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Mediatized Mendacity: 'Coup' de la Quatrieme Pouvoir?
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave

 by Bel Suave

Day Five: The Phony Coup - The Conspiracy Widens

    Decades ago, we watched the actions of people making political coups, in movies such as Costa Garvas' Z, with a firm understanding of the actors and their roles. Now, no such clarity is possible - media has mixed realities and denatured "the event" to the extent that there is no longer anything except it's own presence left to view. "Only the medium can make an event - whatever the contents, whether they are conformist or subversive...There is no longer a stage, not even the minimal illusion that makes events capable of adopting the force of reality-no more stage either of mental or political solidarity" - Baudrillard/ Simulacra & Simulation

    It's now clear that the conspiracy has achieved it's immediate goal of making the Ankara regime appear to have regained power over this country. It's equally clear that the critical thinking skills of the entire nation, as well as those of most everyone everywhere else, have been put in deep freeze for the duration. Rather than continuing to protest at the absurdity of it all, we can more profitably spend some time analyzing the dynamics of the production. Not just in the vein of an item of cinema, as we did in
    On Yesil Yunus Caddesi
    Explorations of the Hyper-Fictional East - in the Spirit of Hollywood Classic "On Green Dolphin Street" /Another case of "mistaken identities?"
    but rather, in the wider sense of how a flagrantly false narrative gains the ascendance over the imaginations of so many, and who has the motive & means to achieve such a dramatic alteration of collective awareness? What kind of socio-political mass mind manipulation, in other words, has been used to induce a near universal anesthetic of common sense? Since the state of hypnotic trace extends much further abroad than simply Turkey itself, we cannot ascribe the whole thing to the demagogic powers of the Sultan himself - like a kind of modern Fuhrer ministering to the masses - nor to a huge cloud of mind altering chemicals drifting over Asia Minor; there has to be something wider at work! And indeed - there is!

    Several of my recent stories have contained reference in one way or another to the iconoclast and modern age Nostradamus Jean Baudrillard - whose prescient examination of the death of the 'real' equipped me long ago with the necessary insight to begin the work of studying contemporary events as an observer detached from the strange 'dark star' power which pulls too many into unwitting compliance with an agenda foreshadowing and abetting their own demise. But only recently have I begun to understand Baudrillard's mastery of communications extended not just to explaining and foretelling the erosion of reality from our lives, but to performing the role of "reporter" in an era when "journalists" have abdicated from that role. My mind was drawn to that recently - in the wake of this new black hole of media mendacity - when remembering something I had written back in June of this year:

    "When Baudrillard was asked to take the assignment of covering the 1st, so-called Gulf War by a French newspaper, he agreed, but on the condition that he would not go to the Gulf, but cover it from CNN. In his usual maddening, but prescient manner, he totally underlined the state of Euro-Merikan affairs. Having fatally agreed to surrender themselves to the status of spectators of an increasingly virtual world, they would be misled by any representation of what was happening in the ME that came via the traditional media in the frontlines approach. Instead participating in the “theater” of war — he watched the “real” war develop in the make-believe studio compilations of the CIA/CNN “war machine.”

    In the quarter century since that time, there have been plenty of opportunities to evolve the structure of make believe as the permanent replacement of 'the real.' And this past week, from the studios of DOGAN CNNTURK, we were able to watch the spectacle media event of the coup itself unfold in fake-live-time. The forging of spontaneous reaction - an embattled politician calling in on their magical 'social media' device to alert "the people" to an attack on their sovereignty - the total inversion of all principles of the real. Watching the coup develop from the studio of it's makings is indeed now - the sole really real element to the reportage of the "news."

    All of which recalls the term which the French philosopher coined in his "FATAL STRATEGIES" opus decades ago - to "mediatize"- describing the manner in which media "decontextualizes events and objectifies them by placing them in a different context, alongside other decontextualized events." Could we have at last stumbled here upon the key to unlocking the mindless acceptance and parroting of patently false themes which now pervades our times? Is this the secret blueprint by which the mind controllers have inverted reality and stolen all access to spontaneous action and thinking from humanity?
    Let us not forget that - long before the twitter, the facebook page, text messaging or the everywhere accessible internet, this prophet called up the present moment:

    There is no longer a stage, not even the minimal illusion that makes events capable of adopting the force of reality-no more stage either of mental or political solidarity: Only the medium can make an event - whatever the contents, whether they are conformist or subversive. AND - There are no more media in the literal sense of the word - that is, of a mediating power between one reality and another, between one state of the real and another.

    Where there are NO "states of the real" there is no need for the "mediating power" of media - something I addressed a couple of stories back when referring to the state's subsumption of the media in using social media to communicate directly with it's citizen/victims. [see beginning part of
    Requiem for the Media: the day "internet journalism" died
    Day Two: THE PHONY COUP - Reverse Gezi Park Exposed - while internet media sleeps through the story.

