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I'm pleased that we have settled on the topic of primary importance. As i have said, our repationship with our immediate symbionts is where the rubber meets the road. Ut is the first and the final frontier at the same time.

Looked up Harold K-V. he is is wrong in saying that half-biological, half-technological, self-reproducing entities exist. The burden of proof -- a good argument will suffice -- is on you two, Horn and Bel, to explain how Reality can permit such entities.

I have no doubt that non-replicating cyborg microbes exist for biological warfare purposes.

H K-V recommends dr. Klinghardt's NP protocol for dealing with the situation. The protocol is a fancypants industrial protocol of exotic supplements. Fortunately, you can't solve a Life problem using the same thinking that caused it. You can fight fire with fire but fire ain't gonna grow the grass afterwards, or stop the next fire, because it's just treating symptoms.

Natural HEALING is our birthright. That can only be achieved by dutifully FOLLOWING LIFE - that which is greater than ourselves.

Our place here is designed around the GAPS protocol. If you haven't enjoyed a home head broth you haven't lived.