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TOPRAK VE TURNA: Self Governance & the middle eastern map
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
 by Bel Suave

Outlines of an emerging challenge to artificial political boundaries and the role of the state - as the ancient polity of ANATOLIA reveals itself anew! Part Three of the SMOKE ON THE WATER SERIES

    Introductory Preface: This story was what I was working on Friday, prior to waking up Saturday to a whole new Turkiye. It was one of the most optimistic pieces I've written here. I was planning to add to it Saturday, and then finish up. Fat chance. I've written 5 stories since then, and coming back to this one seems like returning to another world! I could change it around to reflect the developments of the weekend, but I realized that would be at the cost of losing something more valuable than simply making it relevant to the present moment.

    The hidden story behind all of the manipulated doings and false-flag non-event events in the middle east pumped out day by a fully complicit media, is the arrival of major challenge to "the State" in all it's incarnations. Made to believe by all of these false storylines that nation states and the people who live in them are battling each other over some fundamental difference or other - we have lost sight of the real battle - that of citizen versus state! No real division of interests exists, in other words, between the regimes in charge of those various capitals where figurehead leaders wag their fingers at other puppet princes in other satrapies of the one and only power which really matters. All of them believe in the State - as the supreme and heaven-mandated entity with the right to reign over it's citizens, instead of being reined in by them!

    As such, the commonality of interests between regimes in power in nations all over the world is much greater than the commonality of interests between any state regime and its citizen/victims. Which is exactly what we are seeing right now, as one rogue regime begins the bloody rampage of state terror against it's own people - and other states all across the globe come to it's defense in support! Is it not astonishing that state powers as diverse as Russia, China, USA and the EU are all fully supportive of the fake coup narrative - and the "right" it grants the perpetrator to murderous "revenge" upon every element of the polity which ever opposed it in any way?

    No - not so astonishing - when it is realized what the true role of the state - any state - is understood to be by those who put their faith in such institutions of mass terror. That's exactly why I'm going to leave this article to stand as it was originally written - as the first notice to the world at large that what we are witness to in Rojava - aka "northern Syria, for the statist-inclined among us - is the very beginning of a broad campaign against the state in ALL it's manifestations now taking place right in front of the noses of a deaf and blind media machine. The struggle of the Kurds there been inaccurately portrayed as one for an ethnic enclave. That is another false storyline - as you will read below. And while my plans to make the story of that broad struggle the focus of my work here presently have been put on hold by the major developments of this past week - have no doubt dear reader - when the smoke and mirrors clear, IT - not the phony productions taking center stage in the complicit media - WILL BE THE MAJOR STORY! Anatolia's rebirth as the vanguard of human freedom and cultural continuity.

    Finally, it bears noting that I chose the title to this (pre-phony coup)story from the work of the same name by musician Tolga Sağ. Anatolian musician Tolga Sağ - Toprak ve Turna - when pondering over what theme I would be enunciating here. As it turns out I could not have chosen a more perfect accompaniment to this piece than what appears at the bottom = NEÇEDIR AĞLARSIN, from that same album. While the words are in "Turkish," it's old, old Turkish, from a time far out of mind and a place far away from the jihadist foreign impulses which we are about to be assailed by here! It's a song of longing, a song of sadness. But at it's root, a song of determination, of the courage to continue on, no matter the knocks of fate nor the interminable wait for a time when the sun shines on our lands again!

    Mixed with the sadness which those few of us who realize what this intricate phony coup effort is about to bring upon our people, is the gladness that the full madness of our collective enemies is exposed at last. And that we will get to grips with that madness - at last. I have no fear that we will not ultimately succeed in turning back - at the end of the day - this tsunami of blood and terror which arrives upon us. Any tyrant with the hubris to claim his own handiwork is the "hand of Allah" is marked for the wages of sacrilege! It's the horrible course of that battle to come which makes me tremble, for the innocents - and innocence - it will devour in it's midst. It may be even worse than the worst of what stories here like Blood Sacrifice and Leave Nothing Alive that Breatheth hinted at!
    But it's been like that for millennium here - and always some small kernel of our being has survived to carry on. As we will this time - God willing.

    End of Introduction. Below is the piece TOPRAK VE TURNA as written July 15th 2016. A Message in a Bottle from an Anatolia time out of mind.

    The rapid dissolution of Turkey's claims to leadership in the Islamic world, and to a leading role in the resolution of the Syrian crisis has left the press shifting around for answers and explanations. Exceedingly few of which seem to hold any water at all; increasingly we are witness to a situation best described as the 'blind leading the blind.' It's also become clear that the work of tracking the convergence of Ankara's and Tel Aviv's foreign policies this winter past has resulted in a large lead out of the starting gate in breaking down these new developments, as we confront a whole new phase in middle eastern geo-political maneuverings. SOMETIMES it pays just to tell the truth - and stick with it - no matter whether anyone pays attention!

