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Good questions all...
as I sometimes assume people are following along... instead of connecting the dots one by one.

Trumptard = one who manages to convince themselves - in the face of all contrary EVIDENCE - that the Dman a)is 'anti-establishment' b)independent of strings c)will "MAGA" instead of destroy the republic. Mind control at its most obvious. It is inyourface prevalent now, and the result of programmatic application of mind/body weaponry totally unreported, by agents of talmudic kabbalism.

Stones' inherent skepticism of ALL political players EVAPORATED overnight after the incident I refer to. It was -as if - a road sign pointing northeast had been painted over night to now read south west. It stuck out like a sore thumb, to me, and apparently only to me. Suddenly, he needed to hope for a hero... yet I KNEW he knew better.

 Subtle changes. He detailed online the progress of an infection which presented PHYSICALLY as mushroom-like spores breaking the skin and growing on various parts of his body. I knew it well symptom wise... and directed this information to him. I believe - given the string of problems with receiving mails which had begun IMMEDIATELY upon my first report he published the previous November - he never received my mails... but reserve judgement as to why he never responded to my help.

The mental changes would have been unrecognizable to him. They were not, to me. I now knew he had been 'dosed' with (what I began to refer to as)a weaponized form of a fungus-based disease which two NORTH AMERICAN military establishments had been experimenting with as aerosolized poisons since the late 50s. You read that right - mass produced chemical weapons SPRAYED upon civilian population centers in order to "judge their efficacy" in the field.

After seeing my own work get ripped off and republished because Stones site is all 'copyright free' I was forced to stop sending him material anyways... but continued to look in on the progress of his 'problem' and of his sites' contents.He thought he had the problem under control eventually. He did - physically - but that's not where the problem was centered. His capacity for critical reasoning was gone.

In losing access to my reports about what was really going on in the muddled east, he has been forced to fall back on disinfo which he now regurgitates like any other 'alt0media' shill. He still produces good stuff - side by side with garbage. That's EXACTLY how the game is played now - on all these sites - a lil bit of truth, mixed in with the rest of the disinfo. How many times now I've watched 'another one bite the dust!" Jim was absolutely 'the best' at taking apart 'kabbalism in action' - which is exactly why I chose him as an outlet for my researches. And why he was taken apart in turn.

In order to follow the rest of my train of thought, you'll need to wait for the developing story - since - BIZARRELY NOUGH ... all of this is playing out as part of what's going on at the macro level RIGHT NOW with the SYRIAN ENDGAME. If I didn't know I was sitting on dynamite before... I sure do now.  

"Methods of delivery" were totally dissimilar in the two cases. He described a confrontation which people who came up to him in the street(and with hindsight)spraying him with what was absorbed through skin and nasal passage. Our situation was 'in the wild.' And I need be thinking thru extremely carefully what I say about it so as to maintain the necessary 'cover.'

It wasn't 'a trance state' which it evolved into - it was a subtle change in mental outlook brought about by the 'weaponized' capacity of the 'thing' to do just that. Which brings us right back to the subject I began pursuing two weeks ago with the sroom thing. Altered states - deep states - states of terror.

It's getting a little spooky in here. You can ask away for whatever clarification you wish... my answers will be governed by the personal security considerations I've alluded to here. I need to stay comfortable with where this is all leading - but am happy you asked those questions.

If you wish to learn more, in the meanwhile, you could start with "Blastomycosis is an invasive fungal disease caused by Blastomyces dermatitidis"... as it starts with that... and leads into ft Detrick labs and other places where science and evil meet in common kabbalic cause

as I get myself ready to go deeper down this sewer hole sufficiently 'suited up' for bio-hazards of all kinds.