense.’

The key will be to remember this; in an era when people, events and institutions are all made to ‘appear’ as something they are not, the truth about what has already been revealed on these pages will make all the difference. As a guiding hand behind all of the criminal takeovers of governments world wide, Chabad Lubavitchers appear as religious jews… and are in fact immoral reprobates in search of power and its spoils. It is knowledge of that fact which will break this case open; but because acknowledging it is forbidden to all who use traditional channels of media to communicate, it has fallen upon me to be the one to do so.

Many of those who we will meet in the closing part of the GOLD FOR OIL case will be either Chabad members, financial supporters, or persons with family and/or business ties to the organization(think: President D J Drumpf). But that criminal cabal masquerading as a ‘religious sect’ is of only recent vintage. The antecedents to its mandate and modus operandi intersect with our plotline in the following mysterious manner:

a large proportion of the political figures we will be dealing with are mischlings– half caste jews one of whose parents were indeed jewish, yet neither raised overtly in that faith, nor outwardly recognized to be part of that genetic bloodline. Both Vladimir Putin and Donald Drumpf fall into that category. It’s a category that they share with some other illustrious(or infamous)figures of recent history – Josef “Stalin,” and Adolf “Hitler,” for example. It’s also a telltale sign of frankest-sabbatean presences… those of that cult were deliberately instructed to submerge their racial and religious identities in order to create a ‘legend’ by which to pursue success in the fields of business, politics, and finance.

As such, these important leaders are-were persons with a secret – a secret exploitable by those who know it, and through that knowledge, exercise control over them. This control is necessary, because as persons of ‘mixed’ parentage these figures have ‘mixed’ loyalties, as well as suffering conflicting emotions and instincts. Putin is an interesting case in that regard; to what degree are his aspirations for the country he leads born of a genuine nationalistic love of Russia and the (real)Russians? In the end, we will never know, because the component of “Russian-ness” in his character will always be kept in check by his controllers ability to exploit and encourage those ‘other’ affinities, exactly as they did with Hitler – the alleged Aryan and Nietzchean uber-mensch ‘anti-semite’ who on closer inspection proves to to have been an effeminate pederast half breed controlled by sionist conspirators and their financial allies!

With that degree of inversion to truth and appearance, what can we expect from the legacies of newer versions of the same kind of warped and malleable hand puppet ‘leaders?’ If the recent past is anything to go by, the gap between appearance and reality may be in their case as well, something enormous! So suppose, by way of a ‘thought’ experiment, we take the case of one Donald J Drumpf, and compare the appearance…

A guy with a head for business, defender of ‘free market capitalism’ and ‘the American Way,’ happily-married family man and billionaire who wishes to ‘make America great again!’ Not only would he – if allowed, by the forces of the “Deep State” arrayed against him – make white Americans proud again, but he would bring immigration under control and create an “America First” worldview which would keep the country out of wasteful foreign entanglements…

With the details which over time have crept out about the reality. How bout...

A failed real estate developer rescued from bankruptcy repeatedly by laundered Asian mafiya mob money, whose acquisitions are bankrolled by globalist plotters like George Soros. A man mentored in politics and business by the American Lansky mobs own official legal agent and greaser, a string of friendships with proven sexual predators, traffickers, perverts, and whose financial backers for his political aspirations are Srael-first dual citizened billionaires. A President who has surrounded himself with Chabad Lubavitcher members in his administration and family life, chosen many other dual citizened and known chabad sympathizers for key government appointments, overseen increasing expansion of American military involvement around the world… and appears to have EXTREMELY strained relations with his (third or fourth?)wife. Any thing about that resume we should perhaps be wary about? Anything that could possibly point to corruption, malfeasance and/or misuse of public office?

Am I seeing something here that doesn’t REALLY EXIST… OR… is the ‘official’ version of Donald Drumpfs’ ‘reality show' a prime case of "de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas???"

I would LOVE to do the same kind of check with regards to Vladimir Putin! But the man’s past and present personas are so rigorously guarded as to make such a job next to impossible. We are forced therefore, to approach the subject from a different angle.

I did a small experiment on line last week – posted a brief but credible piece about the personal life of Putin during his days as a KGB field agent in East Germany. Met by uniform denial, scorn, indifference. We are encouraged to invest in the ‘legend’ of V Putin, and discouraged to explore the facts about the man with equal intensity. That produces curiosity for me right away. What’s being hidden? Quite possibly, the real Vladimir Putin – just like the real Donald Drumpf!

A man who is buddies with both – Chabad supporter Abramovitch – says that Putin automatically qualifies for (the somewhat rigorous)’right of return’ citizenship of the TINY TERROR STATELET IN THE S E MED. Who knew? Certainly not the people who [s]elected him, time after time! Dons’ brother Fred jr went to Jewish summer camp as a teen, and apparently has no problem with letting it be known. But – we don’t talk about that much do we?

"de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas"

As I said a couple of posts back – I didn’t really have a dog in the race… about who Vlad Putin was, or what his plan was for Russia… UNTIL I noticed just how hard some folks were working to make
"de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas"
the operating principle for everything to do with the man. Likewise, I wasn’t really that suspicious about Donnie Drumpf… until the moment when he shut down Preet Bharara and gave the green light for RED MAFIYA BIGWIG AND CHABAD SUPPORTER Rudy Guiliani and fellow freakenstein Mike Mukasey  to move in on the Reza Zarrab action in an ‘art of the deal’ kind of repeat of IRAN HOSTAGES type of maneuver! That ‘sealed the deal’ for me – FOREVER!

