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Imminent Deja Vu - Too / Dead Ahead!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
With all the brouhaha surrounding the issue of "Syria," "Sarin gas" and now, the predicted repeat of "missiles over Syria" - one year later - you might think I'd be ready to toss another post about the muddled East - and Syria in particular -  into the ring here.

Nope. No need. After the rather frenetic pace of posts surrounding the subject - SYRIAN ENDGAME - from late January thru into March, I've nought to do! Because EVERYTHING which needed be said - was. As a result, while the many minions of the ONEMEDIA scurry round to pursue their false storylines, via faken news featuring 'performance actors' ... this here member of the extinct tribe of DELAWARE NATION...aka real journalists reporting the real stories ... has the luxury of ... sitting on the dock o the Bay... watchin the crimes[And... for those paltry few lovers of the classics left... "the bodies of mine enemies!] drift by!.

When you return to the craft of journalism after a hiatus of forty some years, using a conceptual framework taken from the mindset of a fictional detective who appears in stories written mid-C19th, and then insist that your work will follow principles invoked through melding the writing styles of an C18th stylist[Johnon] and a C15th travel writer[Celebi],

a certain sense of disorientation can be presumed to result in minds of writer and reader alike. But that.... already a somewhat large impediment to mutual understanding tween the both- is simply 'small beer' compared to the latest twist I apparently must negotiate in this 'caravan' thru deserts of the really real!

I refer - of course - to the most recent pronouncement delivered by the various n sundry 'voices in my head' - eg., the disappearance of the  entire wester world into the kabbalistic hell realms (healms deep!)that I had fearfully anticipated but was powerless to intercede against. These mysterious faculties have been working now in tandem with the rational component of my consciousness for some years now - the results have been solid enough to accept their presence as a marker not 'insanity,' but of the very opposite.

n complete contradistinction to the rather skewed mental workings of the religiously-minded who somehow manage to accept the noxious notions of 'revelations' delivered via "burning bushes," "magi," and other delusions of the Abrahamic sort, I take these divinations from realms other than the conscious as simply more 'empirical data' delivered by sense organs which are truncated to the point of absence in most everybody nowadays - and treat the results as an 'is what it is' type of manifestation of the 'will to survive' which my truculent forbears have foisted upon me in the expectation that I will somehow save the race/win the race in the absence of anybody else even bothering to get up

and offer the mildest rebuke to the programmatic reduction of our peeples to a golemized lump of malleable clay at the service of scheming lunatics and ascocial misanthropes. I take this seemingly uber-individualistic and ego-centered position as a rather novel form of defense against the demoralization which is apt to result  upon repeated reinforcement of the isolation which ensues from seeing all resistors and potential co-conspirators eventually ground down, chewed up, or 'turned' in the classic style which I described now numerous enough times on these pages as to not need to go over once again. To assume - in other words- that one is totally bereft of any and all companionship in this guerrilla war against golemizers until it be proven otherwise...

has been my default mode AT LEAST since 2016's experience of being witness to an entire society slipping under the waterline into the ocean of TERROR which now marks the kabbalistic hell realm I logistically navigate from the edges of here in ANATOLIA. By trusting NO ONE... yet communicating with all in the spirit of bonhomie and shared human bean-ness, I have wrangled out a working space from which to survey an increasingly ugly and desolated landscape east & west... indeed as far as the inner eye can see, without falling prey to depression, panic or overstatement of the hopelessness of \our/ collective situation.

Close to two years later, observing the entire gamut of 'nation  states' slipping one by one into mafiya-run, talmudic-kabbalist directed warlord zones, it's hard to rationally suppose there could be any kind of 'silver lining' to any of this at all! Yet a close study of history, and well honed appreciation for the vagaries of human nature can easily offset superficial bleakness. As the recent story Dybbuk demonstrated - just when you might think that your enemy has swept the field... the word leaks out that they have suffered a crushing defeat. It's really all a matter, as the Iron Duke put it - of seeing what lies behind that next hill!

On the cusp of a 'shake up' of humanity so profound and threatening as to beggar description, I've taken the measure of both myself, and that of 'mankind' within my locus of communication - and now make the appropriate tactical re-adjustments which that appraisal demands.

The 'insanity' is what is proceeding in front of your own lying yeux - as you too are swept up into the madness which your 'leaders' willingly embroil you into. The despised and neglected messenger is neither in need of vindication nor acknowledgement. He has indeed - broken thru.

as could have you. And anyone who choose to see - that which is... and not see... that which is not!

Having succeeded in the mission of correctly foretelling the timeline of the Syrian Endgame, and quite simply 'run away' from the competition in doing it... I'm now already deep into my new role... as chronicler of the COLLAPSE OF THE WEST ... and THE EAST... and will now update the progress of that kabbalistic hell realms' advance which NO ONE wishes to hear about... but will too late (agin!)realize I was not kiddin around about!

As this short, now four month old experiment has shown...  tis I who have 'swept the field - of 'journalism' - delivering in due course reportage of events and prediction of their trajectory so superior to any and all 'competing' efforts as to render the subject closed. There is, in fact, no need to even continue the contest... every time I've thought recently that I 'must' write something (more)about the course of events in the muddled east, I simply think through the posts made here in succession over three months...

and decline to add to them in any way. Watch what was foretold proceed to unfold. With an astonishing exactitude. As the world stays transfixed by the false storylines and phony narratives of a fake news ONEMEDIA MEDUSA... remember - if you can - what I already told yas. THERE. IS. NO. MORE. NEWS.

And this shall remain...

the last caravansaray on the road thru deserts of the really real.