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— by J J
Ever dabbled into the work of the German scientist Harold Kautz-Vella and his insights into Morgellons?

Makes me think `they' have mastered an ability to shunt the self-receptor cells, human leukocytic antigens (HLA), without which we lose our sense of self.

Utilizing these weaponized aerial dispersed nano-receptors, Morgellons fibers, that are also functioning antenna, it is certainly within grasp that they can, and are perhaps designed to be, receptors for the `new-self'. Picking up transmissions from the new-new-new Arc of the Covenant, cell-phone transmission towers.

And don't go too far down the rabbit-hole of identity without a strong tether. Look at all the people with tattoos these daze. Dr. Susan Greenfield, an actual scientist, is causing controversy by discussing the effects of all these screen technologies on our brains. Linking the tattoo epidemic to a loss of Self and their use in a feeble attempt at grounding the `who am I'.