So, if there’s something being hidden about the Russian potentate which we would be advised to suss out and talk about – we wouldn’t necessarily find that out through the regular channels – of a media entrusted with

"de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas"

would we? That fact has forced me to read the books of TOO MANY people who have STRANGELY ENOUGH DIED soon after writing down what they know about Vlad. In addition to the Russian names in that sad category, there is one other name deserving of mention. Chris Story – who ran a newsletter for years out of England called “Soviet Analyst,” but died a decade or so back – of yet another mysterious poisoning-type affair. His works on the new Russian Republic as a continuation of the Leninist project to incorporate the whole world into the Bolshevik social nightmare don’t get much mention these days. One possibly good reason why might be found in this quote from his book –

"The campaign for the abolition of the 'image of the enemy' was spearheaded by Georgiy Arbatov, a close strategic adviser to President Gorbachev and a member of his Politburo. Writing in 'Kommunist' in June 1988, Arbatov proclaimed that 'the image of the enemy that is being eroded has been... absolutely vital for the foreign and military policy of the United States and its allies. The destruction of this stereotype... is Gorbachev's weapon.... Neither the arms race, nor power politics in the Third World, nor the military blocs, are thinkable without "the enemy", and without the "Soviet threat"'. In the same article, Arbatov pointed out that the United States would not be slow to acquiesce in this rapid erosion of the threatening 'image' of the Soviet Union, when he noted that 'of course, this weapon is not secret, but it does have tremendous power'. The strategy of eliminating 'the image' of the enemy would mesmerise the West (as Stalin's top adviser, Dimitri Manuilski had predicted), which could be relied upon to confuse the 'image' with the substance; the enemy itself would remain wholly intact, and would be strengthened as a consequence of the resulting transfer of Western technology and finance, and Western disarmament.” Oops... there's that word again - 'image' -

It might be assumed that such an arcanely suspicious outlook could only be the preserve of an American die hard cold warrior – and will surely be ridiculed as such. Fortunately, that devise can be entirely dismissed as the canard it is, in the present case. Not only do I fit NONE of the pertinent categories assumed, having allegiance to neither nation state, political ideology or associated baggage, but I happen to know a great about those who DO presently fit the category of ‘cold warrior.’ And I can tell you that – once again – it’s a case of

"de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas"

The ‘new cold warriors,’ you see, happen to be the secret TROTSKYITE operatives who some forty five years back began masking their project in the west with a veneer of ‘right wing’ conservatism.. and became successfully rebranded as ‘neo-conservatives!’ Excuse me for being tedious … here –once again – we see the full face of

"de nier ce qui est, et d'expliquer ce qui n'est pas"
In action.

And where does that leave us? Ultra-leftists disguised as ultra-rightists, shilling for a ‘new cold war’ against a reborn “Russia” which is generally imagined to have embraced to an unknown degree ‘western’ concepts of governance, thereby leaving the bad ol days of ‘socialism’ behind for good. What’s inside of that particular “Russian Doll?”

How about… a struggle for dominance between two unrepentant wings of the Leninist ideology? Trotskyites, you will need to know, differed from Stalinists primarily in their call for ‘permanent’ and ‘world’ revolution. The more nationally-focused communists of the Stalinist camp preferred to construct their socialist paradise at home first, before conquering the rest of the world. Stalin ‘won’ in the short run, but the Trots – even tho their dear leader was killed off some 80 years back, have never stopped fighting. Nor exporting their fight – which is why we see America buckling under the weight of their criminal influence and mafiya cronies!

Sadly, it’s now all too apparent that the same struggle over the spoils between the two old enemies is all that is left of the nascent Republic of Russia. Neo-trots vs. neo-bolsheviks, in which the ‘nationalists’ are simply those more inclined to the work of despoiling mother Russia, while the rest of the gang are overseas, despoiling other places. Since not all “Russians” are judaics and/or lubavitchers, you might ask where the actual Russians fit in to all of this. They are the expendable cannon fodder. A reborn USSR will be requiring of some of them their fealty and labor – just as the converging USSA will wish those services of some of its inmates.

Of course, you the reader will believe that I'm just pulling this all together out of my imagination (or worse!) And while I welcome all innate skepticism... as a performance booster of sorts... I will end this important backgrounder to the revitalized GOLD FOR OIL series by seriously suggesting the readers' interest in exploring more of what the late Mr Story had to say. A couple of good examples of which close out our essay...

"For whereas the Soviet Communists 'changed the face' of Soviet Communism and destroyed 'the image' of the enemy, the approach being applied in Britain is the diabolically ingenious alternative: 'the face' of the existing system is being maintained, while its supporting ideology and substructure has been suborned and annexed by the World Revolution - in conformity with the opinion of the Danish philosopher, Kirkegaard, who declared that the most successful revolutions are those which take place within the framework of the decaying ancient regime.

Leon Trotsky, the leading organiser of Lenin's Revolution, wrote in his 'Bulletin of the Opposition', that 'the Soviet United States of Europe is the only correct slogan pointing the way out from European disunity.'"

 Is this the face of our future?

Felix Sater - Arif Tefvik - are these the guys who will blow up the Drumpf Reality Show for good?
Stay tuned - we're goin there!