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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
loss of the sense of self. Only death can do that.

but then, there's 'living death' - of the kabbalistic hell realm kind - as I've been attempting to describe herein.
Baudrillards genius was to be able to study and predict this before the age of the computer.

 "Nothing of any of this in the "TV" image, which suggests nothing, which mesmerizes, which itself is
nothing but a screen, not even that: a miniaturized terminal that, in fact, is immediately
located in your head - you are the screen, and the TV watches you - it transistorizes all
the neurons and passes through like a magnetic tape - a tape, not an image."

Now - in this final stage, it is the self which is "nothing but a screen, not even that: a miniaturized terminal" - and in the forthcoming hell state which kabbalism now imposes pon the west...

that screen is infinitely penetrable. Infinite rape. Of the mind kind. A specialty of the talmudic imagination, not even content with rape of the body.

Torture toys. And everyone believed - to the very end... that I was kiddin around.

Reante - four x I got the post which expands upon our conversation of yesterday up on the screen yesterday... four x it went 'Poof' just before final edit and hit publish. Something BIG is up... and we are right here - in the middle of it. You won't want to leave till you find out a little more. Even tho you know a lot. All the browsers I've tried to employ in this affair are totally 'penetrated.'
I just figured out - I can take that denied post - put it on google drive with a link and then control who the recipients are. It wan't the right time to put that info on public display yet, I know realize. But it soon will be - I just need to stay protected. Look for a note here sometime today about that link being ready and how to get it!