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Robert Parry - and "the News"
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
"Robert Parry and THE NEWS."

Title for a post which has been on my 'to-do' list for at least a couple of months now. Hadn't found the sweet spot for it - till today!  

A day when a completely unexpected sense of calm and completion washes over these ol bones. Parry, the much esteemed JOURNALIST whose career straddled the print and 'internet' eras of the trade, died a few months back.  For me, it was a marker along a pathway studded with fallen heros and zombie sell outs, a wasteland which had become as like a personal mission to redeem.  

A close colleague of Gary Webb - assassinated in one of those now too-oft repeated 'suicides' corrupt coroners are ordered to concoct, Parry was witness to and instrumental in the coverage of some of the biggest stories of the past half century:

"Parallel to the illegal arms shipments to Iran during those days was a cocaine trafficking operation by the Nicaraguan contras and a willingness by the Reagan administration and the CIA to turn a blind eye to these activities. This, despite the fact that cocaine was flooding into the United States while Ronald Reagan was proclaiming a “war on drugs,” and a crack cocaine epidemic was devastating communities across the country.

Bob and his colleague Brian Barger were the first journalists to report on this story in late 1985, which became known as the contra-cocaine scandal, and became the subject of a congressional investigation led by then-Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) in 1986.

Continuing to pursue leads relating to Iran-Contra during a period in the late 80s when most of Washington was moving on from the scandal, Bob discovered that there was more to the story than commonly understood. He learned that the roots of the illegal arm shipments to Iran stretched back further than previously known – all the way back to the 1980 presidential campaign

All the way back indeed. Sitting in Yankee Stadium the day at they brought out the Canadian Ambassador to thank for the help provided to embassy hostages during that Iran escapade, I never guessed that close to four decades later I'd be coming to grips with details which cast that whole era - and the Iranian affair in particular in a whole new kinda light! 

But during that forty year hiatus - between the two bookends of my own journalistic adventure the world changed A LOT... and it's no surprise I'm sure, if I tells ya - not for the better!

By the final phase of his long reporting career =

"Bob’s stories on Ukraine were widely cited and disseminated, and he became an important voice in presenting a fuller picture of the conflict than was possible by reading and watching only mainstream news outlets. Bob was featured prominently in Oliver Stone’s 2016 documentary “Ukraine on Fire,” where he explained how U.S.-funded political NGOs and media companies have worked with the CIA and foreign policy establishment since the 1980s to promote the U.S. geopolitical agenda."

the era of the new 'internet media' had taken hold of the news. And reporting - as in ol fashioned boots on the ground beat reporting - had been replaced by a new style of 'virtual' reportage, and reporter... kids who imagined a story was something could be followed from a screen and a skype phone!

The damage to the craft - and to the quality of communications in general which resulted, has been relentless, and - irreparable.

Just like - "the damage to Gary Webb was done.  With his professional and personal life in tatters because of his courageous reporting on the contra-cocaine story, he committed suicide in 2004 at the age of 49. Speaking about this suicide later on Democracy Now, Bob noted how painful it is to be ridiculed and unfairly criticized by colleagues, as his friend had experienced."

"He traced Obama’s complaints about his powerlessness in the face of this dynamic to the reluctance of American progressives to invest sufficiently in media and think tanks, as conservatives had been doing for decades in waging their “the war of ideas.” As he had been arguing since the early 1990s, Robert insisted that the limits that had been placed on Obama – whether real or perceived – continued to demonstrate the power of propaganda and the need for greater investment in alternative media."

In the end, the times had changed faster than Robert Parry could understand. It wasn’t his fault really -- it’s just that he had way too much invested in the project… to understand that somewheres in between the beginning and ending of his storied career - journalism died. Having no losses to cut - no longer any ties to "the trade" or the traitors within it… it would fall to me to announce the death. No mourners, no flowers, please.   No more Bob Parry.No more "news." No more "journalists." And no difference tween "msm" and "alt" medias.

It was a good time to go, Mr Bob Parry. You will be missed - but not by the craft which you excelled in. You outlived it. And there will be no ‘next generation.’


This one was lined up last evening and ready to publish... when suddenly... POOF! Gone.
Now - the 'morning after' Missiles over Syria" strikes agin... it's even more timely.

As the fake news mediaz begin to ramp up the bullshit: Russia Responds: "We Are Being Threatened. A Predesigned Scenario Is Being Implemented" ... - as I've pointed out over and over agin - "Russia" has signed off on all of this script - and is playing its role like everbody else...

it looks like the last straggling parts of the once mighty 'alternative media' universe are goin down for the count!

I checked into my old ally Jim Stones' site yesterday... he's pretty much in the last stages of being taken apart...

and fell to remembering when - in another episode of this long soap opera, two years back... we parted ways immediately after that last dispatch of mine which detailed the muddled eastern territory like no other would - or could... ever since. He was hit - Feb 21st as I recall it - with some kind of toxin which sent him into a long illness... one which i DECLINE TO BELIEVE he ever recovered from. I knew - from painful personal experience of losing a loved one from it - exactly what his described symptoms indicated, and what to do about them. He never replied - either because my repeated messages never got thru... or, he never woke up again fully from the trace which it put him in.

Stone became the archetypal "Trumptard" overnight - jus like that - and  has never ever come bwack to reality since. My dispatch was stolen and republished without attribution by yet another arm of the fake news 'alt media' - and that's when I decided to start my own platform agin... and do it my way!

Here's what this writers work looked like - after being ripped off and repackaged as - Top Secret/SC: Raw Intel Report on Turkey, Syria and Iraq

alt and mainstream medias = ALL FAKE///ALL THE TIME!

I've got my own 'story' about "Syria" "Sarin Gas" and Serial Mischief of the Mind Control kind lined up for this next few days ahead...

and it's NOTHING LIKE WHAT you are reading in the fake news press now.

Stay tuned... flotsam and jetsam of the kabbalistic hell realms...
for more from the last caravansaray... on the road thru the deserts of the really real!