    From this one could infer that our present crop of "media presenters" "journalists," or "reporters" are ghosts - ethereal, fading holdovers from another era, floating via the camera and transmission lines into our sight but then out of our minds as they no longer "anchor" stories to a reality, but simply 'signify' the presence of token reference to what used to be "the news."

    Reviewed in that light, the phony coup makes perfect "sense." Streamed visual images of totally faked events, backed up by twittered whispers of things that are ephemeral rumors and whispered gossip as I relayed in the previous
    Day Four: the Phony Coup
    Giving the imprint of "the truth" - those upon whom I bestowed a new name recently on these pages - "the gilded hierophants of the regime" - formerly known as "journalists." I don't mind calling a spade a spade - the persons reporting the false flag military coup as a real event are traitors - betrayers of every citizen of this country, desecretors of truth, torturers of their own professional ethics. If every honest journalist is killed off or incarcerated, those who are left in their stead will be the dregs... reporting lies from the safety of their foreign domiciles, or working in the pay of the state media organs as mouthpieces for Islamicist totalitarians in the coming blood sacrifice.

    Oh - and I mean that in the nicest way! Please don't "take offence," Mr or Ms "Journalist!"Now that we've got that out of the way, let's go back to what the only real reporter of the past quarter century was saying -
    Thus the media are producers not of socialization, but of exactly the opposite, of the implosion of the social in the masses. And this is only the macroscopic extension of the implosion of meaning at the microscopic level of the sign/Rather than creating communication, it exhausts itself in the act of staging communication. Rather than producing meaning, it exhausts itself in the staging of meaning. A gigantic process of simulation...

    No more exact description of this past week could be ever given! And therefore, as I suggested recently as well - perhaps only philosophers are equipped to be reporters! Certainly, they are wise enough not to become politicians? But this very week has given much food for thought - as I've watched "the media" embargo my heretical communications! If the 'neo-journalist' I've became is proscribed by a media complicit with the forces I've arrived to defeat, then clearly it is time to start thinking "beyond media" for the purposes of distributing my work. No ideas as of yet - but it's on the drawing board!

    Moving on from that element of the circus, let's have a quick look at what is finally forming up from within the smoke and mirrors of this gigantic deception.
 Why Iran stood with Erdogan
    Author: Ali Hashem As July 15 was coming to an end in Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was on the phone with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu, whose government was under the threat of being overthrown by a military coup.
    Yes - Iran... along with pretty much every other "state power" on earth "stands with Erdogan!" A guy universally disliked by all other political players. What's the common theme then? Why "state power" of course! As I detailed in the recent story
    TOPRAK VE TURNA: Self Governance & the middle eastern map
    Outlines of an emerging challenge to artificial political boundaries and the role of the state - as the ancient polity of ANATOLIA reveals itself anew! Part Three of the SMOKE ON THE WATER SERIES
    "the commonality of interests between regimes in power in nations all over the world is much greater than the commonality of interests between any state regime and its citizen/victims. Which is exactly what we are seeing right now, as one rogue regime begins the bloody rampage of state terror against it's own people - and other states all across the globe come to it's defense in support!" We have lost sight of the real battle - that of citizen versus state!"

    Nothing could underline more the phoniness of invented media storylines which pretend states are pitted against each other instead of being parts of a gigantic web of deceit. Behind the veil of nationalisms, ethnicities, and sectarian religious squabbles used to stir up fictitious fights, there is a uniformity of interest on the part of all statist powers to protect the sanctity of "the state." So even while hating the Sultan's guts, the ayatollahs in Shia land will still stand arm in arm with the Sunni jihadist Erdogan, because the real interests of both are the same! This needs to be emphasized in light of the recent fighting which has broken out between Kurdish Peshmerga and Iranian forces within Iran. A new regional alliance between formerly dedicated enemies is emerging at the moment. Ankara, Damascus and Tehran all view the Kurds as a common threat. Baghdad is equally disposed to being converted into a capital which would like to see "the Kurdish Question" disposed of once and for all.
  All four are profoundly threatened by the federalist vision of the Rojava experiment. If the alliance of Syria's Kurds with their Arab and Assyrian neighbors proves real enough to rise above a purely ethnic enclave, we can expect to see the knives really come out! Already, a cooling towards their "Kurdish allies" can be noted in the wake of post-phony coup developments

      US avoids condemning Turkish abuses against Kurds, calls on PKK to stop fighting - ARA News
    ARA News QAMISHLI - The US is calling on the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) to stop fighting the Turkish security forces, while avoiding to condemn human rights abuses by Turkish authorities in which hundreds of civilians have died. "We view the PKK as a foreign terrorist organization and we support Turkey's efforts to go after the PKK.
    ARA News
    on the part of a USA desperate not to be sidelined in the next phase of the Syrian drama. Newly emboldened by their Tel Aviv masters to provoke the Americans, Ankara is taking dramatic steps to provoke a breach, knowing that every step away from Washington will take them into a stronger working relationship with a Moscow fully sated with the humble pie of the tumbled Sultan, and ready to work together on humiliating Obama in turn! And as this story demonstrates

    Thumbnail for Andrew Korybko analysis of Turkish coup attempt
    Andrew Korybko analysis of Turkish coup attempt
    already the Russian side is forming it's pitch to the unwary westerner camp followers as to how to push their interests in the western blog world!

