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— by reante reante
"Makes me think `they' have mastered an ability to shunt the self-receptor cells, human leukocytic antigens (HLA), without which we lose our sense of self.

Utilizing these weaponized aerial dispersed nano-receptors, Morgellons fibers, that are also functioning antenna, it is certainly within grasp that they can, and are perhaps designed to be, receptors for the `new-self'. Picking up transmissions from the new-new-new Arc of the Covenant, cell-phone transmission towers."


Immune system (HLA) disruptions don't equate to a loss of the sense of self. Only death can do that.

As to 'new-self' transmissions from cell towers, the burden is on you to establish -- and generalities will do -- the  fundamental mechanics of a process that would turn zeroes and ones into metaconsciousness without consciousness itself being involved.

I do suppose the trimethylaluminum additives or whatever, in the chemtrails, are just another metal pollutant in us that magnifies the harmful effects of EMF exposure.

Speaking of which, and fwiw, i'll probably reduce my relationship with the Net to email in a few days. Obviously this medium comes at a cost, and it's time for me to walk towards the talk again after what appears to be a fruitless recruiting trip.

I came here with the purpose of finding a person or two to join us on this epic adventure. We are intent on minding our own business, holding our own, being flexible with our mode of production, and MAKING IT THROUGH, by god.

You gotta have a plan, and until a better one comes along, you gotta stick to it, so that's what we're doing.

Embrace the struggle.