    And though often times through that last season I wondered if there was any room at all for my tactic of infusing analysis of current events with detailed study of ancient doings, this also has proven to be an ace in the hole! How else could anyone have gleaned the import of a campaign of ethno-religious cleansing taking place in three neighboring countries, without referencing these pogroms to an ancient cult of violent religious factionalism? The stories SAVE NOTHING ALIVE THAT BREATHETH, & TWO STATES ONE AGENDA give the reader sufficient background to the events occurring in the borderlands of Syria, Iraq and Turkey to be able to parse together a working narrative as to what may come next. History not only repeats, it proactively invites us to witness the reduplication of ancient patterns on a modern screen.

    Now that the Damascus regime has been solidified to the extent of being confident of it's survival and the eventual demise of the hardest core Islamist element of it's internal opposition, there are new and different elements from the ancient past to explore here - elements which have large bearing upon whether the current political boundaries effectively imposed by the intervention of western powers exactly a century ago stay in place or melt away.
    Presaging this new period - we need remember the dynamic which I emphasized in the story FEZ & KIPPAH -

    "No element of the modern mythos - of humankind's progressive evolution through the millennia - is more deceptive than that which advances the notion that "we" collectively, have left savagery, and the primitive conception of appeasing the blood lust of "higher powers" behind us. The course of current events disproves that notion every day now - when viewed from outside the consensus trace perspective which that same "information media" induces."

    What is now unfolding - before the sightless eyes of a media now thoroughly complicit in concealing the fact - is a truly frightening alliance of terror states driven by those very same primitive impulses towards murder and mayhem WHICH SUPERSEDES all superficial differences of religion or race. Israel and Turkey "need each other" as the spin goes... in the way that the rope needs the hangman, or the guillotine it's operator!

    We may be somewhere along the way to leaving that vision of mayhem and murder behind us now - or - we may be on the cusp of seeing it brought to full implementation. The chances depend very much on whether or not the efforts of those I have written about in stories such as More on Millenarianism: The Roots of Madness or "Creative Destruction" - the Millenarianist Agenda - Exposed are crowned with success. Those wishing to bring about a "New Jerusalem" from the ashes of eastern and western civilization have allies within all three of the Abrahamic religions - allies whose madness and vanity leaves the a danger to all of us! Most certainly it needs be emphasized - again - that the determination as to which of those two courses will be played out will occur here - in the middle east - such that the fates of many who read about events far away from where they sit with a detached nonchalance are tied directly to such outcome. Those who refuse to involve themselves in actively pulling for the one outcome are more than likely going to find themselves directly participant in the other, more murderous one!

    As over-dramatic as that may sound, for those who have read and absorbed my references in previous stories here to the staged, theatrical nature of almost all so-called 'news & events' these days, it's clear that such efforts as go into these massive productions of the un-real are being done for a purpose - and that whatever such purpose may be, it cannot be a good one! The homicidal nature of these bombings, killings, disappearances, and work of general mayhem cannot be ignored - their application on a wider scale can only be a matter of time. I've delivered a solid outline of the template upon which all of these destructive doings are based in stories such as
    More on Millenarianism: The Roots of Madness (with images) · SuaveBel
    A. Durer - The Four Horsemen "Suddenly the end of the world became palpable again. We see the endurance of the ideology when a Jew like Oppenheimer, the head of the Manhattan Project,when he had to name the first atomic explosion at Alamogordo, he calls it Trinity, which has no meaning outside of Christian mythology.
    For the people of the middle east - that 'wider scale' is already a reality; entire countries thrown into chaos, dislocation, and fratricide. As racial tensions seethe beneath the surface of the American election season, and Europe finds itself closer and closer to an explosion of ethno-religious tension, the transfer of this template of mayhem to those locales seems more probable by the day. Should all this be cause for despair? It need be only if the picture as to what is going on here excludes those elements which promise relief from all the millenarianist madness!

    Ironically, just as the media's unwillingness to confront and report upon the heavy influence of the sionist terror regime in every aspect of middle eastern society distorts our picture of the real time events, equally, distortion results from the lack of real reportage on the constructive, ongoing actions being undertaken by people who have refused to bow down before state terror and the destructive influence of a foreign power. Which means, just as my previous story updates the nature of Tel Aviv's consolidation of control over yet another middle eastern state, we must pay attention also to the unreported pockets of resistance, renewal, and goodwill that exist within what is generally an ugly mess.

