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Thanks for bearing with me.

I wouldn't be here if i didn't if i didn't appreciate the culture war focus. As true ecological symbionts ourselves, cultures, and the strains contained therein, are the roots. Culture is everything, and can be characterized on the pathogenic-beneficial spectrum. Your genius, specific to this this here tete-a-tete, as it is thus far apparent to me, lies in your understanding of the pathogenesis of talmudism, and the cultural forensics of its control program over its host.

Capitalism, in its broad sense, as in the market economy, is the only cultural  leverage the human pathogen can harness over its host. Thus the merchant money-changers. Market socialism, national or international, is merely a more highly regulated capitalism.

Communism, not a market economy, but it is still capitalism in the broadest sense of the world. Communism's deceit is in its portrayal of itself as a reflection of the natural cultural order of the commons, but of course Communisms 'commons' are merely surpluses. Surpluses are True Money. Coinage is its proxy. Credit is coinage's proxy.

Love of the money in whatever form -- surplus or coinage or credit -- is the pathogenesis of civilization. Ecological compaction is the natural cause. Talmudism is the love of the love of money. Anything that fucked in the head has to be kept secret.

Communism is far from ideal for the talmudists. It was borne of necessity in the east because capitalism wasn't in the cultural character of the east at that time. The parasite has to take what it can get, because it is a co-dependant.

The diaspora of Capitalist culture, in its narrow sense, went west out of phoenicia and assyria, also in co-dependence with its host, by definition.

The host is dying, Bel. You seem to recognize this to some degree when you speak of a neo-feudal future, and the destruction of the West, but your talk of future world revolution doesn't square with that.

'Petrodollar' was a proxy term for the fiat financialization of the NATO empire, which is just the self-evident functional Capitalist response to the golden age of oil hitting its stride in its prime. Your surpluses go exponential, so does your money. Who was the genius who got slapped in the face with the idea that it might be better to tie money to oil rather than gold, LOL.

I'm wondering why you didn't ask me why i claimed international socialism doesn't, and can't exist. The answer is that there can be no necessity for it, for the talmudists. Consumer capitalism is the veritable deification of pathogenic culture reigning over the earth, and as such it serves their needs perfectly, socialism requires more energy, pays much less handsomely, the spoils must be enjoyed in secret -it's downright unnatural, a carrot dangled just beyond fluttering lips.

Capitalism, in its broadest sense,  goes hand in hand with civilization. If it wasn't the talmudists it would be some other group.