    Turkey is part of Russia’s nascent coalition of regional powers opposed to the US’ daring attempt to militantly carve out the “second geopolitical Israel” of “Kurdistan”. Not only that, but Turkey are Russia are also back on track for reimplementing the Balkan Stream megaproject, which when paired with China’s complementary Balkan Silk Road high-speed rail project from Budapest to Piraeus, is perhaps the most ambitious multipolar outreach to Europe that has ever been attempted.

    Not only is he cynically pushing the utter canard of a "Gulenist" coup, he has totally inverted the current situation by gamely pretending that it is USA that has being behind the creation of a Kurdistan when it is well known that this project has been a shared one between Tel Aviv and Turkey, the French & factions within the Kurds.
    The unavowable project for a pseudo-Kurdistan, by Thierry Meyssan
    Paris and London are multiplying their categorical declarations against Daesh, its programme of ethnic cleansing and its terrorist attacks. And yet they are preparing in secret for the ethnic cleansing of Northern Syria with a view to creating a pseudo-Kurdistan, and the re-localisation of Daesh to Al-Anbar in order to create a " Sunnistan " there.

    Thierry Meyssan
    which Moscow has recently embraced as a way of solidifying it's influence in a post-Syrian crisis middle east. More evidence supportive of my precis as delivered in this month's previous stories - that Israel and Russia have jointly engineered a real coup in Ankara which this phony one is supposed to hide!
    All of this gives every indication that the peoples of "northern Syria" and "southern Turkey" - in reality, the ancient polity of ANATOLIA, are about to be thrown under the bus by a coalition of statist powers willing to indulge a jihadist rampage on the part of the puppet Ankara regime if it helps them edge USA out of the middle eastern game. The upshot of which is that unfortunately will be seeing much more of this
    Thumbnail for Who are 'Allah's lions'?
    Who are 'Allah's lions'?
    Author: Orhan Kemal Cengiz For several months now, Turkey's predominantly Kurdish southeast seems to have been thrown back to the 1990s, a period marked by gross human rights violations, as the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) pushes a new strategy extending armed confrontations to urban areas.

    and much less of the peace dividend that might have been expected from a resolution to the Syria mess. To whom that is advantageous we've already suggested in many stories here - but for the benefit of those who may be reading this without the benefit of having read them, this is the bare bones outline of where we stand:

    Throughout the winter, Israel took advantage of the Ankara regime's growing isolation to pressure it into any number of secret concessions. During that interval a secret Israeli diplomatic shuttle to Moscow was also endeavoring to seal an agreement with Moscow which would achieve some relief for the beleaguered mercenary proxies Tel Aviv had working for it's interests in Syria and Iraq. This resulted in the 'surprise' Russian disengagement of March past, which was simply a negotiated pause brokered by Tel Aviv and for which Russia was guaranteed an eventual Turkish come down and no threat of Syrian/Iraqi intervention.

    After that interval had successfully shown Israel to be as firmly in control of Ankara as they had claimed, the Russians agreed to apply the needed pressure to force Ankara to submit to every demand from Tel Aviv - including their last card - the removal of the Turkish veto over NATO membership. With a collapsing economy and the vast sources of illicit money having dried up at last, the Ankara regime was forced to purge the more prudent but less compliant Davatoglu as PM, in favor of an Israeli-sponsored puppet who could be counted upon to do as they were told, no questions asked.

    The resulting huge shift in foreign policy direction was a very poor sell to AKP membership - even Erdogan could not float that ship. A major split loomed in the party, but no moderate alternatives were left to it as the Gul faction, had been buried in the spring. Several false flag bombing later, the Islamists were finally aware that there was no alternative but to comply with Israel's instructions to offer apologies and concessions to Moscow -in return for which they could be relieved of sanctions. After the bitter internal battle which waged over that humiliating end to the Sultan's pretensions, the informal mantle of power was passed to their puppet Yildrim, and Erdogan left as the figurehead through whom the levers of power would be operated.

    That brings us to the second week of July - when I announced that Erdogan had been effectively removed from power, here, and then here. A revelation which left the hidden power no choice but to activate a hasty effort to reestablish the impression of their figurehead President's hold on power. Which took us to here, and where we stand today. The backstory which you will never be told - but on these pages.

No phony storylines, no "Wikileaks" hangouts, no holds barred - ol skool 'neo-journalism' at it's best.
Release date July 20, 2016