    If we turn our attention then, to some developments which seem positive and hopeful, it's not simply in order to counterpoise the many negative and destructive ones, but rather - to by necessity deliver a more complete reportage upon the middle eastern situation. A situation which, if one were to rely exclusively upon the reportage from western sources - involves fearful, fleeing masses of people terrorized by governmental, and extra-governmental forces alike! That monochromatic take leaves out out a dimension of resistance which puts to shame the feeble - almost non-existent - effort in the west of people increasingly 'terrorized' by the security state to defend themselves and fight back!

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    Superficially, to talk about that dimension of resistance and renewal means that will talk about Rojava, the Kurdish cantons in northern Syria, the armed militias and experiments in self-governance which have grown up in the wake of the magnificent stand made against the jihadist terror tsunami at Kobani in 2014. Without that stand, and the first effective resistance to the mercenary menace set up and paid for by the two terror states central to our narrative here, there would nothing good to report from the middle east now. For the plans of the tyrants would have come to full fruition, and the people of Anatolia left hopelessly exposed to the next phase of state terror.

    But in reality = the far away, forgotten place where real events occur via the actions of real people, it is the terror states themselves who have been left exposed to the next phase of their own diminishment and rejection, irregardless of whether or not things are reported that way! How can that be? Because life - real life, not it's virtual simulacra which it is the media's task to confuse us with, depends not a whit on the categorizations, classifications, prejudices and divisions which that same media and it's state and academic accomplices pretend to be all important dividers tween peoples! While their vision of the world is defined by divisions of gender, class, ethnicity and religion, in the real life of the world abuilding here in front of their blind eyes, those vacant storefronts are closed for business, while other, fresher motifs are favored by the citizenry of this new Anatolian renaissance! Kurds fighting for Kurdistan, women fighting for "women's" rights, Muslims, Alevis, Syriacs or Yesidis fighting for religious domain - forget these sordid hangovers of a past imposed by outside forces.

    The most important story of our young millenium is the ditching of these shopworn positions for one common to all - and welcome to anyone to join. While it is tempting to confine the outcropping of this new unification of peoples by restricting reportage of it to the actual places and persons where the struggle against the mercenary jihadis in Syria & Iraq has forced joint action and solidarity upon populations, I cannot in good faith do that - because of the deeper truth than such unifications and joint struggles which I described in the story

    Jin Jiyan Azadi! Hidden force which will break the pretend Caliphate (with images, tweet) · SuaveBel
    Casualties from the attack on Zaman headquarters/Innocent bystanders... and the regime's credibility too! When President and aspiring Caliph Recep Tayyip Erdogan showed up in Ecuador last month, it was a group of women who stood up in the audience to confront him - and his security phalanx was quick to punish them for daring to do so.
    -are the underlying force which will drive both the bespoked jihadis in Ankara and their scruffy sidekicks in the desert out of business! And as I wrote at that time: "The challenge to usury/debt/interest systems will not come from within the world of economics or politics... instead, it will come from within the realm of the spirit. Quantifying such a quality as 'spirit' is an impossible task. But qualifying the quantity of 'things' in this world of ours with the grace of spirit is as essential a part of 'economics' and 'politics' for our futures as sowing is for reaping!"

    One of the most difficult challenges I've grappled with in the period since last fall's election farce - and the deliberate polarization which followed it - has been to avoid falling into the trap of becoming a partisan of the "Kurdish" cause. Which would be easy enough to do given the huge injustices perpetrated upon that population by both sets of the jihadies just mentioned. Not just in order to maintain standards of journalistic objectivity, but also because it seemed incorrect to follow the desired division of forces which both sides sought to portray. Luckily, it has proven to be ultimately simple to resolve that conflict, watching the growing coalition of peoples uniting under one banner to expel the mercenaries on the Syrian front and build a new design of cooperative federalism out of the wreckage left there!

    While the Kurds of Rojava, Afrin and the pockets of resistance on all sides of artificial borders may be leading that latent spirit of change, in other words, it most properly belongs to all of us who reside in an Anatolia which harbors the original spirit of both "liberty" and "democracy" much more than the conventions of history currently allow for! And while it would be tempting to follow some, in calling what is stirring beneath our landscapes surface as a "social revolution," that too, it just another silly western category which has no place in this post-western Devrim~ words once traced back to their Latin and or Greek beginnings will ultimately now need to be relocated and reconstituted from their actual roots within the Anatolian language base from which Greek derived so much of it's beginnings! Likewise, the Anatolian roots of the Kurdish words Women-Life-Freedom - Jin Jiyan Azadi - will be clarified and exposed as we dig down into the fertile topsoil of this gone and come again place in time and space.
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    Release date: July 18th 2016

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